Even BBC Aghast At Fake ‘Refugees!’.

Numerous Afghan women soccer players were brought to the UK,  after the satanic Taliban….


How Many Taliban Are Into Bestiality? 

….who abhor human females, came to power.

But it seems a substantial number of the women who arrived here were not what they purported to be.



A BBC Newsnight report to that effect was covered by UK Pravda news at 8.30pm (Jakarta time) last night.

Up to half the women on the rescue flight were fakers, it’s said.

If as notoriously pro-crimmigant a media source as BBC…



…is expessing concern about fake ‘refugees,’ one must take it seriously.

The Home Office now says they will investigate.

Maybe they should investigate all the other ‘asylum’ approvals…

.‘Oh, Those POOR ‘Child’ Migrants!’ 

Another Lonely ‘Unaccompanied Child?


Another Poor Eritrean, Fleeing War?

If Deported, He Might Get Hurt!’ – YES! 

Rapes 12-Year-Old Boy – Deportation ‘A Possibility?’ 

….because a lot of those prowling UK streets are evil primitives, who should never have been unleashed on the innocent British public…


…and who should be expelled immediately.