Starmer Stupidity Echoed In USA

Labour Party leader Keir Starmer has shown his cowardice more than once .

“Trans rights: Starmer says MP was wrong to say ‘only women have a cervix’’

  Labour’s Penis Problem 

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Stumped By Starmer’s Impotence? Why?

.. by making really stupid statements which he must know are untrue…

“Trans rights: Starmer says MP was wrong to say ‘only women have a cervix

…and we all understand his cowardice is due to the power of the pro-pervert lobby in his party.

But it seems the same kind of woke drivel-think is oozing around the USA, where  there’s a report about a….

“…course for first-year students at Indiana University School of Medicine instructs future medical professionals to use the phrase “people with cervices” instead of “women.”

That’s just one example of the indoctrination in what one medical professor decried as an “anti-scientific” and “anti-biological” new part of the school’s curriculum.

The professor, who spoke to The Daily Signal on the condition of anonymity, was also disturbed that he heard nothing about this indoctrination until it had already been implemented.  READ

We know that unwholesome nonsense like that often originates with cultural marxists….


…in America and is then imported by their fellow-degenerates in the UK.

Does anyone know whether Comrade Keir spent minutes and minutes working on his anti-science outbursts all by himself…



… or did he just grab a brochure published by ‘gender-ideology’ jerks in California…



….or, as we must now sadly speculate, Indiana?