Stone of Destiny Was Stolen, BBC!.

We have discussed one blathering separatist’s views on The Stone of Destiny not long ago…

Hands Off The Stone, Slob Salmond! 

…but now we have to ask why the BBC is giving prominence to another person –  to somebody even less prominent than Salmond!

My dad wouldn’t want Stone of Destiny at Coronation

  • Like, who gives a monkey’s, about what a dead thief might or might not want?

  • And…?

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  • And why does UK Pravda give any space to his nonentity son’s opinion?

  • oooo
The Stone of Destiny

The Stone of Destiny

The son of the man who removed the Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey and smuggled it back to Scotland says his father would be against it returning for the King’s Coronation.


So when the BBC next reports a bank robbery….



….will we hear that the villains ‘removed’ sums of money from the bank branch they selected?

Hamilton was a thief, who also managed to damage the Stone. The Home Secretary at the time referred to him, rightly, as a ‘vulgar vandal.’

He was a disgrace to his university, though, to be fair, Glasgow University disgraced itself…

….by failing to take disciplinary action, despite Hamilton having certainly tarnished its reputation.

Best he be forgotten.