Better to Expel Pinko Pesutto!

So that notoriously anti-conservative Victoria State Liberal Party boss John Pesutto is openly instigating a purge, targetting the brave Moira Deeming MP.


 He wants her expelled from his parliamentary party.

Her ‘sin?’

She spoke alongside a grand British lady, Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, at a rally against transfreakery.


Watch “Let Women Speak tour exposes ‘misogyny’ and ‘virtue signalling’” on YouTube

The ‘Let Women Speak’ supporters gathered in front of Victoria’s state legislature on Saturday.


If you hold a meeting in a public place, you can’t stop members of the public attending…


.MP Moira Deeming spoke at a rally outside Victoria’s parliament on Saturday that was attended by a neo-Nazi group.Moira Deeming

…as is clear even from the Guardian, which has to admit that it wasn’t just a contingent of black-shirt nazis who showed up uninvited, but a mob of pro-transfreak thugs, typical antifa red nazi goons…



…who not only used violence against Moira Deeming and other women but “also became violent with police and punched police horses, forcing the event to finish early.”

As said, typical far-left scumbags.

I condemn their actions,” Ms Deeming rightly said

ABC had one of their blonde bints on their 8am ( Jakarta time) bulletin today, describing Moira’s defence againdt the pinko Victoria Liberal Party leadership as ‘excuses…’


….not ”arguments’ or ‘reasons,’ as we’d expect from a balanced report.

No surprise.


One has to wonder if the ‘black-shirts’ could have been agents provocateurs, sent in by the pro-tranny pack to smear the decent people of Let Women Speak.