NZ Beware! Baby-Face To Stomp Free Speech?

Heck, any Kiwi who thought Baby-Face Hipkins….

Hipkins at Parliament in Wellington, New Zealand, on Oct. 11, 2021.

NZ PM Chris Hipkins

…might be an improvement on his hard-faced predecessor…


.Awful Ardern! Kiwi Cassandra, NOT! 

Kiwi Media Crawl To Jackboot Jacinda!

Profil Jacinda Ardern, Perdana Menteri Selandia Baru Halaman all -

Jacinda Ardern

…had best think again, sharpish.

After pro-transfreak outbursts from leftists in Australia….

Better to Expel Pinko Pesutto! 

….Hipkins has nailed his repulsive rainbow colours to the mast…

.(no surprise – he voted to legalise homo-weddings some years ago)

…and has been warning pro-decency campaigners not to come to his country if they intend to speak up for people who prefer values to wokoid virtue-signalling.

.New Zealand prime minister Chris Hipkins has made comments regarding whether Keen-Minshull will be permitted to enter the country.

He’s referring to the British pro-decency stalwart we discussed earlier today…


Watch “Let Women Speak tour exposes ‘misogyny’ and ‘virtue signalling’” on YouTube


…and whose message Hipkins clearly doesn’t want heard.

At a press event, he said he “condemns” both Keen-Minshull and the anti-trans pundit’s use of free speech towards trans-exclusionar ends. .


I tried hard to find a cartoon image of a kiwi wearing a jackboot  but no joy.

Stomping free speech is not part of the NZ tradition.



So would Hipkins not exclude men purporting to be women…..




…..from real women’s changing tooms  restrooms, etc.?