TikTok – Bizarre BBC Reporting!

I have only ever seen clips of TikTok on  other media and have to admit I was singulqrly unimpressed..



…as there seems no reason why so many people should wish to flaunt their most infantile antics before a vast audience of strangers.


However, this morning, 7am and then 8am (Jakarta time) BBC made it big news, focusing on the new rules in Utah, USA…..

…where grave concerns over how children are allowed to behave have been growing.

Two women were prattling about ‘free speech’ – which is not a ‘right’ that extends to children, I’d have thought.

That poor little rich girl, UK Pravda reporter Azadeh Moshiri, told us that …

Parents will now have access to what they’re saying.. “

Well, imagine that!

Common sense.



Any mum or dad ought to be able to monitor with whom their young are talking.

But the shocking response of Azadeh’s American colleague, Monica Miller…?

(formerly with the USA leftist NPR, of which this –  NPR defends sex-change surgeries for children, features 13-year-old on ‘puberty blockers… USA Got Its Own BBC?  is an example of its wokoid output!.)

Quite extraordinary!’



In what possible alternative universe is checking what your offspring are up to somehow – ‘extraordinary?’

But back to Azadeh, who began to gibber about ‘LGBT‘ – and how..

Some of these kids growing up can find themselve in communities that don’t understand them...’

Pause for a boohoo…
. …

…and ‘may find solace‘ via certain social media!

Well, they won’t find a cure for their sexual maladjustment on TikTok, methinks!

Azadeh’s privileged background…


…may or may not impede her understanding of how normal, non-multi-millionaire persons think, but this is a serious problem, and it’s alarming that she felt it necessary to introduce sexual perversion as an issue.….

Infested, Now Busted – BBC Freak-Show Exposed! 

People seem to think Tim is aware of the issue, but every complaint has to go through the Pride sponsor Phil Harrold, because he also runs Tim’s office.” Let’s All Deride Davie! UK Pravda Boss’s Laughable Rant! 


But then we’re talking about BBC, after all.