Albanese Won’t Weep For Victims Of Aborigine Crime?

Albanese, whose ‘striking resemblance to a self-righteous, rather grouchy, vole….’



….I mentioned recently, gave up on grouchiness yesterday and went for the lachrymose look instead.


Pathetic, his performance, all choked up because every Aussie won’t rally mindlessly behind his bid to racialise his country’s constitution.


Bad enough his pandering to maladjusted minorities…

Anthony Albanese has become Australia’s first sitting prime minister to take part in Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade

Decline, Australia Dire! What Next, Albo? 

…at that offensive fiesta which is thankfully over at last.


Even the BBC reporter, Phil Mercer, owned up that Aborigines are not one homogenous group.

Fact is, many of those who crop up nattering on tv screens are only partly (often, from their appearance, quite a small part!) of Aboriginal descent.

Mercer also mentioned that the ‘indigenous’ portion of the population is more criminal than the rest…


‘…disproportionately high rates of imprisonment,’ as he put it.


We’ve noted before, how, in Queensland…


no less than 90% of brats in juvie detention are Aboriginal, though their percentage of the state population is a mere 5%…

Bad Oz Brats – Amnesty Rants On “Invasion!” 

Maggie Munn is Amnesty International Australia's Indigenous Rights Campaigner
Amnesty’s Comrade Munn ( apparently another of those very pallid Aborigine women)


Maybe Albo The Vole should shed the occasional tear for their victims…

Alice In Plunderland? Flog The Savages! 

…of whatever ethnicity they might be?

At least Mercer quoted the sensible David Littleproud MP,  who perceptively identifies the ‘Vole Voice’ scheme as merely ‘another layer of bureaucracy.’

Good news?



Out of 44 such referenda since federation, only 8 successful.