Far-Left Farhana, BBC’s Twisted ‘Historian!’

I was just about to settle down with a book, fag and coffee in my sunny yard earlier today when BBC’s Witness History pooped, sorry, popped up,…

Witness History’s Farhana Haider is at the People’s History Museum in Manchester looking back at five extraordinary campaigns and protest movements headed by women

..a snarly-smiley wench named Farhana Haider regaling us with the most biased imaginable account of the Grunwick dispute.


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Police V Red Rabble, Grunwick, 197…

I have written about twisted narratives on that episode before…

Grunwick – When Spiked Gets It Wrong, It’s VERY Wrong! 

…and there are plenty of people around who could have been brought in to balance the leftist tripe Farhana’s guests unleashed….


…just as there are many ciewers who weren’t even born then who will now have swallowed whole the 100% leftist narrative she pumped into our living rooms today.

But then she moved on to the Greenham Common gargoyles equally one-sided…

.” the formidable women,’ said Comrade Farhana, though many would define them as CND sorts…


…communists, neutralists and defeatists) Britain’s Enemy Within…

…and as if that load of BS weren’t already too much of a bad thing…



…..we had some old Canadian Red Indian bat brought on to yammer about the Mohawk mayhem in Ontario, whose extremist rant needed contradiction, which Comrade Farhana failed to offer.

I tackled the Red Indian terrorism issue years ago.

It requires careful narratives, not the fatuous junk-think currently fashionable in Canada, (as in Australia) where cultural marxists seek to make those who made something of that vast territory, who created a modern civilisation out of a wilderness, seem always like the villains …


The Caledonia saga showed Indians at their worst, the law-abiding citizens of that small Ontario community terrorised by Mohawk savages, while the Ontario Provincial Police and the Province’s Government cowered in craven PC kow-tow manner…https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/06/03/canada-cut-out-kow-towing-to-anti-social-red-indians/


…but yet again, though BBC undoubtedly is fully aware of what went down, no Canadian patriot was given the chance to debate with the old agitator Comrade Farhan had dredged up.

Somebody needs to fire this bigoted leftist vixen.



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