Starmer Wilts At Last?

I doubt the Labour Party leader has ever read, or even heard of, my blog-posts….

“Trans rights: Starmer says MP was wrong to say ‘only women have a cervix’’

  Labour’s Penis Problem 

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Stumped By Starmer’s Impotence? Why?

….referring to his seeming denial of biological realities.


Yet we were hardly the only source of mockery.

Lots of other, infinitely more influential media were holding his feet to the fire…



…and it may be that has caused him sufficient discomfort….

…...Keir Starmer signals climbdown on Labour’s transgender stance

Party leader previously vowed to reform Gender Recognition Act to allow trans -identify but appears to back away from pledge…


to acknowledge reality.

Equally  of course, it may be he has noticed…

.Trans-Truth That Sturgeon Hates To Hear? 

Nicola Sturgeon’s downfall forces Scotland to wake up to a painful reality check

.Comrade Sturgeon’s Successor Should Read About This

…what’s been happening to the SNP.