Was That Loyal Royal Servant Honoured?

I see that not only Her Late Majesty’s pall-bearers got medals from King Charles..


Pall bearers carry the coffin of Britain's Queen Elizabeth out of Westminster Abbey on the day of the state funeral and burial of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, in London, Britain, September 19, 2022 REUTERS/John Sibley

…but also the lady who advised the Queen on her clothes and hair-style over 20 years.


Fair enough.

The Royal Victoria Order is not subject to prime ministerial interference – it’s a personal choice of the monarch.


So may we ask if one particularly devoted lady got a mention in this honours list?

Ngozi Fulani
Whining ‘charity’ boss Ngozi Fulani

No, not that ugly brute in the photo above!


I refer to Lady Hussey, who was (metaphorically) thrown under a bus by the Royal Family, after decades of loyal service, to appease that obnoxious racist publicity-seeker Fulani?