A £50 Tip & She Whines?

If I got handed more than £50 just for doing the job I’m paid to do, my response would be little short of jubilant, so this news item…


‘Waitress rages after tourists leave 10 percent tip on £569 bill for flawless service..’


…left me flabbergasted, an adjective I normally reserve for behaviour like that of ingrate ‘refugees…’


The Home Office was accused of failing to take into account the families’ personal circumstances when considering where they could be housed. https://www.itv.com/news/2023-03-24/afghan-families-say-they-are-trapped-in-hotels-after-losing-high-court-case

(happily, the ingrate aliens lost their lawsuit)

… who take their host country to court for insufficient attention to their whinery.

Yet how else to respond to this report?

An American waitress has taken to social media to share her outrage after being tipped just 10 per cent on a £596 bill, despite going above and beyond for her table…