Oh, No! Forgot To Sit in The Dark

Just watching France24, which showed the Eiffel Tower being plunged into darkness in response to the clamour of climate chumps.



Guessing game for Sunday idlers – which famous landmark at Climate Hour is pictured above?


I wasn’t even aware the annual stunt was due last night.

F24 just told me that the global black-out initiators were the World Wildlife Fund.

I wrote about them a year or more ago.

Xtinko Scum Still Un-Truncheoned! 

“.. no time for the WWF, whose original purpose seems to have been mired in woke-puke posing, as when they got all worked up after the demise of the low-life Floyd


We are compelled to speak out to condemn the trauma and injustice that the Black community has borne for so long… Black Lives Matter


As bad as the above, they have gone overboard….

WWF’s newly established LGBTQIA+ employee resource group…’ https://www.worldwildlife.org/stories/celebrating-pride-on-bringing-your-whole-self-to-the-effort-of-protecting-the-planet

WWF statement on Pride Month

An adaptation of the PRIDE flag with colors of nature

…on the maladjust issue too.


Had I known how deeply the WWF was steeped in wokery, I’d have switched on every light in my humble home!