Sod Off, Albania!

If you do something that’s illegal without knowing it’s illegal, then a mild bit of scolding is probably the appropriate response.




On the other hand, if you have knowingly, deliberately, travelled long distances, made considerable effort, to do something that you know is unlawful..


…you deserve the sternest punishment.

So the appropriate response by Sell-Out Sunak’s Tory Government in London to the outburst from that insolent upstart in Tirana…..


Bledi Chuchi

….the Albanian Minister of the Interior, Bledar Cuci…

(various spellings of his name, but he belongs to the Socialist Party, which is one of Soros’ pet projects in the Balkans Soros Tentacles Around Albania’s Neck Too!  ).

...the Albanian government has demanded an amnesty for “honest” Albanians who are in the UK illegally without visas as part of the agreement to combat people-smuggling gangs and illegal migration....

..ought to be a hearty ‘Get Stuffed,’ and a declaration that Albanian illegals, like all Channel crimmigrants…


..will be put behind bars until Comrade Cuci sends a plane to collect them and have them TAKEN…

Channel Crimmigrants 40% Albanian? Watch ‘Taken!’ 


…back where they belong!

But will ‘Diversity’ Sunak show True Brit grit?