BBC Exploits Mexican Fire – Pro-Crimmigrant Propaganda!

Inevitable, really, the BBC bringing in a pro-crimmigrant to rail at Mexico, blaming the government there for detaining illegals due for deportation.

We have covered the ‘migrant’ problem in that part of the world previously.

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Gosh, and the Mexicans locked them up?

As if the illegals wouldn’t do a runner if they weren’t locked up?

Yesterday morning, breakfast time here in Jakarta, UK Pravda let Lucy Petrosa, a Mexican professor, who modestly called herself ‘an expert…’

( we are used to the BBC’s concept of impartial experts….

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….are we not?!)


…popped upon BBC to rant on and on about how awful it was that Mexico was actually trying to curb the crimmigrant problem.

‘We can imagine why people started to rebel..’


And rebel they did, setting fire to their mattresses  – clever, yeah?

Nobody’s fault but their own.

Pity they managed to kill the smarter ones who behaved themselves.

But it’s SO much easier for ‘experts’ to slag off the Mexican authorities, who were, after all, doing what they should be doing more of…



…rounding up people who should NOT be in Mexico.



Don’t bother asking if BBC had anyone on to debate the pinko prof’s point of view.