Guy Pearce’s Grovelling? How Pathetic!

BBC of course made a meal of Guy Pearce’s abject ‘apology’ for asking legitimate questions about transfreaks in show-biz.



I noticed the nonsense yesterday, on another part of the media, but was inclined to ignore it….


…given the British tax-funded broadcaster’s obsession with such oddities.






…but if UK Pravda wants tp spotlight the Australian actor’s gutless grovel to militant maladjusts…

….so be it.


Briefly, Peace ‘issued an apology statement on Twitter after appearing to suggest that non-trans actors should be able to play trans characters.’



I always thought that was the point of acting, playing the role of somebody who isn’t you.



In our school play, many years ago, I was assigned the part of a clergyman!


Pearce’s (27 March): “…question – if the only people allowed to play trans characters r trans folk, then r we also suggesting the only people trans folk can play r trans characters?’


Impeccable logic, yes, but in response?


Outrage from the freak-world!

So poor Pearce climbed down, with suitably sycophantic remarks…

sincere apologies for crassly focussing on just one already harassed minority.”

He said he understood that his question was “insensitive…” 

…about transfreaks being so hard done by, which is hogwash – they are often aggressive, strutting upstarts!

You may read the piffle in the link below.


Yet it seems he still believes in his original assertion, and believes that…“to suggest ‘acting’ can only come from our own lived experience annihilates our imagination..”


And how sad that sexual deviants and their comrades…


. politics and the media can get away with bullying.