School Pronoun Cr-p? Skip It! Tories Won’t Lift A Finger!

It seems a system named ESS SIMS has been installed in 19000 UK schools…



…and if the Tory government had even an iota of conservatism in its political genes, that 19000 figure would be reduced overnight to…


…because that record-keeping system…



…now allows teachers to add pupils’ pronouns – and students can choose to identify as ‘they’, ‘Zie’, ‘Sie’, ‘Ey’ or ‘E


  • One Conservative MP,,Mark Jenkinson opines correctly..
  • This nonsense has to stop. The further we allow people to go down this gender-nonsense rabbit hole, the more damaging it becomes.


Very true, but Mr. Jenkinson’s call should be expanded, turned into a demand for the abolition of the House of Commons ‘Women and Equalities Committee…’



….on which he himself serves!  

And has ‘Diversity’ Sunak’s Secretary of State for Education,  Gillian Keegan, whom we’ve discussed before…

Tories Toady To Trannies .

Official portrait of Gillian Keegan MP crop 2.jpg


…sent out immediate orders to have this woko-weird anti-science system reconstituted and/or removed from the 19000 subverted schools?



I thought not!