Election Day – Fingers Crossed For Finns!

  • Election day in Finland, and what’s astounding is that, despite all the horrors seen in Sweden next door...

..the crackpot leftist regime in Helsinki still has something near 20% support in the polls…



But so too have the other main contestants, the allegedly ‘conservative’ National Coalition Party ..



The Finns, led by a dynamic blonde patriot..

Riikka Purra 20220702 (cropped).jpg

Riikka Purra


….who is determined to get to grips with the crimmigrant menace…

Finland Stabbing – “An 18-Year-Old Moroccan Citizen’

….of which we have written about previously.


The Finns Party is doing well, in spite of obstacles not faced by other parties.


Patriot Finns Facing Unfair Fight! 


With a three-way split in parliament likely, the outcome must be a coalition and people of goodwill must hope it excludes the unspeakable leftist woman, Sanna Marin, who is currently PM there.

That fanatical female’s notorious enthusiasm for illegal aliens  and for ‘Pride’ pukery, her evident sympathy for the gaystapoid war on Finnish freedoms..

More Christian Refugees OTW….From FINLAND

…means her removal should be our devout hope today.