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  • ross1948 1:48 am on April 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Andrew Turner MP, , , Tory purge   

    Tory Purge – Theresa May Dances To Gaystapo Tune! 

    The Guardian understands that senior figures in the Conservative party made clear that Turner’s behaviour was unacceptable…


    Andrew Turner, MP for The Isle of Wight


    One Tory insider said there was “no room in the Conservative party” for homophobic comments.


    That ‘insider‘ –  pity the Guardian’s intrepid reporter didn’t identify the creep –  must be assumed to represent the party leadership.

    Thus we see that Theresa May has totally abandoned traditional values, and that men and women of good conscience need to contemplate carefully what they’re going to do on polling day.

    Andrew Turner was a respected MP for the best part of twenty years, and now, all because some malignant teenage squealer, Esther Poucher by name, was offended by his assertion of principle at a sixth form chat session, he’s been hounded out of his constituency by May’s hit-men.

    May was once upon a time a defender of decency.



    But she cast principle aside, pushing not only ‘gay’ weddings but also the legalisation of ‘gay adoption,’ by which helpless children are consigned to the custody, care and control of co-habiting queers. Consequently, she is now lauded by the maladjust media –

    Baroness Featherstone – the architect of the equal marriage law – has since affirmed that May’s support was instrumental in convincing the Conservative leadership and the Cabinet to agree to move forward with the proposal, which resulted in the 2013 Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act.

    In her book ‘Equal Ever After’, Baroness Featherstone praised the Home Secretary as an “unsung hero” of the push for marriage. 

    From gay rights opponent to ‘unsung hero’ of equal marriage

    The turncoat openly espoused liberalism just weeks ago, so we should not be surprised at what she’s done. As an unequivocal member of the Remain campaign, her attachment to the vile ‘values’ of the European Union should have been clear to everyone.

    Even so, her readiness to dance to the gaystapo tune so shamelessly, to the extent of ordering a purge of a long-serving legislator, simply for saying what normal people think, that ‘homosexuality is wrong,’ even shocks me.

    Surely Brits cannot truly trust her with the future of their country?

  • ross1948 12:53 am on April 30, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , International Jazz Day   

    International Jazz Day, 30th April 

    Hasil gambar untuk international day april 2017

  • ross1948 1:39 pm on April 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Leftist Muller Slurs ‘Populists,’ France 24’s U.S. Import Sings Along! 

    It is tiresome but needs to be monitored, the shameless bigotry of France24, this time in the unprepossessing form of its import, bald New York bore Douglas Herbert…

    • …who sounds a bit like Second-Hand Rose and shares the bitter left-liberal political bias of the actress who played that character.

    • He’s just done ‘interviewing’ an extremist academic named Jan-Werner Muller, if egging the pinko Pennsylvania prof on can really be construed as an ‘interview.’

    • =
    • Hasil gambar untuk jan werner muller
    • Muller is on record as saying that Donald Trump could not have made it clearer that he is a threat to democracy.


    • So obviously another lousy leftist, just as Herbert is a lousy journo, not a journo at all, really, just a lazy hack.

    • He lacks the skills to handle any real interviewing, so gets far-left freakos sat down in his studio then simply forgets that they should be challenged to defend their extremist arguments.

    • That’s why one never sees him host somebody whose views dissent from the France24 ‘Enemy Within’ ideology.

    • He’s finished now, and guess what the next treat is – that ghastly old Chicago witch Lisa ‘Lefty’ Nesselson…

    • =============
    • ====Gambar terkait
    • ========================
    • …who rarely manages NOT to abuse her position as film critic’ by introducing infantile leftism.

      France24’s Far-Left Lisa Spews Her Bias Once Again! 

    • YUP!

    • The nasty old cow just did it again, a jibe against Marine, some incoherent hogwash about Django Reinhart’s heritage, made no sense – but then Baba Yaga doesn’t much.

    • Heck, this media merde is too much – time concentrate on sunbathing with my paperback.

    • NB I have been out front but the tv is on indoors so I can’t avoid hearing it.


    • Pamela 7:14 pm on April 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I mostly agree with you here Ross but I’d be surprised if he has NEVER interviewed somebody with views that don’t match his own.
      He probably tried a couple of times then realised it’s easier just to invite along a sympatico and echo whatever his guest says, a kind of duet.
      If Marine does win, yes, she should take away all the state funding from channels like France 24.

      On a personal note, I think it’s best to take a break from news channels every few days. Watch something different. Your favourite Walking Dead might be good alternative viewing!

  • ross1948 11:43 am on April 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , SOAS, University of London   

    Red Nazi In London – Hitler’s Jewish Victims Were ‘Cowards!’ 

    Quite astonishing report from London, where parasitic millennials  -evidently, according to several hundred ‘academics,’ in need of protection from ‘distress….



    ….ranted and raved at the once reputable London University’s SOAS – School of Oriental and African Studies – against the audacity of Jewish students who had asked the Israeli Ambassador to speak.


    Hasil gambar untuk soas ambassador Israel BDS


    It’s a lovely part of London, Bloomsbury – I used to take a lunch-break stroll around its streets many years ago.

    But there was nothing lovely about some of the poisonous brats at the demo – Hezbollah flags and hats were seen around the quad.

    Any ‘student’ who need his prof to protect him or her from having his feelings hurt by the risk of listening to somebody else’s point of view clearly should be transferred back to kindergarten…



    …but never mind…

    What struck me as the most offensive aspect of the rabble was what was said by one of their ‘orators.’



    …one anti-Semitic protester announced that ‘six million Jews walked into the gas chambers like lambs for slaughter!’

    When asked by a group of disgusted pro-Israeli protesters what he meant, he smiled charmingly and explained:

    ‘Because they were cowards.’

    Please read the rest of the article.

    It’s written by a guy who is not remotely ‘rightwing’ but he describes the scene so well!

    And it reminds us of how degenerate and cretinous so many of the ‘millennial’ population, both in the UK…


    Hasil gambar untuk not my president


    …and in the USA, really are!


    • Penny 8:11 pm on April 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      If those Jews were cowards, whats the appropriate word for people wearing Hezbollah hats who are in London instead of the Middle East war-zones?

  • ross1948 11:01 am on April 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Hate Marine, Hate Trump – France24’s ‘World,’ Devoid Of Fair Play! 

    Yesterday was a gorgeous feast of sunshine here in Jakarta, ideal for a recovering party-animal to read a paper-back out front, a brief break to wander to the warteg for brunch, where I enjoyed some telur dadan jagung, corn mixed with eggs and fried to perfection…



    …good cheap local food, though balanced ( ! ) by quite similar home-made Brit-Nosh (egg n chips!) for my second meal early evening.

    But while I’m sure I’ll have another yummy sunny day – dazzling outdoors when I rose around 8am- the diet of hate on France 24 is infinitely less digestible!

    They call it ‘The World This Weekend’ but it is a weird world in which these creatures live, in which patriotic, conservative or nationalist views are abhorred, no voice of dissent audible thanks to their stalinoid panel selection process.



    When they stage an election debate, they’re obliged to include one freedom-fighter representative from Marine’s campaign, but even that token obeisance to the principles of impartiality suffers instant defenestration when they choose their TWTW line-up – ‘our panel of Paris-based journalists…’

    Inevitably, we had that bigoted old Trumpophobe, Christopher Dickey, from France24’s Daily Beast ‘media partner!’

    Then there was a local leftist, Paul Moreira, whose snarling anti-Marine in-put…


    Hasil gambar untuk paul moreira


    …was matched by some Indian bint named Leela Jacinto, identified as a ‘France24 reporter,’ ranting about ‘dangerous demagogues‘ – who was also quick to jump onto Dickey’s anti-Trump band-wagon.



    On the President’s recent comments that he missed the relative privacy he enjoyed in his previous life, Jacinto hissed that she wished Donald was back in his previous life – ‘we’d all be a lot better off.


    Hardly! She must have meant all the pukey pinkos in her employer’s tv studio.



    Yes, they were out to get not just La Belle Marine but Trump too, with Christopher The Beast spitting noisome gems of animosity, e.g. ‘it’s hard to tell if Trump is a madman or just acts like one.’


    Hasil gambar untuk dickey beast

    France24’s Freak-Show! Leftist U.S. Loons Blame ‘FBI Plot!’ 

    But we expect no less than bitter bile from The Beast!

    The fourth member of the quartet, Mark Deen ( of Bloomberg – nuff said!) was also clearly no friend to Trump nor to Marine, but lacked the capacity for crass insult shown by Dickey or Jacinto or Moreira…



    …so seemed almost normal, except for that scruffy beard he’s evidently been trying to grow for some time!

    But France24 offered us NOT ONE – out of FOUR panellists –  in ANY way sympathetic to Marine, nor of course to President Trump.

    ALL were hostile!

    Watch it, if you doubt me, and if you can stomach the smugness of the merde-merchants, so secure in the knowledge that there’s no French patriot present to contradict their drivel.

    Least of all Francois ‘Pinko’ Picard, the ‘host!’

    France24, subsidised by the public purse, is in disgraceful denial of basic journalistic principles of fair play, for which, by the way, Le Muppet has little time.

    ‘Liberal’ Muppet Macron Bans Media Critics – Press On, Brave Marine! .


    And the French can only hope to do so by voting the right way next week.

    Hasil gambar untuk solidarite francais

    • Laurie Lernicki 8:31 pm on April 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Anything you say about France24 can be said about the BBC. Your own coverage of their propaganda show Dateline has been excellent and I liked the way you caught that Gavin Esler in the lie, that it wasn’t their fault that their panels were unanimously anti-trump, it was just because they couldn’t be bothered to find pro-Trump people.
      As if anyone believes that.
      I watched it today and it was just as bad as ever, the two American leftwings, Kaufman and Temko sneering and slurring Trump. And an Idian who said it was Trump ‘being provocative’ for standing up to the North Korea nuke threat.
      The whole idea of state-owned media is out-of-date, if it was ever a defendable idea,at all.
      With all the private media we have to choose from, thanks to cable tv and the internet, why should we tax-payers have to pay for tv channels unless we want to.
      BBC is the one I know most about, because it’s the one I have to pay for, but I sympathise with other people in other countries, who have the same burden.

      I was delighted that the Poles are trying to do something,

  • ross1948 9:27 am on April 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Today, 29th April, Mai Fest, Free Flow from 3PM! 

    Hasil gambar untuk meifest BSD The Dock


    Sounds like a good deal. 

  • ross1948 12:56 am on April 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: April 29, , , International Dance Day   

    It’s International Dance Day! Enjoy! 

    As you’ll see if you glance through Google Search, there’s an international day for almost everything!


    Hasil gambar untuk international day of April


    So being a kindly fellow, I offer you a few links to Indonesia’s favourite form of dance, dangdut!




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    Bloody Belgians! But Did UK Also Back Shariah Sexist Saudis? 

    Norway’s opposition parties have asked in parliament that the government confirm whether it voted for Saudi Arabia’s inclusion in a UN women’s rights commission.

    Good to see two parties are demanding answers.


    Hasil gambar untuk women's rights sharia


    No civilised government should have had anything to do with giving a role on any body concerned with women’s well-being to Saudi Arabia or any regime that adheres to shariah law.




    Shariah- A Living Hell!


    But whilst the answer to those parties’ questions is important in itself, it will  – or should – have a ripple effect, hopefully replicated in every Western nation, because, as UN Watch says, at least five EU states must have voted for the Saudis to serve a four-year term on the commission in the secret ballot.

    And now one such craven creep country has been unmasked, Belgium!

    Belgium “sorry” it helped elect Saudi Arabia to UN women’s rights

    You’d think with so many undesirable aliens infesting their own capital city…



    ….that the Belgian Government would understand the need to oppose shariah iniquity at every opportunity.

    Not so! And decent citizens of most every party and of all creeds there are up in arms.


    Gambar terkait

    Any European regime endorsing sexist shariah should be named, shamed and sanctioned! It’s akin to civilisational treason.

    Remember, almost exactly three years ago, these damnable Dark Agerss were trying to extend their intolerance into Europe!

    Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries accused Norway of doing too little to protect its Muslim minority, with Saudi Arabia calling for all criticism of religions or their prophets to be made illegal.

    It’s crazy.

    The governments of Hungary and Poland are undergoing scrutiny and the threat of sanctions merely for how they run their own countries. Heavier censures by far are surely merited on those giving aid and comfort to the backward brutes in Riyadh?


    Hasil gambar untuk saudi arabia


    As UN Watch’s Administrative Director, Hillel Neuer, has pointed out, every woman in Saudi must have a male guardian who makes all critical decisions on her behalf, controlling a woman’s life from her birth until death.

    What ignorant savages!

    So are MPs in the parliaments of France, Sweden, Norway, and the UK now out to ascertain the guilt or innocence of their governments in this scandal?

    We heard Mrs. May some months back expressing her high opinion of shariah.



    So it would not surprise me in the least if she had authorised her UN minions to stab decency in the back.

    Unfortunately, all the MPs in the UK are no longer in a position to serve their constituents. With an election called, they cease to be MPs until they’re re-elected.

    So with May determined to avoid proper debates – Theresa May rules out participating in TV debates before election – it’ll be up to the media to cross-examine her, or her Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson.



    If they admit to the betrayal of civilised values, they should be told to resign by the parliament due to be elected in June.

  • ross1948 4:33 pm on April 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , Macron media ban, , ,   

    ‘Liberal’ Muppet Macron Bans Media Critics – Press On, Brave Marine! 

    Lazy morning here, in Jakarta, sunny so far but a risk of rain later. Time to think quietly.

    Last June I sent a text message to somebody far away but near and dear to me, on Brexit Eve…



    …pondering the poll-prediction of defeat for the British independence.

    I had spent almost all my adult life in the freedom fight and to see it lost in a referendum would be a matter of mourning, I observed,  or some words of that sort.



    Bliss was it, then, in that dawn to be alive, on June 24th.

    Similarly, the stunning upset in America was a delight to see, when I had truly lost all but a sliver of hope.



    However, the Evil Empire is pulling out all the stops to get its Muppet into power in Paris.

    It looks to be a grim, up-hill struggle before we learn if La France, personified by Marine…



    …can prevail against her Enemy Within, the arrogant elites who serve masters beyond her borders.

    But hold on there.

    Even the Guardian’s Nutty Natalie, whom we’ve noticed before –For True French Folk, Marine Offers A Truly Fair Future! – says the Europhiliac Muppet shouldn’t take it for granted that the French people will be bullied or beguiled into supporting his candidacy.



    Muppet Macron’s allegiance, judging from the flags flanking his appearance on election platforms, is as much to Brussels as to France.

    Of course ultra-liberal Nat doesn’t quite put it like that.

    Her long, tedious rant takes much of a page to warn against the ‘dark forces’ of self-determination, which is anathema to her and the rest of her rotten political/media class.

    But Marine’s campaign must surely already have received a boost from the almost unprecedented intrusion of an arrogant alien cabal into the campaign…


    Echoes of the 1940s

    Meddling Euro-Fuhrers Tell French What MUST Be Done! 


    …Junker, Schultz, Sigmar ‘Der Dicke’ Gabriel, Mama Stasi Merkel, all into brazen sticky-beak meddling mode.




    The Euro-Commissars fear Marine deeply, and have thrown overboard the principle that each country should be left free to decide by whom they will be governed.

    I said ‘almost’ because of the Austrian precedents, both last year and more than fifteen  years before that.

    Haider derides EU over sanctions – Telegraph


    Now we have Theresa May’s stance scrutinised by some Guardian hack too.

    Asked if May would engage with Le Pen, the spokesman said there was a “longstanding policy of not commenting on ongoing elections in other countries”.



    But May has already, by sins of omission, shown her biased hand…   Lost In France – Theresa May’s Damn-Fool Partisan Prejudice! …by refusing to welcome Marine to 10 Downing Street, though she’s had Muppet there for tea and anti-Brexit biscuits.

    Her latest reticence is no admirable adherence to principle but – as ever with Theresa –  just a calculated manoeuvre based on her undoubted realpolitik insight.

    She thinks Marine may well win through.


    Hasil gambar untuk workers cheer marine

    Muppet, overshadowed by the patriot party candidate, Marine, and her cheering fans

    Watch: French workers boo Macron, cheer Le Pen – Yahoo=

    Even on France24 we saw yesterday those workers cheering her, to Muppet’s dismay, while today we saw him falling back to a safe haven for applause  – one of those grim, alien-infested banlieue dens.

    There was a brief mention too of how in the first-round vote, Marine did well in town after town across La France, while Muppet’s tally was bloated by Paris, which has a large non-French (except in the technical sense) electorate.



    Disturbing thought, that the pro-French patriot candidate might well win most French votes, only to be beaten because those whose allegiance lies abroad, to Brussels or to The Caliphate, flock to Muppet’s standard.

    Yet he’s a worried man, as shown by his ban on media he perceives as hostile from his campaign rallies.

    Gambar terkait

    Muppet clamps down, less than a week before World Press Freedom Day!


    Some ‘liberal!’

    Some contrast too, with Marine, who, despite bigoted leftist prejudice across much of the French media…

    And Now It Begins- France24 – Blatant Bias Against Marine! 

    …allows them to follow her round the country, sneering and smearing both her party and the millions who plan to vote for her.


    Hasil gambar untuk solidarite francais

    Hope springs eternal!


    • Audrey 7:11 pm on April 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I wish I could be there in France to help her but I can’t speak a word of French!
      So that Muppet is all right with press freedom except for newspapers he doesn’t like?
      Marine should ban France24 and the rest of them from her rallies.

    • Petra Malley 8:08 pm on April 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Theresa May is a waste of spce. Now she’s dropping all mention of her broken promise to get Britain out from under the European Court. She is just another Tory liar like Cameron.

  • ross1948 8:11 am on April 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Moondance   

    Moon Dance, Jakarta, 28th April 

    Moon Dance feat. Nora En Pure

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