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  • ross1948 12:08 pm on May 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago, AMAN, , , Jopi Peranginangin, , , palm oil, pembunuhan, Venue   

    Murder in Posh Kemang! Kenapa Jopi Tewas? 

    Just about to go out into the morning sunshine, late rise today, touch of flu still lingering, but then I read about Jopi Peranginangin.

    Frankly, I’d never heard of him, but he won’t be going out into any morning sunshine today, or ever again.



    • ===================
    • Not yet 40 years of age, he was brutally killed in one of Jakarta’s most upmarket areas yesterday, that neighbourhood I invariably describe as ‘posh Kemang.’

    It’s way down south, full of fancy cafes and bars, and home to the rich, including many foreigners (those with money, hence my residence elsewhere!)

    And in a car-park, sometime after midnght, he was beaten and stabbed to death, apparently for trying to break up a brawl – so say the cops.  

    That is notable too.

    If one sees a girl walking down a dark street being attacked and robbed, most of us would step in and try to help. But a brawl among half-a-dozen thugs? When the cafe’s own security were on the scene to sort it out?

    Jopi was stabbed in the back.


    bar venue 780x390

    • ———————–
    •  The Jakarta Globe curiously doesn’t seem to know which cafe’s car-park, but it shouldn’t be hard to find out.  ( I just did – the more thorough tells us it was the Venue, located at Jalan Kemang Selatan Nomor 2; I’ve never been there)

    Murder most foul, but many such, alas, happen here in Jakarta – why note this one?

    Well, the JG tells us that, at least!

    But only right at the bottom of their report do they provide the details.

    Poor Jopi was ‘an activist with the Alliance of Indigenous Peoples of the Archipelago [AMAN].’ 

    He was, moreover, ‘known for his intense criticism of palm oil companies which violate their working permits and concession areas approved by the Indonesian government.

    Again, curiously, this is reflected in their headline…

    Environmental Activist Murdered in South Jakarta: Reports

    … so why only get round to explaining it at the tail-end of their report? Does somebody at the JG think there’s a connection, yet lacks the proof to make the link? 

    At least four witnesses are currently being questioned by the police, including two of the cafe’s security guards..

    I’ll be interested to see who, if any, of those responsible, gets arrested and charged. I don’t get into ‘environmental’ issues as a rule, though occasionally pay attention to them, when undesirables are involved.  ‘Greenpeace – Stooge of the Infidels!’ Latest Jakarta IslamoNazi Rant 

    But nobody deserves to be slain in a car-park for simply showing concern over the fate of the forests.

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    Tags: , Ascension, blasphemy law, , , Islam, , Javanese rhythm, , Koran, , prosecution, recitation   

    Jokowi On Blasphemy Charge? Java Rhythm ‘Enflames’ Fanatics! 


    President Jokowi has quite lot to contend with these days, both home and abroad, and even gets criticism from our blog from time to time.

    But a new clamour has arisen, from that ever-ready source of intolerance, the IslamoNazi FPI, the self-styled ‘Islam Defenders Front.’

    They want him PROSECUTED for blasphemy!


    They’ve got their white-shirt knickers in a twist because last week’s State Palace celebration of the Islamic Ascension included Koranic readings in which the verses were recited with rhythms associated with Indonesia, rather than with Arabia.

    Given that the State Palace is located in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia, a naive observer might see nothing amiss with this.

    Indeed, many observers, not at all naive, might raise a cheer, because it tends to be that minority of Muslims who pay much too much attention to backward Arab thnking who cause offence and disturbance.

    The more Indonesianised any Islamic activities become, surely the better for all concerned.


    gus dur fasting

    ‘We Muslims should fast with respect for those not fasting.’


    The late President Gud Dur was a fine example of how to apply Islamic standards in a Javanese (i.e.tolerant and civilised) manner. 

    Among those whose response suggests approval are that refreshing fellow, Lukman, about whom it would be uncharitable to say that he’s the best Minister of Religious Affairs since Suryadharma Ali.

    Truth to tell, my cat would have been an improvement  on Ali.


    In fact, Lukman is an admirable man, who seems to be a person of genuine good character and goodwill to all men.

    Anyway, Lukman defended the use of Javanese rhythms at the palace, despite many who say such a manner of recitation is forbidden.

    “The purpose of reading the Koran with Java style is to keep and maintain the tradition of the archipelago in spreading the teachings of Islam in this country,” said Lukman on his personal Twitter account.

    • ……………

    Today, how many Indonesians can afford to study Arabic in school, even supposing they can afford to go to school at all?

    Of couse, there are pesantren, the so-called ‘Islamic boarding schools,’ but while I’m prepared to concede that some of those are run by good people, a lot are NOT! Many are at best described as obscurantist!

    Lukman Slams Pesantren Fanatics – Can One Brave Man Slay The Hydra? 

    Others are much worse than that!


    But Indonesia has a way to go before that kind of progress is conceivable. Having prayers in Bahasa Indonesia? Or Bahasa Jawa or Bahasa Sunda? Read about the police investigation into Muhammad Yusman Roy for conducting Islamic ritual prayers (shalat) in two languages, Arabic and Indonesian.


    Let’s just be glad for now that the Javanese rhythm is getting support.

    But not from some geezer called Saiful Islam Mubarak, who runs – yes, you guessed! – the Pesantren Tinggi Maqdis.



    He reckons this step challenges the character of the Koran. 

    Lukman’s response is mild.

    “That’s understandable because this is something new and gives rise to diverse views…This is purely my own proposal… something positive with positive goals…,” said Lukman.

    BUT there’s no show without Punch!

    Lukman’s opinion enflamed the FPI!


    • habib-fpi-rizieq Rizieq
    • ————————————
    • Their frantic fanatic fuhrer, Habib Rizieq, modestly demanded that “the President and the Minister repent and ask forgiveness before God, and apologize to all Muslims.

    ALL Muslims?

    Since when did this outlandish gang-leader speak for ALL Muslims?

    Jokowi’s a Muslim, Lukman’s a Muslim, and Lukman consulted various ulama (‘scholars’) prior to the recital.  

    But Rizieq’s having none of that archaic (and Javanese-style!) rubbish about respecting other’s views.

    “If not, they must be processed with the blasphemy law and ousted from office because of insulting the Koran. Legally, insulting the Koran is apostasy. An apostate cannot lead Muslims!” 



    apocalypse-30 The end of the world…

    No more comment required!

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    Tags: , , Maple Leaf Forever   

    Empire Day, 24th May – Let’s Sing ‘The Maple Leaf Forever!’ 



    Another Sunday morning coming down, but no Johnny Cash songs today.

    I had a very restful Saturday, stricken with that flu, but a helpful visitor ameliorated my situation.

    Between LemSip and Johnny Walker, I have fought off the worst of the illness. So today, bacon and eggs, then a bit of a jaunt.

    But mindful of the history of my tribe…


    The popularity of the patriotic song “The Maple Leaf For Ever” has endured for over a century after its composition in 1867, the year of Canada’s Confederation. This is one of the original 1,000 copies of the song that composer Alexander Muir had printed. Legend has it that Muir was inspired by a maple tree in Toronto’s east end Leslieville neighbourhood.

    Alexander Muir, 1830-1906
    Toronto: 1868

    Music score page 1Music score page 2


    We used to belt that song out as we saluted the Red Ensign, in our elementary schools in Perth County, Ontario.

    Have a Happy Empire Day!

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    Vox Pop? Eire Secedes From Christendom! 



    Given its imperialist menaces against the British people in neighbouring Ulster, Eire has not often been a country that’s received many plaudits on this blog.

    But even so, tonight’s news comes as a shock.

    For good or ill, the people in that land had a reputation for being true to their spiritual heritage.

    But poor Saint Patrick must have looked down from his spot on the Elysian Fields with utter revulsion, as they voted to turn their celebrated green valleys into a noisome moral morass.


    They seceded from the UK nearly a hundred years ago.

    Now they have seceded from Christendom.

  • ross1948 7:27 pm on May 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Audrey Tilve, Bruxelles2, , , ,   

    EuroNews’ Nadir of Pinko Bias – ‘Lawyers On Board EU Task Force!’ 

    Just watched EuroNews, an ‘interview’ which managed to distance that bizarre outfit even further than before fom any pretence of impartiality.

    The subject was, almost predictably, the crimmigrant invasion, and the interviewee was some Belgian geezer, described as ‘editor-in-chief of Bruxelles2,’ allegedly an important magazine in that troubled country.

    Okay, the guy is a leftist, and that’s his right.

    He may well be correct, too, in his assertion that the European armada being planned to thwart the parasite hordes pouring across the Mediterranean ‘will have lawyers on board!’


    In a sane world, yes, but this is the EUSSR we’re talking about, Admiral Juncker at the helm, and Arafat’s admirer Mogherini as grand strategist.




    Now you’d think a serious journo interviewing him would have picked up on the absurdity of war-ships going into action hampered by pin-striped nit-picking twits! Imagine, quibbling lawyer creeps telling naval officers faced with imminent engagement what they dare or dare not do to safeguard their countries from alien incursions!

    But the interviewer actually fed him the line!

    Audrey Tilve made no attempt to disguise her blatant bias against any effort by European peoples to defend themselves.

    She followed up her ‘lawyer’ line with a question asking if ‘Europe’ was only into ‘repression’ – this was her reference to nations resisting the imposition on their sovereign soil of hordes of wannabe welfare bludgers, the notorious Brussels ‘quota’ scheme.

    Of course the Belgian readily agreed! He seemed to think the historic nations of Christendom should just roll over and embrace as many as they possibly could of illegals oozing across the Med!

    Again, he can say what he likes, but have EuroNews no hackettes with at least a slender grasp of how to ask tough questions?

    Are these invaders remotely within the true definition of ‘asylum?’

    Are they not in fact economic migrants, only after bountiful social benefits?

    Should national leaders not consult their citizens on the migrant menace?

    Are primitives who live by backward customs and codes fit to live in civilised countries at all?

    All Tilve did was invite him to echo her own ‘enemy within’ animus against patriotic policies.  

    Is this bint paid to undertake objective reporting or to push her empathy with undesirable immigrants?


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    Tags: Anis Abid Sardar, Bomb, death sentence, , , Islamist terrorism, life sentence, London court, , US soldier   

    UK – Another Vile Sectarian Savage Draining The Public Purse! 

    Story image for life for london bomb from The Guardian

    This vile sectarian savage is now going to get free board and lodging for nearly FORTY YEARS at British tax-payers’ expense!

    The filthy brute’s name is Anis Abid Sardar and that’s his sentence for making deadly bombs – one of which killed a 34-year-old American soldier, husband and father, Sergeant First Class Randy Johnson, whilst serving his country in Iraq.  London cab driver jailed for life for making bombs to kill US soldiers .
    Actually, the sentence was life, but already we know it won’t be life, unless the swine dies behind bars before 38 years have passed.
    One hopes painfully!
     That’s just ONE million pounds!
    The cost to the UK tax-payer will be millions.
    It’s not, of course, just the free food and accommodation but the entire security apparatus, prison maintenance, etc.
    With other, similar vermin, like the Rotherham Grooming Gang, serving other, similar terms of imprisonment, we must multiply that sum a hundred-fold.
    What a burden to place like an albatross around the necks of decent British folk.
    Far better. surely, to bow to democratic demands and hang the pigs. 
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    Tags: Artur Dutkiewicz Trio Concert,   

    Artur Dutkiewicz Trio Concert, Jakarta, 24th May 

    Artur Dutkiewicz Trio Concert,
    Sunday, 24th May 2015 at 8pm
    Venue: Salihara

    artur trio

  • ross1948 11:54 pm on May 22, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: bakers, cake, , , , Sammy Morrison, Tesco, ,   

    Witch-Hunt Against Christian Bakery? Back Off, Tesco! 

     “We are reviewing the judgement and will discuss it with Ashers.”

    • gaystapo

    Thus spake Tesco’s spokesman, about the Christian bakery targetted by a whining queer because they refused to make his cake, which was specifically designed to celebrate the obnoxious absurdity of ‘gay marriage.’

    As reported just days ago, the latest gaystapo victims were hauled before a compliant judge by ‘equality’ commissars…

    • Jackboot

    ….and bang!

    Another victory for deviant evil.

    So what the HELL has Tesco’s spokesman got to review? It’s none of Tesco’s business. The product remains exactly the same.

    So is it about ‘tolerance,’ maybe, a concept few think of when they hear the word Tesco. They tolerate lousy customer servie by arrogant sectarian staff. 

    Tesco Covers for Bigot Staff After Sectarian Snub to Shopper! 

     And their senior levels, there’s a history of anti-Christian hatred, snarled from the twitchy lips of a creep named Lansley…

    Boycott! TESCO Affronts Public Decency 

    …when Tesco abandoned their previous support for a cancer charity while endorsing a celebration of abnormality. 

    However, decent Ulsterfolk, led by Traditional Unionist Voice, are organising to make Tesco back off from any dirty tricks their management may have in mind.



    • TUV press officer Samuel Morrison has started a petition asking them to keep stocking Ashers products.

    You can add your name here –

  • ross1948 10:02 pm on May 22, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 23/24th May, ProJam Jogja, Skateboard and BMX Competition   

    ProJam Jogja, Skateboard and BMX Competition, 23/24th May 

  • ross1948 10:00 pm on May 22, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 23rd May, Jakarta Seaside Carnival   

    Jakarta Seaside Carnival, 23rd May 

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