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  • ross1948 4:44 am on October 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘THAT’ Is A Pejorative? Keep Speaking for France, Marion! 

    As we’ve noted before, Marine Le Pen is not the only patriotic blonde bomb-shell who speaks up for her country against the migrant menace.




    Marion Marechal Le Pen has just upset a typical media pinko by comparing the Calais crimmigrants to ‘dust.’  In France, as in the USA and elsewhere, the Media Party is in more or less open coalition with the Enemy Within.

    That the swarm on France’s northern coast are undesirable aliens was demonstrated again yesterday… –   …lawless savages defying the ban on demos and stoning police, but still the pinko hacks get all upset if any politician  tells it like it is.

    However, the report in RT made me laugh as well, with their mention of a previous incident when the word ‘that’ was deemed offensive!

    In fact RT showed itself too is not without bias, referring to Mlle Maréchal-Le Pen’s first faux pas when talking about refugees.

    The editors should not use a pejorative like faux pas to describe her unexceptionable assertion last month when she described the 12,000 migrants about to be transferred from Calais to other locations across France as “that.”

    What the heck is wrong with calling them ‘that?’

    • I imagine ‘that’ is pretty mild compared to what Calais citizens call the phoney ‘refugees’ who wage barbarous war on police, public and passing truckers on a nightly basis.  

    “We will put that in the French countryside, when we know the French countryside is already stricken,” she told radio station France Info.

    This cute gal is good. Unlike spokespersons from other parties, she recognises that one of the roots of the problem is that the “right to asylum is misguided” and that welcoming criteria must be “severely restricted.”



  • ross1948 5:13 pm on October 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Fit Fest, 1/2 October, Gandaria City 

    Jakarta FIT FEST

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    Dirty Danes Say Pedophilia’s A ‘Human Right? Fock Off! 

    Jordan’s Chief Islamic Justice Department was recently quoted as saying child marriages represented about 35% of all marriages of Syrian refugees in 2015.

    Horrific, you rightly say, that such barbarism is so prevalent. 

    But much more horrific that Europe is in a spin about how to handle these primitive pedophiles.

    Hasil gambar untuk pedophilia

    As if it’s come as any kind of surprise. We warned of this months ago. 

    Migrant Pedophilia – ‘Our Traditions Are Hard To Break!’ 

    If you allow hordes of savages steeped in so-called ‘cultures’ that permit pedophilia to infest your country, then you should not pretend to be shocked when they think they can persist with their vile ‘values’ wherever they go.

    Diversity That Makes All Europe Shudder! 


    Copenhagen’s Little Mermaid had best watch out for crimmigrants!

    Denmark has behaved deplorably, at first taking a stand, then slithering into the appeasement swamp.

    The policy was reversed earlier this week – with children as young as 14 reunited with their husbands – after the issue was raised with the Danish Immigration Service (DIS) by lawmaker Josephine Fock.


    • Hasil gambar untuk josephine fock denmark

    Fock – in case you hadn’t guessed, is a Green, like Comrade Cohn-Bendit next door – read this – Daniel Cohn-Bendit and the German Greens’ pedophile problem.

    Fock’s attitude is inexcusable.

    “It is completely outrageous. We are talking about people who have fled to Denmark who are being split from each other.”

    Hasil gambar untuk pedophilia

    Unlike Green Fock, THIS is what most people would think is ‘completely outrageous!’


    The DIS cited Denmark’s “international obligations” as the trigger for its policy change, concluding that enforcing separate living quarters would violate the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child and Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees the right to one’s “private and family life”.

    So now child molestation is a ‘human right?’

    Fock off!

    Decent Danes, thank goodness, are having none of this leftist hogwash.


    That has prompted conservative politicians to call for Denmark’s withdrawal from such treaties.


    Damn right!

    The Dutch, good on ’em, seem to be hanging in for decency, while Germany, swamped by Mama Stasi’s alien tsunami, is swinging back and forth with every court case.

    What should not be tolerated is the nonsense that these predators are untouchable because some victims are content with their lot.

    If that’s the case, then statutory rape should no longer be an offence in any ‘migrant’-infected country. 

    NO WAY!

    A dirty brute who has his way with a child, then pleads that the little girl assented, still goes to jail,. That’s been the case in Western lands long before the crimmigrant crisis, and the law on pedophilia, or any law for that matter, should not be changed to accommodate uncivilised immigrants.


    out with them

  • ross1948 11:37 pm on September 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Past-It Pinko Pop-Star Thrills Effete Young Creeps! 

    After applauding the decent young Dutch folk in our previous post, I was revolted to read of the effete young creeps in Ottawa who cheered the aged and abusive clown Geldof’s anti-democratic rant this week.

    They style themselves  ‘One Young World’  – ‘1,300 current and future young leaders‘  – so must clearly be blessed with the gift of prophecy – how do any of them know they’re future young leaders?

    Funnily enough, investigation reveals they are not ‘leaders’ at all, not elected by anyone! They’re simply uppities who get their names put forward and then have to be ‘approved’ by the in-crowd that runs the event. 

    One YOUNG World?

    So how come they had this gibbering old fart on their bandstand?


    If you saw something like that creature in the photo slumped at a corner outside a pub, you might throw him a coin.

    But not if he started running off at the mouth the way he did in Ottawa! The unkempt sad-sack hurled vile insults at a wide range of politicians, who won’t give a monkey’s because he’s a no-account with no mandate from anyone.

    But Geldof reserved his most insidious contempt  for the people  – ‘ an impatient electorate or distracted populace.’ who ‘leave us to fools like Trump, or Johnson in the UK…’

    Well, Hell, they’re just voters, using democracy as it’s meant to be used, not impatient or distracted, just voting for what they believe in after hearing all sides of the arguments.


    Unlike past-it pop-star know-alls with too much money and too little sense to retire gracefully.

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    Bravo, Dutch Teens! But Shame On The Authorities! 

    Delightful to read this week that some young folks in Holland turned the tables on vicious ‘migrant’ Turks. The Dutch kids set about them, after endless provocation by the alien louts.

    The arrogant migrant ratbags are now bleating that they have nowhere to hang out, as if that justified their unpleasant malignant loitering and harassment of passers-by.


    • Dutch Treat? 'Happy Campers' on January 28th!
    • ————
    • Many young people don’t have anywhere to hang out but are not thereby transformed into an anti-social cancer!

    As it happens, they have long had opportunities to take their ease in premises paid for by the Dutch tax-payer, of course.

    Here’s what a spokesperson for the youth centre said .

    “This has already been playing out for 10 years. They get everything from the city council, everything is done…But each time they destroy the property and steal.

    • devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm
    • They even threatened us with a firearm when we tried to stop them from smoking inside.” 

    Hell’s Teeth!

    What’s required, clearly is not to PROVIDE them with a place but to teach them to KNOW their place! The swine should doff their caps in respectful gratitude each time an honest Netherlands citizen passes by.

    Instead they’ve been causing endless mayhem,  till at last decent young people decided enough was enough.

    But when the confrontation led Dutch cops finally to arrest four of the undesirable aliens, were they locked up pending deportation?

    Ya gotta be kidding!

    Ilgun, 19, was released on Friday afternoon. According to local media he has been banned from the neighbourhood he has been terrorising, and will get guidance from the City Hall and rehabilitation authorities.

    Guidance? Is that some kind of sick joke?

    The only guidance that MIGHT have any useful effect is long-term incarceration with weekend outings for public flogging.


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    Festival of Laughs, Jakarta, 1st October 

    FestivalOfLaughs2016 001

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    French Cartoons in Jakarta, 1st – 7th October! 


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    Shariah Chess? Fide Kow-Tows to Evil Ayatollahs! 

    “I am honoured and proud to have qualified to represent the United States in the Women’s World Championship. But, if the situation remains unchanged, I will most certainly not participate in this event.”

    IM and WGM Nazi Paikidze

    That’s Nazi Paikidze, USA chess champ, speaking after the appeasement monkeys of Fide, the game’s world organisation, sank to their collective knees, pandering to the primitive savages who every day disdain civilised values in Iran.

    Hasil gambar untuk fide chess


    The sell-out swine on Fide’s Commission for Women’s Chess, have called on participants to respect “cultural differences” and accept the regulations.

    The ‘regulations?’

    Hijabs have been mandatory for women in Iran since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 and the strict law is enforced by the country’s “morality police.” Any woman found not wearing one in public faces arrest, a fine or public admonishment.

    Cultural differences? 

    Shariah bigotry, more like!

    Sexist put-downs are not something that should be met with respect.

    Sectarian discrimination against women is an affront. 


    civilised man v savage …and woman!


    Good to see it’s not only women who are speaking up against foul Fide.

    Nigel Short, the British former world title contender, said: “There are people from all sorts of backgrounds going to this, there will be atheists, Christians, all sorts of people. 


    Hasil gambar untuk nigel short fide chess


    “If you are deeply Christian why would you want to wear a symbol of Islamic oppression of women?”

    Well said!

    Men and women from EVERY SPORT should show solidarity on this.


    Permanent boycott of the barbarous country is the obvious response to this latest display of shariah arrogance!

    Let’s inundate the crawlers with protests.

    And local and national government bodies in civilised countries should withdraw all recognition, support and funding from foul Fide.


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    ‘Ignorant Australians’ Attacked By Disloyal Oaf! 

    “The anthem was written in late 1700s where blackfullas (sic) were considered fauna (animals) advance Australia fair as in white not fair as in fair go …


    So race-obsessed Anthony Mundine wants players to display gross disrespect tomorrow?

    I can’t say I’ve heard of him but then his sports are not of any great interest to me. My own sports were marathon running (not any more, not in Indonesia’s hot climate!) and swimming, which I still enjoy.  I’ll watch soccer if it’s the World Cup, and one of the joys of doing so is the patriotic cheering to be heard from every country’s supporters.

    How sad that this Mundine creature affronts patriotism by his agitprop antics. 


    “All players aboriginal & non aboriginal should boycott the anthem & start changing Australia’s ignorant mentality…lets move forward together yo.”


    Hell, back when I was teaching English here, I’d get better structured sentences out of five-year-old Indonesian tots…YO! 

    And I note Mundine’s own life-style does not seem notably underprivileged, certainly not as impoverished as his grammar.

    Like that obnoxious clown in the USA…

    Petition To Slap Down Klutz Kaepernick! 

    …he should be denounced by every patriotic sports fan.

    In fact, would it not be a grand idea if spectators at this event all showed up wearing one of those fine t-shirts about which disloyal undesirables were railing not long ago?

    Hasil gambar untuk australia love it or leave it

    Love Oz Or Leave It – Worthless Woolworths Sell Out to Enemy Within! 


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    Jakarta – Hurray for Hooters! But Beware Of Primitives! 

    Delighted to read that the Hooters restaurant chain are said to be planning to open a branch in Jakarta.

    As it is purported to be in posh Kemang, an area of high prices, it’s unlikely I will hang out there too often.


    But given the photo posted on their Facebook page, I reckon an occasional visit will be worth the expense!

    Notwithstanding all that, one must hope they are recruiting not only typically beautiful Indonesian girls but also plenty of sturdy doormen, because here in Indonesia there are a lot of primitives who regard women as a ‘limited’ part of God’s Creation…


    • anfpi2

    IslamoNazi Gauleiter – “Women Already Have Limitations, Let Alone Non-Muslims!” 

    …and find their beauty unsettling, to say the least.


    • Sejumlah anggota Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan teatrikal dengan menusuk dan membakar boneka berfoto Gubernur Bali I Made Mangku Pastika sebagai bentuk penolakkan penyelengaraan Miss World di Indonesia, di depan MNC Tower, Jakarta, Jumat (6/9). Foto: Ricardo/JPNN

    IslamoNazis  in protest over Miss World 


    We can’t forget the bigot brutes who ranted and raged, and to President SBY’s shame, got the Miss World 2013 contest re-located to Bali from Sentul, which is just up the road from the capital.

    Islamist Bigot Victory – No Miss World in West Java! 

    Hizbut Tahrir and the IslamoNazi FPI were foremost in their opposition…


    hizbut-tahrir-indonesia uglies

    Hizbut Tahrir drabs on the march against beauty


    …and while the drabs in the photo above are of course entitled to demonstrate their backwardness by marching, there was disgusting abuse, as well as overt threats of violence, against the girls two years ago.

    Beautiful Women, Guilty Men – Appeasing IslamoNazis! 

    Nor should we forget how the innocuous Indonesian edition of Playboy was hounded from Jakarta.

    And that wasn’t just the bigot gangs but the state apparatus at work.

    The hapless editor was put in prison, and it took a long time to get him released.

    Nazis Go Nuts as Playboy Editor Freed – “Weird Porn Judge!” 


    • playboyindo

    So I wish the ‘breastaurant’ business, at which, for sure, no breasts will be on display, merely, one hopes, a nice bit of cleavage, all the luck in the world.

    Rest assured, they’ll need it!

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