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  • ross1948 2:01 pm on July 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    After Nice, Munich – How Many ‘Lone Wolves’ In A Pack? 


    • One of my commenters tells me that there’s considerable reference being made to the anniversary of the crazed Brievik’s mass-murder in Norway.
    • So are we talking copy-cat, or tit-for-tat?
    • We shall see.
    • There was another ‘lone wolf’ in Germany last week.

      Mein Gott!! Afghan Axe-Man? ‘Unaccompanied Minor!’ 

    • A few more murderous outbreaks and Germans, their country increasingly destabilised by Mama Stasi’s ruinous policies, can practise their arithmetic and see how many ‘lone wolves’ constitute a pack.
    • ( and BTW, we also saw Salafist terrorist swine convicted of a terror attack which the Merkelised courts refused to define as terrorism Sikh Temple Blown Up By Islamic State Supporters ‘Not Terrorism)
    • Okay, howzabout that ‘lone wolf’ in Nice? How many alleged accomplices are now in custody?
    • Meanwhile, we read once more of atrocity, and it looks like it could well be another such savage run wild in France?
    • ——–
    • The latest alleged amok-runner is a certain Mohamed Boufarkouch, who was born in Morocco – so why is he in France, one wonders?
    • He is said to have displayed the same sicko shariah mentality we saw with the dead (Thank God!) Tunisian crimmigrant whose continued residence in Nice, or anywhere in France, despite a series of criminal offences, nobody has yet explained.

    • According to media reports, an eight-year-old girl is fighting for her life after a mum and her three daughters were reportedly stabbed in a French holiday resort for being ‘scantily dressed’…
    • oooooooooooooooooooooo
    • Sad, if it weren’t horrific, this pathetic shariah ‘aurat’ hang-up…
    • .aurat-mereka-dosa-anda-2

    : Girl fighting for life after mum and three daughters knifed in French holiday resort for being ‘scantily dressed’ – Mirror Online

    The 46-year-old woman and her three daughters – aged 14, 12 and eight – are said to have been targeted while holidaying near Laragne in Hautes-Alpes in southern France…


    I had been preparing to post on this, but delayed,for now a novel narrative is being developed in the media, with claims the detained individual was upset by the child’s father having ‘scratched his crotch.’

    So now we have attempts at denial that there was a sectarian element to the crime – however…

    …it was revealed the Moroccan-born man said ‘Allahu Akbar’, meaning God is Great in Arabic, three times while being questioned. It led to suggestions in the local media the incident may have been an Islamist terror attack.


    Surely not!

    His attorney seeks to deflect this charge…how?

    his client had yelled the phrase because he felt oppressed during interrogation…

    Yeah, right.

    No matter how this turns out, the real question won’t go away.

    How long will France go on allowing barbarous primitives to dwell in their midst?

    I can understand the need for legislation before starting deportations in the Paris banlieues– obviously some in that cesspool need to be deprived of citizenship prior to deportation.

    But Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the nasty Nice pig, was Tunisian. The man held in Laragne is Moroccan.

    Sure, there will be people from those places that are civilised, but obviously, many do subscribe to the iniquitous shariah code, thus unfit to dwell amongst normal human beings.

    They need to be identified, detained and expelled from French soil.


  • ross1948 3:04 am on July 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    More Blood on Mama Stasi’s Hands! 

    Lawless ‘refugee’ savages batter their way through Europe


    And who can tell us exactly how many months ago was it, when we saw all those ‘useful idiots’ outside Munich’s Hauptbahnhof, cheering on the alien ‘refugee’ rabble to whom Mama Stasi Merkel had thrown open her country’s borders?



    And today?



    Islamic State supporters celebrate on social media – Supporters of the Islamic State jihadi group celebrated on social media a shooting rampage in a shopping mall in the southern German city of Munich on Friday that killed and wounded many people.

    “Thank God, may God bring prosperity to our Islamic State men,” read one tweet in Arabic on an account that regularly favours the radical Islamist movement.


    8.23pm – Munich police giving press conference now – Attack is terrorism – At least five dead…


    • raperefs
    • —————
    • Who’s cheering now?



    • Pamela 3:42 am on July 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      It is now reported that the shooters shouted ‘anti-migrant’ insults. Of course it was also reported that the Nice jihadist was a ‘lone wolf,’ and we know how true that was.
      But whoever is guilty in Munich, your argument still holds, Ross, simply because this kind of violence was unthinkable in Germany until Merkel opened the borders and subjected the Germans to all the horrors we’ve seen over the past year.
      Germany was a lovely country to visit until these people were allowed in. Merkel’s indifference to her own people was bound to provoke a backlash.
      There was always some crime, of course, but not since the Baader-Meinhoff Red Army terrorism fifty years ago did Germans have to fear the way they fear now, with these ‘refugees’ and the courts refusing to punish them even when the police take action and arrest them.

      Merkel has so much on her conscience, if she has one.

    • Harvey L 9:47 am on July 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      The news this early morning says the attack was the work of neo-nazi nutjobs, celebrating the anniversary of Brievik’s mass-murder in Norway.
      It sounds like black-ops to me.
      Merkel’s in trouble in the polls thanks to voters going to the AfD who attack her on the ‘refugee’ issue.
      What could be better to help her out than a terrorist attack by anti-‘refugee’ extremists?
      Dirty tricks, like her role-model Adolf, with his Riechstag Fire, that you wrote about a week ago.
      Stage a big crime, grab an accused that can presented as an example of the people who oppose you, then just keep throwing enough mud until it sticks..

  • ross1948 7:07 pm on July 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Breaking – English Cops To Nab Shariah Preachers? 

    So wolf-whistling is a hate crime…

    Wolf whistling can now be reported as a hate crime

    BBC News20 Jul 2016

    OR NOT?


    Let’s look at The Guardian!

    One police force (Nottinghamshire) has expanded its definition of hate crime to include misogyny and harassment of women.

    Wolf-whistling is no crime – but it is part of our misogynist culture

    Hate Crime to include misogyny?

    If this were true, then it would mean that anyone advocating shariah law  would, ipso facto, be guilty of a ‘hate crime.’


    Shariah is an iniquitous code that imposes mean-spirited and absurd misogynistic discrimination on women.

    Not only the misogynistic ‘aurat’ stuff, whereby every woman is coerced into shrouding her God-given crowning glory, the lovely hair on her head, not to mention her knees, mid-riff, thighs and even those soft smooth shoulders on which her hair ideally cascades…



    ‘Fathers and Husbands, their aurat (private parts) are your responsibility!’


    …..a nonsense that would degrade all girls until they resemble the famous Michelin Man advert…




    …but also the grossly discriminatory inheritance laws, which denies daughters equal inheritance rights.

    Utterly misogynistic.

    And let’s not even discuss the grotesque concept of polygamy…




    ….how can anyone seriously maintain that men can have multiple spouses while women may one have one?

    As misogynistic as it gets!

    Alas, I fear the PC Plods in Notts County lack the guts to go after shariah hate crimes.


    Of course the very idea of ‘hate crime’ is an affront to justice.

    If you kill or injure somebody, whether in a fit of temper and/or jealousy, or during a bar-room brawl, or, most horrendous of all, surely, because he or she converts to another religion – ooops, that’s shariah law again…




    …then you are guilty of murder.

    There’s neither fairness nor logic in making the penalty heavier if your crime was motivated by ‘hate.’

    However, if the ruling PC ideology imposes such a nonsense as ‘hate crime’ on our legislation, then the Guardian scribbler whose link I’ve appended above, makes a fair point.


    If the gigantic PC catch-all net includes ‘disability, gender identity, race, ethnicity or nationality, religion, faith or belief and sexual orientation. Is it really so shocking for sex to be included in that list?


    And that’s what Nottinghamshire Police have done.

    But here’s another curious extract from her article, a statement from Notts Police, which declares that a ‘hate crime’ is not a crime at all.


    Madhouse England, yeah? Here’s the full quote – 

    A hate crime is simply any incident, which may or may not be deemed as a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person, as being motivated by prejudice or hatred.”

    In other words, whether it’s a crime depends if the complainant or his or her pals or some agitprop pinko whiner have a big enough chip on their shoulders.

    A charter for uptights.

    The authoress ( that’ll wind her up nicely – I’m sure ‘authoress’ is as non-PC as ‘actress’ these days) is named Laura Bates, BTW.

    Laura Bates

    Laura doesn’t like being whistled at!


    Laura in fact began her article with the words wolf-whistling has been reclassified as a crime! But then she explains how that sentence, that ‘crime,’ wolf-whistling is not even mentioned in the police report.

    She blames the Guardian’s media rivals for trivialising abuse of women by introducing the non-existent ‘wolf-whistling’ crime. Again, fair comment.

    But then she exposes her own loopy libber mentality, by adding that wolf-whistles are the thin end of this wedge…

    Nice legs! They're taking the p*ss...maybe they're not. Maybe they mean it...


    I don’t walk around Jakarta whistling at girls – a friendly smile seems a more decorous approach, and is often reciprocated.  

    And on my rare trips to the Wicked West I regret to admit that nobody has wolf-whistled me.

     Were it to happen, assuming the whistler wasn’t a poofter, I’d not be upset at all. It’s a compliment, albeit an unsophisticated one.

    So why should it be cause  for complaint?

  • ross1948 12:02 am on July 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 26-28th July, Jakarta Career Fair   

    Jakarta Career Fair, 26-28th July 

  • ross1948 9:41 pm on July 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Protection of Unaccompanied Minor Migrants?’ 

    …the European Union should formulate minimal standards for the protection of unaccompanied minor migrants…

    I don’t know how much of the billions Brussels rakes in from tax-payers actually went to this mysterious Daphne Funding Programme, to finance that particular exhortation on behalf of poor little ‘minors’ like the Afghan axe-man.

    And all those others…

    Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get Green Light in Sweden

    Innocents Endangered, But Calais Curs Go Free – Aw, They’re Just Kids! 

    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

    More Good Reasons For Austrians to VOTE HOFER! 

    More ‘Poor Migrant Children!’ Yet EuroNews Talks of YOUR ‘Shame?’ 

    Swedish police warn Stockholm’s main train station is overrun


    I suppose I could dig around and find out.

    But what matters is the principle, that the EuroCommissars are lavishing your money on this when clearly the top priority should be YOUR protection FROM unaccompanied minors..




    …yes, that would be from the pockets of the tax-payers of the Royal Borough, and every other UK city, county and town, filched by Brussels, then graciously handed back, after the bloated, over-paid Eurocracy has skimmed off its percentage.



    Projects like the one mentioned, if deemed worthy, can be financed more efficiently and economically without going back and forth through supranational bureaucracies.  

    Britain has always paid in more than it gets out.

    What possible advantage to Brits did the EUSSR ever offer?


    • Diana 11:47 pm on July 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I have been too busy too long, first with the campaign, then on a summer holiday, no time to comment for months, but things have quietened down now and I am back today to commend your sensible remarks on these dangerous ‘minors’ and also on the bad bargain that British membership of ‘Europe’ always was.
      Every week that has passed since the referendum, the people are more aware that the prophets of doom in Project Fear were just empty vessels making a great deal of noise, no more than that.
      I count on you to keep spreading the word.

  • ross1948 6:47 pm on July 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: till July 31, Wastra Sulawesi - Textile Museum   

    Wastra Sulawesi – Textile Museum, till July 31 

    Hasil gambar untuk museum tekstil sulawesi

    – [[[[[[[[[[[

    To mark the anniversary of its collaboration with Himpunan Wastraprema, the Museum Tekstil Jakarta will be exhibiting around 80 textiles from Sulawesi, including Ikat weaving from Kalumpang and Rongkong, Bugis weaving, Koffo (abaca), Ma’a and Sarita, bark cloth and Roto (Torajan tie dye).

    Most of the pieces are from the private collection of Ibu Jo Seda; several pieces belonging to the Museusm Tekstil will also be on display.

    Less than two weeks to go, till July 31st…

    Venue – Museum Tekstil Jakarta

    Jl. Aipda Ks Tubun No.2-4,Tanah Abang,Petamburan

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    Criticise Crimmigrants? Jail-Threat In Mama Stasi’s Reich! 

    Just like those old Nazi judges in Hitler’s time, the judiciary in Mama Stasi Merkel’s Reich seem to relish their role in intimidating dissenters.


    • evil judge

    ‘You dare display your country’s flag?’


    In Vierkirchen, Bavaria, this month, a vindictive leftist jerk told a German patriot he’d be jailed if he ever dared criticise the ‘asylum’ horde again.

    ‘Judge’ Lukas Neubeck even ruled that the German flag was evidence of ‘rightwing’ allegiance.

    Maybe Nasty Neubeck has a point there. The Red Nazi SPD and their leftist fellow-travellers have made known their contempt for the flag, and freedom…Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration!’ ….as we noted some months ago.

    Nasty’s victim, identified only as Peter, was put on probation for the grave offence of having a Facebook page called Anti-Refugee Movement.

    Please note, it was not an ‘open’ page but only accessible to those who wished access. But red informers got wind of it and called the cops.


    • thought-police-e1369141340932
    • —————————-
    • Thus Peter and his wife were hauled into court to answer charges of incitement because the man had established a refugee-hostile Facebook group.

    Curiously, even the geekstapo run by far-left Facebook plutocratic owner, Zuckerberg had found no fault with the pages.

    “The war and economic refugees are flooding our country. They bring terror, fear, sorrow. They rape our women and put our children at risk.”

    And could anyone who reads the news dispute that? Despite the censorship now widely exposed, most everyone understands the evil wrought by the wicked witch in Berlin.  


    • raperefs
    • ——————–
    • But in Mama’s Brave New Reich, open argument, honest opinions, who cares?
    • ————————
    • Euromerkel
    • ——————-
    • If you take a stand for those suffering the consequences of Merkel’s malign importation of numberless primitives, it’s your days of freedom that are numbered.

    And the threat hung over not just Peter but his young wife Melanie, who sat beside her man in court, with their baby on her lap.

    The report tells us that they were without a defender, who had resigned. No reason given, but the brave young German spoke up for himself.

    “One cannot even talk a bit critical about Flüchtlinge (‘refugees’) without being tarred with the ‘Nazi’ brush. I just wanted to create a discussion forum where one can speak one’s mind about the refugees….as to the exact wording I used, he said, obviously aware that this bigot leftist judge was out to do him down, “I worry that I didn’t mean to put it that way.”

    And here comes that glint of media bias, from the journo at the ‘court.’ She writes that the accused tried to justify himself.

    He should have NO NEED to justify himself, in a democratic country.

    Maybe during the Third Reich, or in East Germany when Mama’s Stasi ruled…




    …free exercise of free speech and the right to dissent from the regime’s ideology were things courageous citizens might have to justify in politicised “people’s courts” – but modern Germany is MEANT to be a democracy.

    Yeah, meant to be… . .

    Peter was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment on probation, his wife fined 120 euros at a daily rate of 10 euros.

    • 393a3-yorkregioonalpoliceprotest
    • Nasty Neubeck expressed his abhorrence of free debate on the alien tsunami in words which, in another era, when another pitiless despotic ideology ruled the roost, would have gladdened the blackest hearts of Hitler’s henchmen.

    “I hope for you the seriousness of the situation is clear. If you sit again in front of me in the dock, then you end up in jail. “

    Mea culpa, if I have mistranslated anything.

    My German is rusty.


    Here’s the original of this sorry story, which shames Germany.
    Vierkirchen – Ein Vierkirchener Ehepaar musste sich wegen Volksverhetzung vor dem Amtsgericht Dachau verantworten. Denn der Mann hatte eine flüchtlingsfeindliche Facebook-Gruppe gegründet.

    Durch die vermeintlich schützende Anonymität steigen die Zahlen der rechtsradikalen Äußerungen im Netz. Dass man aber durchaus nicht anonym ist, musste ein Ehepaar aus Vierkirchen erfahren. Peter M. (27) hatte vor etwa einem Jahr inm sozialen Netzwerk Facebook die Gruppe AFB (Anti Flüchtlings Bewegung) gegründet. Da er und seine Frau Melanie M. (26) die Administratoren der Gruppe waren, mussten sie sich nun vor dem Amtsgericht wegen Volksverhetzung verantworten.
    „Die Kriegs- und Wirtschaftsflüchtlinge überschwemmen unser Land. Sie bringen Terror, Angst, Leid. Sie vergewaltigen unsere Frauen und bringen unsere Kinder in Gefahr. Setzt dem ein Ende!“, schrieb M. bei der Gründung der Gruppe. Dazu ein Bild der Deutschland- Flagge – fertig ist eine rechtsradikale Gruppierung, so Richter Lukas Neubeck.

    Die erstaunlich schnell Zulauf fand: In nur zwei Monaten traten 900 Mitglieder bei. Ein Facebook-Nutzer, allerdings ganz anders gesinnt als M., stolperte über die Gruppe und meldete sie den Administratoren des sozialen Netzwerks. Diese prüften die Gruppe – und stuften sie als unkritisch ein.

    Daraufhin wandte sich der Facebook-Nutzer an eine Polizeistation in Lübeck. Die fand heraus, dass die Veröffentlichung von einem PC in Vierkirchen durchgeführt wurde. Das Ganze wurde an die Kripo Fürstenfeldbruck übergeben.

    Das Ehepaar kam ohne Verteidigerin, die laut Neubeck ihr Mandat vor der Hauptverhandlung niedergelegt hatte – dafür aber mit dem zehn Monate alten Sohn, der die Verhandlung auf dem Schoß der Mutter verbrachte.

    „Man kann sich ja nicht mal ein bisschen kritisch zum Thema Flüchlinge äußern, ohne gleich einen Nazi-Stempel aufgedrückt zu bekommen. Ich wollte einfach ein Diskussionsforum schaffen, in dem man seine Meinung zu den Flüchtlingen sagen kann. Über die genaue Formulierung haben ich mir keine Gedanken gemacht, das habe ich ja gar nicht so gemeint“, versuchte sich der Angeklagte zu rechtfertigen.

    M. beteuert immer wieder, dass er die Mitglieder der Gruppe überprüft habe und in Posts darauf hingewiesen habe, dass er keine rechtsradikalen Äußerungen lesen möchte – beweisen kann er es allerdings nicht, die Gruppe ist mittlerweile gelöscht.

    Auf wiederholte Nachfrage des Richters sagt er irgendwann noch, dass er eigentlich gar nichts mit Flüchtlingen zu tun habe, sich distanziere. Ihn störe nur „das Vorgehen des Kanzlers“. Neubeck muss ihn darauf hinweisen, dass Deutschland eine Kanzlerin habe. „Außerdem distanzieren Sie sich mit so einer Gruppe eben gerade nicht von den Flüchtlingen. Die Beschreibung der Gruppe ist eine Aneinanderreihung von Pauschalisierungen mit einem eindeutigen rechtsradikalen Hintergrund.“

    M. wurde zu neun Monaten Freiheitsentzug auf Bewährung, seine Frau zu einer Geldstrafe von 120 Tagessätzen à 10 Euro verurteilt. Richter Neubeck: „Ich hoffe, dass Ihnen der Ernst der Lage klar ist. Wenn Sie noch einmal hier vor mir auf der Anklagebank sitzen, dann landen Sie im Gefängnis.“



    • jerry Jerman 5:36 pm on July 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Your German is not so bad.
      Neubeck is Just like the Nazi judges yes, Ross, wants to make everyone think like the gvernment wants them to think.
      And many German courts are worse than that, the Koln sex assaulters walk free and laugh, and did you see in Breitbart that report – Three Muslim teenagers who bombed a Sikh temple in Germany have been found guilty of attempted murder, aggravated assault, and causing an explosion – but not terrorism. This is despite the bombers’ links to local Salafist organisations, terrorist sympathies?

  • ross1948 1:33 pm on July 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Bag-Head Ban in Tyrol – Bravo, Herr Wöll! 

    But what a sad-sack the local mayor turns out to be.

    Josef Hausberger reckons the sticker is “unacceptable.” He prattles that ‘people are equal..


    ….as if the wretched bag-heads represent anything except iniquitous shariah sexism.


  • ross1948 1:18 pm on July 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: anti-terror unit, , , , , , Hasan Al Rashid, , Islamist into;erance, , , ,   

    Terror On the Run, IslamoNazi Grilled by Cops 

    Lovely sunny morning, so I’ll go out soon, because late arvos here in Jakarta have recently brought heavy rain.

    But first, local news…

    Hasan Al Rashid, a 35 year old member of the IslamoNazi FPI (self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam’ – yeah right…IslamoNazis Who Fled Angry Java Town – Now Off to Fight in Israel? Ha-Ha-Ha! ) from Karanganyar in Central Java, was detained for questioning in Solo this week by those good guys, Densus 88, the special anti-terrorist police unit.

    Taking Out Terrorism – Indonesia’s Densus 88 Doing A Fine Job! 


    Densus is detested by the bad elements here, because they have done the world a favour by shooting quite a lot of jihadist vermin.

    Jakarta Echoes of Gibraltar – How Dare You Kill Terrorists?

    This follows a suicide bombing at Solo Police HQ this month and investigations into the movements of the murderous gang behind the crime. 

    Hasan was suspected of financing the departure of Nur Rahman and Arif Hidayatullah from Solo to Bekasi with money amounting to Rp300,000

    Bekasi could be a fairly safe haven for undesirables.

    I lived there for three years, and disliked it. It’s notorious for Islamist intolerance.

    Bekasi Bigots V Religious Liberty, Again! 

    Christ’s Ascension Day – Islamist Savages Pelt Congregation With Sewage, Urine and Rocks 


    Anyway, back to the scene at Solo cop-shop, where Hasan made his appearance this week, along with another dozen white-shirts just to keep him company. On the IslamoNazis’ arrival, the cops deployed armed Mobile Brigade members to watch over Police HQ. 

    Poor Hasan Al-Rashid has been whining that, since the suicide bombing at the police station, the police always followed him and watched his house. That makes him and his family feel uncomfortable and disturbed.

    Oh dear!

    Probably nowhere near as uncomfortable and disturbed as the many citizens of all creeds here who have been bereaved by sectarian atrocities.

    Hassan is indignant – “I was not involved in the suicide bombing in Solo …”

    But he admits to acquaintanceship with suspected terrorists – and no wonder – it transpires that Arif, alias Abu Mushab ( how many of you honest citizens require an alias?) is his younger brother!

    We must wait and see what befalls Hasan. But what will be much more interesting is what happens if and when any rabids get put on trial.


    • jokowi
    • —————-
    • President Jokowi has made it clear he wants to see capital punishment for drug-traffickers.

    Why No Terrorists On Indonesia’s Death Row? 

    But will he also use his power and influence to ensure proper justice is meted out to satanic jihadist terrorists too?

  • ross1948 12:19 am on July 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , crimmigrant violence, , , Renate Künast,   

    Die Verrückte! Crack-Pot Green Laments Axe-Man’s Demise! 

     green party red


    It’d have to be a Green!
    This particular Green is named Renate Künast, a former party leader and now way out in front of the 2016 race for the title of Imbecile of the Year.
    Künast in her infinite far-left wisdom suggested that police officers should not have killed the 17-year-old….the politician said it would have been sufficient to injure the attacker to an extent that he would have been put out of action.  
    Sensible Germans might say this woman is verrückt – deranged!
    What possible advantage could there be to keeping an ISIS rape-gang fan alive?
    Since he was  a 17-year-old thug, and thus, according to the idiotic UNHCR definition, a ‘child,’ he’d have been pampered behind bars, for a few years at most, then turned loose to join the other ‘asylum’ predators roaming German streets.
    Even were he to have been charged as an adult, German law is pathetically weak, as seen recently…Cologne Migrant Who Licked And Groped Girls Laughs As He Walks …  and Germany: Eritrean Migrant Sex Attacker Given Just 30 Hours … …so if German courts don’t care to punish alien scum who sexually assault German women, the most the Afghan pig would have got, even as an adult, would be maybe a few more years than his ‘child’ status might merit.
    Then, after costing tax-payers a fortune in free  board and lodging, the evil sectarian would be out on the prowl again.
    Far better that those admirable officers took out the rabid cur.
    They deserve a medal, and police in every part of Germany, not just Bavaria where the axe-man’s amok-run occurred, should be encouraged to shoot down crimmigrant dogs wherever they slip the leash.
    shoot terrs
    But there’s a clear danger that honest cops will be pressured towards non-lethal means if that dumb bint’s rant is echoed elsewhere in the corridors of power.
    Has Mama Stasi Merkel opined yet?
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