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  • ross1948 4:11 pm on June 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

    ‘World Refugee Day?’ Heard It All Before! Cut The Cr-p! 

    Just heard on France24 that it’s ‘World Refugee Day.’

    That would be interesting if the Enemy Within ever took the word ‘refugee’ seriously, instead of using it as a catch-all term, NOT restricted to real refugees, but expanded outlandishly to cover hordes of undesirable aliens who only want to harass decent people… 

    German Leftist Lawyer – “Rapist Refugees Don’t DeserveDeportation!” 

    “Attacks Now A Daily Routine..:” So DyeThat Blonde Hair

     Dirty Thieving Scum – ‘Refugees’ Torment Greek Farmers!

    …or sponge on them, with little sign of gratitude…


    “You can tell the world I hate Finland. It’s too cold, there’s no tea, no restaurants, no bars, nobody on the streets, only cars!”

    The New Lucky Country? Finland – Ingrate Aliens Don’t Like it! 


    …snouts embedded in the tax-troughs of Europe, North America and Australia (oh, and Japan, which I see France 24 is today featuring antagonistically for its wise stance against crimmigration!)

    So just a few links above to make sure you don’t celebrate the big day too hard.

  • ross1948 1:02 pm on June 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Good Move, Donald! U.S.A. Quits U.N. ‘Rights’ Rats-Nest! 

    One excellent bit of news today, America setting a good example, which we can be absolutely certain the gutless creeps in European capitals will not follow.

    US quits ‘biased’ UN human rights council
    BBC News


    Crimmigrants – UN Tells Europe To Surrender! 

    …even though not just that nonsense ‘council’ but the United Nations as an organisation is a declared enemy of any European nation that promotes efforts to defend itself.



    We have urged civilised countries to repudiate the UN ‘Human Rights’ Council before, so rather than reiterate the reasons, here’s one more link to remind you why Donald Trump has made the right move.

    Russia Off UN ‘Human Rights’ Council -Who’s Left On? 


    =Hasil gambar untuk no to the united nations

    Now let’s hope he targets all the other UN agencies which delight in waging political war on the West.


  • ross1948 12:05 am on June 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Attagirl Kelli! Arizona’s Admirable Candidate Spreads Truth! 

    We have applauded Dr. Kelli Ward in the past..


    Gambar terkait

    Can Doc Kelli Cure Arizona’s Pain In the Ass? 


    ..but today a few more words of praise for the Republican lady running in that troubled state’s primary against an establishment nominee favoured by the RINO clique.

    Kelli Ward is promoting a great little video, and you can have a look at it, right here!

    Today, especially, watching it will give you a welcome break from the pro-crimmigrant media’s constant focus on orchestrated brat-squalling…



    …and by that I don’t mean the brats separated from their vile heedless parents’ due to the latters’ criminal violation of American law, but to the millennial morons…


    UN Human Rights chief slams ‘unconscionable’ US immigration policy-CNN

    …and that super-rich Arab prince who has never condemned shariah law but constantly finds civilised countries guilty of ‘human rights’ misconduct.

    Uppity UN Arab Rants Again – Fire The Prattling Princeling! 

    And if you live in the USA, you can help Kelli Ward spread the truth



    On Tuesday, a U.S. Border Patrol agent was shot along the Arizona-Mexico border…

    Our porous southern border needs to be addressed—and Congress is failing in their duty to stand with the President, build the Wall, and Make America Safe Again with each passing day.

    That’s why I’m asking you to chip-in and help us air our latest campaign ad about our open, unsecured borders.

    Take a minute to watch it, right here…

    The 21-year veteran Border Patrol agent was shot near Arivaca on the property of a sprawling family ranch, an area known for human smuggling and drug trafficking.

    I am familiar with this border ranch—earlier this year I spent time with the owner of the ranch, Jim Chilton, and learned a lot about the illegal activity occurring on and around his property…

    The sad fact is that on ranches like these the only barrier between the United States and Mexico is this: four thin strands of barbed wire…

    Patriot, we’ve got to stand up for our brave U.S. Border Patrol agents and great American ranchers like Jim Chilton — we’ve got to build the Wall!

    Chip-in right now to help me fight for the Wall and immigration policies that put “America First” always. 

    Unlike our “Amnesty First” senators, I’ll work with President Trump to implement the immigration policies and border security measures that Arizonans and conservative Americans want…

    • We’ll build the Wall
    • We’ll eliminate the diversity lottery
    • We’ll end chain migration
    • We’ll ban catch-and-release policies
    • We’ll defund Sanctuary Cities, and…
    • We’ll implement E-Verify in workplaces nationwide

    Patriot, help me get this work done!

    It’s time to Make America Safe Again…

    Together for victory,

    Dr. Kelli Ward
    Candidate for U.S. Senate, Arizona

    P.S. Help us get our latest ad “Relentless” in front of the public. Our unsecured borders are unacceptable and it’s time to take action! Chip-in today to support our ad blitz!


  • ross1948 7:13 pm on June 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Brussels Sticky-Beaks Weep For Scumbag – Bravo, Thailand! 

    A Thai thug named Teerasak Longji took an innocent life.


    The swine stabbed a 17-year-old high school student no less than TWENTY FOUR TIMES.


    To steal the defenceless teen’s smartphone and wallet.

    Now the worthless scumbag’s own life is over, by lethal injection.

    Mr Theerasak’s execution represents a clear step backwards.

    So says the European Union, where abolition of the death penalty has never been put to a democratic referendum.


    Why do Juncker and Merkel and Macron and May dignify vermin by calling them ‘Mister?

    The European Union calls on the Government of Thailand to refrain from any future executions, and work towards a moratorium and the eventual abolishing of the death penalty.

    We should normally not feel any need to communicate with the Government of Thailand on what is a purely internal affair..

    …but in order to balance that arrogant intrusion from Brussels, you may think it a good idea to send congratulations to the Thai Ministry of Justice.

    • Lorraine G 7:56 pm on June 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I only wish our government would execute killer thugs and terrorists.

    • Vanessa R 8:10 pm on June 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      What I would like to see is the execution of those EU citizens held in Thailand for child abuse.
      Firstly, because they deserve to die.
      Secondly, so we can all watch those sick Brussels elites show how low they can get, pleading for pedos.

      • Noreen Paterson 11:05 pm on June 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        I agree with Ross but I probably would never have got around to emailing if it wasn’for you reminding me about those foreign devils, Vanessa.
        Give them a choice, lethal injection or castration.
        Brussels would still complain no matter which was chosen but Brussels doesn’t care about justice.

    • Graeme Neal 9:19 pm on June 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      That email will be my final duty before I Turn off the lights tonight.
      It’s a good idea because if enough of us let them know what the people in the West really think, it’s going to encourage them not to back down.
      Brussels has no authority to speak for me.

    • Mickey Jarrett 9:36 pm on June 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Of course I will email the Thais.
      The last thing I want is for them or anybody else to read that EU piffle then read into it that the EU speak for anyone except for whoever drafted such cheek.
      Thanks for giving me the idea.
      i would never have thought to do anything except moan during the news.

  • ross1948 6:58 pm on June 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    Aquarius Illegals Heading North – A New Amber’s Army? 

    • Real ‘refugees’ seek safety.

    • That bunch of illegals welcomed by a thousand dumb-clucks assembled at Valencia this week have already shown they do not fall into the category of real refugees, because, although they have very publicly arrived in a safe country – Spain is at least as safe as most European countries, after all….

    • …almost half of the 630 migrants rescued from the Mediterranean who arrived at Spain’s port of Valencia at the weekend want to seek asylum in France, the Spanish government said Monday.

    • =
    • =
    • =
    • In other words, they are nothing but country-shoppers, arrogantly demanding their ‘right’ to pick and choose which civilised country they will condescend to leech off.

    • =
    • =
    • These parasites should be told clearly that what they ‘want’ is a matter of supreme indifference.

    • It’s what the nations confronted with further alien infestation ‘want’ that counts.

    • And in the very same France24 report ( quite a distance down the same page, indicating the relative importance, in the biased media’s opinion, of what the crimmigrants ‘want’ and what the French people ‘want’)

    • …the majority of French citizens support the government’s decision not to offer safe harbour to the ship carrying the rescued migrants after Italy refused to let it dock.

    • Fifty-six percent of respondents said they backed the government, while 42 percent said it should have offered to let the ship dock, according to the OpinionWay poll.
    • 00000000.

    The only surprising thing about those figures is that 56%.

    One would have thought 96% – until one remembers the relentless indoctrination, at school…

    Bravo, Gilles! French MEP Exposes NEW EUSSRSchool Brainwashing! 

    ….and the media.

    Many millennial minds have been poisoned.

    Moreover, we are well aware that the 42% will undoubtedly include a proportion of the non-French, indeed anti-French, element, all those savages who make it unsafe for real French people…


    …even real French police, to enter their banlieue ghettos.

    The pollsters may well have included vile creatures like that bag-head captured by police last week, who, appallingly, was FRENCH-BORN.

    The dirty sow attacked people with a ‘cutter,’ hollering her jihadist war-cry of ‘Allahu Akbar in the maritime town of La Seyne-sur-Mer…–in-south-france-with-box-cutter-is-detained 

    However, while all that does warrant frequent repetition, so too does the threat posed to British people by this irresponsible pandering to the crimmigrants.

    We know that the undesirables swarming across the French border from Ventimiglia, on the Italian border, see the country whose frontier they violate as a mere stepping-stone. Their goal is not merely to gate-crash France…

    Has Ventimiglia’s Mayor Lost All Touch With Reality? 

    ..but to join the Calais curs and other savages prowling the Channel coast, violent, rapacious brutes, whose mayhem we have often covered.

    How Many Evil ‘Aid Workers’ Covered Up Calais Rape

    Female Afghan interpreter ‘raped by armed migrants’ at CalaisJungle

    THEIR TARGET IS THE UK. They hunger and thirst after the benefits milked by fake ‘refugees’ – – like the very sort admitted with no serious vetting…

    Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ none other than Theresa May. Her disgraced Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, was forced to resign not long ago, but May is still very much hanging onto power, and has notoriously welcomed jihadists galore.



    What’s the betting that she too, like Macron, will flout the wishes of her citizens and make an offer to import a portion of the garbage unloaded in Valencia this week?

    Majority of French ‘reject safe harbour forAquarius migrants

    • Irene Kirkman 8:04 pm on June 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Fair warning, and she probably will oblige Brussels even while they are busily extorting and intimidating us.
      The French don’t want them, we don’t want them, but Macron and May don’t care about their own.

    • Zack Steiner 11:30 pm on June 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I have just read something, how one of those well-financed NGOs are scared to open up the books and let us see where their money comes from.
      I am sending you the link and knowing how you like to expose our ‘enemies within’ I am sure you will do your stuff and pass on as much of the truth as you can dig up.

  • ross1948 5:59 pm on June 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Imagine Waking Every Morn With A Foul-Mouthed Slag! 

    I more or less skipped that slag Samantha Bee, resisting the temptation to despatch a mercy-package of carbolic soap for her noisome mouth, but this latest foul-mouthed cow rates a mention…


    …only because she/it makes me wonder how low a certain class of American women can sink.

    Having disgraced herself publicly not long ago, then apologised, she has now shown that, even for a fairly old bat (not that far off sixty!) she still has the mind of an adolescent slag.

    Rather than reprint and condemn her latest Tourettean rubbish, I append the link below, and instead look on the bright side.

    Hasil gambar untuk oh happy day


    Isn’t it a grand life I lead!

    Imagine having to wake up beside that ghastly grotbag every morning!.

    • Cassie Troy 8:29 pm on June 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      All well worth saying but you have to admit it isn’t just a ‘certain class of American women’ who are so much more degraded than any women of previous generations.
      It has spread far beyond the USA.

      The eradication of femininity has been the long-term objective of the ‘women’s lib‘ movement since it began over half a century ago.
      Are women happier today? Was your grandmother weighed down by male oppression? No, the feminists will say, because she was too ‘mystified’ to realise how it worked.

      Think about the arrogance in that dismissal of something we almost all understood almost instinctively, that our grandmothers were not only good and kind but capable and wise.

      Just look at those poor neurotic women in the MeToo movement, using an inadequate thing like Weinstein to justify victimising hundreds of others on flimsy, unsubstantiated accusations, which often are based on no more than flirtation or a joke.

    • Dee Frobisher 11:51 pm on June 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      She is no looker and not getting any younger. Does she hope that a mouth like a 19th century Bronx sewer will stoke her popularity?
      Bill Clinton might find a use for her!

  • ross1948 6:48 pm on June 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    ‘First Great European Novel?’ Hogwash! 

    I was waiting for the one visitor I was likely to see this week, and had the misfortune to have DW on, so had to listen to an interview with a very unpleasant scribbler named Robert Menasse.


    Menasse, Disloyal ‘Austrian’


    He’s just had a novel published, in German (because he is ‘Austrian – or is said to be; we’ll come back to that later) so that must have been the excuse for the German propaganda channel to bring him in and let him unload his nauseating disloyalty to his own country.

    Astonishingly, Politico refers to his book as the ‘First Great European Novel.


    I’ll reserve judgement on its ‘greatness’ until when, or if, I get around to reading it, but the first great novel I read about the Brussels Empire was a gift from my offspring over three decades ago.

    It was written by a British patriot named Andrew Roberts.


    Hasil gambar untuk aachen memorandum roberts


    ‘The Aachen Memorandum’ described how the ‘European Project’ was broken on the rock of British resistance and ended with the deliverance of the UK from its coercive control.

    The Aachen Memorandum: Andrew Roberts …=

    What a contrast with Menasse’s sycophantic praise yesterday for the EUSSR’s flunkeys  – he more or less repeated what he told Politico –  “polyglot, highly-qualified, enlightened and liberated from the irrationalities of national identity…



    …was hard to stomach, but I stuck it out stoically.

    The man wants a ‘European Republic,’ so he says, and with a sneer at Italian democracy, he ranted that it was ‘grotesque to talk about national elections…’



    ….phenomena which he hopes to outlive, it seems, for he whines that ‘as long as we have national elections,’ as if they are something he can’t wait to see consigned to the dustbin of history.

    And that is Manesse to a T, or to an EUSSR. He is a creature from whom every iota of patriotism has been erased.

    Even the DW interviewer seemed slightly taken aback when, arising from the fact that the scribbler’s father had been a star soccer player for Austria, he asked Manesse how he felt when his country’s team was playing.



    The rotten little Scheisseschwein’s reply?

    He thought it was nice enough to watch any skilful play, but it mattered nothing to him if Austria won or lost.



    He would, he said, like to see an end to national teams.

    He couldn’t care less about the players’ nationalities.

    Thanks be, as we can see every day for the next few weeks, that millions of people do not share this cosmopolitan slug’s aversion to love of country.

    • Alex Mallor 12:01 pm on June 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Andrew Roberts wrote that years ago before I emigrated to Australia, but it’s still one of the books I most enjoy re-reading.
      Somehow I have a hunch I would not be so impressed by that Menasse ode to Eurocratic joy.

  • ross1948 6:43 pm on June 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Bug-Eyed Herbert Blames Trump Not Criminals 

    Just watched that ex CNN clown Doug Herbert offering his ‘analysis’ on Macron’s state-subsidised propaganda channel.


    Hasil gambar untuk doug herbert france 24


    The repulsive creep has long since given up any idea of objective analysis.

    Tonight he was 100% bug-eyed bias, sneering references to POTUS ‘flunkeys’ and how the ‘breaking up of crimmigrant families is all down to the sensible ‘zero-tolerance’ policy.

    Contrary to France24’s bald bore, patriotic Americans are not at all outraged…


    …except perhaps at the Media Democrat Party’s endless whining on behalf of the undesirable aliens’ brats.

    The solution to these ‘break-ups’ is obvious.

    Sure they can have lovely little family reunions – just corral the mini-crimmigrants in a big play-pen at the Mexican border.



    Then tell their lousy lawless parents that they can pick them up any time…



    …on their way OUT of the United States!

    • Ken Kasi 10:38 pm on June 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      That is a first-class idea, Ross, but it would never work because if these illegals were any kind of parents then they would not involve their children in their illegal activities.

    • Jolene 2:00 pm on June 19, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      He is a very strange little man. His eyes do bulge more when he talks about Trump.

  • ross1948 1:53 pm on June 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    Nova Scotia’s Gaystapo Makes War On Free Speech! 

    Queers in Canada are demanding Christians cancel the appearance of two speakers they say are essentially promoting gay conversion therapy.

    What the local media calls LGBTQ2 organizations have got their pink knickers in a twist because the Seventh-day Adventist Church has dared to invite two men who have been cured of homosexuality to talk at their conference next month.


    Hasil gambar untuk Coming Out Ministries'


    The intolerant perverts of Halifax are incensed that Mike Carducci and Danielle Harrison of ‘Coming Out Ministries’ will have a chance to ‘share personal stories involving and encouraging a process of ridding oneself of being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender through prayer and religious devotion.”

    Sounds fair enough.

    Whether it’s prayer by religious folk or psychological counselling, or anything that helps so-called ‘gays’ get back to normal, it has got to be good.



    But not in the eyes of militant maladjusts!

    One ‘gay’ spokesperson, Kate Shewan, is beside herself!

    “Essentially they’re saying being gay or trans is wrong and there’s something that’s possible to change through religion or counselling, but really attempts to change people in this way have proven to be really harmful,” she ranted….


    ….condemning ‘this way’ without suggesting which other ways her intolerant gang might countenance.

    Of course gay and trans perversion is wrong.

    Just as being into bestiality or kleptomania or suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome ( think De Niro!) is wrong.

    But In fact, of course, these nasty ‘gays’ will not tolerate ANY voices that dissent from their intrinsically dishonest narrative that once a person is infected with the ‘gay’ psychosis, there’s no cure – plainly a lie, given that thousands of such cured people exist.


    From NYC – Proof Positive, ‘Gays’ Can Be Cured! 

    Truth is, of course, the gaystapo message is not- ‘no cure possible,’ but NO CURE ALLOWED.

    I have not heard of either of the two Christians whom these queers are so desperate to silence but here’s what’s on their website.

    “No greater joy has been experienced in our lives than that which has freed us from the chains of homosexuality.”

    Will the gaystapo get to silence them? Canadian readers please keep us posted.


    • Roy Cantillo 3:37 pm on June 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      They are the haters. They hate the idea that their condition is not a psychological prison that sufferers can break out of.
      That is why in California and other states they are banning any attempts by anyone to offer treatment.
      These ‘gays’ are cruel and hateful not only to Christians who refuse to bow down before them but even to their own if they try to find a way out.

  • ross1948 1:43 pm on June 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    So You’re ‘Far-Right’ If You Won’t Appease Terrorism! 

    We might have expected Telesur, the ultra-left Latin American ‘news’ outlet, to brand Ivan Duque, who yesterday easily defeated an ex-terrorist in Colombia to become the country’s president, as the candidate of the ‘far-right…’

    Colombian FarRight Candidate Duque Wins Presidential Elections

    …but that’s Telesur. We have identified their brand of poison in the past!

    Here’s a clip from our post on another Latin American matter, a year and a half ago….

    Aliens Ice-Cold In Serbia? Ship ‘Em To Ecuador! 

    …when we described Telesur’s character!


    …a red rag-site called Telesur
    …which, if you hadn’t heard, is a multi-state funded, pan-Latin-American terrestrial and satellite television network sponsored by the governments of Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Bolivia.
    Telesur is a swamp of propaganda. 
    It publishes tantrum-esque tirades from creeps who hate European people prepared to resist invasion like last year’s demented diatribe demanding an end to Europe’s Racist and Murderous Migration Regime…

    Yes, that’s Telesur, but I just this morning heard some daft DW bint call Duque ‘far-right!’



    • Yet they are only following in the footsteps of some of the most rancid American media.

    • ==

    Gambar terkait

    In Colombia, FarRight and Hard-Left Candidates Will Vie for Presidency   New York Times27 May

    There is surely nothing ‘far-right’ about opposing a sell-out to terrorism…

    Hasil gambar untuk colombia marxist farc

    Colombian Sell-Out Santos Crawls To Reds, Betrays Democracy

    ….which leads us to ask why these foul propagandists (hardly journalists!) have chosen to smear Duque in this manner. 

    • Mort 4:08 pm on June 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Telesur is just marxist broadcasting and they make no serious effort to hide that.
      The NYT is still pretending to be a newspaper but as your cartoon shows, few Americans take it seriously as a news source.
      They always were bad and dishonest, going back to the 1930s and their Soviet Pulitzer putz, Walter the Liar. Nothing much has changed and nothing is going to.
      I would say now they have Soros as a share-holder, it might get worse, but that has to be impossible.
      When something hits rock-bottom, it cannot get any lower.

    • Grant Thornill 10:28 pm on June 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This Duque wants to stop amnesty for terrorists. He thinks it wrong to bribe them with political power as a reward for them not murdering any more innocent people.
      That makes him far right.
      Can we have him running the UK for a few years?

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