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    Cikarang 10K Run, 11th Oktober 

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    Study in Canada Fair! Jakarta/Surabaya, October 10/11th 

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    Incest? Schizo? Prophet? IslamoNazi Wannabe Censor Calls Cops! 

    Another glorious episode in the history of Indonesia’s Islamist movement to report, with Tempo.co telling how the notorious IslamoNazi FPI ( Islam Defenders Front) are reporting a writer to the police, since his book has tarnished the religion.

    • FPI_13 FPI thugs defending Islam


    That of course refers to Islam, and one might have thought the FPI’s own disgusting record of violence, vandalism and intimidation has done more to ‘tarnish’ that religion than anything else in Indonesia.

    But self-criticism, nor even self-awareness, are not notably discernible where the white-shirts are concerned.

    Let’s see what their spokesman in Semarang, Central Java, acertain Zainal Abidin Petir, is on about.

    “Defamation of religion cannot be tolerated. It can be dangerous if there are distortions of Islam,” said Zainal, Friday, October 2, 2015.




    Dangerous? To whom? Which people might be endangered by printed pages?

    He doesn’t spell that out, though again, the shameless hoodlum antics of the FPI – FPI in West Java – ‘Let’s Burn Out the Orphans!’  – actually do present clear, present and promised dangers to all sorts of people, witness the innocent woman left dead on the road in Sukorejo, also in Central Java, last year. IslamoNazis V Freedom-Fighters? – Some Chicken, Some Neck

    And some foreign folk might regard a publicly declared intention to murder them as ever so slightly dangerous.


    fpi kill busddhist


    But of course the FPI are not alone in their horror-struck intolerance of books that upset Islamist ideologues.

    Gramedia, one of the biggest publishers in the archipelago, became infamous for its censorious sectarianism,  after they staged a Nazi-style book-burning two years ago.

    Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 

    • burning books

    • Gramedia’s Hitlerite book-burning

    • ====================

    Their English-language puppet paper, the Jakarta Post, which likes to present itself as pro-pluralism, has never yet condemned that disgraceful Hitlerian bonfire.

    So no wonder white-shirt bully-boys reckon they are empowered to decide what Indonesians may or may not read and/or write.


    • Ahmad Fauzi
    • ==================
    • The guilty(?!) author is Ahmad Fauzi, a graduate of Philosophy,  Walisongo State Islamic University, Semarang, and his writings include such intriguing titles as ‘The Incest Tragedy of Adam and Eve, and Criminal Prophet,’ plus what should surely be a block-buster, ‘Schizophrenic Religion: Madness, Revelation and Prophethood.’
    • 000000000000000000000000000000
    • At this pont in my preparation of this post, I thought to find illustrations to make it more fun for you readers.
    • Lo and behold, I found that while the FPI is doing its usual intolerant thing, the other, less well-known but arguably even more virulent, thug group, the FUI, are no slouches when it comes to churning out hate against dissenters from orthodoxy.
    • =============
    • b5300-retardalert
    • …..talk about Dark Age dolts!
    • 000000000000

    But the Semarang cadre is hardly out of step with FUI leadership, whose best-known name is Al Khatthath, a rabid fanatic who holds office in the state-sponsored MUI…


    Al KhatatAl Khathath  

    Why Apologise? Religion Minister’s ‘Sorry’ To IslamoNazi Thug Gangs 

    Al is not only a senior figure in the state-funded MUI, but also a former HizBut Tahrir notable.

    The Secretary General of the FUI the very same creature who wanted to have an atheist killed for speaking his mind on religion.   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/another-nail-in-freedoms-coffin-indonesian-atheist-jailed-for-blasphemy/

    • fatwa mui sholeh
    • —————-
    • The MUI’s failure to fire the brute is another good reason why the Indonesian Council of’ ‘Scholars’ can hardly be taken seriously as a source of moral guidance. 
    • Anyway, back to Zainal, it turns out that author Ahmad actually agreed to a meeting with the FPI a while back, a dialogue mediated by the police in Semarang.


    You’d think the police would have better things to do than arrange chats between jihadist brutes and their prospective victims, but alas, Indonesia has its own ridiculous ‘Blasphemy’ law, by which blameless citizens have been prosecuted and jailed, like the Shia cleric, Yajul.


    tajulTajul, one of Indonesia’s prisoners of conscience https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/04/21/indonesia-shariah-fanatics-howl-for-blood/

    Former President SBY, remember, in one of his embarrassing outbursts, urged similar intolerant hogwash law on a global level.

    SBY to ask the world to ban blasphemy | The Jakarta Post

    Zainal acknowledges that Ahmad’s writings tend to be poetic and arty. but despite the meeting, he’s still going to report Ahmad for police prosecution.

    Ahmad says he tried to explain explain his thinking to the FPI. But they didn’t want an explanation, just an interrogation.


    Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1). FPI thinkers defending Islam


    For his part, he argues that there is evidence in the Quran Surah As-Shura paragraph 182 also mentioned a prophet possessed…

    But I won’t get into theology or psychology. To me, it’s simply stupid to harass somebody for religious beliefs or lack of them.

    God gives you a brain, so use it to think about what He is and how He works..or IF He is.

    Nothing wrong with the death penalty, but use it on jihadists, not harmless writers.


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    So Now Life Only Means FIVE BLOODY YEARS!?! 

    evil children

    Despite being on vacation, still watching tv news, that satanic ‘child’ in England, convicted of terrorism beyond a shadow of a doubt, and the swine could be out in FIVE  YEARS?


    • lgal-system-is-obstructing-justice
    • ————–
    • Britain is a very sick society if this is how far British Justice has sunk. Apparently the judge’s excuse for this lily-livered sentencing is the swine’s age.

    Age is no excuse – we have noted before that normal human beings are well aware of what’s right and wrong AT LEAST by the time they enter high school.

    If their primitive parents are devoid of those concepts, these young savages are nevertheless not living in a vacuum. They were born in, or brought to, a civilised country where barbaric codes are not countenanced. The one in Britain who got the derisory five year ‘get-out’ card has no excuses.  


    • Image result for parramatta rmit psychologist
    • ———-

    Nor did the hateful slug who paid the proper price for his evil crime in Paramatta last week.  

    By the age of fifteen, there’s no excuse to be unaware that murder, terrorism, menacing ‘apostates’ and ‘blasphemers,’ etc., are intolerable affronts to civilised values, and that violations incur serious penalties. 

    It was good to read in Sunday’s Aussie Telegraph that even an academic (from Melbourne’s RMIT) agrees that 15-year-olds are quite capable of knowing the rights and wrongs of their conduct –  she added that despite their age they still need to be held accountable. “By the time they are 15, ­although their youth should be taken into account, they are nonetheless still capable of making a moral decision,” she said. Parramatta shooting: Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar named

    Her words are open to different interpretations, admittedly, one being that satanic teenagers should be punished less severely than those of satanic adults, like the London Tube Bombers, or that Boston Marathon Bomber, for no reason other than they are younger..

    I can’t see why.  

    On the contrary, common sense in the matter would differentiate sentencing on the basis of how ‘up for it’ such pigs will be when released, how fit and eager they’ll be to resume the evil Islamist agenda.


    A decrepit old devil can do less damage than a young and vigorous fiend


    If this ‘British’ brat is held for FIFTY years, a not unreasonable term, he’ll be of pensionable age when he comes out – God might of course decide to step in with a heart attack or aneurism before that, but He seem to like letting human events take their course. 

    The pig’ll be much less of a danger at 65 than if he’s turned loose by dumbo parole tribunals. when he’s just turned twenty!

    On balance, though, unless hanging is restored  ( a nod to democracy that decadent  UK Eurogrovel politicians are unlikely to make in the immediate future, but who knows in the longer term?) it still makes better sense to keep him there until he is over seventy, too frail to do much damage.




    For my part, I’d hang the devil’s spawn as readily as I’d hang their adult role models.

    But if death is not on the statute book, then life should mean life, and it should be life in the darkest, direst dungeons.

    Not a five year vacation at tax-payers’ expense.




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    Erdogan’s 5th Column Roars Islamist Slogans In Europe’s Heart! 

    A shocker from EUObserver about a dramatic manifestation of the Enemy Within last Sunday in Strasbourg,

    This French city, which abuts the German border, saw about 12,000 French, German, Belgian, and Swiss-origin Turkish supporters hear him speak on counter-terrorism..

    …’Him’ is that infamous Islamist ideologue Erdogan…


    • Cameron and Erdogan (1) Erdogan
    • ——————
    • …and since when is an alien allowed to rile up incite disloyalty among residents of European countries when he’s formally there present as a guest of those countries’ governments?

    And since when do we define Turkish-origin residents of France, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland as French, German, Belgian, and Swiss-origin Turkish supporters.




    They are not French, German, Belgian or Swiss if they are brazenly hollering support for a ranter whose speech had an Islamist and anti-European tone. It was preceded by a Muslim prayer. Erdogan described Turkish soldiers killed in recent PKK hostilities as “martyrs” and the crowd chanted “Allahu Akbar!” in return.

    That war-cry….

    Ever since I watched the cowardly Islamist vermin on that Cikeusik video, brutally bludgeoning three innocent men to death while Indonesian police stood by, the martyrdom of the victims perpetrated to the sound of ‘Allahu Akbar’ shrilled by ululating savages….

    ..it makes me shudder.


    • ahmadiyah2
    • Sectarian swine at Cikeusik, revelling in hate  – nobody has EVER been charged with murder, despite a full video http://www.liveleak.com/view


    And more recently, these past months, we have all heard it chorused by the rock-throwing shock-troops of the primitive tsunami pouring illegally into Europe – it is not a prayer, but a paean of conquest.


    • sod that
    • What the hell is Hollande thinking, allowing this kind of sectarian garbage to gather in La Belle France to roar approval for this tin-pot Turk who holds French values in contempt?

    What are the security services run from Germany, Belgium and Switzerland doing?

    One would HOPE they have video images of all 12,000 anti-European aliens who shrilled their support for a man who is not only on record as the worst sort of fanatic…

    • Image result for jihad

    “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” from WT, March 3rd. 2010  


    …but last Sunday continued his rant in terms utterly hostile to Christendom.

    He said the “hearts [of the Turkish people] are today united the same way they were” when the Ottoman Empire fought European powers in 1915 and when Turkish Sultan Mehmed II conquered Constantinople. 

    • The Fall of Constantinople in 1453 was a black day for civilisation, a consequence of relentless imperialist Islamist aggression 


    • ——————————————
    • It was the worst blow suffered by the West since the recolonisation of the Holy Land, Palestine, by Islamists, when the all-too-brief rescue operation known as the Crusades was undone.  
    • Erdogan’s agenda sounds scarcely different from those ancient Saracen war-mongers.  
    • He also said Turkey is defending “true civilisation” in the face of Europe’s “xenophobia, Islamophobia, and racism.”

    Yes, we know what sort of civilisation awaits if Erdogan’s Fifth Column were to impose their revolting beliefs on the West…

    Turkey’s Sexist Buffoon – Women Mustn’t Laugh in Public! 

    Aurat Anguish! Islamist Turks Oust TV Star 

    Plenty more of that if you scan our pages…

    MEANWHILE…the same zealot....later on Sunday, held a second meeting outside his hotel in Place Stephanie, in central Brussels. Up to 3,000 Turkish supporters, from Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands, greeted him with rose petals, balloons, special t-shirts, and music.

    •  —————–

    out with them


    • Obviously, this upstart should be given the bum’s rush from Europe, as should his rabbid Islamist fans.
    • But that is not what’s happening.

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, a German newspaper, and ARD, a leading TV broadcaster, report that the European Commission wants Turkey to build new refugee camps and to launch joint Greek-Turkish border patrols.https://euobserver.com/justice/130544

    They said the EU plan envisages new camps for 2 million people, more European aid money, and a pledge to take in 500,000 more asylum seekers.


    The damnable EUSSR wants to collaborate with this ranting jihadist? Offering to reward him for his abuse by importing another half-a-million undesirables?

    Hell, you’d think some people would have learned about appeasement after Munich 1938, or Yalta 1945


     The EurocRats have been wheeling and dealing at the bribe table with Erdogan for years now -see our posts…

    Turkish Blackmail on Crimmigration, as Greeks Betrayed by EUSSR 


    … throughout the process of sell-out and shilly-shally, he has let the savages pour in.

    Erdogan is THE ENEMY.






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    Tags: Jakarta. 6th - 18th October, Sound of Music   

    Sound of Music, Jakarta. 6th – 18th October 

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    Oz News – Pedo’s Death Sparks Sicko Pinko Teary Tantrum! 

    Good evening!

    And belatedly a bit of good news!

     A sleazy pedo ‘refugee’ pervert known to be a threat to Australian chiildren…-

    Who Deserves Flogging More? The Pig, Or The Fool Who Let Him Walk? 

     –  has topped himself.


    Ali Jaffari – a vile pervert whose death upsets nobody- except the Refugee Action Coalition!


    AN AFGHAN asylum seeker and convicted child molester who set himself on fire in a West Australian immigration detention centre has reportedly died.  http://www.news.com.au/national/western-australia/asylum-seeker-dies-after-setting-himself-on-fire-in-west-australia/story-fnj4anv2-1227531151600

    In April this year he lost his appeal to stay in Australia but remained in immigration detention because he could not be deported to Afghanistan as he was a refugee.

    Could not be deported? That’s disgusting!

    Whose country is it?

    One expects cr$p like that in the UK, whose leaders kneel in obeisance to an alien court in Strasbourg. But in Australia? I’m amazed Tony Abbott didn’t try to get the rules reformed to kick out ‘asylum’ perverts.

    I don’t suppose Turnbull will try, given his left-lib tilt.  But the subtraction by suicide of one sleazy undesirable alien from the equation should not preclude a review of a bad law. 

    Yet instead of calls for legislative change to enable governments to ship out dangerous ‘refugees,’ we get a chorus of tiresome yap-yap-yapping from that notorious pinko agit-prop gang, the self-styled ‘Refugee Action Coalition.’


    • enemy-within
    • ==============
    • Instead of raising a glass to the good news of Jaffari’s death, the sickos are all in a tizzy, pink knickers in a terrible twist, bleating that it defies belief that he was able to get petrol.
    • =

    ianrintoul Red Rintoul


    “How was he allowed to obtain the materials that allowed him to do this?” spokesman Ian Rintoul asked.

    Who gives a damn, really?

    I’ve no idea how the pig got the means to self-destruct, but who’s complaining? Otherwise the dirty brute would still be poncing three squares and a roof over his head off Aussie tax-payers.

    But Red Rintoul still shrills on.

    “This seems to be an outright incident of negligence or worse.”

    Now that’s an odd, or wild, assertion. OR WORSE?

    Is he implying that it might have been made just a wee bit too easy for Jaffari to do the only good thing he probably ever did?



    If so, whoever was responsible should step forward to receive a medal!



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    Warwick Wallies Weasel Out of War on Free Speech – For Now! 

    The union cited “a duty of care to conduct a risk assessment for each speaker who wishes to come to campus” and indicated they thought her words “could incite hatred on campus.”  http://i100.independent.co.uk/article/warwick-unis-student-union-banned-a-speaker-and-brian-cox-has-this-to-say–WJW3_jU3Lx.

    Who’s this menace the little toe-rags of Warwick University were on about?



    Sounds like Anders Brevik out on day-release, perhaps?

    Undoubtedly some ‘right-wing xenophobe.’ After all, they wouldn’t object to some sleazy marxist spouting class-hatred, because they’re all probably into that anyway. Nor to any dirty dork who supports beheading of blasphemers – no way!

    Besides, it’s not him, it’s  ‘her.’

    And ‘she’ turn out to be a rather liberal lady, who (in my view) inaccurately categorises Islamist fanatics as ‘far-right,’ when in fact their ideology is almost a twin of communism, supranational, based on hate, and all for oppression – though the Reds weren’t usually sexist.

    Her name’s Maryam Nazamie, and she was to speak as a guest of the Secular Society!



    If people like me who fled an Islamist regime can’t speak out about my opposition to the far-right Islamic movement, if I can’t criticise Islam… that leaves very [few] options for me as a dissenter because the only thing I have is my freedom of expression.

    I don’t know what the gal would have said, were she allowed to speak, but it would probably have been unexceptionable, though probably nowhere near enough to incite hatred.

    Which unfortunately is what’s needed.  Not hatred against any social class, or ethnic group, or religion, but against the enemy within, those ‘Britons’ who adhere to the treasonable ideology exemplified by Hizbut Tahrir and its think-alikes.


    • caliphate
    • ……………
    • All decent Brits should hate them, just as all decent Brits were entitled, indeed encouraged, to hate Hitlerian fifth columnists in WW2.

      Execution then was deemed appropriate, and these days we of the West might do well to follow the wise example shown by Jordan, a 100% Muslim country, which responded to Islamist atrocity by executing Islamists. 


    • out with them
    • —————-
    • Or just deport every single one of them.

    Loyal Brits, Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Humanist, should be making speeches along those lines every day, in every city. 

    But, no, Namazie would hardly say anything like that. She would merely outline the threat to British freedoms that adherents of the Islamist ideology represent.

    And these indolent, intimidatory young parasites, whose playground is a university with much to be modest about?

    –  –

    In its first few decades, it was heavily involved with the protests,rent strikes and occupations which earned the University the nickname of ‘Red Warwick.’ In 1974 one Warwick student was killed during the Red Lion Square disorders. More recently, in 2009, many Students’ Union officers were active in the occupation of a lecture theatre in the Social Studies (S0.21) building to express solidarity with Gaza.

    • They should be studying logic and moral philosophy (by chance two of the optional extras I took along with my politics and modern history – not, thanks be, at Warwick!) instead of stomping this woman’s right to free speech.
    • The brats need a good slapping. 
    • My university had a disciplinary code, which included sanctions for bringing the alma mater into disrepute. If  Warwick doesn’t have something similar, time they did, and expelled these obnoxious toads.
    • They’d soon find jobs, after all, with the BBC or Euronews, or the Guardian.


    Above written before I went on vacation,(which I’m enjoying hugely, BTW. all the more so, because we have a happy update..


    ….the bullying brats backed down.



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    No Matter Where You Are, This Sunday, Sign For Religious Liberty! 

    Having spoken for religious liberty since I began blogging, and having also gone along to the services, in downtown Jakarta, held by the victims of presidential indifference to high court rulings in favour of that liberty, I can only endorse the petition sent to me.

    • freedom-of-religion
    • My only additional input is a reminder that the cruel persecution meted out to the churches is mild compared to the ubiquitous discrimination perpetrated against the peaceful, totally blameless, Ahmadiyah Muslim minority – not a random vendetta, but state-sponsored, under the notorious Tri-Ministerial Decree – check my search box, and you’ll find plenty of info on that!




    Today, we want you to join with us as we call on the government to call on the President of Indonesia to re-open dozens of churches that have been forcibly closed.
    In Indonesia, hundreds of Christians from dozens of churches have been forced to worship on the streets after their buildings were sealed shut by local officials under pressure from radical Islamic groups.
    Those who attempt to still meet outside of their closed churches find themselves confronted by angry mobs hurling insults, rocks, and even bags of urine and excrement at the Christians. Churches that try relocating to new buildings often find themselves forced out again, only a few months later.  
    Please take just a moment and click on the link to sign our petition on behalf of persecuted Christians across Indonesia.
    Petition Calling for Immediate Re-opening of Churches in Indonesia
    During this intense persecution, two Indonesian churches, GKI Yasmin and HKBP Filadelfia, decided to make a stand, holding services on the streets and in front of the Presidential Palace in Jakarta for more than five years.
    In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of re-opening their churches, but local authorities refuse to comply.
    On September 27th, these two churches held their 100th joint protest service in front of the presidential palace.
    Today, we’re joining our voice with theirs to call on the President of Indonesia to re-open these churches. We believe no one should be kicked out of their church and forced to worship on the street in front of violent mobs simply because of their faith. Sign our petition, and let Christians in Indonesia know they’re not alone in this fight.
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    Tags: Get Britain Out, Know EU, Know Your Enemy! A Useful Source!,   

    Know EU, Know Your Enemy! A Useful Source! 

    The Know EU Campaign
    We recently launched The Know EU campaign – an independent movement that sits outside of the Westminster bubble, and we hope to inform and excite the great British public about the upcoming referendum on Europe.


    For the Eurozone to work, the countries involved need full integration of nation states, finances, budgets and a massive transfer of wealth from north to south. It’s clear following the recent Greek tragedy that this isn’t the current situation.

    ‘The Know’ will highlight the benefits of being outside of the EU, and we’re confident that a Britain in ‘The Know’ will vote no. We’re strong enough to stand alone (despite politicians saying otherwise), so let’s get the ball rolling with a confident vision of Great Britain outside of the EU.

    This campaign is our chance to recapture national confidence and pride.

    Our campaign will embrace people and groups that don’t normally play an active role in politics as we mobilise the nation to rally against the political establishment. 

    TheKnow.eu” campaign will create a mass membership movement (like the Countryside Alliance) of reasonable people from all walks of life who love their country but simply don’t trust politicians or lobby groups to tell the truth.

    There are a few different ways to get involved…

    If you would like to support us in your local area, we would love to talk to you. Please call us on 0800 999 4210 today and we’ll be happy to discuss ways in which you can help. Likewise, if you’d like to register your support, make a donation or even download posters, you can do this by clickinghere.

    We’re a modern movement and we appreciate that support and donations run way deeper that financial transactions. A simple follow on Twitter, a Like on Facebook or an engagement with the topics we surface are all hugely appreciated, so be social!

    Once again, thanks for your interest and early support; let’s put country before party and win this!

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