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    Pasar Malem, 30th April – May 31st 

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    Hizbut Tahrir Non-Violent? Implement The Promised Ban! 

    A radical Islamist group with a big support base in Britain has fostered links with a brutal al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria, The Times can reveal.




    Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT) is launching attacks on civil activists in the northern city of Aleppo, aided by fighters from the Nusra Front, al-Qaeda’s franchise in Syria.

    About 100 HT members, one armed with a sword, attacked secular activists….  http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/uk/crime/article4408046.ece

    So who’s saying this is news?

    These traitors have been mobilising support among primitives resident in the UK, Canada and Australia for years. 

    They remain un-banned, though Oz seems to be waking up to the menace of a fanatic gang whose entire raison d’etre is subversion of both national sovereignty and democracy.

    • devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm
    • And let’s be under no illusions, HT have let the mask slip, revealing their contemptuous disregard for all the guff we hear about ‘peace.’

    Hizbut Tahrir UK – “When ‘Moderates’ Talk of Peace, They’re Lying!” 

    It’s time for ALL Western countries to follow the example of many smart Muslim regimes and OUTLAW this nest of vipers.

    Australia is on the right track, Canada no recent news but we know the enemy within is active…The Rise of Islamic Extremism In Canada – Mackenzie Institute




    However, in the UK, Cameron must keep his word, for once, and stop hiding behind ‘human rights’ claptrap codes and remove the threat from an extremist outfit that has NO regard for anyone’s rights.  




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    Queen and Country – Enough Already! 

    The Queen expresses her fears in her Commonwealth Day message today about the threat to world peace posed by the rise of Islamist fundamentalism, according to a senior source.  http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/uk/article4376480.ece

    • Queen

    Good show, Your Majesty!

    God Bless Her – Queen Slaps Down Arrogant Aliens! 

    I wonder if she reads RRA?

    Now Her Majesty’s Ministers, in all her realms, should make it clear that there is no room for anyone, in any country under the Crown, who holds to the treasonous view that supranational allegiance – to marxism or ummat sectarianism or ‘Europe’ or any other ideology- trumps the primary duty of citizens .




    Plenty of her good Muslim subjects already do understand, as should Christians, Hindus and Jews, that, no matter what religion one follows, Queen and Country constitute THE loyalty.

    Anything else is beside the point

    As I’ve said before, it is incumbent on clergy of every creed to preach that truth  – from every pulpit.

    Any who preach anything different…kick them out!!

    In a broadcast to be sent around the world, she appears to imply that Islamist extremism is one of the greatest menaces of the past 60 years.

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    IslamoNazi Gang-Leader Rages At Arrest of ISIS ‘Cleric!’ 

    A telling tale in Tempo magazine, from Makassar, where the Gauleiter of the IslamoNazi FPI (self-styled ‘Defenders of islam Front”) Abdul Rahman, is ranting against the good guys.


    Ust abd rahman, panglima FPI memperlihatkn memorandum yg mengharuskn karyawan hotel utk kerja bakti di gereja ...(1) Gauleiter Abdul


    By ‘good guys,’ I of course refer to Densus 88, the rather splendid special police anti-terrorist detachment  They have taken out quite a few Islamist scumbags and put quite a few more behind bars…




    … and their latest exploit sounds to have been a grand scene, which ought to have been caught on camera to delight decent citizens across the archipelago.

    “Ustad Basri was captured like an animal!”,

    Gauleiter Abdul ( he calls himself an ustad, too, by the way!) is probably no better and no worse than most sectarian fanatics, though it’s his hoodlums we often feature – that photo of the white-clad thugs terrorising innocent citizens who wanted a bit of lunch during Ramadhan a couple of years ago.


    FPI_13 FPI hoodlums in Makassar


    Thoroughly undesirable brutes. so anyone who gains the sympathy of their gang-leader most probably deserves to be treated like a wild beast.

    The object of the Gauleiter’s compassion turns out to be Ustad Basri, head of Pondok Pesantren Al-Quran Tahfidzul.

    Ustad means cleric, and pesantren means a religious boarding school, too many of which churn out nasty young jihadist jerks.

    Not all, to be fair. But plenty- Put the word in our search box. 

    Exactly what Basri’s been up to, we don’t know for sure.

    But Densus 88 don’t do traffic tickets. There’s alleged involvement in ISIS, and so if he’s tried and found guilty of being part of a terrorist network,then one hopes he’ll be executed. Not much point in executing drug smugglers if terrorist swine aren’t put down too.

    Right, President Jokowi?. 

    So how come Abdur Rahman is fretting so noisily?

    He thinks the arresting officers should have ‘gone to his house nicely. They knew his address.’

    Well, of course. Or maybe just telephoned for an appointment?

    One curious aspect, however. 

    LAST YEAR this old bigot (Basri, not Abdul!) hit the headlines in August when he openly issued a declaration http://rakyatsulsel.com/deklarator-isis-di-makassar-jangan-panik-isis-tidak-anarkis.html  of ISIS support.

    So what’s taken the bold gendarmes six months to nab the nasty?

    NB – I’m not going to carp at Densus, not while David Cameron refuses to have Anjem Choudary arrested and continues to break his pledge to ban Hizbut Tahrir…Tony Tackling Hizbut Hate-Freaks – Craven Cameron Still Wimps Out! …and not while Obama welcomes CAIR into the White House….Some Arabs Are Smart – CAIR LISTED AS TERRORIST! …and not while Australian security forces still haven’t arrested that creep we featured just two  days ago. Furqan Fanatics! Oz Jihadists Shut Down – Now Show ‘Em The Door!

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    Why Is Oberlin College Infested With Retards? 


    Not so long an outing as usual, a little lazy today, but time to hit Superindo supermarket on Jalan Panjang. Discounts on ice-cream (durian/choc flavour) and those nice big cartons of milk, about Rp.4000 cheaper than elsewhere.

    But the beer has been moved to the new shariah-lite section, a kind of sin-bin area away from the regular shelves. As if even seeing the stuff might subvert the morals of shoppers.

    • bintang
    • Still, there’s pork available. So not as bad as the Superindo in Meruya, where piggy products had been removed altogether last time I dropped by a few months ago.




    Anyway, home – via the warteg for a spot of lunch – just as twilight is starting to gather, and to an amazing story about a once-distinguished American academic institution, which is now evidently infested with retards.

    I know that PC twits don’t like that noun (which of course is why I use it)  but let’s use their left-lib lingo then, and describe these appalling asses as ‘people with learning difficulties.’


    • ——————–
    • Speaking of appalling asses, here’s a picture of two ‘women’ students from the story, and they do indeed seem not only to be, but also to have such things!

    These lissom lovelies set up a ‘safe space’ for any brain-dead bints unable to cope with the horror of listening to opinions that don’t match their prejudices.


    • idiotoberlin
    • ===================
    • I reckon few normal students would enter such a sturdily ‘gate-keepered’ zone, but given the dull-witted calibre of the anguished protests – the morons can’t even spell ‘participant!’ – no doubt the muscular pair would not lack company. 

    Unlike the smartly-turned out and very smart conservative, Christina Hoff Sommers…

    …, whose mere appearance on campus caused something like nervous break-downs all over the place. And  for even better insights into these ignoramesses, try this link. 


    The writer of that piece was present and tried to reason with one of the dorkettes. To no avail.


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    Hidup Serigala2 Cantik2 – Besok Rabu, 29th April, Trans TV? 

    I’m not a big fan of Trans TV, largely because of the frequency of ads, and because they re-run movies too often. How many times can one enjoy Ananconda?

    • ————-

    trans tv


    • But last night, having been out for a pleasant meal at Plaza Semanggi on Friday evening and heading off today for a Sunday jaunt, I stayed home, mostly blog-work, but with the TV on, and, even despite ad-breaks, managed to enjoy SWAT.

    Better still, I caught a glimpse of a preview of their Wednesday ( 29 April ) show, Dag Dig Dut, a dangdut music spectacular with many of my fave stars, including –

    …Zaskia Gotika…


    Dewi Persik…


    …and DUO SERIGALA – The She-Wolf Duo!


    They’re all sexy songstresses, exemplifying the dangdut spirit.

    But given the appalling treatment meted out to the last-named, a totally disproportionate reaction to a bit ( well, maybe two bits!) of harmless fooling around –Kasihan Duo Serigala – Sexy Singers Hounded by Fanatics!  – I am currently both sympathetic towards and interested in that pair!

    You can read both my previous posts –  – but a recent news item indicates the mind-set of media monitors here -like the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) which went slightly berserk after the dynamic duo appeared on Trans’ Late Night Show.

    I give the raw Google Translate version, which is even funnier than if I were to tidy up the English.
    In a letter numbered 343 / K / KPI / 04/15, KPIs provide Written Reprimand on Trans TV for this program….
    In the KPI assessment, as written on the official website on Friday (10/4), bouncy attractions dribble that shook erotic chest while singing did not pay attention to norms of decency and morality prevailing in society, as set out in the Code of Conduct of Broadcasters and Broadcast Program Standards ( P3 & SPS) KPI in 2012.
    In this program, the rocking motion dribble close-up views. This attraction exploit the chest by bending the chest into the audience, so it looks cleavage.   http://palingaktual.com/1605829/tampilkan-duo-serigala-goyang-dribble-tengah-malam-kpi-tegur-trans-tv/read/


    I read this during Sunday breakfast preparations – darn near dropped the plate laughing!


    Yes, it is funny, but that was a late-night show, so how come all the fuss?

    The KPI’s sticky-beak priggishness is notorious –

    Ramadhan Buttocks Ban – Jakarta TV Decree Decries Thighs Too! 

    – we’ve covered it before, focusing on its sectarian slant, after their Chairman, Judhariksawan, told the JP that the KPI was cooperating with the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) to monitor television shows on every network…

    • “During Ramadhan, the KPI and MUI will not hesitate to force shows off the air if we find they have the potential to affect people devoted to carrying out religious activities in the holy month!”
    • oooooooo
    • censored-boobs-300x199 Does cleavage ‘affect people devoted to carrying out religious activities?’ Surely not if they take their religion seriously!
    • ooooooo
    • Despite such nonsense, this is not (yet) the Islamic Republic of Indonesia.
    • ==============
    • So let’s see if the gals are free to perform as impressively again on Wednesday!
    • JazPen 1:42 pm on April 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      That Google Translation is hilarious. I cant believe the KPI said anything so laughworthy.
      You are on good form these days, Ross. But we need more Indonesia posts like this.
      The international news you write about is interesting, but doesnt Jakarta have enough stories to keep you busy and us amused?

      • ross1948 8:07 pm on April 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks, JazPen, but I post on Indonesian news three or four times a week. It’s a wide world out there, so many good stories deserve my attention. I’m just about to publish on another local issue!
        Keep up the comments!

    • putri 3:11 pm on April 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Heheheheh… so funny but you are true in what you say about the KPI.

      They force good tv show to stop in Ramadan because they are thinking this is already Iran or Arab Saudi.
      Very funny at first but very bad and sad what kind of country we get with this KPI that is same like FPI, so very intoleran….

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    Killer Khadr Unleashed on Canada? The Beast Deserves Death! 



    Surely most Canadians will applaud Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney’s comment on the lamentable court ruling that granted bail to the bestial sectarian swine Omar Khadr.

    “We are disappointed and will appeal this decision.”

    Blaney’s description of Khadr’s crimes – not least the murder of a medic serving in the armed forces of one of Canada’s allies – as “heinous” is indisputable.



    “We have vigorously defended any attempt to lessen his punishment for these crimes…

    “While Justin Trudeau refused to rule out special compensation for this convicted terrorist and the NDP actively tries to force Canadian taxpayers to compensate him, we believe the victims of crime, not the perpetrators, are the ones who deserve compensation.”

    Good for Blaney!

    But neither he nor we should be surprised by Justin Turdeau. He is only maintaining his evil sire’s policy of letting off terrorist murderers.

    castro-trudeau-neanderthal Castro and Turdo


    Check out what happened in Quebec when he let those FLQ scumbag killers flee unhindered, to find sanctuary in his communist comrade Castro’s Cuban tyranny.

    True, Khadr does not belong in prison. The proper place for traitors is six feet under. Here’s a link to explain why Khadr should be put to death… 

    Facts about Omar Khadr that the mainstream media won’t to tell you

    • Arnold 4:24 pm on April 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I agree he should be kept in prison and he should be tried for treason,
      But the courts in Canada are still out of line with what Canadians think. That’s the problem, and so if Blaney appeals, he may not get far.
      Turdo ( I like that!) Senior must be waiting down in the firey furnace for his friend Castro to join him and have a good old-fashioned communist gloat at how well Junior is filling the old devil’s shoes
      Thanks for that clip where the media distoritions are cleared up. Most media in Canada and especially the one we are forced to pay for, the CBC, are not to be trusted,

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    ”Outrageous” Activity in Jakarta Pools? OMG – BIKINIS! 

    It’s not often I have to differ from Jakarta’s usually sensible  Governor Ahok, but his outburst two days ago made no sense at all.

    “No, they can’t hold a bikini party. They could get arrested. There’s a regulation governing that. You can wear bikini at Ancol [beach], as you swim….”

    • ahok

    Good grief.

    One expects that kind of stuff from sectarian shariah shrills in the benighted Province of Aceh.

    Or from that infamous extremist, Suryadharma Ali, who, as Minister of Religion, declared that women who wore skirts that ended above their knees were contravening some ‘universal criterion’ that nobody else had ever heard of.

    Parties are for fun.

    Bikinis are lots of fun.




    Here’s a fine photo of Indonesia’s dangdut star Julia Perez, just to prove my point.

    In fact, here’s another photo, of the former Miss America, a lovely Muslim lady, Rima Fakeh, just to emphasise how splendidly bikinis enhance the female form.



    Ahok might be better to address criticisms of people’s sartorial tastes to certain savages who pop up on Jakarta streets all too often.


    Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).


    So why all the fuss about bikinis?

    Well, it’s been a tough week or so for teens here, their national exams, and some event organisers decided it would be a good idea to stage a pool party, called ‘Splash After Class! ‘ in a reasonably posh hotel.

    Heavens to Murgatroyd. Like, man, the sky fell.

    The very thought of teenage girls in swim-suits sent temperatures soaring across the length and breadth of Jakarta – as you’d expect!

    But no, sadly, not as you’d expect.

    Some uptight in the Education Department warned against ‘deviant’ activity  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/04/23/parents-warned-about-deviant-post-exam-parties.html and all too soon, the KPAI, the Child Protection Agency, was all over it like flies round sh#t!    http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/04/24/students-had-confirmed-bikini-party-attendance-kpai.html

    Unfortunately, the Jakarta Post failed to reveal the identity of the KPAI chairman, but you can read all you need to know about that fatwa fanatic on our link here.


    • asrorun-niam-sholeh-_110920193748-249 KPAI Chair Asrorun in Fatwa mode! 

    Fanatic Stirs JIS Storm – MUI’s Asrorun Demands Sectarian Schooling! 

    However, the chairman clearly has an able general secretary, Erlinda by name, who wants the Jakarta Police to investigate whether there was any violations of the Pornography Law. 

    The thing is, we’re not talking about kiddies here – the JP coverage makes it plain that ‘senior high school students’ are the ones involved. 

    Party cancelled, of course.

    No explanation from anyone, so far, of what’s wrong with bikinis!

    I still love Jakarta, but sometimes it’s gotta be tough love!


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    Tags: Asra Nomani, , campus intimidation, , , Honor Diaries, , Miglena Sternadori, University of South Dakota, uptight fanatics   

    USA – ‘Honor Killings’ Film Enflames Fanatics! 

    Earlier this week, we posted on Un-American Islamists at a US university, seeking to censor American Sniper because it portrays the hero taking out terrorists who happen to be Muslims.

    Now we have an even more bizarre example of such sectarian intolerance. This occurred last month, the Muslim Brotherhood’s USA wing, CAIR, up in arms because a university professor screened a documentary about victimised Muslim women!

    So weird!

    It made me follow up to see what happened in the end. My search made me realise that IslamoNazi censorship on campuses is much worse than imagined



    The film features women activists — including Muslims — who work in a culture that condones the honor killings of women, female genital mutilation, forced marriages of young girls and other abuses of women. Released in 2013, “Honor Diaries” has been praised for bringing attention to the plight of women in Middle East cultures


    The heroine in the Argus story is a gal at the University of South Dakota, named Miglena Sternadori, professor of media and journalism AND a ‘women and gender studies coordinator.’




    Not usually somebody who’d get lauded by a conservative like me.

    But she showed guts and integrity by standing up to ignoramus intimidation, so let’s look at what occurred.

    The screening was scheduled for a ‘women and gender conference,’ one participant being a psychology prof named Cindy Struckman-Johnson.,

    “I’m just absolutely stunned,” Struckman-Johnson said. “I just couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that a chair of a committee would be literally bullied. They kept saying, ‘It’s not censorship,’ and we kept saying, ‘Yes it is.'”

    But censorship is a key weapon to advance the cause of creeping shariah, so guess who pops up as the villain of the tale? Yup!

    A chief critic of the film has been the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Spokesman Ibrahim Hooper called the film “Islamaphobic,” saying the creators behind “Honor Diaries” are well known “anti-Muslim bigots.”



    Well, we all know about CAIR – or should.


    But what about others?


    The report mentions other objectors besides CAIR, all of whom seemed remarkably shy when contacted by the newspaper.

    Possibly they are as inarticulate as Lindsay Sparks.


    • Lindsay Sparks Lindsay ‘Things Like That’ Sparks


    She’s USD’s director of transitions and student programming, who tried to justify an underhand cancellation of one screening with this drivel –“We weren’t best prepared to show it and facilitate conversation and things like that.”

    How’d an incoherent bint like her get a university job?

    Sternadori said she disagrees with assessments that the film is anti-Muslim. She notes that other Muslim groups support the film and that Muslims helped in its creation.

    And while checking out this shameful story, I found a lot more like it.

    Like that of brave Muslim reformer, Asra. Here’s a sample of the garbage hurled at her by Islamist haters. 


    Asra Nomani

    By standing on stage, I was standing up to the forces in our Muslim communities that are increasingly using tactics of intimidation and smears such as “Islamophobe,” “House Muslim,” “Uncle Tom,” “native informant,” “racist” and “bigot” to cancel events with which they disagree.


    Read the whole Time Magazine article, and see if you agree with me.

    Time America – and the rest of us – defended decent Muslim women like Asra and kicked the sectarian wannabe censors back to where they belong.

    Sure as sugar, they have NO place in democratic civilised countries.

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    Furqan Fanatics! Oz Jihadists Shut Down – Now Show ‘Em The Door! 

    Well, glad tidings from somewhere west of Melbourne, with the closure of what the press politely describe as a  controversial Islamic study centre and bookshop.

    The same press report reminds us that Al Furqan was attended by several men charged with terrorism-related offences over an alleged Anzac Day murder plot, so news of its demise is even more welcome as that special day dawns.

    Better still is the reason its malignant management gave for its closure – “constant harassment!” 

    Actually, decent Australians might feel more like lodging complaints about insufficient harassment, given that the centre’s Bosnian-born leader, Harun Mehicevic, repeatedly has called for jihad in online video clips and been the subject of police and security agency surveillance, but has never been charged.

     Boot This B——d Back to Bosnia!


    The best way to handle pignoramuses who call for jihad is detention, until deportation, in the absence of a much needed death penalty, can be arranged. 

    It has been the subject of ASIO surveillance ever since it was opened…,http://www.theaustralian.com.au/in-depth/terror/melbournes-al-furqan-islamic-centre-a-key-focus-for-asio/s….and in fact it should never have been opened at all. The local authority, the City of Greater Dandenong, initially refused the plans but knuckled under after sectarian pressure. .

    Which takes us back a little while, to the shaming of the same city authorities when their appeasement policies were once more exposed to public scorn. 

    The asses who run Greater Dandenong were busily asking non-Islamic women to wear hijabs in a ‘social experiment’ to increase awareness and education.   


    The obvious question is why weren’t Islamic women asked to join in the spirit of the ‘social experiment’ by discarding their hijabs to increase awareness and education?

    Happily, sensible Aussies denounced the moronic move. Institute of Public Affairs executive director John Roskam said ‘This doesn’t encourage integration, this encourages separateness…

    But there’s a much more important question!

    burka contest

    When are all the numbskull pinkos going to get it into their heads that Muslim women are perfectly at liberty to dress like their non-Muslim colleagues and neighbours.

    They are NOT obliged to shroud their heads! 

    ‘An Archaic Tribal Rag’ – Wise UK Muslim Imam Says ‘Ban the Burqa!’ 

    It’s on the BBC! Bag-Head Bans Do Not Infringe Religious Liberty! 

    Fiery Islamists – ‘Head-Scarves NOT a Big Issue!’ 

    Here in Jakarta, I am every day surrounded by Muslim women – well, not right now; I’m just outa bed and neither shaved nor showered yet! – and the majority of them do NOT wear head-scarves; they are mostly proud of their beautiful glossy black hair and show no reluctance to let it be admired in the shops, on the buses and everywhere else.




    One might hope people who decide to emigrate to a modern Western country would understand they really ought to leave behind backward habits and adapt to the normal standards of their chosen homeland.

    It’s not just scarfing, of course. Some backward brutes believe a woman’s status is similar to that of a domestic animal – note this report from Pakistan – 

    Muhammad Siddique was arrested for immolating his wife Shabana Bibi because she left the house without his permission, police reported on Sunday.

    woman-burned-alive-2.jpg Shoebat

    It was learnt that when she returned, she was heavily beaten by Siddique and his father.

    Information gathered from Bibi’s brother, Muhammad Azam showed that she was doused with fuel and burnt severely to death.


    How many such swine have managed to gain entry to Oz? How many women are bullied into scarfing by sectarian husbands or fathers?

    Any wife or daughter should feel free safely to ignore such domestic despotism. They can cover their pretty hair if THEY feel like it – equally, they can remove their head-scarves in good conscience.

    But if they don’t, it is hardly appropriate for any bunch of dimwit dorks like those in Dandenong to call for Australian women to adapt to a recalcitrant minority. 

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