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  • ross1948 12:38 am on April 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 4-8 May, Craft and Batik Nusantara,   

    Craft and Batik Nusantara, Surabaya, 4-8 May 

    Pameran Tenun Craft dan Batik Nusantara 2016

  • ross1948 3:37 pm on April 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: bridge, Hotel Sultan, , , Polda Halte Busway, Semanggi Junction,   

    Dua Misteri Jakarta – FoodMarket Semanggi, Jembatan Polda… 

    I had to meet up with various people in two different, but not distant, locations yesterday.

    First stop, Plaza Semanggi.

    After a chat and a coffee in JCO, we went our separate ways, but before leaving that mall, I wanted to see if the new supermarket, advertised as being open ‘soon’ when Giant closed…

    Misteri Gunung Semanggi – Kemana Raksasanya? A Giant Vanishes! 



    …had indeed opened, because that sign was erected last September, and ‘soon,’ to me, and to most people, surely, means a matter of weeks or maybe a month or so. 

    But not in PS, as I learned back in January, for, after almost five months, back I went, and lo… 

    Plaza Semanggi Gives New Meaning to The Word ‘Soon!’ 

    …no sign of any new place to shop for discounts! So I haven’t hung out much at Semanggi since then.

    It’s now almost the end of April, so THIS TIME I fully expected to find brisk business being done.


    STILL no store. But another sign was up…it would be open in APRIL, which, if I’m not wrong  (“thirty days hath September, April, June…etc.”)> ends tomorrow!

    Will they get the shelves up and stocked and lots of cute cashiers ready to take my shopping money within the next 24 hours?

    I’m thinking of submitting this to the new store’s management as an ideal uniform for their front-line staff


    Who knows?

    But my disappointments were not over.

    I next had to get to the Hotel Sultan, which is also at Semanggi, but diagonally opposite PS, which, if you don’t dwell in our fair city, you might think makes it easy to get from one to the other….



    Hotel Sultan                                                                                                                     Plaza Semanggi


    …yeah, right!

    So I figured the best way was to get on the Busway and go down one stop, to Polda, where I could easily alight and use the Busway bridge to reach the far side of Sudirman,  where the hotel is located.

    Yeah, right!

    I duly alighted, exited the Halte Busway and reached the bridge.

    Polda Busway Bridge in happier (pre-amputation) days.

    Half of which was missing. Yes, the wrong half.

    I stood there, peering southwards to see if there was another one any nearer than the NEXT bus-stop.

    There isn’t.

    So down to the pavement, where I hovered till a bold band of locals assembled in sufficient numbers to challenge the menacing traffic flowing in both directions.


    Much waving of ‘the magic hand’ – that custom among Jakartans by which they wave gently, palm downwards ( I am told they don’t hold their hands palm outward as that would be deemed ‘impolite!’) to indicate to motorists that they are determined to get across a busy street.

    It works!

    But I hope the authorities will soon return the missing half of that bridge.

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    Tags: , , proxy voting,   

    June 23rd – Help the Aged and Infirm – Get Britain OUT! 

    Just had this sent to me by a reader, and it’s all about how to maximise the GET BRITAIN OUT vote in the coming referendum – by using proxy votes.



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    Tags: , Win a Free Wedding   

    Win a Free Wedding? But With Whom? Jakarta, 30th April -1st May 


    I find this promo rather appealing, not that I’m likely to attend the event. A free wedding? If I were to win it…?

    I suppose I could rush down to the hotel’s posh Tiga Puluh Bar and yell out my good luck, then see who might respond!  

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    Tags: 30/4-1/5, Gedung Graha Cakrawala, Malang Fashion Movement   

    Malang Fashion Movement, 30/4-1/5,  Gedung Graha Cakrawala 

    Malang Fashion Movement 2016 Pada 30 April-01 Mei 2016


  • ross1948 12:08 am on April 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 6th May, Malang Chocolate Festival   

    Malang Chocolate Festival, 6th May 

    : Malang Chocolate Festival, 6th May




  • ross1948 6:54 pm on April 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , , , ,   

    Discrimination in Vienna! Boycott This Pinko Dive! 

    We are endlessly beset with pinko shrills bleating about ‘discrimination.’

    So howzabout THIS!

    A cafe owner in Vienna has sparked heated debate after barring supporters of Austria’s far-right Freedom Party from her establishment following the party’s Sunday’s election triumph.  http://www.thelocal.at/20160426/vienna-cafe-tells-bars-far-right-voters-austria-presidential-election

    Now if she barred ‘gays’ or some other pampered, PC-favoured element, there’s no doubt at all that a horde of ‘human rights’ agitprop A-holes would swoop on her establishment.
    I don’t know about Austrian law, but in Canada, and many other Western lands, ‘discrimination’ can land you in court, fines, jail-time, draconian punishments galore!
    For my part, I wouldn’t want to see this red vixen prosecuted.
    Proprietors should be free to ban whomsoever they wish from their premises. Besides, damn sure I’d not want to spend a single Austrian schilling (oops, it’s the euro there these days!) buying coffee or apfelstrudel if that kept her in business.
    Nor would I wish to sit among her clientele – read the linked story and see for yourself what an unwholesome crowd hang out within the weirdo’s den.
    Discrimination should be a civil right everywhere – but so should the art of BOYCOTT!
  • ross1948 6:26 pm on April 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , , , pro-crimmigrant candidate   

    More Good Reasons For Austrians to VOTE HOFER! 

    Silhouette weeping


    The student had been on the way to a night out with her friend when she stopped off to use the public toilet but was followed in to the unlocked toilet by three teenagers, all Afghan asylum seekers aged between 16 and 17-years-old.’



    evil children

    Those sweet little  ‘unaccompanied minors’ again?

    An Austrian mayor has evicted asylum seekers from student accommodation after a refugee was arrested for reportedly raping a 13-year-old girl whom he met online.
    I naively thought, when I read that the Greens had organised a demo, that they had woken up and were protesting about the threat to Austrian children posed by these undesirable crimmigrants.
    But no, foolish me!
    The Greens were demonstrating against the Mayor, not the primitive savages who are in his city and his country uninvited!
    Remember, the presidential run-off next month is between the patriot FPO party’s Hofer and an elderly Green ( running as an ‘independent’ pro-crimmigrant candidate)
    green party red
    Yet the in-crowd parties are said to be mobilising support for that old extremist and against Herr Hofer.

    Just as we warned, the rotten establishment – in Austria now as in France earlier this year…

    Marine Le Pen Lost a Battle But May Win the War in France …

    …appears to be closing ranks to protect their alien imports against the righteous wrath of the people.
  • ross1948 5:47 pm on April 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Danes Party, Daniel Carlsen, , Ib Poulsen, Road signs   

    ‘Show Them The Way To Go Home!’ Bravo, Danish Patriots! 

    What a brilliant wheeze by that patriot party in Denmark, erecting special road signs in the Thisted district of Jutland, to show ‘asylum’ aliens how to get back to where they came from!

     Placed under existing signs, the new ones had a directional arrow and the text ‘Syrien 4426’ and ‘Irak 5317’…


    Syria and Iraq signs create debate in Denmark

     Only 4426 kliks to Syria!
    And why did the Danes’ Party (Danskernes Parti) choose this part of their country to suggest the so-called ‘refugees’ return to whence they came?
    (Actually, the patriots didn’t say directly whether its members had hung the signs, an illegal act, but rather extended “a huge thank you to those who set up the signs”)
    Well, the idea was to create a debate about what impact the asylum centres will have on the local community.
    Needless to say, the imposition of primitives has already had a very unpleasant‘impact.
    Predators and Child Molestors
    A tent camp hosting nearly 400 asylum seekers opened in Thisted in November and local officials have confirmed that some of the camp’s residents have displayed behaviour that has left young women feeling unsafe in the streets and in area night clubs.
    That’s why the DP leader Daniel Carlsen reckons there’s a need to show the migrants the way back…
    “…we’ve started a campaign in Thisted to offer locals an alternative to the insecurity that has arisen…”
    The district’s deputy mayor, Ib Poulsen, can see no problem with the signs.
    “We have a finance minister who has said that the migrant influx costs society 11 billion [kroner] per year – and that’s probably low.”
    Deputy Mayor Ib Poulsen
    “It could have made a difference to use that money on welfare. I want to have a debate on other ways to use that money. This is a way to create a debate on immigration and that is fine with me…”
    Alas, some bleeding-heart local pinko took the signs down in solidarity with the parasites.  Signe Marguard Rønn doesn’t agree that uninvited free-loaders should be shown a signal to ‘scram’.  http://www.thelocal.dk/20160425/syria-and-iraq-street-signs-create-debate-in-denmark
    But it seems to me an excellent local initiative. If governments, in any land, won’t pay attention to letters and emails, then this kind of harmless but eye-catching effort is just what’s required.
    Perhaps patriots in other European countries could emulate this activity, but if it’s illegal, be careful!
    Illegal immigrants get rewarded with free board and lodgings by the likes of Cameron and Merkel…
    …but patriots, if they step out of line even ever so slightly, will get hammered!


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    Tags: Berkin Elvan, , , Geneva photo expo, , Swiss freedoms,   

    Geneva – Where Mama Stasi Merkel Could Learn What Self-Respect Means! 


    It must be twenty or more years since I visited Geneva, a beautiful Swiss city by its namesake lake, and with lots of  interesting sights to see, including various monuments reminding folks of its key role in the history of religious liberty in Europe. I enjoyed my brief visit, my second there, and so did those with me.

    Now Geneva has been propelled into the forefront of the battles currently being waged against European liberties by Erdogan’s shariah fanatic regime.

    The Turk has demanded suppression of a photo in an exhibition which depicts Europe’s enemy in an unkind light.

    You can read the details here Geneva Unbending on Turkish Effort to Quash Photo  if you haven’t heard them already.



    But while the Swiss deserve a round of applause for their stand, they deserve a dozen more for the way their gutsy resistance to the Islamist bully in Ankara shows up that crawling cow Merkel.


    Mama Stasi Crawls Again, Appeasing Arrogant Erdogan 



    • JazPen 3:07 pm on April 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Different style today, Ross, a lot fewer words and big bright pictures. I prefer this look and think it gets your message over more effectively.

    • Tim Wilkinson 3:29 pm on April 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I wish more people in government would recognise this man as an enemy of us all.

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