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  • ross1948 4:12 am on January 27, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ‘burn Salvini’, , hate-freak leftists, , Sardines far left,   

    ‘Burn Salvini, May His Voters Get Cancer…’ Restoring Civility? 

    ‘Bruciare Salvini, Berlusconi e Meloni. Un cancro a chi vota Lega”: gli insulti choc della sardina

    Oltre alle offese anche minacce di morte. È stato lo stesso leader della Lega Matteo Salvini a denunciare l’accaduto diffondendo il video sui social….’


    That’s the headline and the intro from one of Italy’s major newspapers, about a video released on social media…

    …and it says a lot about demands by the so-called ‘Sardines,’ the leftist cabal, for a return to civil discourse in Italian politics!

    The video’s death-threats caused Matteo Salvini, leader of the patriotic Lega party, to report it to the police.

    Meanwhile polls are closing in Emiglia Romagna and Calabria.

    We shall soon see if Salvini wins, or his hateful enemies.

  • ross1948 5:14 pm on January 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , evil transfreaks, laurence fox, Oxford professor police protection, Question Time,   

    A Very British Vendetta – Freakos’ Furious Fox-Hunt 

    We get BBC here in Jakarta, as readers will be well aware from my frequent criticisms of the tax-funded state broadcasting agency’s almost daily biases.



    But their ‘world service’ does not include Question Time, on which my voice was once heard.

    It’s a popular viewer choice, because four guests, usually politicos but often with selected pinko creep ‘notables’ to ensure any patriotic and/or conservative voice is outnumbered.

    For example, during the Brexit debate, it was often a 3 to 1 line-up.

    So I didn’t see the edition about which an impressive article appeared in spiked.com this month…


    …on which an actor named Laurence Fox, who is hardly conservative but does have a brain and uses it, was on the panel and spoke a great deal of sense.

    But wow, has he been getting backlash, from almost every imaginable degenerate, intolerant ratpack in the UK.

    I was really surprised that it created such a drama, but I think it created such a drama because actually, the British are very patient, and I think we’re tired of being told that we’re racist by the people that we pay money for and support and generally applaud, so it just hurts that little bit extra when you’re called a racist on top of it.’

    He later added: ‘The wokeists are fundamentally a racist bunch. Because they are racist, they see colour everywhere. Identity politics are racist as well.’


    Quite so!

    The UK seems to be turning into a land of witch-hunts…



    …judging from that story and another, of an Oxford professor lady, who has had to be provided with personal security protection, due to vicious threats from trans-freaks.


    Obviously men who think they are women, and women who think they are men…


    …are mentally disturbed.

    Those with violent tendencies need to be put into lunatic asylums and whatever therapies required should be applied until mental equilibrium is restored.



    A new wing at Broadmoor ( for non-UK readers, that’s a penitentiary for the criminally insane – or was – don’t know if it’s still there) should be a priority on Bojo’s spending list.

    • Keith Milner 5:20 pm on January 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That’s a bloody shame what’s being done to these people.
      Whatever happened to free speech?


  • ross1948 4:33 pm on January 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Sorry, Calabria – I Missed Your Election News! 

    A reader has drawn my attention to my omission ( from my previous posts) of the Southern Italian region of Calabria, which, like Emilia Romagna, is also Left-controlled but is expected to fall to the patriotic alliance of Salvini’s Lega and Giorgia Meloni’s Fratelli party.


    Like most media, I focused on the northern region because it is a much tougher nut for the Italian resistance to crack.

    But of course I hope voters in both contests choose the right candidates!


  • ross1948 12:24 am on January 26, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Happy Australia Day! 

    Please enjoy Australia Day even more than usual and even more ostentatiously than usual.

    It’s to be hoped that the cruddy pinko scumbags who dislike the patriotic holiday…

    January 26 is a day of sadness and hurt… – Senator Sarah Hanson-Young 

    …will be further discomfitted…




    …the more real Australians make the most of it!


  • ross1948 10:18 pm on January 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , Salvini Lega   

    Good Luck, Matteo, In Emilia-Romagna! 

    Tomorrow, all the polls favour Matteo Salvini’s Lega party in the regional election in Emilia Romagna,once regarded as a Left stronghold.


  • ross1948 7:05 pm on January 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Hamburg’s Red/Green Gang – Don’t They Ever Think Of Victims? 

    So the Red/Green ruling clique in Hamburg have proclaimed their intention to import HOW many ‘unaccompanied minor refugees’ from the Greek islands?

  • ross1948 6:34 pm on January 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: etienne stott, , , jihadist cause, judge michael snow, neo-nazi passion, , ,   

    ‘Passion’ Gets Stinko A Wrist Slap? Same For Jihadists And Nazis? 

    ‘Did you see this?’

    One of my commenters sent me a link to a UK report on yet another sap in judge’s robes who has openly expressed sympathy with the  ‘commitment to his cause’ and ‘passionate belief’ of a lousy Stinko named Etienne Stott…



    …and despite the chaos and misery the criminal ‘sportsman’ and his ‘XR’ comrades caused to thousands of innocent people, Judge Michael Snow invoked that ‘passion’ as part of the wrist-slap ruling that spared the irresponsible slug jail-time, a penalty of a mere 300 pounds sterling imposed instead!

    Screengrab from a video of Olympic gold medalist Etienne Stott being arrested by police at the Extinction Rebellion demonstration on Waterloo Bridge in London
    Olympic medalist Stinko fanatic Etienne Stott arrested on Waterloo Bridge

    Read the whole story here –


    This judge ought to be stripped of his robes, have his wig burnt in a public place, and never again be allowed to exercise ANY judicial function.

    Because impassioned belief or commitment should NEVER be a mitigating circumstance.

    How many jihadist terror scum are passionate and/or committed to their cause?

    Same goes for the handful of neo-nazis who are held for planning or engaging in violent activity.

    If they were to appear before Judge Michael Snow, would he soften the sentence he might otherwise impose because of their sincerely held sectarian and/or ideological fanaticism?

    One hopes never!

    But with today’s British judiciary, who the Hell knows?


  • ross1948 5:18 pm on January 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , Mila, teen French girl   

    Islamophobia And Incitement – “We’ll Rape You! – We’ll Kill You!” 

    Ignorant evil savages!

    That’s the only way to describes the pigs hurling vile threats against Mila, the teenage French girl who has now had to go into hiding – not in Pakistan, not in Somalia, but IN FRANCE!


    Because she naively assumed France was still a free country where one can freely express one’s opinions, about ANY religion.

    French teenager in hiding after insulting Islam online


    The 16-year-old told French media agencies that at one point, she “was receiving 200 messages of pure hatred a minute” after getting involved in an online spat
    Mila, target of primitive hate 

    ‘The 16-year-old has been advised to stay away from her lycée (sixth-form college) in southeast France after calls on the internet for her to be killed, raped or attacked.’

    Anger is any decent person’s natural response when one hears about anyone  – esp. a teen girl – being menaced by sectarian swine for no good reason.

    But the real reason I’m angry as HELL while writing this is a few lines down from that paragraph in The Times.

    Prosecutors said two separate criminal inquiries were under way, the first to track the authors of threats to kill and rape the teenager, the second to determine whether her comments amounted to the offence of hate speech.




    Nobody should be prosecuted or otherwise harassed by law enforcement for expressing opinions, unless there is deliberate incitement to violent attack.

    Insulting a religion, whether it’s the one I went to church for on Christmas Eve or the one which my house-guest here earlier today celebrates at the end of Ramadan, is NEVER, or at least SHOULD never, be grounds for criminal proceedings.

    At worst, it’s bad manners.

    Appropriate penalty – just ignore the insults, or refute them if they are inaccurate. Infantile intimidation, death-threats? That simply brings on obloquy against that which you purport to believe in…



    …in this case, such reactions simply create or exacerbate ‘Islamophobia!’

    The French authorities should immediately drop their second line of inquiry…


    …and devote ALL their resources to hunting down the hate-fuelled savages who do not understand that, in civilised countries, we are always hearing things that upset and offend us.

    Lock the sectarian brutes up and deport them when their time has been served.



    • Al Riggs 9:31 pm on January 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      It’s perfectly true what you say, the biggest reason there is ill-feeling against Muslims is because so many of them can’t tolerate criticism and whine about how ‘offended’ they are by all sorts of trivial things that normal people take in their stride.

      Oh, and they forget whose country they’re in and expect censorship laws and blasphemy laws to be imposed on people like us and the French who like free speech.


  • ross1948 1:47 pm on January 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'discrimination', AP photo cut out, , , , Vanessa Nakate   

    Poor Vanessa – AP Shoulda Excised AB! 

    How would you feel about being cut out of a group photo, on graduation day, say, or an outing with your pals?

    Not best pleased, I’d wager!

    So although I have no time for foolish kids who try to lecture older ( and, more importantly, much more educated) people on the climate, or anything else, I can feel a pang of sympathy for poor Vanessa Nakate, who posed with other young Climate Panickers she had met up with…



    …to emulate the cackling of old-style hot-gospellers, that the end of the world is nigh!

    Vanessa Nakate with fellow climate activists Luisa Neubauer, Greta Thunberg, Isabelle Axelsson and Loukina Tille, from left, in Davos, Switzerland.

    Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate has called out racism in media after she was cropped out of a photo featuring prominent climate activists including Greta Thunberg, Loukina Tille, Luisa Neubauer and Isabelle Axelsson.


    Vanessa was beside herself when AP published the photo – after excising her!

    Needless to say, she climbed aboard the racism hobby-horse, but the man responsible says it was done because he didn’t like the building in the background!


    Hmmm…well, it’s a pallid sort of colour…

    I’d have thought sexism rather than racism was a more likely whine-cause – no blokes in the photo?

    No transfreaks either?

    Seriously, it was mean and now Vanessa has been restored to the published pic – it’s been quietly put back into its original form.

    What a pity they couldn’t remove The Addled Swede Brat!

    AP could have filled the gap in the line-up by superimposing a cartoon of a pig’s ass…

    …which, after all, produces more in the way of wisdom!

    I can’t be the only media reader who is sick and tired of seeing her vacuous countenance and hearing her hectoring, priggish little voice almost daily, when she has not even attended school as much as every other child in her home-town…


    A mural on the side of a building depicts the Swedish teen climate activist Greta Thunberg.

    Sure beats going to school and actually learning stuff!


    ….having been prepped by her irresponsible far-left father and mother to sit on her juvenile ass at the school gates…


    …while other children, whose brains work normally, entered the school in order to learn.

    One has to ponder the question – were she not mentally afflicted, would she have shown more backbone and stood up to those who have used her to advance their cause?



    via the Google app

    • Amanda Adams 1:58 pm on January 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      What fun we have when you are at a loose end!
      Very fair-minded of you, Ross, to take up the cudgels for Vanessa but I most like your suggestion of substituting that porcine picture for Ghastly Greta’s!


  • ross1948 9:12 pm on January 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: fight against fake 'Fairness Act' D, Ohio appeal   

    An Appeal To Ohio’s Decent Citizens! 

    Having readers spread all over the USA, I pass this on from Mission America!


    Call Now! Stop Ohio Homosexual and Gender Confusion “Rights” Bill

    Mission America alert

    Is this behavior worth defending? As an example to kids?

    The Ohio House Civil Justice Committee will hold another hearing on HB 369 next Tuesday, January 28. It’s the so-called “Ohio Fairness Act,” sponsored by Rep. Michael Skindell (D) and Rep. Brent Hillyer (R), with 37 co-sponsors.

    It’s very bad news that this bill is being allowed any hearings at all. It would add homosexual behavior and gender rebellion as protected classes under Ohio’s civil rights laws. It’s a huge threat to morality, religious freedom and the safety and well-being of children.

    I know you all share my deep concerns about what this bill would do: the assault on women’s privacy in restrooms and locker rooms, the government-endorsed promotion of depraved “LGBT” behaviors to our schoolchildren, and the forced respect demanded by these bullies from small businesses when people of faith try to stand on principle.

    Apparently, this bill HAS THE VOTES TO PASS OUT OF THIS COMMITTEE. That means compromised Republicans, friends. And it means calls need to be made asap.

    So PLEASE make some calls to these GOP committee members asap, and plan to attend this meeting if you can— Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2:00 pm, Room 114 at the Statehouse.

    Representative Stephen D. Hambley (R) Chair
    District 69
    Phone (614) 466-8140

    Representative Thomas F. Patton (R) Vice Chair
    District 7
    Phone (614) 466-4895

    Representative Jim Butler
    District 4
    Phone (614) 644-6008

    Representative Jamie Callender (R)
    District 61
    Phone (614) 644-6074

    Representative Robert R. Cupp
    District 4
    Phone (614) 466-9624

    Representative Brett Hudson Hillyer (R)
    District 98
    Phone (614) 466-8035

    Representative Derek Merrin (R)
    District 47
    Phone (614) 466-1731

    Representative Bill Seitz (R)
    District 30
    Phone (614) 466-8258

    Representative D. J. Swearingen
    District 89
    Phone (614) 644-6011

    Also, for talking points about why we need to oppose HB 369 and SB 11 (same bill), go to our page

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