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  • ross1948 10:19 am on May 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Hidup Nikita Mirzani, Artis Bukan HOT Aja Tapi Berani Dan Terus Terang! 


    I have long been a fan of Nikita Mirzani, ever since she stood up to the rabid element here in Indonesia.

    Bravo, Yummy Nikita – Naked Defiance of IslamoNazis! 


    That story concerned her readiness to appear in Playboy, a magazine whose innocuous Indonesian version was driven out of Jakarta by uptight primtives – it’s editor was actually jailed!   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/06/24/nazis-go-nuts-as-playboy-editor-freed-weird-porn-judge/ 

    Fortunately, in the end, sanity prevailed and his conviction for ‘indecency’ overturned.   Former Playboy Indonesia editor walks out from prison  He had served about six months of a two-year sentence!

    So although Nikita’s latest headlines have concerned not liberty but lascivious conduct, or rather her denial thereof, I still feel it’s important to  chime in with a word of solidarity.

    After our recent posts on poor Alvi, the starlet hounded for alleged involvement in a sex scandal…

    Kasihan Amel Alvi – Jadi Korban Media Kejam! 




    …media hacks with naught better to do have neen traipsing around seeking to ID yummy celebrities who might, or might not, be connected to the ‘posh prostitution’ racket.



    nikita mirzani 02 Nikita chilling out


    And Nikita perfected the put-down when she told assorted journos that she HAS had such offers in the past – and no surprise, because she’s a stunner – but she turned them down, because she didn’t want to.

    She won’t go to bed with anyone she doesn’t like.

    And that should  be the end of that!

    I  believe her!




    Enough said.

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    London Lynch-Mob – Hundreds More Reasons Why UKIP Should Stand United! 

    Not nice news to wake up to!

    An appalling story from London, where the true face of The Enemy Within was exposed in all its snarling satanic majesty yesterday.


    Ukip MP Douglas Carswell targeted by ‘murderous lynch mob’


    These violent vermin are the shock-troops of the cultural marxist revolution. We have seen them before, since it became clear that UKIP’s message was getting through to millions of British folk despite the saturation propaganda of the lap-dog media.

    But let not the establishment parties wring their hands and seek to distance themselves from thuggery.


    • uaf-freedomsovietedition-300x2741
    • ——————
    • Who was among the founding patrons of the gangster group known as UAF?



    Snake Cameron – Red Nazi UAF’s Founding Fan? 


    None other than You-Know-Who!

    But most people in the UK do understand the threat to freedom posed by scum like the lynch-mob who ran amok yesterday.

    And they will increasingly turn to UKIP as the only serious hope for the future of the realm. UKIP is in truth the real revolutionary party. But not of the rotten marxist variety.

    A patriotic revolution is what’s required.



    • =========
    • But NOT if the party on which they pin their hopes dissipates its energies on silly little squabbles and witch-hunts against patriots who defy the imbecilic PC speech-codes.  
    • ———–


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    Tags: Fine Art, in Solo, May 30th - 3rd June, Urip iku Urup   

    Urip iku Urup, Fine Art, May 30th – 3rd June, in Solo! 

  • ross1948 11:53 pm on May 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Which Dumb Klutz Edited Today’s Jakarta Post? 

    Another party tonight – yeah, it’s a demanding life-style! – and having just got home, a tad tired, I nevertheless wanted to have a quick glance at the news.

    And what do I see but a rather turgid ‘news’ article in today’s Jakarta Post, about a flap-jawed Christian conference telling governments all over the place what to do about various issues – okay, much the same in the West, and, on a dull day, presumably, the JP hacks needed something to fill up their pages.




    But what the heck does THIS have anything to do with anything?

    .The church assembly criticized the building of a military base in Asia  –  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/05/27/christian-organization-assembly-tackles-rohingya-papua.html

    Oh, really?

    Which military base?

    Built by whom?

    In what country?

    • stupid_idiots_big
    • Not the merest scrap of background to explain the appearance of that bizarre sentence!

    Can’t blame the hack who penned it!

    He or she must have had some inkling as to what it referred to, otherwise why insert it?

    So who was the sub-editor who let it intrude as a meaningless pop-up amid matters totally unrelated to military bases in any continent?

    If it turns out to be a reference to Red China, which has been building aggressive military/naval outposts in the waters of other Asian countries, yes, that would be a worthwhile story.

    • Tibet_map
    • Beijing is also guilty of installing VAST military occupation forces in the country it invaded and has tormented for decades, namely Tibet. Was that the ‘military base’ (why only one, not all of them!?) the JP meant?
    • Tibetan+exile+Janphel+Yeshi+runs+as+he+is+engulfed+in+flames+after+he+set+himself+on+fire+during+a+protest+in+New+Delhi Tibet’s torment
    • If so, ‘twould be a welcome if belated indication that communism is recognised by that pathetic paper’s editors as a bad thing.


    burning booksgramedia

    Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 


    But I doubt it – probably just the usual ineptitude we expect from the rag owned by the Gramedia book-burning magnates.  

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    Dirty Little Jihadist Moron in Austria Jailed! Throw Away the Key! 

    Just home, great party, but tuned into EuroNews to hear the voice of the enemy within, and bingo!



    A ‘teenage boy in Austria’ – planning to bomb a Vienna train station in the name of the Islamic State group and sentenced to eight months behind bars. The teenager of Turkish origin… pleasing to note they didn’t call the obnoxious little pig ‘an Austrian teenager!’ – has been sent down for terrorist offences, and his pinko lawyer says his evil crime was due to being ‘socially excluded.’ 


     Sobieski, a role-model for today!


    Pity he wasn’t old enough to get a proper sentence. Death would be appropriate, but pending Austria waking up to reality, life would do.

    Yet Austria’s history ought to have alerted the people there to the menace.

    Although better still, on reflection, this little cur should face deportation, since the mini-jihadist clearly doesn’t consider himself Austrian – or even human!


    Jihadists, after all, are basically sub-human, devoid of conscience or decency – who else would lend support to a gang of rapist-murderers like ISIS?.  The public prosecutor told the court that the defendant expressed “no feelings of guilt..”  

    And devoid of patriotism. His allegiance is plainly to supranational sectarianism.

    Judgng from his lawyer’s pathetic whines, the piglet reckons that because he didn’t have a fun childhood, he was entitled to opt for satanic scheming, laying plans to harm decent people. 

    Bestial brat!

    Lots of kids have it tough. Normal youngsters face up to challenges, make sensible choices. They don’t resort to fiendish plans for murderous mayhem.


    People in Austria, as in every Western nation, must be fed up listening to this kind of hogwash ,the same miserable excuses we heard in France, when the banlieiue swine ran amok.

    What the hell’s the merit in keeping scum like that alive?

    Austria convicts 14-year-old on ‘terror’ charges – Yahoo News

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    PRJ – Jakarta Fair, 29th May-5th July, 2015 

    Well, it’s that time of year again, but when you try to use the http://www.jakartafair.co.id link to see who’s singing and when, all I got is ‘coming soon.’

    Maybe you’ll have better luck!

    But there’s only a few more days!

    It would be nice to have access to a schedule of musical events.


    • ayutingting Ayu
    • ==============================

    Not my fave, but okay. 

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    Tags: 27 – 28 Mei, Solo Job Fair   

    Solo Job Fair, 27 – 28 Mei 

     Solo Job Fair - Palur Plasa, 27 - 28 Mei 2015

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    Wrong, Retno – Crimmigrants’ Intended Targets Have NO Duty Of ‘Cooperation!’ 

    Ms Marsudi replied that it was “not fair” to make the problem an Indonesian one.


    • retno-marsudi-menlu-perempuan-pertama-indonesia
    • “The cooperation should come from country of origin and country of transit and country of destination,” she said.

    And it sounds like she’s blaming Oz for declining to be lumbered with more free-loaders!     http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-05-22/dutton-defends-government-decision-over-rohingya-refugees/

    Retno Marsudi may be the first female Foreign Minister Indonesia has ever had, but she’s not the first holder of that job to fall into drastic error.

    We spent a lot of time criticising her predecessor, Marty ‘Mealy-Mouth’ Natalegawa, mostly for his inability to talk straight about the Cikeusik Pogrom ‘trial…’

    …in hindsight, whether the sense of justice is fully served, I don’t know…  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/09/03/the-moderate-view-reporting-sectarian-violence-to-un-is-white-collar-crime/     

    …and so far Bu Retno hasn’t said anything quite as outrageous as those shocking words about that shocking mockery of justice.


    But nevertheless…why has she made such a deliberately and needlessly provocative statement?

     Why on earth should the crimmigrants’ target nations be dragged into the equation? Australia never invited these wretches, nor indicated in any way that they’d be given a green light to get their greedy snouts into Aussie tax-payers’ pockets!




    Country-shopping is NOT a ‘human right’ listed even in the European Court’s bizarre interpretations of that hazy concept.

    If some dead-beat in some dire dump decides all by himself that bludgers can screw more benefits out of Aussie (or Canadian, or UK, or US) tax-payers than are likely obtainable here in Indonesia, or Malaysia, or indeed anywhere else…



    The ‘destination’ of the waster wannabes is simply their personal plunder plan, just like a house picked by ‘home invader’ robbers. That pick in no way obligates any innocent family to oblige nasty looters who erupt uninvited to lay waste a happy home.

    If Indonesia decides to bow to UN diktats and bring ashore hundreds or thousands of undesirable aliens, Indonesia has to live with the consequences.

    I suppose the IslamoNazis will rush to take their share into their homes.


    fpi kill busddhist


    The FPI claim to have thousands of members, so their individual readiness to open their personal doors should soak up most of the Rohingya currently detained in camps in Aceh.

    Indeed, numerous posters I saw last week, on my bus travels around Jakarta, urging Indonesians to ‘help’ Rohingya were very clearly sectarian in their appeal, like this one I found via Google today.

    • NB  Note carefully -NOT  ‘Help Rohingya‘ but ‘Help Rohingya Muslims.’ 

    If the new batch of Rohingya are anything like those we featured two years ago…

    …they’ll get on famously with the blood-thirsty FPI white-shirts in our photo, openly advertising their wish to murder people they’ve never met, purely on grounds of how those people worship God. 

    But are these people even Rohingya?


    Obviously, few ‘asylum’ seekers in this part of the world, as on the Mediterranean, are genuinely seeking ‘asylum.’ They are, more often than not, just economic migrants, snouts looking for a trough.

    And the Oz media report fresh confirmation of this enduring truth, Julie Bishop quoting Ibu Retno’s own colleagues, thus –

    “They (Indonesia) believe there are about 7,000 people at sea [and] they think about 30 to 40 per cent are Rohingya, the rest are Bangladeshi,” Ms Bishop said.

    “They are not, in Indonesia’s words, asylum seekers, they are not refugees — they are illegal labourers. They’ve been promised or are seeking jobs in Malaysia.

    “They said the Rohingya have gone to Bangladesh and have mixed up with the Bangladeshis who are coming to Malaysia in particular for jobs.”

    Hasan Kleib


    Ms Bishop said Indonesia’s director-general of multilateral affairs, Hasan Kleib, told her one boat carrying 600 people had 400 Bangladeshis aboard.  http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-05-23/bishop-says-most-of-7000-stranded-people-are-labourers/6491836

    Now when even the ABC feels a duty to record this reality, you know the case for deportation of many of these moochers must be overwhelmingly strong. 



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    Tags: , , , , EUSSR referendum, expat voters, Grant Shapp, , pensions.,   

    Already Tory Lies Exposed! Cameron Endorses Labour Curb on Expat Voters 

    UK nationals who have been resident overseas for 15 years or more will not be eligible to vote, despite assurances from the Conservative party chairman, Grant Shapp, last year that they would be.


    • EU - referendum vote
    • —————————————-





    The Guardian report also reminds us that it was Labour, in 2000, that narrowed overseas voters’ rights, no logical argument presented then, clearly party advantage discerned, since older voters are said to be more conservative.

    Now Cameron has cast aside his party pledge, and certainly thus rigged the expat vote. Many of the younger ones, who get to vote, are on the EU payroll, or at least have a vested interest in that they are employed in EUSSR member states.

    This should make no difference, of course, on how they mark their ballot papers, but ‘should’ and ‘will’ are two separate verbs. It’s a fact that a lot of people these days, in a lot of countries, vote on the basis not of patriotism, or any principle, but on crass short-term personal advantage.

    As noted previously, this freezing of the franchise mirrors the frozen pensions – if a man lives outside the UK, his senior citizen state pension remains forever at exactly the same sum he first got when he turned 65.

    I believe some very old folk in this situation are expected to live on roughly five pounds a week!

    But that would cost money to fix!

    And Cameron has a lot of financial outgoings MUCH more important than that!

    Like the wads of cash handed out to ‘asylum’ bludgers..




    .. plus the millions wasted on lawyers playing games with illegal immigrant cases,  plus the millions soaked up by sticky-beak trouble-makers on bodies like the ‘Equality Commission…’


    ….not to mention the rip-offs perpetrated by Brussels against the UK tax-payer.





    Only a damfool would expect Cameron to care more for elderly Brits than for wastrel projects like those.

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    UK Forced To Take Sweden’s Surplus Parasites? – UKIP The Only Hope! 

    Just read a lengthy and thoroughly alarming article in EUObserver ( a committed Europhile part of the media, so all the more revealing their exposure of Juncker’s malevolent scheming)

    It makes it clear that the Commissars in Brussels can and will impose thousands of parasites on every EUSSR province.

    jean-claude-juncker-2006- Enemy Within


    • I use ‘province’ because the extent of their decline from their former sovereign status is made starkly plain. And it’s not just the enemy within’s intention to advance their grand design from ‘recommended’ to ‘binding!’


    Nor is it the absence of ANY repudiation by Brussels of Comrade Mogherini’s ‘guarantee’ that not one single savage will be sent back without its specific consent!


    • Enemy at the Gates!


    Get a load of the shocking suggestion that Sweden, having more or less irretrievably  abandoned its national identity by importing enormous numbers of undesirable aliens, could unload its surplus bludgers on other countries under Juncker’s proposals! 

    But it’s right at the end that we realise what a debt of gratitude Britain owes to the millions of patriots who cast their votes for UKIP a few weeks ago. 

    National governments are extremely wary of the rise of anti-immigration parties, so they might reject the proposals out of hand. In this case, the commission will have gambled and lost.   https://euobserver.com/justice/128771


    • =========================
    • It’s no good bitching about the unfairness of the electoral system.
    • Of course it’s iniquitous, but those millions of votes were NOT wasted – they sent a message to the rotten elite, that the country has stirred in its slumbers.

    And it will awake – if the drums keep sounding, if the bugles keep playing, without self-serving dissonance in the marching band of the People’s Army.  

    If those currently engaged in internal party feuding don’t belt up and unite behind the leader UKIP members obviously favour, they will be cursed by future British generations.

    And it goes without saying that unity at home needs to be matched by unity across the EUSSR, every independence movement coming together hand in hand to fight common enemies, both the internal breed and the sea-borne enemy at the gate. 

    • R.A. 10:57 pm on May 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      In fact the UK opted out of that particular EU obligation so cannot be forced to take them

      • ross1948 11:03 pm on May 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        The problem, however, is that the European Court (not the ECHR but the ECJ) has made short work of rights the UK fondly imagined it had preserved from supranational encroachment. And UK Governments have bowed to its edicts.
        I have no real confidence in Cameron’s readiness to resist Brussels, except with loud-sounding nothings.

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