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    How Do We Know When Raab Is Lying?His Lips Move! 


    Pressed if Britain would compromise on fishing, Mr Raab told The Andrew Marr Show: ‘No…

    ….we’re going to be an independent coastal state but we’ll take the best interests of the UK on board.


    Image result for raab fisheries


    ‘We’re not going to be locked in to a set of EU rules targeted and tailored towards the best interests of the Europeans…

    …and actually it’ll be a compromise.’ 

    WATCH: Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab on The Andrew Marr Show

    My thanks to Brexit Central for this.

    No, Britain won’t compromise…BUT...It’ll be a compromise?

    Raab so quickly conjures up that pearl of wisdom…


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    Angry At ‘Stand Down’ Order, Oddfellow Stands Down In Protest? 

    I wish I could match the resources that Guido Fawkes’ blog can command but although we are often on the same side, my style is quite different from his, so I don’t think my registered readers will desert me for a much less abrasive approach.

    However, though I admire Guido’s work, I do sometimes think he could explain more.

    My observation arises from this –


    – in which he lists the ADDITIONAL seats in which Farage’s party has let down Brexit supporters.

    • I append the list at the bottom of the page.

    Knowing the West of Scotland quite well, I can imagine the chagrin felt there, in the Glasgow seats and those in Ayrshire especially, among the large loyalist population who are viscerally hostile to the Brussels Empire.




    But what are we to make of this very strange man, Louis Stedman-Bryce, who ‘launched a furious attack on Nigel Farage’s decision to stand down candidates fighting seats held by the Tories’ 



    Image result for louis stedman-bryce

    Listening to Bryce, or rather reading his Twittering, few of us would disagree with his bold statement.

     “I joined the Brexit Party to change politics for good and uphold democracy and I do not trust @BorisJohnson to deliver the type of Brexit I voted for. I believe that the deal he has proposed would be devastating to our country and our future prosperity.

    That certainly squares with his condemnation of  Farage’s surrender, the folly of denying millions in more than 300 seats the chance to vote for a Real Brexit.


    So it is with a heavy heart that I have taken the decision not to run in the upcoming general election.

    Whilst I supported a localised agreement with the Tories in Scotland to help prevent the onslaught of the SNP, I cannot support standing down PPC’s across all Tory seats.”


    Or, to be civil, what the flip, does Mr. Bryce think he’s doing?

    He took strong exception to Farage pulling out of the electoral battle here, there, and all over the land, so in protest he pulls out himself?

    Is he nuts?


    If you’re a candidate and object to your leadership’s abject u-turn, you don’t fight a ‘stand-down’ diktat by standing down yourself!

    All credit to the brave Brexiteers who have defied Farage’s sell-out and have insisted on going it alone…





    …valiantly taking on the big parties with only the most limited resources…

    ..british money

    ….what’s Farage doing with all that money they had to put up to register with the Brexit Party, we ask again?

    But Bryce?

    One thinks of a line from the famed Scottish battle-hymn, about how Edward of England’s armies were defeated and the Scots “sent them homeward, tae think again!”

    The very odd man needs not only to head back southwards to think, but to examine his conscience, for leaving the voters of Glasgow North in the lurch when it was far too late to get another pro-Brexit candidate nominated.

    And if he influenced all those other BP people up north to follow his example of desertion, his bizarre ‘withdrawal to protest against withdrawal,’ he deserves to be told off good and proper.

    Try this email address.  louis.stedman-bryce@europarl.europa.eu


    Here are the constituencies abandoned by Farage –


    • Airdrie and Shotts
    • Argyll and Bute
    • Brent Central
    • Bristol North West
    • Canterbury
    • Central Ayrshire
    • Chorley (candidates rarely stand against the speaker)
    • Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill
    • Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East
    • Dudley North
    • Dundee East
    • Dunfermline and West Fife
    • Ealing North
    • East Dunbartonshire
    • East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow
    • East Lothian
    • Edinburgh East
    • Edinburgh South
    • Edinburgh West
    • Ellesmere Port and Neston
    • Falkirk
    • Gateshead
    • Glasgow Central
    • Glasgow East
    • Glasgow North East
    • Glasgow North West
    • Inverclyde
    • Kilmarnock and Loudoun
    • Lanark and Hamilton East
    • Liverpool, Walton
    • Livingston
    • Midlothian
    • Motherwell and Wishaw
    • Na h-Eileanan an Iar
    • Newcastle upon Tyne East
    • North Ayrshire and Arran
    • North East Fife
    • North West Durham
    • Paisley and Renfrewshire North
    • Paisley and Renfrewshire South
    • Rutherglen and Hamilton West
    • West Dunbartonshire
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    Invaluable! Over 200 Soros Tentacles Exposed! 

    After yesterday’s escalation of the Sorosoid threat to free speech

    (..“This HAS To Stop!” Furious Soros Flunkey reported here yesterday, but issued last week)

    …we offer you today an invaluable chunk of data –

    Complete List Of U.S. Organizations Funded By George Soros

    –  identifying by name and purpose more than TWO HUNDRED organisations which directly or indirectly get funding from the far-left billionaire’s war-chest.


    Excellent work!

    Knowing the Enemy Within is essential for the Counter-Revolution’s endeavours to fight back.

    But the list only covers agitprop outfits in North America.

    We know for a fact that Soros largesse has been flowing into the UK..


    Image result for soros brexit money

    George Soros, Hungary…And The American Deep State?

    Buying The Media – New Soros Threat To Poland! 

    Czechs Vote, But May And Sorosoids Meddle! 

    Soros Tentacles Around Albania’s Neck Too! 

    Smash The Sorosoids! Macedonia Stands Up To Evil! 

    …as well as many other countries in furtherance of of the plutocrat’s foul agenda.

    Time for True Brits to get to work!

    Name and shame Sorosoid collabos!


    • Duncan Vesey 2:13 pm on November 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      There will come a time when enough people have woken up to what’s been done and decide to take action to undo it.
      Revolution is the word for that and I hope I live to see it.


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    Coca-Colonisation With A Vile Agenda – Protest! 

    I have been aware of Coke’s dirty pro-deviant agenda for some time…

    Boycotts Of Bad Businesses Ain’t Always Easy – Just Do Your Best! 

    ….and avoid drinking their products when I can.


    <b>Boycott Coca Cola</b>


    Local cola drinks made here in Indonesia are just as refreshing.

    But their latest promotion of perversion, boosting the trans-freak agenda in Argentina, is bad even by the sort of big business depravity standards we covered a few years ago….

    Canada – Bohemian Buggers’ Bank Escalates Gaystapo Aggression! 

    Read on and sign the petition!

    PETITION: Shocking teen-trans Sprite ad must be pulled immediately


    The Coca-Cola Company has sunk to a new low in the promotion of perversity.

    The huge, American multi-national company has come out with a new video advertising teenage transgenderism and homosexuality for its Argentine market.

    Yes, the Sprite logo appears, as well as a bottle and a can of the soft drink, but the ad is more about the promotion of transgenderism and homosexuality, for teens, than it is about any commercial product.

    The Coca-Cola Company – who owns Sprite – is a known purveyor of this type of sexual corruption and cultural imperialism. Just this past summer (2019), the company pushed a suggestive ad campaign in Hungary promoting homosexuality which was widely rejected by the public.

    But, this new campaign is not suggestive; it is, rather, full-on perverse.

    What makes this campaign so bad is that the ad actively attacks the fabric of family life. In less than 2 minutes, it depicts, as acceptable, practices which most families would find decidedly unacceptable.

    The ad is full of vignettes, telling short stories of how some young, gender-confused and homosexual people get to the so-called “Pride” march in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

    The vignettes are all sickeningly objectionable because they mostly show some “straight” family members encouraging other family members in their perversity.

    • One vignette show a mother applying eye-liner to her son’s eyes, before the parade.
    • Another shows grandma helping her grandson to look like a drag queen, complete with a silver bikini and a blue-haired wig.
    • Yet another shows two teenage lesbians being met approvingly at one of their family homes by a younger brother and sister ,who lovingly give them a rainbow flag with a big heart painted in the middle.
    • Astonishingly, one vignette even shows a young girl in the highly dangerous practice of binding her chest, before going to the march. Her sister (or, female friend) actually tightens the binding.
    • And, in the final vignette of the video, a mother and father watch wistfully as their young teenage son and his boyfriend disappear, walking hand-in-hand, into the crowd at the march. And, as the father looks on, these words appear on the screen: “Orgullo: Lo que sentis cuando alguien que queres elige ser feliz.” Or, in English: “Pride: what you feel when someone you love chooses to be happy.”

    But, no amount of rainbow flags and no amount of fancy dress, can hide the fact that transgenderism and homosexuality do not ultimately lead to true happiness. Studies say that the suicide rate among gender-confused people is six times higher than the general population.

    Therefore, it is an arrogant and dangerous form of cultural imperialism which seeks to push this kind of corruption and sexual deviancy on the peoples of various countries around the world.

    It must be resisted, and, to the extent possible, the Coca-Cola Company must be shamed and shown for the cultural imperialists that they are.


    Using the family and children to promote sexual perversion is about as low as a business can sink. In civilized company, we call that “child abuse”.

    Please SIGN this petition which demands that the Coca-Cola Company pulls this outrageous teen-trans ad, and stops its attempt to sexually corrupt Argentina by pushing teenage transgenderism and homosexuality.

    This petition, which is also CC’ed to the Argentine Bishops’ Conference and to the Papal Nuncio in Argentina, asks them to speak out strongly against this type of invasive and corrupting cultural imperialism and sexual deviancy.

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    Prince Andrew, Corbyn, Sturgeon – The Key Question! 

    The last thing I feel like doing on Sunday mornings is watch an interview about sexploitation, alleged or fictional.


    Image result for prince andrew


    But since the BBC made the HRH interview its top news, ‘twas hard to escape at least some of the ‘story!’

    Skip the question of who did what and which way and to whom.

    I leave that to the limerick fans, as in –

    There was a young man from Khartoum, took a lesbian up to his room…they argued all night, as to who had the right…

    No, it’s this business about the chick in the Epstein story being 17 when, or if, the deed was done.

    It used to be that young English lovers would elope to Gretna Green, across the Scottish border, because Scots law allowed marriage at 16.

    Nobody railed at Scotland over ‘child marriage’ back then!

    Nor do Scots these days  view persons aged 16 or over as ‘children’ – they get to vote!




    The SNP separatists, led by Nicola Sturgeon, and Corbyn’s Labour Party, are all for it!




    And if you can decide who’s to govern your country, then, surely, you can decide with whom to copulate?!

    However, if these parties are definitely of the opinion that persons are entitled to be regarded as responsible adults from the day they celebrate their 16th birthday…

    Image result for happy birthday sweet 16

    …then WHAT steps are they taking to stop the imbecilic UN/EU policy by which such adults are categorised as ‘children’ if they happen to be ‘unaccompanied illegal aliens….’



    …of the sort we saw when Amber Rudd, as Home Secretary, imported these hulking brutes into the UK…

    Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 

    …without taking any scientific steps to verify their claim to be ‘under-age?’

    My view is that the biological definition of children as pre-pubescent human beings is appropriate.

    ‘Robbery, Attempted Rape?’ Spain’s ‘Youngster’ Migrant Blight! 

    If any formal age-limit has to be applied, then 12 is fair enough.

    What do you think?

    • Amanda Adams 6:06 pm on November 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      A different take and much more socially responsible


    • Joseph Fox 6:42 pm on November 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      What, votes for twelve-year-olds?


    • Vicki 7:36 pm on November 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You had me wondering when I saw the heading.
      But you make a VERY good point.
      The unaccompanied racket needs to be debunked and a lot of them deported as they entered on false pretences


    • Hammy 8:50 pm on November 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      How disappointing. I was expecting to read about The Sturgeon cavorting royally, with The Communist, cheering them on, or something.
      Instead you make a case for sensible reform to end a notoriously abused system which allows alien infiltration.
      An interesting argument. I can see no flaw in your reasoning..


    • Milanda Sellarz 9:43 pm on November 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I was unimpressed with the BBC making this their top story. The next four or five news stories that came afterwards on the bulletin I saw were all a lot more significant..
      Who knows if Andrew did this or if anyone did?
      Forced? Is there any proof of that? She looks very unforced in the photograph most of the media are showing us.
      At least you used this melodrama to good effect, by drawing attention to the definition of a child, that varies from country to country, even within Europe.


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    Corbyn’s Regrets Over ISIS Rape-Beast Truly Shame His Country! 

    Delighted to read that at least some Christian ministers in The Old Country can still discern the difference between good and evil.

    Rev Richard Cameron, a parish minister in Glasgow, said that he had confronted Mr Corbyn because he believed the prospect of him entering Downing Street to be a “dangerous thing”.


    That was after the slimy marxist found fault with the extirpation of the ISIS rape-gang boss al-Bagdhadi, seeming to prefer that the filthy savage should have been taken alive.

    Were Corbyn to justify that preference on grounds of intelligence gathering, ideally by the dexterous use of torture, one might see a grain of logic there.

    But we know thee who thou art, Comrade Corbyn, a creature enamored of association with the vilest of the vile




    …and we know his preference for capture is motivated mostly if not wholly because that damn court NEVER hands down death sentences!


    The European Union is the leading institutional actor and largest donor in the fight against death penalty worldwide.    https://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/sectors/human-rights-and-governance/democracy-a

    If it ever did, it would be expelled from its Dutch HQ, because the EU is rabid in its determination to save the skins of evil killers.

    The arrogant swine even had some UK Embassy twit trot round Jakarta a number of years ago, a servile Brussels’ messenger….

    UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence! .

    ….sticky-beaking into Indonesia’s internal affairs.


    What is especially vexing for those of us in Jakarta who are perennially disappointed that Indonesia hasn’t executed a single scumbag since the Bali Pigs over a decade ago…




    …is that plenty of local media have picked up the story that a person with a slim but still real possibility of becoming the next UK PM is soft on terror, to say the least.

    When Sindonews reports that Blood-Beast Adam’s little pal reckons people like Baghdadi needed to be brought to the International Court and then helpfully reminds its local readership ( I’m translating all this, but you can check  via the link) that the lousy little Lenin look-alike…

    . osama_bin_satan .


    ….took a similarly amoral stance when Corbyn explained to Iran’s Press TV in 2011 that the death of Osama bin Laden at the hands of US forces was a tragedy because there was no attempt to detain and try him…


    ….and rounds off the report by mentioning that the Labour Party leader ‘has also referred to Hamas and Hezbollah members as his friends….  https://international.sindonews.com/read/1458678/41/corbyn-baghdadi-lebih-baik-ditangkap-dalam-kondisi-hidup-1573700271

    All that certainly makes it tricky to persuade my numerous Indonesian friends that not only would right be served by killing as many jihadist terrorists as possible but that the local war on terror would also be advanced.

    Readers in the West should understand that the security forces here do a pretty good job of taking out sectarian vermin…

    Bravo Densus 88 – Three Down, But LOTS More To Go! 

    Good Shooting, Riau Cops! Four Less Foul Fanatics In The World! 



    …, and especially the special Anti-Terror Unit, Densus 88, in spite of infantile whining from undesirable elements.

    Jakarta Echoes of Gibraltar – How Dare You Kill Terrorists?


    The good men and women of Densus, who only this week took out a few more of Indonesia’s enemy within, in North Sumatra –

    shoot terrs


    – must be baffled by Corbyn’s sympathy with scum.

    But the local bigot bleaters, those who dislike Densus, who hate Indonesia’s fragile but still extant democracy and want to replace it with a nightmare ‘caliphate’ not that dissimilar from that of demonic Daesh?

    They will relish the fact they can see a friendly face hovering on Downing Street’s door-strp!

    • Keith Milner 10:57 am on November 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      We have tons of Corbyns in Australia too, often the same people who want to open the borders so more ISIS can get in.


    • Ned A 2:57 pm on November 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      He is not a well-meaning fool. He is on the other side and does not wish our country well.
      Sinn Fein-IRA, Hamas, Hezbollah, Osama, Baghdadi?
      If The Devil landed in London tomorrow, Corbyn would hug and kiss him.
      The little b-stard makes me sick.


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    Go For It, Greenshirts! A Real Aussie Fight-Back! 

    They get a pat on the back from me, but I fear the BBC producers responsible for a programme I saw yesterday may find their jobs at risk for providing an unexpected impartiality in their approach to the fine Oz farmers putting up resistance to the Climate Panic crowd.


    Farmers gathered in Townsville to protest the state government's proposed reef regulations.

    Farmers fighting back in Queensland



    After all, there have been more than just a few straws in the wind suggesting that BBC bias exists not just on crimmigration but also against climate dissenters.


    Sickening BBC Bias, As The Spoilt Brat Rants Like Hitler! 

    BBC Portrays Climate Sceptic As Zombie! Hidden Agenda? 

    Even in this current month, the tax-funded UK broadcaster has some nonsense about ‘climate defenders’ and that is not a focus on long johns!

    However, listening to Martin Bella, the burly organiser of the Greenshirt movement…

    Main Logo.png


    ….I could see why even journalists might find it hard to play dirty on the guy.


    Green Shirts Movement organiser Martin Bella fired up the 300-strong crowd.


    He comes across as a pleasant, articulate chap.

    And judging from the response of the audience at the meeting he addressed while the BBC was filming, most people respond as I did to his message.

    Even more surprising was the appearance of a very knowledgable scientist, and the admission, on air, by the BBC – really! – that the man had been fired from his job as a punishment for challenging the in-crowd consensus!


    Image result for peter ridd go fund me


    Professor Peter Ridd, who won an unfair dismissal case against his former employer James Cook University for speaking out about the reliability of the science being used regarding reef health…


    This is exactly what is required, not just in Australia, but everywhere.

    What a great pity that there has not yet arisen in the UK some similar movement, ready to tackle head-on the vicious Stinkos…whose anti-social essence was so perfectly captured in the photo of the violent slug kicking at London commuters in Canning Town Tube Station.


    BTW, has the swine been identified yet?

    I’m sure a lot of people would love to make contact!

    Image result for london commuters Extinction station


    • Keith Milner 10:53 am on November 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Australians are not backward at coming forward when they understand a threat.


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    “This HAS To Stop!” Furious Soros Flunkey Demands Censorship! 

    How many times do we see sycophant journo jerks describe George Soros as a ‘philanthropist,’ which means somebody with a benevolent attitude towards his or her fellow-human beings.



    But this definition doesn’t sit well with those who have to put up with his gross meddling in their countries, his plutocratic manipulation of democratic elections…and referenda!


    Image result for soros brexit money

    George Soros, Hungary…And The American Deep State?

    Buying The Media – New Soros Threat To Poland! 

    Czechs Vote, But May And Sorosoids Meddle! 

    Soros Tentacles Around Albania’s Neck Too! 

    Smash The Sorosoids! Macedonia Stands Up To Evil! 

    …no need to go on, as you may easily insert ‘Soros’ in our Search Engine, over to the right there, and an abundance of reports await your perusal.

    Now, however, even main-stream media, like Yahoo’s own news service, has revealed the vicious rage his flunkeys have unleashed against one honest man who’s spoken up.



    In an appearance with Lou Dobbs, diGenova said “there’s no doubt that George Soros controls a very large part of the career foreign service of the United States State Department.

    He also controls the activities of FBI agents overseas who work for NGOs — work with NGOs. That was very evident in Ukraine.” He also said that Soros “wants to run Ukraine and he’s doing everything he can to use every lever of the United States government…


    Image result for digenova

    A former US Federal Attorney, diGenova stated that Soros…

    also controls the activities of FBI agents overseas who work for NGOs — work with NGOs.


    We have noticed those…as has the Hungarian Foreign Minister….

    The Hungarian government’s problem with Soros, he said, was that he uses NGOs for political purposes, despite having no “mandate” to do so. “There’s a perception that if you say the word NGO, it goes without saying that it’s a good thing,” he argued. “But that’s not true.”



    And the Guardian writer who was interviewing the old ‘philanthropist’ admitted that Soros ‘side-stepped the question.’.

    But back to the brave man who spilled the beans!.

    That was very evident in Ukraine.”

    He also said that Soros “wants to run Ukraine and he’s doing everything he can to use every lever of the United States government to make that happen, for business interests, not for good government business.”

    .We know the Deep State has never come to terms with the Trump victory.

    Patrick Gaspard, the president of The Open Society Foundations, the philanthropy founded by Soros, fired off a letter to Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott, calling diGenova’s claims “beyond rhetorical ugliness, beyond fiction, beyond ludicrous.”

    “It’s patently untrue, it’s not even possible. This is McCarthyite,” he wrote.

    So, disregarding the meaningless insult ‘McCarthyite,’ this angry Soros acolyte disagrees with diGenova’s negative assessment of the bad billionaire, as you’d expect, and as he’s entitled to, in a democracy.

    But the furious flunkey goes a LOT further!

    Gaspard called on the network to bar diGenova from further appearances and to issue an on-air retraction, as well as an apology to the State Department and the FBI.




    Patrick ‘Jackboot’ Gaspard wants to institute gestapo tactics  – censorship!

    And to my dismay, reading further, Fox may well oblige.

    The report goes on to say that ‘Fox News banned Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch from appearances after he claimed last year that the migrant caravan at the Southern border was being funded by the “Soros-occupied State Department.” ‘

    Whose game was Fox playing back then?

    Fox News Grovels To Addled Swede Brat! 

    Fox Channel’s Lefty Lesby Soap – Anti-Deportation Drivel! 

    Fox Channel’s Klutz ‘Comedy’ – Anti-ICE, Pro-Crimmigrant ! 

    Now it appears they are giving up on the robust style of anti-left commentary

    Whose game have they been playing a lot recently?

    A Fox News spokeswoman did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

    Unfortunately, a group called the Anti-Defamation League, originally founded to defend American Jews, but recently allied often with the Left,  jumped in, claiming that anti-Soros resistance was somehow anti-Semitic. That would sound strange to Israel’s Netanyahu, who has criticised Soros more than once.

    But I’m a curious guy. I went over the the far-left Daily Beast, who would surely have made much of any anti-Semitism displayed by diGenova.

    And the ONLY quote they had to offer was a perfectly accurate description of how Soros operates his evil empire..

    .”tentacles reach out into various non-government organizations and nonprofits…”

    That’s exactly how it works!



    • Lando Prieton 4:19 pm on November 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It is a total slander to say that people hate Soros because he us Jewish.
      The man’s meddling in other people’s internal politics is why he should be hated and kept out of every country he’s interfered in.


    • Lorne Marzio 7:51 pm on November 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I think it’s true that Fox has sold out.
      They have this ultra-liberal named Chris Wallace who was really vicious with Congressman Scalise and he seems to worship Schiff’s sh-ts.
      Quote from Wallace: If You’re Not Moved By Yovanovitch’s Testimony, ‘You Don’t Have A Pulse’
      They also use that mean leftist Brazile. I’m sending you some material on her and hope you use it.


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    Brexit Central Writer Misses The Point! 

    I have recently had a lot of interesting information sent me by Brexit Central, and at the weekend I got more.

    Among it was a well-written, largely sensible, article by a man named Max Titmuss, of whom I know nothing, but in the midst of his piece I read this.

    the simple task of extricating the United Kingdom from a trading bloc has been turned into a Sisyphean task by our political class.

    Mr. Titmuss was lamenting the obstructionist antics of the Westminster Wallies, but by describing the Brussels Empire as ‘a trading bloc,‘ he skews everything.




    Because the Remainiac obstructionist antics are not motivated by concerns about ‘customs unions’ or allegedly chlorinated chickens.

    The Europhiliacs in Parliament are not just wrong, they are the Enemy Within…



    …who wish to subordinate the United Kingdom to a Continental power.

    The EUSSR is emphatically NOT ‘a trading bloc.’

    If it were, I wouldn’t detest it with every fibre of my being. 

    The EU is an authoritarian supranational entity with a limitless hunger for power.

    It already interferes in aspects of British life that are not remotely connected with trade, notably its outrageous diktat on the death penalty. Not to mention this week’s thrilling instalment, the diktat on appointment of “Britain’s Commissioner,” who in any case will be sworn NOT to represent Britain.

    There are also its efforts to bull-doze the wise media and court reforms in Poland, its proxy war on decent values, using tax-payers’ cash to fund extremist ‘NGOs’… ..



    …and its refusal to defend Europe from alien incursions or even to expel the million-plus free-loading fake-‘refugees’ who have flooded in since 2015.

    We all want to Get Britain Out, but more than that…

    …we want to see the European Union DESTROYED!

    • Diana 10:30 pm on November 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Well said.
      Churchill wanted not just to save Britain but to liberate countries under Hitler. We should be encouraging other countries to exit the EUSSR too.
      A lot of the problems thrown in Britain’s way out are deliberate, make it so fraught that other countries will fear to try.


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    Solidarity With Bihac, Tormented By Ingrates! “I.O.M. Go Home!” 

    It must have choked the BBC to report what happened in Bihac, in Bosnia, where angry townspeople, tormented by fake-‘refugees,’ organised a vociferous protest against the anti-social louts imposed on their small community.

    And these are smart people.


    .Even the BBC reports the locals ‘fear for their safety in their own town…’

    Not only were they objecting to the migrant savages, but they also carried banners directed against the Enemy Within…

    IOM Go Home!

    …., the so-called ‘UN agency’ which they correctly identify with the menace that plagues them.

    American readers may remember that IOM…

    The United Nations Migration Agency, IOM, is providing support and assistance to migrants on caravans crossing Central America…


    united natio

    Honduran migrants, part of a caravan trying to reach the U.S., gesture while arriving to the border between Honduras and Guatemala, in Agua Caliente, Guatemala October 15, 2018. 

    All migrants must be respected, regardless of their migratory statusIOM Chief of Mission in Mexico

    American Tax-Payers Funding Honduras Crimmigrants? 


    Any chance the UK tax-funded state media might have had to spin the report towards their own pro-crimmigrant bias, of which most of us are well aware…

    Again, BBC Fails To Warn Police of Criminality On Turkish Shore! 

    BBC Now BOASTs of Aiding and Abetting Illegals! 

    …was shot down in flames by their choice of crimmigrant interviewee, an arrogant Pakistani loudmouth, yammering about what the townspeople ‘MUST’ do, how they ‘MUST’ back off and put up with him and his ingrate gang.

    Whatever else the creep may be, he’s no ‘refugee’ – look at the map…

    Bosnia’s Wide-Open Crimmigrant Door Endangers Europe 

    Senior Austrian Official Exposes ‘The Mosque Route?’ 

    ‘Arabs Go Home,’ Says Brave Bosnian Muslim Girl! 


    ..and see how many countries Loudmouth passed through to inflict himself on the poor Bosnians!

    The uppity swine’s not interested in a safe place – all he wants, like so many other fake ‘refugees’ is access to the yummy tax-troughs of Northern Europe.


    And that’s why most if not all of his alien buddies are so intent on gate-crash the neighbouring country of Croatia, then fast forward  – -via the EUSSR’s insane Schengen free movement rules and ooze northwards!

    Crimmigrants Say CROATIA’S The ‘Problem?’ Give ‘Em Hell! 

    What was shocking about the BBC news item was not, of course, how bad these undesirable aliens are…




    …which most everyone in Europe now understands, but the statement that a ’24 hour’ curfew has been imposed on the centre where they get their free board and lodgings.

    24 HOURS?

    There should be barbed wire fencing and armed guards, all day, every day, until sense prevails, the lousy ‘NGOs’ expelled….

    Another Lying ‘Migrant’ Exposed? 


    ..and every parasite deported back to where they belong,

    And be told to take their IOM flunkeys with them.

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