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  • ross1948 17:24 on August 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Old Vic freak-fans, Terry Gilliam   

    Pathetic Old Vic Failed To Fire Freak-Fans? 

    So many UK outrages against freedom by undesirables, including the politicised police….

    UK Top Cop – ‘We Are NOT Enforcers For Uptight Queers!’ 

    …that I’d forgotten Terry Gilliam’s case…


    Terry Gilliam attending a VIP screening of The Beatles: Get Back at Cineworld Leicester Square in London. Picture date: Tuesday November 16, 2021.
    Terry Gilliam

    ….hence grateful to The Times for reminding us how a pack of uppiry flunkeys –

    -a staff uprising over comments Gilliam had made about the #MeToo movement and on transgender rights – .

    …got his show cancelled.

    We expect no less from freak-fans, but it’s the theatre management who deserve sternest condemnation, not only for caving into pinko creeps but for cravenly failing to justify their cave-in.


    No public explanation for the cancellation.

    Any management with an iota of backbone would have fired the scumbags on the spot.

    You should read the whole Times article, but first join me in a round of applause for Gillim’s robust response, viz.

    “I refer to them as Neo-Calvinists,” he says of the staff who lobbied the Old Vic bosses to scrap his show.

    “They are totally closed-minded. [To them] there is only one truth and one way of looking at the world.

    “Well, ‘f*** you!’ is my answer to them.”


    John Calvin Museum Catharijneconvent RMCC s84 cropped.png
    John Calvin

    The original Calvinists could be OTT, but at least they believed they were acting in the interests of decency,  not deviancy!



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    Tags: $490 billion Dotard Biden bill, , , , David Sandalow,   

    ‘Tears Of Joy’ On UK Pravda! 

    Yes, that little strip of text news along the bottom of my tv screen exemplified BBC World News bias…

    Tears of joy as  Climate Bill Clears US Senate’


    That was 7am, Jakarta time, when the tax-funded broadcaster soon had an American professor on, who modestly declared –

    I don’t like to be partisan….’

    ..then proceeded to lambast the Republicans who opposed The Dotard’s multi-billion dollar scheme.

    Then, at 8am, Orrible Eades….

    .Yes, him again!

    BBC’s Awful Eades Has Another ‘Expert’ Guest! 

    David ‘Some’ Eades – BBC Bigot! 


    ….had another professor, David Sandalow…

    .(at least identified as an apparatchik with the Clinton and Obama regimes)

    David Sandalow (4838366235).jpg
    David Sandalow

    …who was grinning like a Cheshire Cat, an expression not shared by my good self..


    …as I contemplated the brazenly slanted coverage of the debate.

    It’s fair to note that the measure only scraped through the Senate due to The Dotard’s VP using her casting vote after a 50/50 split..

    …so perhaps there’s an argument for a Republican guest.

    Eades, however, preferred to ask about concerns that the bill didn’t go far enough for some Climate Panickers!

    And the BBC leftist proclaimed that the ‘EU has taken a bit of a moral lead recently.’



    Well, that’s what one expects to hear on the rabidly anti-Brexit UK Pravda, is it not?

    PS -Unbelievably, Eades at 9am had another climate comrade, Professor Alden Meyer, to sing from the same songpsheet, and STILL no dissenter invited in to dispute the BBC propaganda line. 

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    Good Morning – This Is Neat! 

    It seemed remiss not to use this.


    May be a cartoon of text that says 'WHAT'S THE MAGIC WORD TO GET WANT? WHAT YOU I'M OFFENDED! OIO0'

    Pity it only works for Woke Weasels, Uppity Whiners, Pronoun Pukes, etc., and never for all the normal decent people THEY offend.





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    Tags: Annette Young chipmunk, , , The 51%, transfreaks in Argentina, twerking   

    Trannies And Twerking – France24 Women’s Programme…Seriously? 

    Sicko start to Sunday, having unwisely opted for a glance at France24, whilst making a start on preparations for a yummy brunch.


    ( bacon, spuds, broccoli, tomatoes)


    ..but, as happens now and then, busy in the kitchen, I didn’t change channels quite fast enough…

    …to avoid the unappetising sight of their middle-aged Australian hackette, Annette Young …

    F24’s Pinko Propagandist V Oz Ambassador – An Interview? 

    .’...2015, she was named by UN Women as one of the 20 inspirational global voices on women in the media…’

    Fake Swede Feminism – Can’t France24’s Left Oz-Bint Get It Right? 

    …who, as noted previously, resembles an over-fed chipmunk, with her ‘The 51%‘ show.

    Thing is,  that percentage in the title is meant to indicate it’s a show for and/or about, women.


    Thing is, I like women – but what we got today was frankly nauseating, a huge chunk of the content devoted to fake-women, transfreaks…

    Argentinian trannies, to be precise..



    ….and we learned that, since 2012, freakos in that country can change ‘gender’ without authority from a shrink.

    This, the F24 voice assured us, made Argentina…

    ‘….the most progressive in the world!”

    Which just goes to show that France24’s infamous inability to comprehend the meaning of two words…

    …..remains unsullied by any collision with impartiality, as might have been predicted

    ….. …

    Gambar terkait

    France24’s Far-Left Lisa Spews Her Bias Once Again! 

    France24’s Uncommon Disregard For Media Standards – ‘Encore!’

    France 24’s Far-Left UK Fanatic Guest- Interviewed Uncritically!

    …given previous form!

    There followed a variety of vomit-worthy vignettes, e.g.

    …a deluded child’s family who made a doll with a penis, to pander to the child’s delusion..

    …a rant about ‘trans rights’ from an ugly freak, demanding further legal measures under ‘Global Trans Law’ – which as far as I know does not exist….

    ….and Fiorella, who had to get by doing ‘sex work,’ because less than 25% of transfreaks ‘finish secondary education’ – is that a uniquely Argie sitrep, or do maladjusts everywhere struggle with brain-usage?


    BTW, if you think I’m exaggerating, France24 makes its bias crystal clear – here’s the link, to let you verify what I’ve been saying…   


    More work needs to be done?

    Sez Who? No dissenting voice was allowed to be heard – does F24 expect us to believe everybody in Argentina supports this wokery-decadence?  


    AND…great news for Argie tax-payers!


    The government in Buenos Aires has apparently mandated a 1% transfreak quota in public sector jobs!



    No, seriously, NOT kidding!



    Maybe next week, I wondered, ‘The 51%’ will get back to what that number suggests, women, not fake-women!


    …then we were subjected to a 5 minute piece of nonsense about ‘twerking’ – a word which I have encountered previously….

    Brazil’s Perverts Are ‘Afraid?’ They Deserve To Be! 

    …which means behaving sluttishly on stage – a piece of nonsense which featured ‘freefemalerappers…


    ….funded by the French Government…

    ….meaning French taxpayers!


    God Save La Belle France….


    …from this degenerate insanity!

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    Tags: Albanian Channel Crimmigrants   

    Channel Crimmigrants 40% Albanian? Watch ‘Taken!’ 

    One of my favourite films is Liam Neeson’s all-action ‘Taken…’

    Taken trilogy DVD cover.jpg

    …but I know a bit more about Albania…

    Albania Could Do With a Royal Restoration! 

    …than what one gets from observing the villains in that very successful movie….

    …for example, the Albanian patriot heroes murdered post-WW2, thanks to the treachery of Britain’s communist queer Philby…



    …and the falsified outcome of the monarchy referendum 40 years later.

    Thus the news last week caught my attention.


    Four in 10 Channel migrants from peaceful Albania

    Military report shows total number from Balkans nation between June 1 to July 12 was far higher than from other nations.. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/08/06/four-10-channel-migrants-peaceful-albania/

    Frankly, it would be laughable, were it not so outrageous, that the parasite flotillas so irresponsibly welcomed by the UK Tory government….

    …escorted amiably into British ports, given yummy foodstuffs and hot drinks, then conveyed to comfy lodgings….

    …are not, as the pro-crimmigrant lobby lies so often….

    Crazy Clare – Still Lying Boldly for Calais Crimmigrants! 

    …fleeing danger,  but are, at least 40% of those departing France’s safe shores…


    …..wasters who have weaseled into France from Albania, the NATO ally on the Adriatic!

    Albania joined NATO in 2009.

    Royal Navy with Albanian Naval Forces Patrol Boat during NATO Joint exercises…better they coordinate push-backs on the Channel!
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    Tags: "Diversity Coin", , immigration not election issue, ,   

    Sunak’s Clueless Coin? Stuff The Tories! 

    A huge lie, evidently brandished by Sunak, who is an educated man and should know that Brits built Britain…

    May be an image of 2 people and text

    When I saw this on another site, I initially wondered if it was a Trussite hoax, but not so!

    …long before the land was ‘diversified,’ and that its ‘diversification’ was never put to Brits for their consent.

    This is not to say that people of foreign descent can’t be valuable citizens – think Suella and Kemi – but those who choose to cling to alien cultures, or whiningly play the race card? Who eschew the only acceptable iseology, Queen and Country?


    Readers may remember – or brush up on the history of treachery – how Labour and Conservative Parties had a shameful, tacit deal NOT to make immigration an election issue.

    A very non-rightwing LSE academic, David Feldman, has confirmed that fact, though sadly he doesn’t seem to disapprove of denying proper democratic debate on a key issue.

    Finally, until the election of Margaret Thatcher as Conservative leader, both main political parties conspired with considerable success to avoid competing over immigration policy.https://blogs.lse.ac.uk/politicsandpolicy/talking-the-talk-immigration-policy-since-1962/


    And we know how Maggie was betrayed by her own parliamentary party..

    It might have been different, if the one statesman who broke the silence, back in 1968, had adopted an alternative strategy…



    …one which I suggested to him, face to face, at a meeting years ago.

    I was hardly the only one to propose the idea, that he should declare political independence, quit the Tories, lead a new party.



    ..but he courteously rejected my call, went across the water, and became an Ulster Unionist, not an ignoble choice, but far too restrictive.

    Had he chosen otherwise, a patriot party, a proto-UKIP, could have come to power.

    Now the task is infinitely tougher.

    Yet duty still calls.

    • Fiona 17:25 on August 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Sunak and Truss have been at the heart of the diversity gang.. You have probably seen this but I am adding it anyway. Sorry for not commenting a lot but your comments space is often hard to access.


      • Fiona 17:26 on August 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        EXCLUSIVE: HMCR Spending Over £1 Million a Year on 16 Diversity & Inclusion Officers


      • ross1948 22:31 on August 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks, Fiona I am trying to figure out what’s wrong with the comments access. At present I can read them but have to re-type them before they appear Some still won’t appear


    • Ned 21:27 on August 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Enoch, greatest PM we never had.!


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    Tags: , Linn-Mar School District,   

    Good Luck To Good Parents…But Note Our Warning! 

    I refer to those heroes and heroines in the organisation ‘Parents Defending Education,’ which we have mentioned before…

    Teachers’ War On Normality – A New Front 

    …and is reportedly…



    …. suing the Linn-Mar Community School District over its policy of facilitating students’ gender-identity transitions without parental notice. https://iowacapitaldispatch.com/2022/08/05/linn-mar-schools-sued-over-new-gender-identity-policy/

    That report goes through the individual situations of the children these Iowa mothers and fathers are bravely determined to defend against the cover-up strategy…



    …also described in detail, adopted by the local ‘education’ apparatchiks.

    It’s truly horrifying, that conditions can be devised so brazenly….


    ….to exclude parents from decisions that affect the very fibre of their off-spring’s being.

    Good luck, good parents…


    ….and more power to your cause!



    UK readers, be very careful!

    There is an outfit in Britain with the same name but with a VERY different outlook, associated with far-left ‘teaching’ union activists.

    Avoid confusion by using my link above the Warning’ sign!

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    Tags: Boy called 'Rainbow', Girl Guides   

    Girlguiding, Maladjusting To Decadence 

    ”I will not put my girls in that organisation’: How a trans crisis engulfed Girlguiding..


    As it happens, the Girl Guides, once a respected group…


    1918 girl guides.jpg


    …who have bizarrely renamed themselves ‘Girlguiding,’ have been slithering downhill for a decade, more or less…

    Guides will pledge “to be true to myself and develop my beliefs” instead of “to love my God”. “My country” has been replaced by “my community.”

    UK Girl Guides Give Up On God and Country! 

    ….and we recorded their cretinous cr-p back in the day.

    But now?

    Recent developments have left some parents fearing the needs of boys who feel they are female are being put above those of their daughters…


    ….the organisation formerly known as the Girl Guides – shares the real-life story of a recent recruit welcomed warmly into Rainbows, the organisation’s youngest tier for four-to-seven-year-old girls.

    Do I need to continue?
    You will already have guessed that the recent recruit is a pathetic little maladjust, a deranged, deviant boy who thinks he’s a girl.

    Oh, and he wants to be called ‘Rainbow!’



    Would anyone like a 5-min break, some quality vomiting time?

    The child in question – a lover of dolls and scarves and dresses, we are told, who wants to be called “Rainbow” – is biologically male…

    BTW, his mother is a repulsive woko-weirdo…


    Not his mother..


    …who says in the article that his “true gender” is female….

    So why have Social Services not intervened, to remove the small sad-sack from his God-Awful parent?


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    Tags: , , ,   

    Putrescent Portland, Awful Oregon.. 

    The report below more than justifies my acrid adjectives, above, but can ANY reader…


    ….tell me why so many cities in the West Coast states are so spiritually depraved?


    Portland Public Schools has launched a war against the ‘gender binary’ and adopted a radical new curriculum teaching students to subvert the sexuality of ‘white colonizers’ and begin exploring ‘the infinite gender spectrum,’” reports Christopher Rufo.

    “I have obtained a cache of documents from a source inside Portland Public Schools that exposes the nature of this curriculum. The lessons seek to turn the principles of academic queer theory into an identity-formation program for elementary school students; it has been adopted in many of the district’s K-5 classrooms.”  READ

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    Tags: , 16-year-old voting rights   

    Filthy Savages! 3 Guilty – Only 2 Identified? 

    We are told, no doubt accurately, that a 13-year-old was subjected to an “unprovoked and callous” attack.


    And two of the scum found guilty are depicted in the media, as below.


     Diago Anderson and Zidann Edwards who have been found guilty of shooting and paralysing a 13-year-old boy
    Diago Anderson and Zidann Edwards – no info on the third savage?

    I could go on about how the scum should be shipped off to a handy abattoir…


    …because keeping such creatures alive is folly.

    But we all know that, as we also know there is no chance of that, when sentences get handed down in October.

    Instead, let’s ask why the third scumbag is not named…

    …and when we read the words ‘two men and a teenager…’


    …we have our answer.

    The third scumbag is 17, so – by the absurd definitions enshrined in British law – the status of a ‘minor’ is conferred upon the savage.

    The thing is classified as a ‘child!’

    My usual question follows – when YOU were 17, or 16,  or indeed 15…



    …were you unable to distinguish between right and wrong?

    Neither Liz nor Rishi has been asked about the need for reform.

    So no Tory response likely.

    But what about all those Labour, LibDem and SNP MPs who wish to elevate teens to adult status for electoral purposes?

    Scots Teeny-Bopper Braveheart-Throbs? 

    Indeed, the SNP has pressed ahead, as we predicted, and declared 16-year-olds are entitled to vote.

    Such opposition MPs are plentiful, and often energetic.

    Why are they not pushing parallel reform, so that teen brat hoodlums are treated as adults?


    And there are other aspects to this ‘age’ nonsense..

    Calais Kiddies? Teddy-Clutching Tots? NOT! 

    .Another ‘Child?’ Enough Inexcusable Excuses for Evil! 

    …but we can return to that another day.

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