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  • ross1948 9:04 am on February 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Road Show Kedua, Apparel Expo, Solo, 5-7th March 

  • ross1948 12:28 am on February 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Questioned At A Border, Did I React By Killing Innocents? Drop Dead, CAGE! 

    Just watching CNN, some puke from an outfit called CAGE in the UK, who seemed to be arguing that disloyal Islamists should be cosseted, cuddled, even, rather than hammered, as normal folk would hope they’d be.  

    • ————–
    • He was whining that Jihadi John had been ‘radicalised’ – the new word for choosing satanic evil as a way of life – due at least in part to being detained in Tanzania, where security authorities were concerned that he wanted to go to Somalia, where the terror gang called Al Shabbab were active.



    British security services too, quite rightly, interested and had a word, so it’s said – by CAGE.

    And this ‘explains’/ ‘excuses’ / ‘legitimises’ the pig JJ’s enthusiastic bloody savagery, his beheading of innocent people?




    I was once on a bus from some French city to Barcelona. It was 1975, when Spain was going through a spell of terrorist attacks.

    The Spanish border officers came onto the bus, checked everyone’s papers, then told me to step off. They went carefully through my bags and double-checked my docs and interrogated me on my travel plans.


    I was a young guy, in a leather jacket, with longish hair. The rest of the bus were older, middle-aged tourists, apart from the Japanese girl sitting next to me.

    That was presumably why I stood out, in their eyes.

    I understood perfectly why they were more thorough with me than with the rest. Revolutionaries tended to look like me.

    So was I filled with fury and resentment? Was I ‘radicalised’ by this experience? No, no beheading career for me. It wasn’t the first or last time I’d had the hard stare from authority figures. But I didn’t give a monkey’s.

    (Speaking of monkeys, I interrupt to say that as I type this, CNN has another report, showing the stinking ISIS apes DESTROYING one of the winged bulls of Nineveh and other priceless artifacts –

    Ignorant ISIS Savages – Mayhem in Mesopotamia! 

    – I am beside myself!)

    I’d done no wrong, had no intentions of doing anything untoward – the gal from Tokyo was the only likely target of any untoward attentions on my part, and she wasn’t having any of my nonsense!

    So let’s not hear garbage from CAGE, or the other special pleaders who make out that poor little Islamist fanatics are turned along the path of terror by security/police forces doing their difficult and sometimes dangerous job.

    JJ is a rotten cowardly sectarian swine and has has been for years, a religious nutter who couldn’t even bring himself to look women in the eye – freako!

    Something nasty in the soul.


    Clearly he deserves to die for what he’s done.

    Developing that theme, I note Cameron has said, in connection with the identification of Jihadi John, that the beheaders will be brought to justice.




    But that’s just the thing.

    If captured By UK or Commonwealth Allied forces, the swine will not face justice.  British Government policy is dictated by the EUSSR and thus cannot impose justice. Neither Canada nor Australia has yet woken up to the need for restoration of capital punishment. chance – not under Obama, who specialises in turning terrorists loose.

    But suppose JJ was taken by Jordan, or those brave Kurds.

    They know how to handle vermin. They kill them.

    But what would Cameron do, pending the delightful prospect of execution?

    HE’D PLEAD FOR MERCY FOR JJ! That’s his (aka Brussels’) stance on the death penalty. UK tax-payers’ money would be used, wasted, on intercession to save JJ’s neck, on the grounds that he’s a ‘Briton!’

    Am I wrong? I doubt it.

    So let’s hope any captors don’t waste time on a trial.



    • Joseph B. Fox 12:51 am on February 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I was profiled about thirty years ago on my return to the UK at the port of Newhaven. Chap couldn’t have been nicer about it. He explained that the Tory Party conference was on up the coast, and this was the year after the IRA atrocity in Brighton. He didn’t say why I had been picked for special treatment, but it was probably because I look Irish (one eighth in fact) and I was the right age to be one of Mr Adams’ boys. If only I’d known what I know now, Id’ have beheaded someone.

  • ross1948 9:06 pm on February 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey, Maria Barf, Offer Jihadi John a Job! 

    That Obamanoid moron, Maria Barf (actually Harf, but given what emerges whenever she opens her mouth, I take the liberty of mis-spelling it) told us a few days ago that civilised countries shouldn’t presume to kill the filthy ISIS rape-gang, but should instead offer them jobs.


    “we need…to go after the root causes” like “lack of opportunity for jobs!”



    She was, of course, spinning the usual hogwash that cultural marxist media and minions of the ruling class like to spin, that it’s a lack of employment opportunities that  spawns terrorist vermin.

    CR%P, indeed, but just as Barf has begun telling us how unfair we are to blame her for her idiocy, because we are too dim to appreciate her ‘nuanced‘ expositions


    elite arrogance-s


    …along comes Jihadi John, a ‘Briton,’ so the media say (so how come he was born in Kuwait -what fool government let him into the UK?) with his coward’s mask torn away.

    No deprived, jobless, down-trodden anxieties at all to propel him into a life of satanic evil – far from it!

    His secret identity?



    Mohammed Emwazi comes from a well-to-do family who grew up in West London and graduated from college with a degree in computer programming.

    I just saw the family home on BBCTV, and it’s no slum!

    The Barfine Doctrine is a grotesque slur on all the millions of honest folk who are poor but honest, who spend years out of work, who live in sub-standard homes in inner-city areas, and who DON’T riot, or rob, or rape or kill.

    It would be inhumane, I suppose, to contemplate what blue-eyed blondie Barf’s fate would be if she fell into the hands of the satanists of ISIS, twisted freaks brought up to regard women as things. Jihadi John was mindful of making eye contact with women, friends said..

    Her offers of jobs for the boys would fall on deaf ears…no, no need to continue.

    Everybody knows she’d be raped to death.

  • ross1948 8:19 pm on February 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Bibles, , churches, , , , , Saudi savages   

    ISIS Enemy, Saudi Ally? An Equivalence of Evil? 

    Barbarians with blood-lust – savages like these RULE in Saudi and ISIS-Land!



    Saudi court gives death penalty to man who renounced his Muslim faith

    What on earth is the point of allying with a barbaric regime that – as the link above makes clear for the thousandth time – shows every sign of being as steeped in ignorance and evil as the ISIS enemy?



    Any country which gives the clergy control over its justice system is  one with which no civilised power should be allied.

    At least if that ‘clergy control ‘ results in nightmarish barbarism.

    Yes, yes, yes, of course ISIS is killing many more people than Saudi.

    But that’s not necessarily because they’re more satanic, simply that they’ve got more raw material on which to work their devilry.


    • devil destroyed ISIS
    • ===========================
    • There are – sorry, sadly, were – plenty of churches in Iraq and Syria to destroy in sacrilegious manner.
    • In Saudi there are none, by decree of the bigot regime.
    • There are precious few native Saudi Catholics or Protestants – any Christians to be found there will likely be foreign workers.



    Bibles may be imported for personal use, but not for any Arab friends or colleagues to learn from. Like similar primitives elsewhere  ( Islamist Inquisition in Aceh – ” Minority Religious Creed ‘Worse Than Tsunami!’ “) the Saudi authorities are scared stiff that other creeds might hold appeal for their indoctrinated populace, so they outlaw proselytisation. 


     I see another report that Obama has appointed a ‘special envoy’ to roam the world on behalf of the ‘rights’ of what pinkos call ‘LGBT’ minorities.  In the recent past, both Obama and Cameron have threatened to impose economic penalties for countries that transgress against those .
    Yet both the USA and UK are forever in the news for engaging in or seeking ‘trade’ deals with Riyadh. 
    Something very unwholesome -unholy, even –  going on. 
  • ross1948 12:06 am on February 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'gays' . executive order, , Governor Brownback, Kansas, special status,   

    Bravo, Brownback! Kansas Quashes Pink Privilege 

    Good news from Kansas, where Governor Sam Brownback has taken action to roll-back a gaystapo-friendly executive order issued by his Obamanoid predecessor.



    …Brownback rescinded a 2007 executive order creating special protections for homosexual and ‘transgender’ employees.

    Emphasising that all state employees enjoy the same civil rights as all Kansans without creating additional ‘protected classes’ as the previous order did, he reminded those who may have forgotten that any such expansion of ‘protected classes’ should be done by the legislature and not through unilateral action.”

    It’s about time somebody had the guts to take a stand against these people, although this executive order only applies to public servants drawing state salaries.

    What’s now needed is a wholesale repudiation of similar laws enacted by states, counties and cities across America, which hand-cuff employers who see no need to have their offices and plants infested with flaming queers and repulsive ‘ex-men’ in make-up.




    Why on earth should a manager risk prosecution, fines or even time behind bars simply for reflecting normal people’s reluctance to have bizarre deviants in their place of work. 

    Naturally, the entire ‘gaystapo’ choir is shrilling with quivering indignation.

    But Brownback’s office has made it clear that as far as he is concerned, he abides by what has for many years been standard practice in Kansas. State employees are protected by the same civil rights afforded to all Kansans – that they will not be discriminated against based on race, color, gender, religion, national origin, ancestry or age.”

    Nothing in the statutes provides for the sexually maladjusted to be included in that list and his Democrat predecessor, Sebelius, was clearly abusing her authority by imposing them as a protected species.

    America, and the world, needs more like Brownback!

  • ross1948 11:45 pm on February 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: george zimmerman, , , , shotting, ,   

    Hurray! Witch-Hunt Against George Zimmerman OVER! 

    Barack Obama, Eric Holder Holder with HMV



    “Though a comprehensive investigation found that the high standard for a federal hate crime prosecution cannot be met under the circumstances here, this young man’s premature death necessitates that we continue the dialogue and be unafraid of confronting the issues and tensions his passing brought to the surface,” said Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.

    Thus spake one of America’s most infamous racists, the man who declined to slap down Black Panther thugs who brazenly menaced a polling station. 



    Holder’s boss, the racist in the White House, became a by-word for dereliction of duty on racist grounds by his disgraceful intervention in the case, making the above statement on likeness, PURELY on a racist basis, words he’d never use for a victim  of any other hue

    And let’s be clear, the UNLAMENTED lout Trayvon Martin was not the victim – Zimmerman meets that definition much more accurately!

    The WT report isn’t short of good satire material, describing the pinko witch-hunters as ‘advocates for Martin’  but no matter Holder’s desperate longing to extend the harassment of a good citizen, the message is clear.

    “…there is insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt a violation of these statutes.”

    One must assume Holder was drunk when he came out with this next bit of bilge.

    “The death of Trayvon Martin was a devastating tragedy.”




    Nobody, outside his immediate kin and maybe other underclass wasters still resident in his neighbourhood, is in the least upset by the demise of Martin.




    It would be outrageous to take action against Zimmerman, who has suffered quite enough from the malignant media already.

    Now the important thing is to let police get on with the job of fighting crime, lots of sensible ‘stop-and-search’saturation policing and carte blanche to shoot-to-kill if they find themselves facing amok savages like that Ferguson slug.

    And speaking of which, it’s to be hoped that Officer Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri, cop subjected to a vicious hate-campaign for taking out a menacing amok-hulk, will similarly be exonerated. 

    And the last word tonight to the all-American acting assistant attorney general for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, who had to admit that their decision was based solely on the law …

    God forbid!

    But the silly bint IMMEDIATELY goes on to echo Obamanation ideology. 

    …and does not condone the shooting…”

    If she reflected real Americans, instead of Manchurians, she’d invite Zimmerman in and give him a civic award for public-spirited action.

    All our countries need more like him!.




    • Thomas 1:11 pm on February 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I think you are premature in this, because they will work and nag and worm their way around every legal or quasi-legal back-alley in he country till they find some way to vent their hate

  • ross1948 10:55 pm on February 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Lion Air   

    Lion Air Has A Way With Words! 

    ‘No Delay Is Ever Our Fault’: Lion Air Executive  



    “Lion Air has gone down in aviation history as the worst service provider of all time,” Parlindungan said.



    • Enidang-Jepara 11:54 am on February 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Why there is such bad service?
      Every time I fly with Lion Air, there is problem. So never any more. But I am afraid with Air Asia after the terrible December plane lost.
      Maybe i go by bus. Or take big boat with PELNI.

  • ross1948 12:36 am on February 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Churchill. ISIS, , Marie Harf, , ,   

    Churchill’s Secret Dunkirk Speech – ‘We Can’t Stop Nazis by Killing Them!” 

    Of course he didn’t say any such thing.

    But Obama’s braindead bint, State Department flunkey Marie Harf’, DID say “we cannot win this war” against ISIS by “killing them!



    Some chicken! Some neck!




    Churchill, of course, was true-blue in his allegiance to King and Country.

    Obama’s Administration is fundamentally treasonous.

    He himself is a cultural marxist and has no loyalty to America, or any other country, and he hires morons like Harf because, probably, they really believe PC hogwash like “we need…to go after the root causes” like “lack of opportunity for jobs!”


    The sheer absurdity of Harf’s Hogwash has been making the rounds across the USA and readers in other civilised countries too may have heard of it.

    But not, it seems, if you get your news from the American ABC, CBS, or NBC network evening or morning shows. 

    Our thanks to Newsbusters for a full exposure of the left-lib media’s collaboration with The Manchurian and his minion mutts.

    Incidentally, Hogwash Harf’s stuck-up  – typical left-lib  –  elitism came across perfectly when she told us that we were too dumb to appreciate her pinko pearls of wisdom because they “might be too nuanced.”

    elite arrogance-s

  • ross1948 12:03 am on February 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Jogja Book Fair   

    Jogja Book Fair, February 27th – March 4th 


    Waktu: 09.00 – 21.00 WIB Harga tiket masuk: GRATIS!

  • ross1948 10:09 pm on February 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Australian Human Rights Commission, bag-heads, bludgers, Brandis, criminals, Gillian Trigg, Papuan killer   

    The Real ‘Shock?’ Brandis Offered Trigg ANY OTHER Job! 

    So that abominable pinko  Gillian Triggs thinks she’s immune from ‘political interference?‘ But she herself is perfectly at liberty to interfere in political matters? Can’t have it both ways, honey!

    You’re paid from the public purse, so if you can’t stand the heat, etc….

    Triggs remains opaque about her politics…

    I’ll bet she does!

    George Brandis is surely correct when he says the Human Rights Commission had become “fatally politically compromised” after Triggs’ bizarre intervention into the ‘asylum’ (bludger) issue.


    Equally, to be fair to Tony Abbott after my recent criticisms of his recent conduct Memo to Normal Aussies – Ignore Big-Mouth and Berserk!  was spot on when he declared the commission should be ashamed of itself for conducting a “blatantly partisan” exercise. 



    Abbott’s condemnation arose because Trigg’s commission had kept its trap shut about the ‘plight’ of the bludgers’ brats during Labor rule, when in fact the numbers of those detained (quite properly – because their conscienceless crimmigrant parents had put them thus at risk) reached a peak.

    But in fact, Trigg is only a symptom of the problem.

    It’s having such a sticky-beak body at all that’s wrong.

    Okay, now and then we stumble across somebody in the ‘rights’ industry who actually shows a genuine interest in the real rights of real Australians.  Tim Wilson’s concern for Aussie free speech was a rare example.



    But who needs a hugely expensive outfit, housed in a bright and shiny office, in an A Grade office tower centrally located in Sydney’s CBD with frontages on Pitt and King Streets, shrilling on behalf of bludgers, and bag-heads, and  some creep who arrived from Papua by canoe in 1985. He was granted a protection visa 11 years later, but this was after he had committed a range of criminal offences dating from 1986.  Gillian Triggs: the Australian’s latest victim – The Guardian

    Even the Guardian, above, admits that the said creep killed somebody,

    But notwithstanding that, Trigg, in her official capacity, recommended he get $350,000 compensation because, in the light of his lawless activities, his protection visa was revoked and so quite properly, he has been detained, with no complaints from the Australian populace, who have enough no-goods committing a range of criminal offences without needing that number topped up.

    Who needs scumbags like that in Oz anyway?

    Trigg disagrees.

    And her Commission does, because that’s the mentality there. An unhealthy obsession with the ‘rights’ of undesirables, which is totally out of step with normal people’s thinking.

    I’ll bet if you ask the man and woman in the Sydney street, who not only pay Trigg’s fat salary ( I can’t find the precise figure, but for sure it’s more than the sum total of a Melbourne fireman’s, a Brisbane dustman’s and a Sydney cop’s, each of whom does something USEFUL for the community)


     – and don’t forget those humble tax-paying citizens would also be required to stump up the killer’s $350,000 -





    …they’d say send the ratbag back to Indonesia!

    And maybe take Trigg and Co with him!


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