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  • ross1948 12:17 am on August 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Roy Orbison, The Everly Brothers, Western Australia   

    Roy Orbison? Everly Brothers? Live in Oz? Really?

    I don’t usually post info on events in Western Australia, but this one struck me as something special. I had honestly imagined Roy was singing in the Elysian Fields, and I’d heard nothing about the Evs for years.

    But there is indeed such a concert today, Saturday, and another on the 31st.

    Alas, on closer inspection, it turns out they’re not still touring, and the people belting out those hits I knew all the words to, back in the Sixties, are – no doubt very good – imitators!

    Never mind.

    I can still sing along.



    And I intend to do so at my school reunion later this year. 

  • ross1948 8:59 pm on August 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Nude photos,   

    A New Nightmare – Could ANYTHING Be Worse? 



    Hasil gambar untuk blindfolded men

    But already many smart people are preparing for the horrid ordeal!



  • ross1948 5:09 pm on August 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 11th September, Serpong Green Warrior Run   

    Serpong Green Warrior Run, 11th September, Register NOW! 

  • ross1948 1:07 pm on August 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , French media bias   

    Has France24 Just Exposed Shocking Media Bias? 

    Hasil gambar untuk france 24


    A slow and even downright slothful day today, but must report that I have just watched France 24 news, their media round-up, their focus being on the burkini bans, a not unreasonable focus, since the Council of State, the country’s highest court, will today rule on their legality.


    • Hasil gambar untuk conseil l'etat

    Please note – it’s flying the enemy flag beside France’s


    • But what was notable was the unanimity of the media they quoted from, all critical of the ban, even a Catholic paper called La Croix.
    • Yet only minutes later, the same presenter told us that no less than SIXTY FOUR PER CENT of French citizens, in a poll, supported the ban.

    Hasil gambar untuk burkini vs bikini

    I know which I’d prefer to see on a French, or any, beach!

    This raises a very interesting question.

    Did France24 deliberately choose only pro-burkini media to use as their examples of opinion, and if so why?

    Or did pro-burkini media have to be chosen because there are no French media which support the ban?



    In which case, why are the media so utterly out of step with the people they’re meant to inform?

    I don’t speak much French, so have not tried to check if the level of bias we see in Anglo-Saxon media is matched in La Belle France.

    Perhaps our readers there can advise us? 

    • Leslie L 6:56 pm on August 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I find these people who defend the burkini so tiresome. The shariah culture does not belong in Europe and France should be as committed to civilised Western standards as Switzerland.
      The Swiss showed the way forward with an important ruling this year.
      Four young aliens who registered for school then refused to join the required swimming class because they would have to behave like normal Swiss girls and swim with boys.

      This awkward squad got a shock when their applications for citizenship were ruled inadmissible. Their refusal to adapt to their new country was seen as proof they were unfit to become Swiss. .
      If more of these people were treated with this kind of Swiss wisdom, Western countries would be seen to have some backbone.
      That’s why i hope the French Council of State rules against burkinis tonight.

    • Amlan 10:21 pm on August 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      So the ban is no more. The French may not persecute and bully the Muslims. This is a lesson all European countries will learn.
      You who do not like this must better move out of France and find another country. The old Europe is gone and a new Europe is coming. People have no choice now.

  • ross1948 10:47 am on August 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , August/September, Superstrar Education Expos   

    Superstar Education Expos, August/September, Across Indonesia 

    Hasil gambar untuk education expo 27 august  2016

  • ross1948 10:39 am on August 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: cure for 'gays', , Wear It Purple Day   

    Beware! It’s Not Purple Day! 

    Too late to warn Aussie readers, as it’s arvo there already, but you folks back West are still aslumber, so I’m passing on this warning.

    Don’t wear anything purple today…unless you want to risk attracting the wrong sort of attention!

    I had vaguely heard of ‘Purple Day,’ which falls in March and is the annual occasion to express support for people suffering for epilepsy by wearing something purple.


    • Hasil gambar untuk wear it purple day 2016
    • ——————
    • A worthy cause.

    But this morning, arising rather hesitantly after a quite splendid social outing last night, I opened this little laptop to be confronted with an exhortation from an otherwise reputable organisation, to wear something purple!

    And it’s not to display solidarity with epileptics.


    • Hasil gambar untuk wear it purple day 2016
    • ————–
    • Today’s ‘Wear It Purple Day’ is hi-jacking the afore-mentioned idea for an entirely different and infinitely less worthy cause.

    Wear it Purple Day is about showing rainbow (sexuality and gender diverse) young people that they are supported, celebrated and respected exactly as they are.

     Wear it Purple Day | Mental Health Commission of NSW


    You’d think publicly-funded bodies would not be wasting tax-payers’ money on a propaganda ‘event’ dreamed up by the so-called ‘gay’ and trannie lobby as a means of flaunting their condition instead of seeking treatment.

    They can of course wear what they want.

    But normal folk should be alert to what it’s all about.

    I don’t think I have any purple items in my wardrobe.


    • Hasil gambar untuk purple mens-wear
    • Not exactly my style!
    • ————————–
    • But if you do, perhaps lay them aside till tomorrow.

    Hasil gambar untuk hello sailor

    Otherwise, you may get all kinds of odd specimens mincing up to say hello!


  • ross1948 11:44 am on August 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Angela Davis, , , Hanif Kureishi, ,   

    Deutsche Welle Hands A Megaphone to Left Ranters! 

    Just trying to get myself on the move this morning, heading out for some fun with friends in posh Kemang ( not my fave place to hang out, but there’s a pool!) and while drinking my innumerable black coffees I tuned into Deutsche Welle.

    • deutsche welle
    • Mein Gott!

    Those pinkos who run that outfit had put a disgustingly biased show on the air…

    Peace ′n′ Pop | Highlights2 | DW.COM  Deutsche Welle

    …in which every form of appeasement creep from the Sixties onwards was given nearly an hour to spout peacenik propaganda.


    • Hasil gambar untuk joschka fischer
    • —————–
    • Joschka Fischer was one of the vile voices. We had a look at his record just a day or so ago. True Colours? Europhiliac Trio Honour Dear Red! 
    • But it wasn’t only German subversives – there were pompous ageing leftists from America, the infamous Communist Angela Davis…


    Hasil gambar untuk angela davis She got acquitted!

    Angela Davis and Radical Chic 2016 – WSJ

    ….and the UK too, DW having thrown its net wide to recruit the enemy within.


    • Hanif Kureishi.jpg
    • =

    Ken Follett ranted away in bilious fashion; a ghastly ‘British’ scribbler named Hanif Kureishi, scion of a super-rich Pakistani clan, got his chance to play down the threat from the ISIS rape-gang, whilst deploring the War on Terror.


    Not a single patriot from any country, not one conservative, was apparently available to speak up against them.

    • LIBERAL-MEDIA-e1315327567357-300x211
    • Or, infinitely more likely, DW had made up its mind to spend vast amounts of money on a one-sided broadside, narrated by some slug who made no effort to conceal his bias, nonsense about ‘arbitrary policing’ in the USA, etc..
    • —————-
    • Pathetic!
    • Babbling bigot leftists handed a megaphone under the guise of a ‘history’ of pop music.
    • Has DW no shame at all?
    • Comics, antiwar films and singer-songwriters inspired young people around the world.
    • SOME young people – and nauseated plenty of other young people, like me and my pals  – who staged counter-demos in London against gangs like the Communists, Neutralists and Defeatists of CND…
    • —————————————-
    • Hasil gambar untuk cnd
    • Ernst 12:16 pm on August 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Good for you.
      For this because Germans of course do not watch DW in English and will not know about this propaganda except for your telling them how bad it is..
      And good for your good warnings against CND in the days gone past.
      But the DW bosses are only true to their mission because the DW mission is officially from their founding to be ‘liberal.’
      That is why so many Germans protest when all Germans are forced to pay for it as part of ‘public broadcasting.’

      The state is merciless to protesters and one poor woman is in prison after she refuses to pay for it.

      If you read that then you will understand the anger because every German home must pay even if they have no radio or television in the home.

      Thank you for caring.

  • ross1948 12:09 am on August 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: David Horowitz Freedm Center, , ,   

    Solidarity Against Soros! An Appeal! 

     As always, I’m glad to lend a helping hand to resistance movements near or far.
    Today’s cause is that of the Freedom Center in the USA, an organisation established by a man who was once active on the side of subversion but who saw the light.
    He’s doing a fine job in the USA and so I append below his latest appeal for much-needed funds.
    Since this appeal is directed against one of Western civilisation’s most powerful and dangerous enemies, the abominable Soros…
    …a threat common to all our countries’ freedoms, it is a delight to give David Horowitz a hand like this.

  • ross1948 12:03 am on August 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Ban on anti-democratic parties, , , , , , KPD, , ,   

    Indonesia Retains Red Ban – So Why Not HTI Too? 

    No doubt all those comsymp creeps who have been demanding President Jokowi apologise for things that happened when he was four years old – Bravo, Jokowi – No Crawling To Unrepentant Red Rats!  – will be frothing at the mouth.


    • jokowi-twitter Jokowi
    • 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000
    • And I dare say much cussing was to be heard around the editorial lounges of the Jakarta Post – Jakarta Post’s ‘Red Apology’ Clique Getting Desperate?   and maybe the Jakarta Globe too.
    • Both English-language media have shown little ability to distinguish between people wrongly accused of communism in 1965 on the one hand and, on the other, the red reprobates of the PKI, the Indonesian Communist Party.

    ‘We Don’t Want Communism?’ But if You Did, It’s Time To Apologise!! 

    • pkiposter


    So what’s the latest furore?

    Indonesia’s House of Representatives Commission III overseeing legal affairs has backed the government’s draft revision of the Criminal Code that retains articles banning communism, saying the regulation is important to protect national ideology Pancasila.

    Pancasila, for overseas readers, is the pluralist basis on which Indonesia was established.

    It’s a finely balanced argument, this.

    Communists are all rotten traitorous SOBs…




    …in every country, of course, and there’s a good case for outlawing any parties that want to reduce the nation to totalitarian state status.

    But equally, keeping them in public sight makes it easier, perhaps, to track them. 

    Dimwit IslamoNazis! The More Marxism’s Exposed, The Better! 



    No difference


    Germany, for instance, has for decades banned the Nazi Party, which in moral terms is no different from the old KPD, the German Communist Party. That was also banned, but seems to have surfaced within Die Linke, the Left Party.

    Mama Stasi obviously won’t ban that, given her own record as a red gestapo lackey in the old East Germany.


    • Hasil gambar untuk stasi merkel

    Mama Stasi – Am I Unfair To Merkel?


    Commission III member Teuku Taufiqulhadi said Article 219 of the Criminal Code, which stipulates that anyone who goes against the law by promoting communism can be sentenced to a maximum of seven years in prison, did not go too far in the effort to defend Pancasila from ideology that could threaten it.

    OK, let’s leave it to parliament to debate the issue. 


    But one ought to be able to expect consistency from legislators. 

    If Communism is to be proscribed, then certainly the much more immediately dangerous Hizbut Tahrir caliphofascist movement should also be declared beyond the pale. 

    • hizbut_flag
    • They not only aim to destroy Indonesian democracy, but worse, to subjugate Indonesia, and every other country they can capture, abolishing its hard-won independence to a supranational sectarian tyranny, a worldwide affront to freedom. Many countries, Muslim countries too, have banned it already.



    Oh, and excising the IslamoNazi virus – a ban on the FPI, as has often been discussed, would not go amiss while parliament is looking at unwholesome groups to get rid of.

    A lot of people would approve!  

    A Festive Cheer For Muslim Sanity – Ban The IslamoNazis! 

  • ross1948 9:00 pm on August 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , ,   

    ‘Child Marriage’ in Indonesia And A Fanatic Cleric… 

    An article in the Jakarta Post caught my eye, not for its subject so much as one name mentioned therein, that of Ilham Arifin.

    He’s on Trans TV all too often, the late, late preachy show, so he must be worth a few bob, as they say, or said, when British coins weighed more than a bottle-cap.


    • trans tv
    • ———–
    • I switch channels when he pops up, an oily leer on his fizzog.

    But again, that’s not so much for what he has to say, which interests me very little, but for what I know about him, and indeed posted here some four years ago.

    Back then he was a regular feature on Metro TV…

    Metro TV’s Hate-Group Fan! 

    I don’t know if he’s still working there as well as at Trans, but he continues inexplicably to be treated as some sort of celebrity, shown great  deference, despite his record of support for the vilest elements in Indonesia.



    That’s him, the one without the fetching white scarf, his companion being the notorious Habib Rizieq, aka ‘High Priest’ of the self-styled Islam Defenders Front. Ilham’s never tried to hide his enthusiasm for those IslamoNazis.


    fpi kill busddhist

    Hate-gang on the march

    ============ reported that Muhammad Arifin Ilham reiterated his support for the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), by writing a statement on his Facebook account page on this day, Thursday (16/02/2012) which contains a statement of support for FPI and criticism of corrupt officials who support the secular media and disobedience and spread slander that the FPI are anarchistic…Coming Soon – Halal TV!?! 

    Ilham Arifin’s maybe not the worst of the bizarre breed we looked at more closely in Jakarta – Islamophobia Stoked By TV Fanatics?  but to be fair, he’s bad enough. 

    The article that got me writing this was written by a pretty smart lady who pointed out many good reasons why marrying too young was something better not done.

    But as it transpires, his son is 17 years old. So we’re at least not talking about child marriage in any bad sense, although because Indonesia’s laws require bridegrooms to be 19, young Alvin must first obtain a marriage dispensation from the Cibinong Religious Court because he is considered underage.

    Seventeen is old enough – I wish authorities in Europe would apply the same yard-stick to crimmigrants, instead of the idiotic rule that treats strapping 17-year-old brutes as ‘children!’

    Nevertheless, at that age, IMHO, the boy’d be happier hanging out with his pals at the local warteg, or playing soccer in the park, or bopping at a club, than taking on a life-long responsibility.

    But so be it.

    Good luck to the newly weds. After all, English teens used to run across the Scots border, to Gretna Green, Scotland’s age of consent being Sweet Sixteen.

    No, what bugs me about Ilham in this JP story is his comment on why he’s over the moon about the lad getting hitched.

    Proudly announcing his full blessing, Arifin said he married off his child to protect him from harm in the world and after life.

    Protect him from harm? An objective any parent would cherish, but…

    • anfpi2
    • …why doesn’t Arifin show public concern about protecting victims of the cowardly white-shirt brutes who maraud and manhandle innocent citizens. The IslamoNazis have time and again attacked both property and people – though only when they outnumber their prey by a hefty percentage.


    fpi skulk in mosque

    When brave citizens fight back, the FPI scuttle for safety faster than a rat up a drain pipe. 

    IslamoNazis V Freedom-Fighters? – Some Chicken, Some Neck! 

    Ilham could set his son a good example by including in his speech at the wedding reception a stentorian condemnation of Islamist hoodlum gangs.

    And since he’ll doubtless be handling the prayers, he could point out, given his above-mentioned concern for the afterlife, that sectarian thugs should be wary of those ‘virgins in paradise’ stories. 

    Hasil gambar untuk nuns with guns


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