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  • ross1948 3:04 am on August 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Just Asking- Does Red Vixen Trioli Yet Leech Off ABC’s Public Purse? 

    Just reviewing cold cases…

    … and this ghastly bint’s bias popped up.

    Rats On The Run! ABC Memo – Skip the ‘Flourishes.’ 

    It was over a year and a half ago, that I noticed she had not yet been tossed onto the rubbish tip where her abysmal standrards deserve to land her.
    …a quick check on their current activities  indicates that they have not terminated the employment of that boorish lefty bint Trioli, who presented perhaps the ugliest face of ABC bias ever recorded.
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    Tags: Jateng Fair 2015 dari 20 Agustus 2015-6 September,   

    Jateng Fair 2015, 20 Agustus – 6 September, Semarang! 



  • ross1948 8:27 pm on August 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    The Story So Far, 30th August, Jakarta 

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    Gebyar Bambu Runcing, 28-30 August, Jakarta 

  • ross1948 7:23 am on August 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Melbourne Mob Makes Cops Cower! Public Outcry? Pinko Rabble! 

    When is a public outcry not a public outcry?


    melb reds


    • When it’s a mob orchestrated by a marxist gang called Socialist Alternative, out to protect crimmigrants from the consequences of their crimes.

    That’s the lesson we learned by observing Australia’s Enemy Within, after Victoria Police kow-towed to the agitprop rabble in Melbourne this week.


    melbourne reds

    Public outcry? Red rabble! Examine, if you please, the moronic slogans on their placards


    The mentality behind the rabble is magnificently summed up by a far-left hack in the Guardian, thus 

    For a long time, there have been warnings that the cruelty of Australia’s immigration would have a carcinogenic effect on the body politic, as the brutality of the camps spread – and it’s becoming increasingly obvious what that looks like.

    What it looks like is common sense.

    When I go to Oz, I do so on a visa, and it provides me with limited time to enjoy my stay, and conditions, like not working. I don’t work, and I don’t over-stay. If I violate those conditions, I suffer consequences.

    Decent citizens there surely have no reason to worry, if asked for proof of who they are. Unless of course they’ve been up to no good.


    • illegals-45735984408

    Like the no-goods who are in Australia illegally!


    The plan was a general sweep downtown, looking for anti-socials of every kind. That might, of course, have netted any aliens flouting their visas, and that’s what brought the undesirables onto the streets.

    Their anti-social character can be gauged from the thoughtless way they swarmed the railway station, heedless of the travelling public, to promote their subversive cause.

    • badcops
    • Incredibly, the police bottled out.

    Instead of arresting the subversive scum for obstruction, the craven cops cancelled the entire operation, handing a small but no doubt pleasing triumph to Australia’s enemies.


  • ross1948 8:00 pm on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Calais Curs Try To Murder Brits? PUT THEM DOWN! 



    Only a day or so ago, we covered the latest manifestation of ingrate illegals’ violence, in Finland.


    We’ve seen the same this month in Berlin…Ingrate ‘Asylum’ Savages Riot in Germany – Kick ‘Em Out!   … and Italy Robbery and Kidnap Now?


    Not to mention the pending murder trial in Sweden.Has Murder Shocked Swedes Into ‘Asylum’ Sanity! 


    It’s nothing new. 

    And yesterday, a newsflash from Hungary, where a pack of arrogant intruders refused to be fingerprinted and tried to leave a migrant centre. Police had to fire tear gas to control the swarm. Who the hell do these uppity aliens think they are?

    Now we read that the Calais ‘Jungle’ scum have tried to slaughter innocent Brits.

    Family escape attack by Calais migrants who launched metal pole

    But health risks are what we expect if we don’t root out vermin nesting in our homes.




    It’s the rest of the same report that is the revelation!

    The father of the family targetted by the alien swine reported the incident to French border officials who told him they were surprised as it was ‘usually stones’ hurtled at cars.



    shoot terrs



    The man kept driving until he reached the first line of border officials he could find. They were French, and he explained what had happened….they then told him they were surprised by the incident, as in previous attacks on passing cars the hidden perpetrators would usually only use stones.

    ‘If they know that this kind of thing happens all the time, why is it allowed to continue,’ questioned Marius. 

    Good question, Marius, and for once we can’t blame Cameron for this terrorism!



    Hollande and Germany’s Merkel have been plotting their plots Merkel and Hollande call for equal spread of refugees across EU – and who knows but this ‘hands-off’ approach is related to it.

    It’s Hollande and Merkel we need to watch.

    Merkel is now, as I see one commenter has astutely observed, out to exploit the truck deaths in Austria. She’ll make that one more specious excuse in her drive to bull-doze other countries into emulation of her own folly.


    Make every European feel guilty, complicit in deaths that are in no way their responsibility.


    Don’t turn on the German people – the common folk there didn’t invite the horde, nor switch on the extra green-light – it was Red Angela who unilaterally abrogated Schengen! Now she wants Brits to suffer the overspill effect. 

    And in Calais? It’s Hollande and his leftist regime that must carry the can for failure to take out the murderous savages in the news report we began with above.  

    French police, French gendarmes, French special forces, any or all of their security services, are courageous, more than capable of putting the Jungle SOBs where they belong.

    In a compound surrounded by electrified barbed wire…


    shoot terrs


    …or, better still, in the ground.

    Clearly it’s a case of effective action easily taken, but hand-cuffed by political weasels.

    What Cameron SHOULD do – but won’t, as he prefers to keep in with the EurocRats – is demand Hollande see to the safety of UK travellers transiting French territory.  

    We all rejoiced when those terrorist savages were shot dead in France and Denmark…

    But how about the terror in and around Calais?

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    Sydney – Shock/Horror/Naked Woman Platter Scandal! 

    Arise, ye sex-starvelings of the Uptight Oppressed! Hasten ye to your destined duty, telling other people how much fun they can or cannot have, regardless of the fact it’s none of yer damned business!

    A Sydney bar has been slammed for using nearly naked women as fruit platters at a re-launch party on Wednesday night.

    Indeed, and so it should be, slammed, that is, if the poor lasses were forced to be fruit platters.


    But that appears not to have been the case.

    Models at the Cruise Bar party in Circular Quay were hired to lie on tables covered in edible fruit and also hand feed guests.

    So they were hired? I somehow think the deal was on the clear understanding that their duties would be to stretch out, get covered on food, not too heavy to be uncomfortable, and to allow guests to enjoy yummy victuals chosen from atop a yummy honey?

    No coercion involved!


    Heck, my fave Sunday breakfast delight would be enhanced no end by adapting this idea to Jakarta conditions- I usually dine out front, but such ultra-yummy enhancement would require eating indoors to avoid serious neighbour-panic!




    I suppose, on reflection, the Uptight Depressed would be a better term to describe the miserable gas-bag whiners exemplified, in this kerfuffle, by some shrill named Melinda Tankard-Reist ( described as a ‘Women’s Advocate‘ – what does that mean in terms of a real job?) who has asked people to take a stand against the bar for the action she said objectified women.




    A quick background check reveals that Melinda of the Sunny Smile was the co-founder of something calling itself Collective Shout for a World Free of Sexploitation….


    ….and I somehow doubt that the SHOUT referred to was that nice Aussie synonym for ’round,’ as in “It’s my shout!”



    “It is part of the ongoing objectification of women to use them as serving trays and just part of the buffet,’ Ms Tankard-Reist told Daily Mail Australia. “It suggests they are part of the buffet really – saying ‘help yourself to the women’s bodies.’”

    Well, no, it doesn’t, except to a youngish fogey like Mel. I’m sure the girls were unmolested, and would have slapped any galah who tried it on. Aussie girls don’t mess about. And those models probably went home with hefty wads of cash in their purses.

    What’s the big deal?



    This whole infantile fuss reminds me of how sticky-beak twits deprived numerous dwarves of a handy source of income by getting dwarf-throwing contests banned..


    Oh, and a final question, who are the sour-puss Sydneysiders referred to in this odd sentence?

    Punters have threatened to boycott the bar for objectifying women.



    • Lord Gaga 3:57 pm on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      On occasion I agree with you. This was a quite harmless stunt and neither customers nor models were made to do anything they didn’t want to.
      That Melinda Gasbag-Tankard must be a holy terror to date, any of the fruit-models a much better alternative.

    • JazPen 6:50 pm on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      You were too political last week, Ross, this is much better.
      I dont see anything wrong with these platter-girls earning a good wage.
      If you do rearrange your breakfast menu next Sunday, let me know, please.

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    The Station, Lifestyle Bazaar, Jakarta, 28-30th August 

    PP The Station Lifestyle Bazaar - twitter (500 x 652)

    The Station Lifestyle Bazaar
    Tanggal :
    28 – 30 Agustus 2015
    Tempat : The Golf – Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
    Waktu : 11.00 – 22.00

  • ross1948 10:51 pm on August 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Asylum’ Quotas – Will Cameron Buckle to Brussels Bullies? 


    Another go at quotas!

     That’s the threat from EuroCommissar Johannes Hahn, quoted today –  

    “We will have another go at quotas. I hope that in the light of the most recent developments now there is a readiness among all the 28 (member states) to agree on this,” he said.

    And if they don’t?

    Why should the UK, or Denmark, or Poland, for example, be punished for the folly of Merkel, who has rightly been denounced as a traitor by decent Germans for her schemes to allow no less than EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND aliens to latch onto benefit largesse this year alone!


    steinmeier-im-gespraech-mit-bundeskanzlerin-merkel- Steinmeier


    How dare her Foreign Minister, Steinmeier, demand ‘a fair distribution of refugees’  – nobody forced the government in Berlin to open up their borders to this tsunami.

    And no mistake, they are actively encouraging the influx, witness their unilateral abrogation of the agreement reached in Dublin to require wannabe ‘asylum’ bludgers to register in the land they arrive in.

    Sure, Dublin makes life tough on Italy and Greece, but the answer is not to hang the ‘asylum’ albatross round the necks of every other European nation.

    What’s needed is fast and furious repatriation. These economic migrants (a charitable description) should be given prompt U-turn orders and marched back aboard vessels to return them to Libya or Turkey, whose dereliction of border control duty has caused the nightmare.

    Yet Steinmeyer hates it when people, or peoples, use their democratic rights to oganise resistance to his various grand designs. He’s featured in our blog before, talking about the perils of his opponents using constitutional means-,“We have got Eurosceptics getting together in parties, getting more public attention and while Europe is in a crisis that doesn’t make our work any easier,” he said…

    Dummkopf! Pinko German’s Amnesia on Poland 

    Not one of the good Germans I write about below!

    Now he bleats that his ‘fair deal’ is needed to ensure support in countries taking in the bulk of migrants.


    • send-them-back
    • ==============
    • This reveals the truth, that support is in short supply, as more and more small cities and towns are exposed to the realty of primitives, unwanted barabarous people imposed on them by Merkel’s minions.

    Far from heeding her own people’s protests, the Communist-reared Red Angela shows her true authoritarian colours, arrogantly telling then that their ‘xenophobia’ (i.e. patriotism) will not be ‘tolerated!’

    Have you been to Germany?

    I have, from my hitch-hking teens to just before I came here to Jakarta, one joyous memory being a stroll trough the re-opened Brandenburg Gate, after East Germany was liberated from alien rule.


    The Germans were mostly most friendly to me, hospitable to foreigners who came to appreciate German customs, cuisine and way of life.

    The rabble pouring in now do neither.

    They may not all be sectarian primtives, but plenty are German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-PestSyrian Ingrates! 

    THAT’S what Germans are objecting to, ungrateful intolerant aliens, and this is patriotic indignation is what Merkel can’t ‘tolerate.’ 


    • Jackboot
    • ============
    • Intolerance is the badge of all her cultural marxist tribe.

    Next door, Austrians too are suffering, Vienna seeking to avoid public outrage…Vienna Dons Jackboots to Crush Austrian Resistance! by shuffling them off to Slovakia, where the regime is similarly indifferent to its own citizens’ feelings on the issue.Small Slovak Town Teaches Obameron A Democracy Lesson 

    Instead of emulating the Hungarians, who are taking serious, sensible action, the Austrian foreign minister, has denounced them for self-defence by individual measures and their own initiatives.

    By coincidence, as I type, I’ve got the BBC on again, my own peculiar form of masochism, and their 10pm news has some pinko on, interviewed by an uncritical slob who never confronts him once, as the guy whines that walls, fences etc. are the problem – if we didn’t try to stop them pouring in, they wouldn’t use smugglers!


    • HomeInvasion_DVDCover_Thumbnail__71142_zoomBBC EU flag
    • ================================
    • Right, just run up the white flag.

    If householders didn’t put locks on their doors, poor old house-breakers wouldn’t have to use force and violence, or damage the doors, to get in to rob and steal!

    Good grief!.


    “It won’t work and above all it threatens our European idea of having open borders and with that proper security at the EU’s outer borders.”

    Who wants open borders?

    Brits don’t. Caneron used to tell us he didn’t either, but now he’s bobbed down in his farcical ‘re-negotiation’ with Brussels, after they told him to play nice and just forget it.

    So what will he do in the face of that Merkel flunkey’s shrill demand for him to take part in the ‘fair deal,’ in solving a hideous problem created entirely by Merkel herself, the open door policy which has seen her country inundated?




    Going on past form, he will knuckle under.

    Instead of telling Merkel and Co. what he should tell them, to —

    keep-calm-and-shove-it-up-your-ass , Liebchen!


    Cameron will buckle to Brussels and let them allocate a ‘fair share’ of the frauds and fanatics to top up the number of disloyal savages already in the UK.

    Despite the murderous assaults aimed at Brits passing through Calias, he is still allowing any scumbag who oozes through the Chunnel to stay in Britain at vast cost to the public purse.

    Had he even a square inch of backbone, he’d be loading them up and shipping them out…


    …but everyone knows that’s not happening.



    • Chaz 7:27 am on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Of course he will buckle, he always has. His renego is in tatters before it even gets going, He let Brussels take border control off the table as soon as they told him to. You are right, not a bit of of backbone to be seen.
      We can’t trust this man, even the Calais mob are let stay if they get across the Channel. What kind of message does that send to the rest of them.
      There’s to be a big demo next month if his police don’t ban it. I will be there, even though I have never demonstrated in my life. .
      We HAVE to do something.
      We owe it to our family members who held off invaders of Britain in the past but we mostly owe it to our children, if we want there to be a Britain for them to live in..

    • Matthias 8:07 am on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      It is good you make us remember Angela Merkel was part of DDR apparat. This can explain her intolerance of dissent, so people should also remember the anti-Hitler resistance who were not silent as the country was in danger.
      In the Soviet Zone time, Germans had no choices, only to do what foreigners said they must. Now again it is happening, how to speak, think, wear clothes, no offending people who come from outside.
      Nie wieder, never again. Thank you for your friendly support.

    • Freda 11:43 am on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      The Germans are protesting now but we need to make this Europe-wide, and that means in Britain too. Their fight is ours.
      The Merkel Mad Cow Disease has infected almost all government leaders.
      If they were in tune with their people and not with Brussels, and pushed the illegals back from our shores instead of giving them free navy transport, this terrible situation would never have happened.

    • Bill Grentz 2:15 pm on August 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      The truth is that Germany has made a fool of itself, hoist by its own petard, in the old saying. Merkel has a very great deal to answer for and now she thinks Cameron will help her out.
      The tragedy is, she’s probably right. He is not exactly working hard at expulsion of illegals.
      He is a liberal so can’t be relied on to put British interests first if there’s an external organisation he can bow to.

  • ross1948 6:39 pm on August 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Kompas Travel Fair   

    Kompas Travel Fair, 28-30th August, Jakarta 

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