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    Trioli – Total Turn-Off During Breakfast…And Always! 

    I turned on the tv yesterday morning in Sydney, before I set out for the airport, and was not best pleased to see the ghastly Trioli, whose career seems to have proceeded without a hitch despite her grotesque display of bias which we show you again today.


    Virginia Trioli is a puffed up, tired old TV news hack. Only the ABC could possibly give her any work —at our expense, of course.

    The ABC’s Trioli farewells a conservative guest | Herald Sun …

    Plenty of Aussies CLEARLY share my view of this wretched woman.
    Her target then was a parliamentarian who dared speak up against the Climate Panic clique, and Trioli just couldn’t handle the idea of anti-establishment dissent, hence her ugly disrespect for the man.

    ABC is truly awful, and since TurnBull-Sh-t replaced Abbott’s eminently sensible outlook, the pinkos who infest the tax-funded broadcaster, treating it as their very own propaganda agency, must feel free to do anything they please.


    • abc treachery

    Most Australians will recall Turdbull’s couldn’t-care-less attitude when ABC’s little Jakarta ‘guy’ gave uncritical attention to all those ‘asylum’ swine reciting their base accusations against the Royal Australian Navy.

    The First Cut is the Sweetest – But Best to Axe ABC Entirely! 

    Abbott behaved the way any patriot should, while the ineffable millionaire whose plotting brought him down showed what a wet weasel he truly is.

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    Can’t Handle Yer Vegemite? Join AA!! 

    She just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich…


    Not an Aussie former girl-friend, but a VERY good ‘sandwich’ photo!


    Thus the famous line from the famous 1980s song, which was largely meaningless to non-Aussies, unless, like me, you had been involved with a London-based Sheila.

    That Sydney siren had actually done just that, a joke, after I had observed that to kiss somebody who had recently devoured said product was much the same as osculating with a corpse (not that I had tried that, before any pinko reader accuses me of necrophilia!)



    Today, however, I once more envy Australians their rather sensible government, after reading the latest tale about certain backward kampungs in the Lucky Country, where some inhabitants are so anti-social that alcohol has had to be outlawed!

    To tell the truth, I hadn’t realised such bans were still in place – it says a lot for the BBC’s pinko PC censorship that it refused to say what sort of people live in communities where alcohol is banned because of addiction problems.

    I’d guess not Jews or Muslims, yeah?

    Anyway, it turns out these communities may indeed by primitive but there are resourceful residents out there.

    …the yeast-based product is contributing to anti-social behaviour in some remote communities… being bought in bulk to make moonshine. Brewer’s yeast is a key ingredient in the spread and is used in the production of beer and ale.

    The Indigenous ( ah, that gives the game away!) Affairs Minister, a Mr Scullion, has said  Vegemite sales should also be restricted.   http://www.skynews.com.au/news/national/2015/08/09/vegemite-ban-called-after-alcohol-production.html

    .But happily, PM Tony Abbott shows common sense.


    • Tony_abbott_011209_t325
    • ———————
    • Mr Abbott says it is important to ensure remote communities are being properly policed but insists his is a deregulatory government. ‘The last thing I want to do is have a Vegemite watch!”


    Quite right, Tony!

    I like a good session myself…




    … but, as I’ve said to my pals Jim Beam and Johnny Walker more than once, if people like a drink, then they should know their limit.

    Not always easy to do, but that’s life. So how come ‘discrimination’ is deemed needful? People of all ethnicities drink, and some of them can’t handle it!

    Why should there be bans in one sort of community and not in others?

    If a Sydneysider goes amok after a binge, does NSW outlaw booze state-wide?


    So… why should any ”community” be sheltered from the consequences of their inability to behave? If some of their residents suffer from such infantile irresponsibility that they can’t play nice during or after a good bevvy, like us grown-up sensible drunks, they should join AA.

    If they go overboard, cause trouble, vandalism or violence, then flog ’em!

    Or if the laws are too lily-livered, then cuff ’em, cart ’em off, lock ’em up, as many times as are required, until they learn their lesson.

    Sort them out!!

    Don’t institute Vegemite Prohibition!

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    Oz Issues a WARRANT? Why Not Offer a BOUNTY? 

    • I see Malcolm Turnbull is telling Australians not to suggest the enemy within, who carp and rail at security measures, deserve the label ‘terror-sympathisers.’Islamic State ‘not Hitler’s Germany’
    • Now maybe some aren’t, but a lot do give that impression, especially those who have not come out and explained to their flocks that doing bodily harm to ‘apostates’ – as ISIS do – is an affront to God Almighty as well as Australian law, nor told those flocks that their Number One duty is to Australia and not some supranational creed/ideology.
    • Malcolm Turnbullno-to-gay-marriage_350x350_front-300x300

    • But Turnbull twists in the breeze like a marionette, and may u-turn on his views on terror just as he has on sodomite weddings.   http://www.news.com.au/national/politics/malcolm-turnbull-slammed-by-cory-bernardi-over-gay-marriage-stance/


    • How about stepping up the pressure on jihadist swine, rather than easing off in Poor-Old-Malcolm-style?
    • Recall that ‘Australian’ traitor, a demonic doctor, Tareq Kamleh, who says he is not concerned if his passport’s cancelled and that he intends to stay in Syria?
    • =====================
    Tareq Kamleh

    A warrant has been issued for Kamleh’s arrest should he return.



    Can’t spell disappointed, but what do we expect from a turd like that?
    Now he’s gone to serve the gang of rapist murderers in Syria, to use his medical skills in the IS cause….I saw this as part of my jihad for Islam to help the Muslims in the area that I could, which is in the medical field.
    I wish I’d come a lot sooner.”


    • “The South Australian Joint Counter Terrorism team has obtained an arrest warrant for Dr Tareq Kamleh,” police said in a statement.

    That’s hardly satisfactory.

    If they do get him, and then get a conviction, the dirty swine will only obtain free board and lodging at Oz tax-payers’ expense for some years, then he’ll be unleashed.

    What’s the point of bringing him back if that’s all the consequences awaiting him?


    Tony Abbott seems to grasp the sense of what I’m saying.

    “If you are a dual citizen and you leave Australia to fight for a terrorist army, we never want you back.”

    Better, surely, than a warrant, would be an offer of a bounty, five or ten thousand dollars, say, for anyone proven to have taken out one of those renegade ‘Australian’ traitor pigs…


    • pighunt


    We know that ISIS members are devoid of humanity, and there are bound to be a fair number who would be willing to ‘borrow’ Kamleh’s scalpel and put it to good use.

    Or it could even be an interesting and profitable way for bikie gangs to spend their annual vacations!



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    ‘Independent,’ ABC? So Stop Bludging Tax Dollars! 

    Most people, in Australia or in any civilised country,would share Tony Abbott’s expectation of a straight answer when he asked the ABC “Whose side are you on” for allowing a convicted terrorist to ask a question on the Q&A program.
    I’d been typing this up earlier today but got distracted by the terror news.
    But watching the Australian Channel on cable reminded me.
    I saw that berk who runs ABC whining about his outfit’s ‘independence,’ though he was silent on when he proposes to stop depending on the tax-payers for his fat salary.
    And then there was a quick comment from that twit Turnbull, saying how ‘calm’ everyone should be about the ABC’s latest bout of disloyalty to Australia.
    What an A-Hole!
    But it was some pinko scribbler in The Western Australian newspaper who earlier got my attention.Terror talk drowns out debate
     He does seem to grasp the idea that for any media owned by the Australian people, such an appearance by an apologist for the enemy with which Oz is at war is an affront.
    But the hack doesn’t forgive the PM’s question as readily as he seems ready to let ABC subversion pass.
    Let’s be clear: the ABC made a serious mistake giving a live microphone to a peanut-brained cretin such as Zaky Mallah but the use of such McCarthyist language is another instance of Abbott overreach, coming just a week after accusing the ALP of “rolling out the red carpet” for terrorists.
    Joseph_McCarthy Senator Joe McCarthy
    Leave aside that the late Senator McCarthy was a patriot whose memory has been traduced by generations of ‘enemy within’ academics, journos and running-dog politicians. Treason in the White House? Bring Back Tail-Gunner Joe! 
    If this were a one-off, a solitary error of judgement, maybe the head honchos at ABC would need a mere cuff on the ear, but that’s hardly the case, is it?
    Way back when the Afghan War was warming up, there was the famous comment about their neutrality between jihadist scum and the soldiers of civilisation — ABC refused to allow their staff to describe the Taliban terrorists as terrorists.
    Disgraceful, like the BBC’s impartiality between the Argies and the people who paid their wages!

    Then we had that flatulent ABC flunkey here in Jakarta, turning up the volume for ‘asylum’ parasites in their vilification of Australia’s Royal Navy.

    abc treachery

    Fact is, the sneering smear merchant in the Western Australian cannot exculpate the object of his idolatry, so he hardly tries to, just snarls, like a mangy running-dog, at Tony Abbott.

    Given the current climate, it was also unfortunate that Abbott should express his jihad on the national broadcaster yesterday by declaring that “heads should roll” over the Q&A incident…

    It’s clear ABC treachery in the War on Terror is just as entrenched today as back then, when they cringed from criticising Taliban terrorists.

    Their fans in the Fairfax media etc. are of course entitled to share ABC’s visceral hatred of the government Australians elected AND to blare it out noisily – because they don’t leech off the public purse!
    Let the good times roll – and traitors’ heads!

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    ‘Home-Sick’ Jihadists? Bring ‘Em “Home” and Hang ‘Em! 

    Tony Abbott was reported this week to be having no truck with the absurdity of repatriating so-called ‘home-sick’ scum who joined the terrorist rape-gang ISIS – and a good thing too.




    “If you go abroad to break Australian law, if you go abroad to kill innocent people in the name of misguided fundamentalism and extremism, if you go abroad to become an Islamist killer, well, we are hardly going to welcome you back into this country,” Abbott told reporters.
    “If you go abroad to join a terrorist group and you seek to come back to Australia, you will be arrested, you will be prosecuted and jailed.”
    Well said, PM!
    But Western countries should take the issue to its logical conclusion
    These vicious rape-gang volunteers are not simply waltzing off to enjoy some sex-predator violence in a territory which has nothing to do with Australia.
    Their evil endeavours are specifically targetting Australia and her allies.
    That’s treason!

    There is NO excuse for what these swine have done. Everyone with the ability to read a paper, or watch tv, knows full-well that ISIS are satanic. Any ‘repentance’ should be left to whatever they have to say to The Almighty, once they’ve been wisely put to death.

    Unfortunately, Oz has yet to restore the death penalty, but in the meantime, there is a penalty for treason on the statute book and that’s their proper punishment.

    Besides, it’s very clear that there’s no real remorse for all their wickedness – take a look at this ‘Ibrahim,’who is believed to have fled to Turkey. The jihadist beast only wants out, allegedly, because he missed his wife and two young children who are still in Australia.


    Big deal.

    ‘Australians’ who enlist with ISIS only do so because they can sexually abuse helpless girls enslaved by the Islamist murder gang. It’s not unreasonable to argue that his own kids are at risk from anyone so depraved.

    Moreover, what ‘repentance’ may exist in his rancid soul is clearly limited by the hate-creed he adores. A word of dissent about the heinous slaughter of the Western hostages, yes...”Some of those things I don’t agree with…” 



    ……..but on the rapine, on the shariah sectarian butchery? 

    …..he said he supported the barbaric killings that took place in the name of Sharia law, and claimed to have witnessed a number of executions, including a crucifixion and the stoning of a couple accused of adultery.

    He SUPPORTS that? 

    Filth like ‘Ibrahim’ should be extirpated – the sooner everyone who holds such views is dead, the better.

    Labor Leader Bill Shorten just doesn’t get it when he babbles about jihadists. ‘Labor has a fundamental belief in the concept of rehabilitation.’ Pick-pockets, burglars, embezzlers, okay, maybe even bikie dope-heads, give it a go.


    devil destroyed


    But those who knowingly enrol in the sex-predator legions of Lucifer?

    Hell, NO!



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    ABC ‘Expose’ NCC – Some Revelation! 

    Always amusing how journos like to portray themselves as Jimmy Olsen, Cub Reporter, ‘revealing’ things that are hardly any surprise to anyone.
    Like the ABC Four Corners programme, which this month ‘revealed’ that conservative Australians not only preferred to have Abbott as Prime Minister rather than the leftist republican Turnbull but that some of them cared enough to tell their MPs.
    A very respectable organisation, the National Civic Council, did what you’d expect anyone with an ounce of civic conscience to do and urged everyone on its mailing list to ‘to email their federal Liberal MPs to ask them to support Mr Abbott…’
    So what else would they do?
    Sit back and watch as the Government was taken over by PC hacks, the party dragged towards the pinko ideology of Malcolm Fraser, which that grumpy old galah is still spewing forth today?

    Malcolm Fraser criticises PM over ‘bully-boy’ response to Human Rights

    Yahoo!7 News13 Feb 2015
    The whole point of getting together with like-minded people in politics is to make things happen, and an email campaign is one way, often quite a good way, of doing just that.
    Which makes one man’s comment quite breath-takingly naive.
    One of those who received the email, barrister Robert Colquhoun, told the program he was astonished by it.
    “I was being told that I should write to all the politicians, all the Liberal Party, telling them that if Tony Abbott was disposed (of) I would not vote for the Liberal Party at the next election,” he said.
    So Mr. Colquhoun, what exactly is astonishing about that?
    Interesting, yes, energising, yes, maybe both of those – or indeed alarming, if somehow you’re on the other side and got the NCC’s call to arms by mistake, as seems to have been the case with this ever-so-sensitive lawyer!
    But astonishing?
    Why astonished that conservative people want to rally support for the most conservative person in the contest?
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    Now – Were It Two Oz ISIS Scum…Would Abbott Still Shrill? 

    Here’s an item that caught my attention, the detention of an apparently Australian terror suspect in Lebanon.   https://au.news.yahoo.com/world/a/26578632/australian-terror-suspect-held-in-lebanon/


    • muath22
    • ——————————
    • Don’t know about Lebanon, but suppose the detention had occurred in Jordan, which has, after the horrendous immolation of its young pilot, adopted an exemplary policy of executing scum?
    • ————–
    • Tony Abbott sex appeal
    • ————————-
    • And suppose they were tried and found guilty and given the proper death sentence that all ISIS vermin deserve?
    • Would Abbott fall in with the pinko shrills and demand the relevant authorities let the swine off with patty-cake ‘life’ imprisonment?

    Would Australian public opinion – which, like myself and many another civilised person, rejoiced with beer and bacon butties, when the Bali pigs were put down…


    bali_bombers evil Bali Bomb pigs


    …,allow itself to be manipulated leftwards, as has clearly occurred since that poll only a month ago showed most Aussies would let justice proceed in respect of the drug-smugglers?

    Just asking!


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    The Real ‘Shock?’ Brandis Offered Trigg ANY OTHER Job! 

    So that abominable pinko  Gillian Triggs thinks she’s immune from ‘political interference?‘ But she herself is perfectly at liberty to interfere in political matters? Can’t have it both ways, honey!

    You’re paid from the public purse, so if you can’t stand the heat, etc….

    Triggs remains opaque about her politics…


    I’ll bet she does!

    George Brandis is surely correct when he says the Human Rights Commission had become “fatally politically compromised” after Triggs’ bizarre intervention into the ‘asylum’ (bludger) issue.


    Equally, to be fair to Tony Abbott after my recent criticisms of his recent conduct Memo to Normal Aussies – Ignore Big-Mouth and Berserk!  was spot on when he declared the commission should be ashamed of itself for conducting a “blatantly partisan” exercise. 



    Abbott’s condemnation arose because Trigg’s commission had kept its trap shut about the ‘plight’ of the bludgers’ brats during Labor rule, when in fact the numbers of those detained (quite properly – because their conscienceless crimmigrant parents had put them thus at risk) reached a peak.

    But in fact, Trigg is only a symptom of the problem.

    It’s having such a sticky-beak body at all that’s wrong.

    Okay, now and then we stumble across somebody in the ‘rights’ industry who actually shows a genuine interest in the real rights of real Australians.  Tim Wilson’s concern for Aussie free speech was a rare example.



    But who needs a hugely expensive outfit, housed in a bright and shiny office, in an A Grade office tower centrally located in Sydney’s CBD with frontages on Pitt and King Streets, shrilling on behalf of bludgers, and bag-heads, and  some creep who arrived from Papua by canoe in 1985. He was granted a protection visa 11 years later, but this was after he had committed a range of criminal offences dating from 1986.  Gillian Triggs: the Australian’s latest victim – The Guardian

    Even the Guardian, above, admits that the said creep killed somebody,

    But notwithstanding that, Trigg, in her official capacity, recommended he get $350,000 compensation because, in the light of his lawless activities, his protection visa was revoked and so quite properly, he has been detained, with no complaints from the Australian populace, who have enough no-goods committing a range of criminal offences without needing that number topped up.

    Who needs scumbags like that in Oz anyway?

    Trigg disagrees.

    And her Commission does, because that’s the mentality there. An unhealthy obsession with the ‘rights’ of undesirables, which is totally out of step with normal people’s thinking.

    I’ll bet if you ask the man and woman in the Sydney street, who not only pay Trigg’s fat salary ( I can’t find the precise figure, but for sure it’s more than the sum total of a Melbourne fireman’s, a Brisbane dustman’s and a Sydney cop’s, each of whom does something USEFUL for the community)


     – and don’t forget those humble tax-paying citizens would also be required to stump up the killer’s $350,000 –





    …they’d say send the ratbag back to Indonesia!

    And maybe take Trigg and Co with him!


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    Three Cheers for Tim Wilson – Champion of Oz Freedoms! 

    Three Cheers for Tim Wilson! It’s such a refreshing change to find somebody in a ‘human rights’ job who actually believes in freedoms. 

    Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson has renewed a call for controversial race-hate law changes.

    Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson


    • ——–
    • Wilson’s official title is Human Rights Commissioner, but he’s been dubbed the Freedom Commissioner, for good reason. Here’s what he said this week –


    “It is utterly inconsistent with human rights that some legal privileges are afforded to some and not others…Many ask why their identity group doesn’t enjoy the same legal privilege.”

    Indeed. Us left-handed folk, or red-heads, or skinny people, are at least as deserving as religious and ethnic cliques, domestic or alien, of the protections afforded by the present oppressive censorship laws.

    Joking (maybe?) of course, but Wilson’s point is well-made.

    It’s only because certain uptight shrills from certain ‘communities’ can’t hack criticism that Oz is saddled with junk laws that gag protests against subversive and disloyal minorities. 

    Australian Choices – MultiCult or Freedom? 


    Mr Wilson believes that if the same standard was applied to all groups: “We’d be in a straitjacket society unable to discuss controversial topics…If the law is reorientated towards addressing public harassment, it would enjoy far more public confidence across the community than it does today.”


    • charlie-hebdo_1-512x350 Abbott’s refusal to reform the law panders to the scum who attacked Charlie Hebdo


    When we’ve just had another atrocity in Europe perpetrated by jihadist vermin who hate freedom, all the more timely to recall how, after the Charlie Hebdo murders,Wilson warned some Charlie Hebdo content could not be printed in Australia under section 18C.


    • Tony Abbott sex appeal Pandered to the disloyal


    Abbott’s U-turn against free speech disgraced Australia and betrayed his promises. It was a brazen bribe to the enemy within, who have shown little gratitude since. But, cravenly, he has ruled out revisiting plans to change the laws.

    There are some in Canberra who understand the basic principles of free expression, and who are not, like Abbott, cowed by curs…a group of Liberal senators and crossbenchers joined forces last year to introduce a private senator’s bill that would remove the words “offend and insult” from the section.

    So let’s hope that Liberals like Cory Bernardi and Dean Smith renew their fight for civil liberties. Australia deserves better than the rotten sell-out by the current government.


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    Jokowi’s Exclusive! But Why Choose Un-Australian Fairfax? 

    Although I repeated only yesterday my high hopes for President Jokowi, I am not so naive as to expect he’ll fulfil every well-wisher’s wish-list. Nevertheless, congratulations on his inauguration this morning. 

    I may get into town to see something of the public celebrations later.
    But it has to be said that he could have thought twice before giving his first ‘exclusive’ interview in the Aussie press to Fairfax, the virulently un-Australian media conglomerate.

    • Fairfax-Media-logo_high-res1
    • Their feverish and fatuous rants on behalf of boat bludgers are old-hat in Oz, but maybe Pak Jokowi didn’t realise how they’d frame his interview. which appears garlanded with their own pro-crimmigrant prejudicial terminology.

    They don’t make it clear what were the President’s words and what were Fairfax froth.
    For example?


    • jokowi-twitter
    • oooooooooooooooooo
    • Mr Joko raised concerns about Australia’s unilateral and confrontational asylum seeker policies and specifically warned against the possibility of Australian naval vessels venturing into Indonesian waters without permission as they did on five occasions last year. “We will give a warning that this is not acceptable,” said Mr Joko, in the exclusive Fairfax Media interview.

    Right, Fairfax – (or more appropriately, Left, Fairfax!) -First of all, NOBODY calls him Mr. Joko.  

    But more importantly…

    DID Jokowi use the words ‘unilateral and confrontational’ or is that just the Fairfax flunkeys’ ideological salad dressing?

    • LIBERAL-MEDIA-e1315327567357-300x211
    • If he did use those words, then there should be quotation marks of some kind. If he didn’t, then the scribblers are open to accusations that they are mere propagandists.
    • —————-

    It might have been fairer (but thus unFairfax) to mention that Australia, far from being unilateral and confrontational, had offered all manner of cooperative partnership approaches, despite the frequency of parasite vessels being able to set sail from Indonesian ports, vessels containing packs of illegals (note- illegally here in Indonesia!)

    The Jakarta Government’s unilateral failure to deport these crimmigrants back to where they belong, and the same Government’s parallel failure to stop many of them launching illegal incursions against Australia, were not Abbott’s ( or even his Labor predecessor’s) fault but retiring President SBY’s.

    His security forces were quite capable of doing the job, but he cancelled cooperation.

    Indonesia – ‘Asylum’ Q-Jumpers Hunted – Good Show! 

    • crimmigration
    • One must hope Jokowi would propose to remedy these defects in the field of working together. After all, Oz continued to provide huge amounts of aid to Indonesia, even whilst SBY instigated his policy of non-cooperation.
    • https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2014/01/22/good-neighbour-oz-will-jakartas-shrills-say-thanks/

    • In return for those millions of dollars, Jokowi could at least have told his Fairfax flunkey interviewers that he was going to make a goodwill gesture and return those wonderful orange life-boats used to turn around the scumbags caught by the Royal Australian Navy!
    • ===
    • !
    • ======

    But one must presume he was ‘briefed’ by Mealy-Mouth Marty Natalegawa before the interview. There are rumours that SBY’s Foreign Minister will be kept on, despite his record.
    The only nice thing to say, if that were to happen, is that at least Marty would be a slightly better bet than the strident anti-Oz xenophobe, Juwana, that shrill academic.


    marty Mealy-mouth!


    Better than Loud-mouth?

    Not much to choose, but if Jokowi can’t find somebody more friendly to Australia, looks like that’s the choice he’ll have to make.


    And whoever gets the job should make a pledge to work with Australia on this issue, prevent parasites embarking, accept back those that do so and get caught by Oz, and, most importantly…

    ROUND THEM ALL UP!!!!!!!!!!!!  

    Apparently there are hordes of alien wasters skulking around Puncak and other parts of West Java!  

    Indonesia’s Illegals – Fine Photos, Far-Fetched Narratives! 




    Stick ’em in a common cell-block in an Indonesian prison and we’d soon see many eager applications for repatriation to whence they originally oozed.


    out with them


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