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  • ross1948 18:59 on December 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Shut Up And Mask Up’ Is Not Science! 

    Like most of you, I am not a scientist, nor a doctor.

    Nor, thanks be, am I a lawyer, a profession I regard with considerable loathing.

    Legalice! Immigration Judges Stab Britons In The Back! 

    Four Dimwit U.S.Judges Say – ‘Free Rapists and Killers!’ 

    But like all of you, I am obliged by the government ( in my case Indonesia’s) to comply with rules and regulations imposed in connection with the Chinese Virus.

    I certainly don’t like the rules – not so much the masking, but the distancing.



    I was until March what might be termed a ‘party animal,’ who revelled in get-togethers.



    Now the fun nights out have been discontinued, for the most part.

    If the rules are justifiable, so be it, though of course I don’t trust the World Health Organisation, a branch of the UN….


    Bruce Aylward
    A senior official with the World Health Organization faked internet connection issues and then abruptly ended an interview when confronted over the WHO’s position on Taiwan

    ….which pays some of the lowest of low-lifes very high salaries ( from your pocket and mine!)


    Xi Jinping (left), Tedros Adhanom (right). (Allan Rios illustration)

    Governments not only pay too much into WHO but pay too much attention to what it says, even though its boss is a Beijing lap-dog.

    And when his adherents in academia start censoring dissenting views…

    ….then I get ever more concerned.

    Read on!




  • ross1948 12:54 on March 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Oxford’s College KGB? Informers Menace Free Speech! 


                         SomethingWickedbcweb                                                                                   oooooooo      

    A sorry story from Oxford University, where dreams of glittering prizes seem to have been replaced by a kind of cultural marxist nightmare…


    …slimy informers, authorised by college authorities to prowl the college greens, eaves-dropping on everyone from undergrads to distinguished dons.

    Surely not, I hear you say!?!

    When I was at university (not Oxford -I’ve only ever been there once, to address young student patriots during the Falklands War) any such police state tactics would have been unthinkable. My old Vice-Chancellor would have taken dirty delatores by the scruff of the neck and hurled them off the campus, into the gutter where totalitarian turds belong.

    A tempora, a mores…

    I am no great admirer of Michael Gove, as you can see by flicking back to June last year…

    Get A Grip, Gove! We Must HIGHLIGHT Migrant Menace! 

    ..but equally there’s no reason to doubt his word when he tells of a Festive Season visit to his alma mater.

    Gove is indeed an Oxford man, but he undermines an otherwise very useful revelation by not telling us in which one of the most academically distinguished Oxford colleges his experience occurred.  

    Maybe it’s his own, and he’s ashamed to admit it?

    However, those of you with more time to research the scandalous state of affairs he relates may be able to pinpoint the place where he was warned that he should be aware that the college had a diversity officer.

    That accursed word immediately alerts us to the essence of the evil that currently afflicts Oxford. ‘Diversity’ has become not so much as word as a war-cry, invoked anywhere for any purpose, as in Hollywood.. .The Accidentally Racist Oscars – The Federalist…where it’s in high demand at awards ceremonies to ensure that ethnic origin is of as much importance as talent in choosing winners.

    I wondered why a warning was felt necessary. I presumed that the job of the diversity officer was to help ensure that this ancient foundation did not become the academic equivalent of a gated community.

    Doubtful assertion!

    Gove’s been around the block often enough to suss out what gives these days in institutions of ‘higher’ (!) education, and not just in the UK…

    Hasil gambar untuk middlebury students



    …did you see that pack of braying asses at Middlebury College in America, ignoramuses out to stomp free speech? 

    But never mind.


    Hasil gambar untuk gove


    The job of the diversity officer, who was a fellow of the college, was to be alive to any comments in informal conversation or formal teaching that might be thought to be capable of giving offence to third parties.

    NB, not just in formal teaching situations, but ‘INFORMAL CONVERSATIONS!’

    Are we talking about modern Britain, or about Merkel’s former comrades in the Stasi…


    Gambar terkait


    …or Stalin’s USSR, where ordinary people had to watch what they said everywhere, except among their closest friends and families.

    Gove explains.

    So anything that seemed to stereotype, show disrespect towards minorities or create a climate in which an individual might feel their dignity infringed was to be recorded….

    THE TIMES: Michael Gove – Silencing dissent will blight our universities


    And if those spied on dare step out of line with the ruling ideology? 

    …the culprit would be warned to desist from such provocative speech and, if they persisted, they would be disciplined.


    Logic tells us that if ‘discipline‘ doesn’t work, dismissal will be the next step, until the entire ‘community of scholars’ is coerced into conformity…




    …dissent eradicated by Oxford’s Thought-Police.



     ‘Diversity officers,’ like ‘diversity courses,’ are a waste of space, a waste of money, a waste of time and a very real THREAT to all the freedoms for which Britannia once stood.

    • Hal Baines 08:11 on March 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      This kind of diversity sh-t has been going on for a long time in America. Free speech on campus is a dead duck.
      Uneducables like in Middlebury, in your photo, don’t deserve to enjoy the good life they’ve got on their campus.
      They can go get jobs in fast food drive-thru restaurants and make way for kids who appreciate the opportunity to study and learn.


  • ross1948 20:46 on January 10, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Teaching Tolerance? Say You’re Sorry! 

    Everybody knows that the Indonesian Province of Aceh is awash with ignoramuses, freako fanatics who have young women flogged by masked cowards for no reason sane people could begin to comprehend…


    The Sharia Hell of Aceh!

    The Sharia Hell of Aceh!


    …and moronic bigots who ban not just Christmas but New Year celebrations. 

    ‘Happy New Year? Don’t You Dare!’ – Aceh’s Islamist Bigots 

    But one might have hoped that their universities were above the general level of primitive sectarianism.

    Alas, not so!


    rosnidab2 Rosnida said she and her family had been intimidated and she had been accused of “Christianizing” her students.
    She said the voluntary visit to the church was part of a creative teaching method for Muslim students to understand faiths and build mutual understanding and religious tolerance.


    Rosnida Sari has been told she should apologize publicly through the media and admit she was mistaken…http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/01/10/pluralist-lecturer-told-apologize.html

    She’s a lecturer in ‘gender studies’ at Ar-Raniry State Islamic University (UIN) – and it’s her university that’s recommending this course of action, not some crack-pot cleric.

    So what dreadful offence did she commit?

    bikinis I’d sign up for that class!

    Did she have her class of young ladies frolic, scantily-clad, on one of Aceh’s splendid beaches? Or drag them off to some bawdy night-club?


    She took a group of Muslim girls to a local Protestant church, to visit and hold a dialogue with church ministers as part of a study tour. And in consequence of that harmless outing, she’s had DEATH THREATS!

    Given the mediaeval mentality up there, unfortunately that’s not entirely surprising.





    But what is surprising, appalling, really, is that the call for an act of repentance comes not from some jihadist jerks but from her own University Senate.

    If that’s the standard of academic distinction in UIN, it should be closed down. Have these people no concept of what education, never mind academic freedom, means?

    Here’s their excuse for the stalinoid ‘recommendation,’as told by Rani  Usman, UIN Propagation and Communication School dean. She says it’s aimed at saving Rosnida and calming the situation as there was pressure from various circles less familiar with the situation trying to take advantage of the situation.

    So UIN is caving in to Dark Age dimwits? Sheer fear?

    Partly, maybe, but in fact they’re playing the same benighted game, deploying ‘re-education’ as nastily as the Reds did when South Vietnam fell to totalitarian communism.


    The UIN management will also provide religious guidance and counseling to Rosnida during her suspension from academic duties.

    That dictatorial diktat is still so far only a recommendation. It’s up to UIN Rector H. Farid Wajdi Ibrahim to implement it. But Pak Farid may not be such an appeasement-addict as his senators.  He acknowledges that Rosnida’s action was not an academic violation.

    “It is commonplace for academics to conduct a comparative study to houses of worship because we also have courses related to Christology…Freedom in the academic field must be upheld.”

    Bravo! So he’s not going to carry out the intolerant repressive recommendation? Depends if he has the guts to stand up to the forces of darkness…Farid said the university had received pressure from various parties to impose sanctions on Rosnida.

    Basically, the Rector is hedging his bets. “Let’s cool down first.”

    What’s to cool?

    It seems “there are two different perspectives in the case, academic and social,” and Farid explains how the Aceh community could not yet accept such matters socially.

    Actually, the Aceh community does not always seem to be unanimous about the awful rules forced on them. We’ve reported resistance more than once. 

    Vive La Resistance! Brave Muslims Defy Kill-Joy Clerics! 

    Resistance in Aceh – Citizens Oppose Shariah Oppression! 

    Aceh Teens Fight Back – Shariah Goons Skedaddle! 

    It’s the intolerant clique in power that’s obnoxious in every way. Islamist Mayor – We Know Where You Live! Submit to Indoctrination OR ELSE! 

    I began writing on this scandal with some anger, but end it with a certain sadness, a genuine sense of pity for not only the lecturer terrorised by death threats and betrayed by her colleagues, but also for Farid.

    I reckon the Rector is a fundamentally decent man – trapped by fate in territory controlled by a cruel ideology not dissimilar to that which rules in Vietnam or Cuba or North Korea.


    devil destroyed

    But you never know till you’re on the spot.


  • ross1948 19:03 on November 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Pinko – ‘INTERROGATE the UKIP Speakers!’ – An East Anglian Lubianka? 

    I have from time to time suggested that the dirty little louts who engage in vicious brawls on Jakarta streets, ostensibly as rival champions of their respective high schools…

    Ayo, Ahok! Tawuran Jakarta? Kick the Louts OUT! 

     …ought to be expelled and the vacated places given to deserving kids from the city’s poor community, who can’t enjoy the so-called ‘free’ education because their parents haven’t the money to buy books or uniforms.

    Today, I read that so-called ‘students’ at a UK ‘institution of higher education,’ to wit the University of East Anglia, are trying to prevent a UKIP speaker from taking part in a debate – because some of the bigoted little morons enrolled there disagree with UKIP policies. 



    It’s the Student Union that has stopped a speaker meeting going ahead tonight on their Norwich campus because UKIP had been invited. The event was organised by the Political Debating Society but a student launched a campaign to prevent UKIP from participating.
    The University said its Students’ Union had launched an “internal investigation” into whether rules had been breached by the society when they invited UKIP.   http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/11/27/University-of-East-Anglia-Ban-UKIP-From-Speaking-On-Campus

    These undergraduate cretins issued a statement which has to be seen to be believed
    “The review will consider the potential for any decision to limit freedom of speech as per the university’s code of practice in pursuance of the 1986 Education Act; the potential for the event going ahead to cause the union to be in breach of its equal opportunities policy….



    ….the potential for the event going ahead to cause the union to fail in its wider legal duties; the potential for the event going ahead to cause reputational risk to the Union; the potential for the speaker’s presence on campus to cause fear or alarm to members of the student body; and the potential for the speakers presence on campus to give rise to breach of peace.”

    Bloody hell!

    Fear or alarm? Breach of the peace? Reputational risk?

    The fools have already harmed UAE’s reputation by their censorship bid.

    What kind of ‘student’ fears to hear ideas?



    That’s what uni is all about!

    And any breach of the peace centred on UKIP has arisen only from the nutzi UAF and similar red boot-boys (and girls) 



    Snake Cameron – Red Nazi UAF’s Founding Fan? 


    Douglas Carswell, MP, just recently elected for UKIP, is a graduate of this place and his comment sums it up: “It is sad that in 2014 there should still be people who want to ban ideas and prevent free speech. It is patronising to suggest students need protecting from UKIP, a genuinely reformist party offering us real political reform.”



    “As a former UEA student, I am looking forward to speaking at an event at the university in the New Year. I hope anyone fed up with our failed political system might come along and discuss how we can change things.”

    The bigoted little bint who started the trouble is named Timea Suli. I tried to find a photo and this appears to be she.


     No comment on Suli’s pic- I’m too much a gent!


    However, if we want to illustrate the mind-set that is suggested by involvement in this marxist censorship exercise, better perhaps to use a photo of the general category of person you’d expect to get up to this kind of nonsense.




    UEA’s Sule says  – “Our message is simple: please take your intimidating politics elsewhere. We do not believe that UEA is the appropriate venue for UKIP’s message…”

    Since when does a spoilt brat get to decide which party has the right to address students who want to hear its message?

    And this pinko creep uses language which betrays her totalitarian instincts.  She maganimously decrees that ‘she would be willing‘ to let UKIP use Norwich Town Centre so that students can “interrogate the party’s spokespersons. \


    Interrogate? That’s what secret police do. The KGB, NKVD, OGPU – East Germany’s Stasi, Communist Hungary’s AVO.

    In a free country, Timea – and admittedly the UK may not be the object of your allegiance,  but nevertheless your ignorance is still inexcusable – political opponents QUESTION or ARGUE or DEBATE. They DO NOT INTERROGATE! 

    Why waste university places on people like her? 

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