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  • ross1948 09:30 on December 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Memo To ACLU – Yer Off Yer Rocker! 


    Nobody told me, nor any other man I know, about International Men’s Day, which apparently occurred mid-November!



    Had I been so informed, I’d have tried to celebrate in proper manly fashion, a gallon of beer in a bar, admiring and/or chatting up the delightful Jakarta bar-maids…


    ….and eating tons of meat…




    …and smoking my usual three packs a day.

    But no need to regret missing out on 19th November!

    Most normal men do all or some of those agreeable things most days!

    Then today I caught up with a news item which exacerbated my hang-over ( yeah, it was a good night out last night!) and made me shudder.



    I can’t think of anything the ACLU has said or done in recent years of which I approve…

    ..angry face

    …and a while ago I commented on that outfit’s ‘toxic transformation from pain-in the-ass to dagger-in-the-heart.’

    A Liberal Diagnoses Disease In America’s Body Politic! .



    …but at least their outbursts have usually sounded coherent, as if they emanate from people with a modicum of rationality, more or less, usually less, but even so..,.


    Not so last month!




    “There’s no one way to be a man. Men who get their periods are men. Men who get pregnant and give birth are men. Trans and non-binary men belong.#InternationalMensDay.”



    Yes, that’s what the ACLU actually said –  I’m not making this up, honestly!

    Read more in the very  readable link below!



    • Ben Baniek 13:31 on December 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      That ACLU were for years run by CPUSA and fellow-travellers.
      Now it is the cultural marxists in charge.


  • ross1948 11:59 on September 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    An Excellent Innovation – Screen ‘Migrant’ Social Media! 

    Sounds to me like a good idea, this news that there’s to be expanded scrutiny of wannabe border-crossers – even more so, when we read that the perennially pro-crimmigrant ACLU is set to start a-whining about the fresh vetting moves.

    . ‘In 2016, the the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) called the DHS’ proposal to collect social media profile from visa applicants “an intelligence surveillance program clothed as a customs administration mechanism.”

    And that’s meant to be an argument AGAINST?

    Given the kind of evil ideologies imported by so-called ‘asylum-seekers’ and various fake-refugees…


    Gambar terkait

    Phoney ‘Refugees’ And Phones– Calling All Crimmigrants?  

    It’s a damned good idea to find out as much as possible about who they’re in touch with. Austria showed a lot of smarts by confiscating mobile phones!

    And how about America…

    in Arizona,  federal authorities in the Grand Canyon State have arrested two refugees from the same continent for conspiring to provide material support to ISIS. In both cases the terrorists entered the United States legally under an Obama era program…

    Not Just Europe, But USA Too, Imports Evil Ingrates 

    ….where stepping up ‘intelligence surveillance’ is also a first-class idea.

    A pity it’s only in America that this reform is reportedly being introduced.

    Canada and Australia…

    Indonesia Shows Oz and UK How To Handle Hizbut! 

    …as well as European countries, could do with much tighter checks that might help keep out sectarian fanatics like Hizbut Tahrir.

    Good citizens who care about their country should take note of another sentence from the report.

    The DHS will be seeking comments and insight from interested parties on its new rules until November 4, when the process will move forward for approval and implementation.


    But every time something good pops up, it is sad to say that there’s bad news to balance it.

    The foul fanatic Ilham Omar rejoiced this month when yet again a judge took a sledge-hammer todemolish an anti-terrorist safeguard.

    evil judge

    …a federal judge has ruled that the government’s watchlist of more than 1 million people identified as “known or suspected terrorists” violates the constitutional rights of those placed on it.

    The ruling Wednesday from Judge Anthony Trenga grants a summary judgment to nearly two dozen Muslim U.S. citizens who challenged the watchlist with the help of a Muslim civil-rights group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

    But the judge is seeking additional legal briefs before deciding what remedy to impose.

    Why Terror-Backed Rep. Ilhan Omar Is Celebrating This Week

    Aaah, CAIR…




    • Pellegrino 16:13 on September 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It is a good idea, so of course ACLU will try to stop it. I can never figure why they have that A when it should be an ‘I’ – for Illegal Criminals Liberation Union.
      i bet Obama judges will try to block it too


    • Lorne Marzio 20:07 on September 10, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      That Obama judge Tigar who has just blocked Donald Trump’s ‘asylum’ reform is typical.
      He does all he can to make life easy for illegals.
      We should be able to elect judges.


  • ross1948 09:25 on July 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    “American” Civil Liberties Union? Gimme A Break! 

    Excellent news from Washington today, where ‘the US government is introducing a new fast-track deportation process that will bypass immigration courts.’


    Nothing unreasonable in the reform, which stipulate that  ‘any undocumented migrants who can’t prove they’ve been in the US continuously for more than two years can be immediately deported,’ though you can tell, by the slanted wording, it’s from the leftist UK state broadcaster.



    Like much of the pinko-bigot media, the BBC flaunts its bias by calling crimmigants ‘undocumented’ instead of what they are, ‘illegals!’

    But there’s no show without Punch, and sure enough, we read on…



    …to learn that ‘the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) rights group has said it plans to challenge the policy in court.’


    In court?’

    The last resort of Un-Americans who despise democratic government, though thanks to Trump…

    Dodgy Doorways Into Blasey’s Blurry Brain 

    …the highest court has been improved recently.


    ‘American’ Council for Civil Liberties?’

    In what possible way are undesirable aliens due for deportation to be regarded as ‘American?’

    But we must expect no less from that ACLU…


    Hasil gambar untuk anti-aclu

    ….and as noted a while back, even an outspoken liberal has identified that outfit’s toxis transformationfrom pain-in the-ass to dagger-in-the-heart.

    A Liberal Diagnoses Disease In America’s Body Politic! .


    The Final Nail in the ACLU’s Coffin

    The ACLU has long been loathed by decent Americans, and their latest grubby scheme to go whining to those judges they know to be complicit in the crimmigrant cause will not lessen that loathing.


    • Truman Alexander 11:28 on July 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      ACLU was controlled by the CPUSA almost from the start, and even liberals are beginning to notice the marxism.
      So that tells us the organization has given up pretending it cares about any “liberties” except the ‘liberties’ of non-Americans and un-Americans and criminals of course!


  • ross1948 22:13 on April 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    America’s UCP Heroes Deserve Gold Medals! 

    Aaah, that ACLU!

    It’s always had a somewhat malodorous reputation, the ACLU, left-liberals who whined about ‘rights’ but saw nothing amiss about collaborating with the CPUSA, the red hypocrites who would have robbed Americans of every constitutional liberty.


    In the past, however, it did occasionally take up a case or two of non-leftists who felt they’d been hard done by.

    But today?

    Here’s a measure of their non-partisan, balanced approach.

    The Trump administration’s vile racism has emboldened white nationalists and fascists to flagrantly violate the law!”




    ACLU’s New Mexico branch vented their hysteria thus in response to what appears to be an outstanding example of pro-active good citizenship, in which ‘armed rightwing militia members detained a large group of migrants at the US-Mexico border and coordinated with US border patrol agents to have them arrested…


     I always thought Americans as much as Brits had a right, and even a duty, to make a citizen’s arrest. If you catch a mugger or rapist in the act, you may be too little or too timid to intervene, so you call the cops.

    But if you’re up to it, you get stuck in and nail the brute.



    NOT ‘according to the American Civil Liberties Union…’ who rant that preventing crimmigrants invading America and summoning law enforcement, is  “kidnapping” and a flagrant violation of the law.’  https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/apr/18/new-mexico-migrants-armed-militia-detained

    These good people, the United Constitutional Patriots, deserve medals!

    At the very least, President Trump should honour them with a White House reception.

    And the Attorney General should be investigating a lot of the leftist gangs who encourage in whatever way the illegal alien incursions – aiding and abetting violation of American border control law!


    • Ben Baniek 03:46 on April 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      UCP good, ACLU bad!


    • Vinnie Fiore 09:11 on April 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I just read that PayPal and GoFundMe have shut down that patriot group’s accounts.
      Paypal has for a long time now been collaborating with the left.
      Now GoFundMe is revealed as just as bad.
      Anybody got advice how we can donate to the UCP.?


    • Ian Bershaw 12:56 on April 21, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Be a good idea to wait a little while then the UCP will have got new donation methods in place.
      That Paypal is so unprofessional, claim to be a business but just playing left politics.
      Same for GoFundMe.
      As you often say, know your enemy, and those two are enemies.


  • ross1948 13:08 on June 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    A Liberal Diagnoses Disease In America’s Body Politic! 

    I have in the past strongly criticised Alan Dershowitz, but in all fairness, I must recognise an outburst of intellectual honesty on his part, to which I present the Gatestone link, below,which appears under an excellent illustration.


    The Final Nail in the ACLU’s Coffin

    The ACLU has long been loathed by decent Americans, for all kinds of reasons…


    Hasil gambar untuk anti-aclu

    Crucified by ACLU Gaystapo, Christian Gran Faces Easter Hell! 

    …so it’s nice to know that the few honest observers among those on the left-liberal side have come to see exactly how rotten the organisation really is.

    It’s a long holiday weekend here in Jakarta, so I’m going out into the sunshine.

    Insert- change of plan – got as far as the corner, when dark clouds appeared, so I’m back and it’s only 1pm! Must compose more for tomorrow!.

    Hence rather than write a lot myself, I offer you the Dershowitz article, some good reading for when you get home from work in America, or Australia, or Britain.

    For the ACLU’s assaults on Western values is just as relevant to non-Americans as to those on the front-line in the USA.

    • Mort 15:01 on June 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Very enjoyable read.
      I hope the sun comes back out, but not too soon.
      The more you write, the more people get the messages that stir them up, the better for the causes we want to see triumph.


  • ross1948 10:31 on October 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ACLU, Alabama election, , hate-groups, , , ,   

    Fighting Hate In Alabama! 

    That primary in Alabama was a real kick in the teeth for all the worst elements in the USA, from RINOs like Lindsey Graham…


    Hasil gambar untuk lindsey graham

    Lindsey Graham


    …and his pal Mitch McConnell, through the Media-Democrat Party…



    …down to all the notorious hate-groups like BLM, SPLC and Judge Moore’s oldest foe, the ACLU.

    But the winner of the Republican primary still has to face the main election on December 12th, and the same mob is out to get him.

    So while I’m sure all my readers in the USA are rooting for the good guy, I’m happy to post this reminder that he’s up against the pinko plutocracy.



    They call us “rubes” because of our family values . . .

    They refer to us as “hayseeds” because of our faith . . .

    They say we’re “offensive” because we love America and refuse to turn our backs on our country and our flag.

    At a rally in Alabama, Joe Biden officially declared war on me and my campaign — pledging to do whatever it takes to keep me out of Washington.

    Friend, the national Obama-Clinton Machine is “all in” against me in Alabama.

    That means over the next 65 days before the December 12 Special Election, they’re gunning for me with literally everything they’ve got.

    Unfortunately, after our hard-fought run-off against Mitch McConnell my campaign coffers are running low.

    Without an immediate influx of funds, I won’t be able to fight back against the Obama-Clinton Machine.

    So can I count on you to chip in an emergency donation of $1,000, $750, $500, $250, $150, $75, $50, $35 or $25 IMMEDIATELY to help me fight back against the vicious attacks and smears?

    You see, according to Joe Biden, the Obama-Clinton Machine is planning to make me their first casualty in their all-out effort to smear and embarrass President Donald Trump.

    That’s why they’re gunning for me with the same fury they went after Donald Trump with in 2016.

    But Friend, remember — I’ve been on the frontlines of the fight against the left-wing’s all-out war against our conservative values for more than 15 years.

    I’ve been attacked, dragged through the mud and even sued by powerful liberal groups and organizations like the ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center.

    I’m not afraid of the Obama-Clinton Machine.

    And I refuse to back down or cave — no matter how nasty and vicious the attacks become.

    You’ve got my word on that.

    Will you chip in an emergency donation to let me know you’re still with me in this fight?


    Whatever amount you can afford to donate at this time, please know your contribution is greatly appreciated and will help me fight back against the attacks and get our winning conservative message out to as many Alabamians as possible before December 12.

    So please stand with me — right now — by chipping in a donation to my campaign’s Conservative Victory: Defeat the Democrats Money Bomb immediately.

    Thank you in advance for your support!


    Judge Roy Moore

  • ross1948 20:35 on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Had to Happen! Black Racist BLM Gang Turns On Pinko ACLU Creeps! 

    I will not even quote from the PJ Media report, just show you the headline….

    BLM Shuts Down ACLU Free Speech Rally Because ‘Liberalism Is White Supremacy’

    …and thereby offer you the link.


    …The Biter Bit  (definition)

    person who has committed wrongs is now experiencing…

    ….the same  kind of torment, adversity, etc.




    And who among our readership will shed even a single tear!

    • Joe Smith 22:08 on October 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      No tears here.
      The more those Un-Americans fall out with each other, the better.


    • Mort 13:57 on October 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      This is good news.
      Nobody deserves these kinds of problems more than the ACLU, which has been making war on America since its Communist Party organisers got it started before WW2..


  • ross1948 21:46 on February 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Nobel Nutjobs To Honour ACLU…or Dope Francis? 

    Thanks to a commenter alerting me to news in the Norwegian edition of The Leftal  -ooops, The Local – I can alert all of you to the possibility that the fanatic leftists who bestow the Nobel Peace Prize are pondering two equally obnoxious alternatives.

    One is the perennially subversive rat-pack known as the American Council for Civil Liberties…


    Crucified by ACLU Gaystapo, Christian Gran Faces Easter Hell! 



    pope- ‘ACLU anti-Christians don’t worry me, but patriots do!’

    Dope Francis

    Dope Paul Forgets ‘Judge Not’ Teachings, Disses Patriots – 


    Reading the article, I’m surprised the Daft Old Argie hasn’t flown off to Portland to join the foul-mouthed anti-Trump hoodlum gang at the airport.


    He sounds in mental lock-step with those no-goods,

    …as Trump was being sworn in as president on January 20, Francis warned against populism, saying it could lead to the election of “saviours” like Hitler.


    He also condemned the idea of using walls and barbed wire to keep out foreigners…http://www.thelocal.no/20170202/nobel-watcher-says-this-years-peace-prize-could-be-rebuke-to-trump

    As for that ACLU, my American readers probably know all about its Enemy Within record, but others can get a quick but useful intro via this link, published by a genuine civil rights outfit. 

    ACRU vs. ACLU :: The American Civil Rights Union

    But in the end, who cares who Nobel ‘honours?’

    After the inane award of their ‘Peace Prize’ to Obama for doing precisely nothing…. – he’d barely been elected!



    …- and the more recent, similar exaltation of Colombia’s Santos for stabbing democracy in the back…

    Despise Democracy, Win A Prize – Nauseating Nobel Nonsense! 

    …the entire Nobel nonsense stands exposed as a mere game for cultural marxists to play. 


  • ross1948 21:03 on January 31, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ACLU, airbrib, , , , Lyft, ,   

    Skip Starbucks! Avoid Airbrib! Don’t Accept Lyfts From Strange Men! 

    I can buy a nice hot coffee for Rp.3000 in downtown Jakarta – that’s US 30 cents, more or less.

    Gambar terkait

    There’s lots of guys (and gals) on street corners who offer such a cheap and cheerful drink, although without fancy furnishings – you get to sit on a plastic stool on the pavement!




    Or walk into the nearest warung or warteg, modest premises with basic tables and chairs – same price. 


    There are many  fancier places around.


    Hasil gambar untuk jco

    I like JCO, where my coffee will set me back Rp.15,000 with a free doughnut thrown in! They also have both indoor seating and outdoor, which makes life  pleasant for us smokers.


    And then there’s Starbucks, which sells coffee no better than JCO’s (or KFC’s or Mcdonalds’) but whose management seems determined to peddle left-liberal politics.

    We have noted this before.

    Jangan Ke Starbucks Lagi! Tolak ‘Gay’ Marriage! (Bahasa Inggris/Bahasa Indonesia) 

    And again today.

    Starbucks pledges support for migrants after Trump ban

    Their boss, Howard Schulz, is a notorious Obamanoid.

    He is determined to oppose President Trump’s key and popular policy.


    Gambar terkait


    Schulz has declared himself in favour of…


    “Building bridges, not walls, with Mexico…”

    Hasil gambar untuk boycott starbucks


    It’s not just Starbucks, of course.

    A ride-sharing company named Lyft  – apparently it operates only in the USA  – has just made a huge donation – A MILLION DOLLARS – to the most ferocious Enemy Within, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)


    Hasil gambar untuk boycott lyft


    Very strange behaviour for a business.

    We know what ACLU is for…and against!


    Hasil gambar untuk aclu enemy



    The red/pink/yellow elements are boycotting Uber because that company prefers to serve customers… 

    Boycott Targets Uber for Not Joining Strike in Protest of Trump Travel


     No patriot should EVER use Lyft again

    Another outfit with wich I am not familiar, Airbrib, is jumping in with another rich leftist. CEO Brian Chesky, asking those stranded by Trump’s ban to contact him for a place to stay. “Closing doors further divides US.”
    “Not allowing countries or refugees into America is not right, and we must stand with those who are affected.”

    Starbucks, Airbnb pledge support for migrants after US travel ban

    So here’s a good question to ask yourself, if you want to rent a place to stay when you’re away from home (that’s what their business is about)


    Hasil gambar untuk boycott airbnb


    • Carmen Anneka 02:08 on February 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      ACLU has always been bad news for America and if Lyft is funding them now, never more will i even think about using them.
      And I don’t use Starbucks, not since they signed to the ‘gay agenda.

      I wish you could compile a list of these enemy companies, or point me to where I could find them.

      Sometimes we are stuck with no choice but to use them because there is no alternative.
      Even then, though, there are ways of teaching them a lesson. You just need to be creative.


  • ross1948 13:57 on June 10, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , ACLU, , , , , , Paul LePage   

    Vive LePage – Maine Man Cracks Down on ‘Asylum’ Bludgers! 

     I keep hearing good things about Maine’s Governor Paul LePage, and felt it was time we gave him another bit of coverage, because he’s still fighting the good fight in that small US state, taking on unpleasant outfits like the ACLU in order to stop ‘asylum’ seekers leeching off the public purse.

    As he has been doing for some considerable time! Maine Governor Makes Sense on Bludger Benefits 


    Paul LePage


    He’s just won a battle in the courts on the issue. The details are quite complicated, so you can read all about it on the link.

    But his comments on the win are worth quoting. Millions of Americans, Brits, Aussies and Europeans will cheer his words.

    “The people of Maine have spoken out for years against welfare for illegal immigrants, and now the courts have spoken,”  LePage said in a statement. “The only people who still support welfare for illegal immigrants are liberal lawmakers in Augusta who are ignoring the Maine people and refusing to include common-sense welfare reforms in the state’s budget….”



    But the villains of the story are not content, 

    …the Maine Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine and Maine Equal Justice Partners, two groups that joined the lawsuit, called on state legislators to pass legislation explicitly allowing asylum seekers to receive the aid.

    Well, that would be one way of tackling the problem of alien parasites feeding off hard-working Maine tax-payers.

    referndmlet peole vote


    But there’s a better way  – legislators should simply leave the decision in the hands of the voters. How many Maine men and women would approve resumption of largesse to ‘asylum’ layabouts?

    Maine is one of those admirable states where citizens can take the initiative and have issues that concern them submitted to a statewide ballot.

    Put it to a referendum.

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