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  • ross1948 10:55 on May 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Mass-Murder Reminder Prolongs A Boy’s Torment 

    As if we needed a reminder!

    Today’s news from Hong Kong, where young Joshua Wong has been handed an extra 10 months behind bars…



    …for being part of a commemoration, confirms the truth of our frequent comparison.


    Spot the only difference! Clue, moustache!


    On June 4th1989, the red vermin regime (which still reigns in Beijing) ordered a massacre of their own fellow-citizens, merely for wanting to live in a democratic country.

    The Tiananmen Square atrocity is hardly the only blood-stain on the red robes of the Chinese Communist Party.

    There are many more recent.



    Today’s Question – Is Beijing Better At Hiding Virus Data Or Gulag Gang-Rape? 

    Puppet judges doing a tyrant’s will, in Carrie the Quisling’s puppet fiefdom.

    Shame and shame again. .

    Lousy Lam Deserves To Share The Original Quisling’s Fate! 

    …and let’s hope one day the collabos may face a real People’s Court.


    We should all do our bit by making sure we buy nothing made in Adolf Xi’s rotten reich.

    Boycott Red China.

    • Lani W 16:00 on May 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Xi is worse than Hitler, much more blood on Communist hands than on the Nazis hands.
      Boycotting their products is easy for any of us.
      We should do so


  • ross1948 04:46 on April 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Good Sunday Brunch-Time Viewing 

    Know what we’re up against.

    Can you spot the difference?

    Yes, the moustache!

    Live Q&A: China Expands Persecutions, With Help From Overseas Journalists and Corporations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkgTc5UoNGo

    • Uncle Oz 07:04 on April 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I didnt watch this till evening but it was interesting.
      Red China is very dangerous.
      Australia has set a good example standing up to them.


  • ross1948 05:00 on February 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Petition – No Red China Olympics, Please! 

    Red China is a monstrous entity, a barbaric running sore on the face of the world, dangerous not only to all of us who are menaced by the Chinese Virus but also to its own enslaved population.



    I hope many readers will take a moment to read this from LifeSite and then sign the petition.


    International Olympic Committee (IOC) to take emergency action and relocate the 2022 Winter Olympics away from China for widespread human rights’ abuses incompatible with the ethos of the Olympic Games.
    Think about the ongoing genocide of the Uighur people who inhabit the North-west corner of China; think of the recent crackdown and arrest of dozens of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong; think of the detention of members of Falun Gong; and, think of the persecution of Christians in China.

    This is sickening.

    China should be held to account for its manifest human rights’ abuses, not lauded on the world stage. The Chinese Communist Party should be shamed, not celebrated.

    Please CLICK HERE to learn more about the Chinese Communist Party’s horrible record of ONGOING human rights’ abuses. Then, please SIGN this petition!

    Right now, the delay of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, which were scheduled to begin last summer, provides the perfect opportunity for the IOC to press pause on the Beijing Games and take emergency action to relocate them away from China.


    Of course, the world’s premier amateur athletes should not be punished for the sins of the hosting nation, but neither should they lend their credibility and talent to support a nation which is guilty of so many systematic human rights’ abuses.

    That’s why the IOC has an obligation to act and pull the Olympics out of China; otherwise, the IOC, itself, faces losing all credibility with sports fans around the world.

    Please SIGN and SHARE this urgent petition which urges the IOC to take emergency action and relocate the 2022 Winter Olympics out of China.

    Not only will the IOC avoid the disgrace of supporting a serial human rights’ abuser, it will also help ensure that yet a new wave of Covid doesn’t emanate from China.
  • ross1948 17:03 on January 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Adolf the Pooh Xi, , Indonesian territorial waters, , Shenyang Institute,   

    Where IS The Shenyang Institute? 

    Where is the Shenyang Institute?

    It’s in the largest prison camp in the world…

    …Red China, in other words!

    And nothing goes on there, nothing gets in or out, with the authority of the fuhrer Xi.


    I think we can stop calling him Adolf the Pooh!

    He’s no figure of fun but a totalitarian dictator, as bad in his way as his spiritual predecessor, the debauched monster Mao….



    ….so when we read that the  ‘unmanned underwater vehicle ( UUV) found by fishermen and secured by Indonesian Navy soldiers…’was ‘labelled Shenyang Institute,’  it’s already clear where the story’s going!

    It was a special platform designed to detect Non-Chinese submarines and record all ships operating in waters of Southeast Asia and the South China Sea.. ‘


    Let’s be crystal clear.

    Red China is a bloody menace…


    China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan

    …shamed as the power which unleashed that virus that has claimed how many lives so far

    Beijing has been exposed for menacing most all its neighbours, guilty of piratical aggression…


    Beijing Virus-Villains Menace Indonesia – “Our FishermenFeel Scared!” 

    ….even in the seas around the country I live in.

    Red China has long engaged in colonial cruelties in Tibet…



    …and dishonourably stomping the freedoms it guaranteed Hong Kong.

    Oh, and BTW, the despotic Chinese Communist Party…


    ….also denies basic democratic rights to its own population.

    I hope Indonesia draws the necessary conclusions from this latest affront.


    • Ayu 14:28 on January 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The Communist Chinese since 1960 were trying to control Indonesia.


  • ross1948 15:28 on December 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Demand Zoom Answer Collabo Charge 

    We need answers from Zoom about the reports of collaboration….



    ….with the Red China bandit regime.

    There’s not a lot we can do for the Chinese people who are victims of Adolf Xi’s cruel dictatorship…


    Spot the difference? Xi has no tash!


    …but when the Communist tyrant exports not only the deadly virus but the marxist jackboot too?

    Don’t let Beijing stomp your freedom!

    If you are using Zoom for business or for fun, tell them that you won’t do so any more…

    ….unless there are cast-iron assurances of no more collabo cowardice.


  • ross1948 13:49 on November 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Did You Just See HK’s Carrie The Quisling? She’s Disgusting! 

    Disgusting, was it not, on the news half an hour ago, Lousy Lam aka Quisling Carrie….

    Portrait of Xi Jinping. (Jason Mann painting)

    Adolf the Pooh with puppets Carrie the Quisling and Red Ted guess WHO!


    …in total grovel mode, defending Adolf the Pooh’s latest diktat, which requires a purge of Hong Kong legislators deemed disloyal to Xi’s bandit regime in Beijing?

    If ever the Chinese people arise and overthrow their Communist oppressors…

    …one hopes the evil vixen will be hanged, alongside her Red China puppeteer!

    After a fair trial for treason, of course!

    • Edward Lamont 21:00 on November 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I wish there was something we could do to help these Hong Kong people.
      However, Communist China is a powerful force for evil in the world and one UK government after another has reduced our military strength.
      So all we can do now is boycott any produced in that country.
      We need to give much stronger support to Australia, too, in their search for the truth about how Xi exported the virus.
      By doing so, he has killed hundreds of thousands all over the world.


  • ross1948 06:30 on November 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Adolf the Pooh Xi, , Ghurkas, Nepal, Red Chinese aggression   

    Beijing Even Bullies Little Nepal! Boycott Red China 

    The UK Telegraph says it’s an ‘Exclusive,’ so I won’t quote its interesting report on the latest example of Red Chinese banditry.

    But who can do other than despise the cowardly bullies of Adolf Xi’s so-called ‘People’s Liberation Army….’


    Nepal is that long thin strip just south of Tibet. Tibet is of course no longer a free country, but under the Beijing jackboot, a victim of Communist cultural genocide.

    …when those PLA goons take to grabbing land from a tiny little nation like Nepal?

    It’s akin to a hulking teen lout stealing a kindergarten kid’s lunch money.

    That’s not to dismiss the people of the victim nation.

    British readers who know their history will be well aware of the valour of the famous ghurkas who fought alongside UK soldiery, time and again…

    Gurkhas in Nuneaton 290119 CREDIT British Army.jpg



    …but this time the odds against the tough men from Nepal are overwhelming.

    Damn the Communist aggressors.

    Buy nothing ‘Made in China’ –

    — unless it’s made in FREE China…aka Taiwan!

    For the full story?


  • ross1948 11:16 on October 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    When Even BBC Reports Bad News For Adolf Xi….Wow! 

    Amazing, not only something on BBC World News that is not slanted leftwards, but has come from an apparently unanimous decision by a UK parliamentary committee, which has agreed that….

    There is “clear evidence of collusion” between Huawei and the “Chinese Communist Party apparatus”, a parliamentary inquiry has concluded.


    This shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

    As a marxist totalitarian state, Red China sees to it that nothing happens over which it does not exercise control.



    That’s how it has covered up its malevolent role in unleashing the Chinese Virus on the world.

    Certainly the Chinese Communist Party has helpful friends and allies around the globe…


    Portrait of Xi Jinping. (Jason Mann painting)

    Adolf the Pooh with puppets Carrie the Quisling and Red Ted guess WHO!


    …but effectively the worldwide death-toll has made Adolf the Pooh, Xi, an even bigger mass-murderer than his satanic hero, Mao Tse Tung.



    So well done to the MPs of all parties who ‘say the government may need to bring forward a deadline set for the Chinese firm’s 5G kit to be removed from the UK’s mobile networks.’

    And if Huawei should be removed, so too should those we referred to earlier this week….

    Britain, Canada, Oz Should Follow This Example! 

    …who are also an undesirable presence in democratic countries.


  • ross1948 19:42 on October 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Another W.H.O. Scandal – Another ‘Robust’ Response? 

    Quite rightly, the World Health Organisation has promised a ‘robust’ response to allegations of ‘sexploitation’ in Africa.

    several men working for aid organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, Oxfam, Doctors Without Borders (MSF), World Vision, ALIMA, and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) were involved in the sexual exploitation and abuse of the women.


    Yet who in the world trusts WHO to behave honestly in any situation.



    Absolutely no action, ‘robust’ or otherwise, has been taken against that slimy Canadian cover-up creep, Bruce Aylward…

    Bruce Aylward

    A senior official with the World Health Organization faked internet connection issues and then abruptly ended an interview when confronted over the WHO’s position on Taiwan


    …who, rather than give ANY answer, honest or otherwise, simply disabled his video link?

    That toad should have been fired immediately!

    But what about his boss? 


    Portrait of Xi Jinping. (Jason Mann painting)

    Adolf the Pooh with puppets Carrie the Quisling and Red Ted guess WHO!


    No, I don’t mean Adolf the Pooh in Beijing!

    I’m referring to another marxist.

    What action has been taken against Red Tedros…

    Taiwan reportedly informed the WHO in late December that China’s communist government lied when it claimed that coronavirus could not be transmitted through human-to-human contact.



    The WHO broadcasted China’s lie in mid-January, weeks after COVID-19 began rapidly spreading throughout eastern China.

    China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan

    …exposed long since for his collabo role in the Chinese Virus crisis?

    Who is going to trust WHO?

    • Chrissie Miles 11:49 on October 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I know you’re banned from Facebook but you have friends who are not!
      Have they told you how Facebook has a little censor thing that pops up to warn critics of WHO that the dishonest organisation is not to be challenged by anyone contradictings its line on the Chinese Virus?


  • ross1948 11:27 on October 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘China’s National Day’ – Of Lamentation! 

    For somebody with nowhere to go, like most residents of Jakarta under the shadow of the Chinese Virus…

    China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan

    ….I have been surprisingly busy, but now I am making time to write a few words about what the news tells me in ‘China’s National Day…’



    ….and isn’t it horrible to contemplate hundreds of millions of people forced to celebrate their own enslavement by that lascivious demented despot, Mao Tse Tung…



    ….and how they have been denied even basic liberties the rest of us take for granted for 70 years.  

    All the worse that Mao’s ideological godchild, Xi, aka Adolf the Pooh, has made their country feared, detested and despised…



    …by policies at home and abroad that rival those of the Nazi Third Reich!

    Make a wish, say a prayer, as you please, this day.

    May the Chinese people free themselves of marxist misrule!

    • Colin McConnachie 11:56 on October 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Okay, nobody who knows Chinese history will disagree with you but what can we do?


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