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  • ross1948 19:21 on May 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    “Unfortunately, by God,” We Need To Play At Playing Fair! 

    “The members of every party responsible for religious policy” were invited, ZdK President Thomas Sternberg told public broadcaster WDR. He said that included “unfortunately, by God,” the AfD…

    AfD row overshadows German Catholic Convention


    The Alternative for Deutschland is the country’s main opposition party.

    How happy the Argie Dope in Rome must be with his running-dog in Germany!

    How far down the list of this slug Sternberg’s personal moral code does democratic fair play rank?


    Gambar terkait



    ‘Si, si, he justas bigga bigot as me!’


    DW’s piece carefully omitted a key fact about Slug Sternberg – he’s not only a card-carrying member of Mama Stasi Merkel’s CDU party but has served the Berlin Bitch’s cause in high level capacities, notably as a legislator.



    Instead DW rabbited about ‘a divisive debate’ at the annual ‘Catholic Day’ festival

    – that word ‘divisive’ again – Prick Up Your Ears When You Hear ‘Divisive!’ – which is deployed indignantly when some rash participant in the debate declines to kow-tow to the anti-PC line…

    …this time a debate on the ‘the relationship between church and state,’ and, as noted, although a representative from each party in parliament…



     – that would include Die Linke, the Left Party, direct political descendants of the DDR quisling party that ran East Germany as the Kremlin’s puppets –

    …was expected to speak, the participation of an AfD nationalist had sowed the seeds of controversy.

    Dope Francis’ slug evidently did not consider the red Left Party rats’ inclusion ‘unfortunate,‘ nor do we read anything about his view on the Catholic committee’s stalinoid stance in 2016, when its anti-patriot bias caused outrage, for intentionally neglecting to invite any of the right-wing populists to that year’s celebration in Leipzig.

    • Sternberg has clearly decided not to repeat his predecessor’s nazi-style ban on patriot dissenters -okay, but his graceless acquiescence in basic fair play shows typical Merkelite distaste for democracy.


    Arrogant Mama Stasi Cowers From German Patriots! 

    The AfD’s inclusion this year seems to have provoked tantrums from church youth organizations.

    Aaah, the millennial morons again.

    But not millennial morons only.


    Gambar terkait

    Some professional ranter – aka ‘publicist’ – named Andreas Püttmann is given DW space to regurgitate his own left-liberal prejudice against the patriot party.

    “If taboo breakers like this are allowed on Catholic podiums, this could contribute to the fracturing of the Christian ethos. In this case it would have been better for the church to clearly draw a line against this.”



    Hasil gambar untuk taboo definition


    Püttmann sounds like some primitive tribesman rather than a citizen of a West European democracy.


    Primitives tended to think ‘taboo-breakers’ deserved dire punishments, like burning them at the stake.

    And exactly what ‘taboo’ has the AfD ‘broken?’

    Simply the shut-down on REAL debate about Merkel’s crimmigrant horde.

    Patriotic Germans, in this scribbler’s opinion, must not, on holy ground, say what they think, if they happen to be Catholic.

    They must be condemned to silence or they could contribute to the fracturing of the Christian ethos?


    Well, we know what the Argie Dope tells us about his Catholic ethos.

    Dope! “Prioritise Migrants’ Dignity Over National Security!”

    Hey, Old Argie Dope! Jesus’ Folks Were NOT Crimmigrants! 

    Argie Dope Says ‘No Hell?’ He’d Help Create It In Europe! 

    • Epper 21:39 on May 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Don’t expect Sternberg to stand up to Merkel, the pastor daughter who decided to serve the secret police when she was living in East Germany.
      Naturaly Sternberg will not criticise or feel it is ‘unfortunate’ if the Left ( communist) Party attend his Catholic meetings. Merkel treats the Left Party with so great respect.
      That is what Old Comrades do.
      All the pastors and priests executed and gaoled by communism will turn in their graves if they might see the German churches today. They serve not any god but socialism.


  • ross1948 23:15 on January 29, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Eintracht? Scheiße! German Soccer Club Bans Patriots! 


    I guess you know what that German word means…’


    Gambar terkait


    …but it now can just as easily be applied to a certain football club too!

    Not only has the Frankfurt football club Eintracht declared war on patriots, moving to exclude members of the Alternative for Germany from the club, but their arrogance is such that they now seek to extend their witch-hunt across Germany.

    Hasil gambar untuk eintracht frankfurt logo

    Eintracht Frankfurt hope to start movement by banning AfD members from club

    The ugly face of the intolerance behind this discriminatory diktat is Peter Fischer, whose idea of diversity…


    Hasil gambar untuk peter fischer eintracht

    “We have members from a variety of backgrounds. Eintracht is distinguished by its diversity…”

    does NOT extend to a diversity of views, if those views are not in tune with his declared cosmopolitanism.

     “Sport in our club is not unpolitical. The club is politically neutral, but this only goes for political parties which have values that are compatible with ours.”


    The new-look boot  in German soccer – reminiscent of  the Thirties?


    So he’s just fine with the Red ‘Left Party,’ heirs to the quislings who kept East Germany enslaved for decades…



    …, and with the pro-crimmigrant Greens?


    Another German club, Hamburg SV, may also impose a similar anti-patriot exclusion order. The club’s executive committee is set to discuss a motion on the issue which was submitted last week.

    AfD members at once hit back at the left-bigot Fischer,

    “What kind of people are these who give a standing ovation to a speech full of hate and defamation against people with different political opinions?”

    ” I’ve seen such scenes in black and white films from the darkest period in our history,” said Dr. Malte Kaufmann, an AfD politician in Baden-Württemberg, on Twitter.


    If the in-crowd in the club want to give Fuhrer Fischer a standing ovation, perhaps it’s time for the rank-and-file fans to give the rotten leftist a red card.

    Good Germans should stay away in droves from Eintracht fixtures during coming seasons, until Fischer and his comrades are made to realise…

    …they cannot subvert sporting principles to promote their ideological agenda.

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    In Mama’s Reich, Dissent Censored By Lügenpresse! 

    Congratulations to the German patriot party, the AfD, on a valuable victory over the state Lügenpresse – lying media – this month, with a court order prohibiting it from referring to the AfD as an extremist party.

    Even the DW headline, please note, has omitted the usual smear-words ‘far-right’ and now refers to them as ‘rightwing populists.’

    So good luck to their spokesman Jorg Meuthen, who’s suggested further legal action against the notorious state media bias.

    • “It’s difficult to get issues across if they’re not communicated in the publicly financed media,” Meuthen said. “We’re considering right now whether or not to sue to appear on the talk shows. A lawsuit is possible.”

    • We’ve noticed – hard not to notice -the gross bias before.

    • 0000000000000000

    • Many a shocking example we’ve shown you before, the media clique pandering to the ruling class’s calls for crack-down on dissent.

    • AfD Verbot – SWR Goebbels-Clones Face Rising Protest! 

    • Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration!’ 

    • Herr Meuthen revealed the sheer magnitude of the deliberate in-crowd censorship.

    Hasil gambar untuk jörg meuthen

    …in the first quarter of 2017 only four AfD representatives had been invited to appear on Germany’s four biggest political talk shows on the public broadcasters ARD and ZDF…”That’s only 2.5 percent!” 

    Again, we should not be surprised, given the shameless prejudice exemplified by the ARD, such as when it ignored the murder of a young German woman by a savage.

    National broadcaster ARD provoked outrage by initially ignoring the story…

    Germany migrants: Freiburg murder arrest fuels tensions


    And don’t forget that vicious leftist we’ve mentioned before!


    Hasil gambar untuk ina maria reize

    • The editor-in-chief defended her decision to suppress the rape story on public TV broadcaster ZDF: “We don’t want to inflame the situation and spread the bad mood.”   http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/6501/migration-crisis-germany
    • 0000000000
    • With breath-taking disregard for facts, the media creeps deny their guilt, denying even that fair play must be an iron-clad criterion for deciding who gets in front of the cameras.

    • “The editorial staffs of the shows themselves decide which guests they want to invite to which shows,” ARD editor-in-chief told Focus. “There are no quotas involved in the selection.
    • 00000000000
    • Even though they’re mainly financed by mandatory monthly contributions of 17.50 euros ($20) from every German household, and the law requires political neutrality, media attorney Tim Hoesmann told Deutsche Welle. “And from my perspective I don’t think this lawsuit would have much of a chance of success because there’s no right to participate in the talk-show format.”

    • =

    • In Mama Stasi’s Reich, says Hoesmann, these ‘talk-shows’ are  free to decide who they wanted to invite as guests.

    • oooooooooooo

    DW Quadriga ‘Debate’ – A Mere Anti-AfD Insult-Fest! 

    • So why pretend to be neutral –  just admit the bias !


    What’s needed is root-and-branch reform -as AfD’s manifesto for this year’s big election demands.

    …mandatory contributions to public broadcasters to be abolished in favor of a pay-as-you go system that would apply only to those who actually watch the broadcasters’ programming.

    It also wants to see the members of the supervising committees that oversee the broadcaster directly elected by voters.

    That would be a huge step forward!

    As DW anxiously shrills…

    If they were to become reality, such suggestions would transform Germany’s media landscape beyond recognition. 

    Right-wing populist AfD may sue to get on talk shows



  • ross1948 17:23 on April 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    A Kick in the Teeth for Hitler’s Heirs! 

    The President of the BfV (Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution) Hans-Georg Maassen, sees no reason to monitor the politicians of the Alternative for Germany (AfD).

    “The AFD is in our view no right-wing extremist party,” Maassen told “Welt am Sonntag.” http://www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article154166752/AfD-ist-keine-rechtsextremistische-Partei.html.

    There’s a kick in the teeth for the Red Nazis of the SPD!

    In recent months the German Socialists have called again and again for anti-democratic action against the patriot party, and we have covered their authoritarian intolerance from time to time.  

    Heiko ‘Himmler’ Maas Calls On Secret Police to Undermine Patriots!     

    Germany’s Red Nazis – SPD Urge Gestapo Tactics On Opposition!

    Now that Herr Maassen has spoken out bravely – nice to note that not all federal functionaries are content to act as servile apparatchiks playing Mama Stasi’s games – what will Hitler’s political heirs do next?



    As Die Welt reminds us, that fat slug Sigmar Gabriel , Merkel’s Vice-Chancellor, whom we recall less than fondly…

    Blood-Money? Sigmar Gabriel’s Contempt For Germans! 

     … has demanded repeatedly that the BfV should monitor the AFD.

    Fatso was incensed at the patriot leader Frauke Petry’s call for police to use their fire-arms to thwart crimmigrant border crossings.


    • Gambar kisah untuk petry afd dari BLICK.CH Frauke

    Now the anti-democratic elements in Germany will have to rely on the ‘antifa’ red storm-troops in their ruthless jhad against the German resistance.

    British readers will be fully aware of that kind of scum.


    Red Nazi storm-troops, skulking behind masks in Dover


    They besieged Nigel Farage in Edinburgh a year ago, and have striven to disrupt other lawful UKIP activities. We saw them in Dover a week ago, black-shirt hoodlums hiding their faces. Even the timid constabulary in the UK have begun to realise the need for a ban on masks.

    It would be a welcome spin-off if such a reform also outlawed the vile burka. 

    • Jerry German 11:46 on April 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      This is what I like so much about your blog, you do not hold back from the truth. The SPD are very much like the NSDAP which was Hitler’s party. They get so angry if we do not agree to what they tell us we must think.
      I am emailing you more news for AfD and shows how they also tell the truth and all the establishment gets mad.


  • ross1948 00:38 on February 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Oettinger the Oaf- EUSSR Commissar Forgets His Flunkey Role! 

    The Commissars in Brussels have no loyalty to their own countries. I’m not slagging them off when I say that, though regular slagging is the least the arrogant swine deserve.


    What I refer to is their specific obligation, on taking their (unelected) positions, to shuck off  national allegiance  as a snake shucks off its skin, declaring that their duty to the EUSSR transcends all others.

    Along with that, concomitantly, is a duty NOT to interfere in the internal party politics of the country that sent them there. They are, after all, just over-paid civil servants.

    Of course, being largely unprincipled, they frequently flout the latter duty, and this obnoxious flunkey,Günther Oettinger by name…



    …. is the latest to do so, hurling offensive and irresponsible abuse at a leading lady from the German patriot party, the AfD.

    Grimnasty Gunther was enraged at Frauke Petry’s sensible assertion that German borders should be defended against crimmigrants…



    …and that frontier guards should open fire on any undesirable aliens who attempt illegal incursions.

    Dashed fine idea!

    • shoot terrs


    Cameron should long since have issued such orders to those guarding the British end of the Channel Tunnel – instead the clown puts infiltrators from the Jungle swarm into cosy hotels, at UK tax-payers’ expense.

    But depend on toe-rags like Oettinger to take the enemy side. He insulted Frauke in the most ungallant terms.

    “If Petry were my wife, I would shoot myself tonight.” When journalists asked the commissioner to explain his statement, Oettinger said, “This woman is a disgrace to German politics.”   http://www.dw.com/en/oettinger-says-hed-rather-shoot-himself-than-have-anti-migrant-afd-chief-petry-as-his-wife/

    If only, I hear you say, in response to his inital words.

    It’s what one might expect from spawn of Merkel’s CDU party, and I’m sure you’ll echo my applause for one of Frauke’s colleagues, Bernd Höcke, who dismissed Oettinger as a person with no class, much like the klutz’s HMV, Mama Stasi herself!


    • Hasil gambar untuk CDU raperefugees

    Herr Höcke added a neat put-down of the Euro-Toad’s evident empathy with alien primitives by saying the commissioner needed to pay attention to “occidental standards of behavior.”

    But the real retort will come next month, when German voters go the polls in several states,. Indeed, it’s a fair bet that the rude oaf was moved to insult by the situation in those Lander!

    ….the commissioner’s comments represent growing concern among Germany’s political circles that the far-right party may gain entrance into more regional parliaments.

    Sure hope so! The rotten in-crowd have tried every dirty trick, along with the collaborationist media, to prevent a patriot breakthrough.

    AfD Verbot – SWR Goebbels-Clones Face Rising Protest! 

    The ruling no-class class deserves a boot up their collective backside.

    • Jerry Jerman 19:19 on February 19, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Petry is what Germany need, politician with conscience who care for German people before raperefugee invader. What is border for if not to stop unwanted and illegal incomer? If illegal do not respect border of course shoot to defend border.
      What is disgrace in that?


  • ross1948 00:53 on January 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    AfD Verbot – SWR Goebbels-Clones Face Rising Protest! 

    After the Goebbels-style SWR ban on electoral fair play in German elections, more and more decent Germans are standing up to be counted. “Zusammengebissenen Zähnen?” Goebbels Grins In His Grave! 


    ‘Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play. ‘


    You’ll recall the Sudwestrundfunk (state broadcasting network) chose to play the role of regime running dog, after the in-crowd cracked the whip. The SWR cowards were warned they’d better not give AfD (the patriot party) a place in the local election debates.

    “If you afford them their right to take part, have a fair hearing, we’ll refuse to appear,” was the left-elite’s diktat.



    Obviously, as we said last week, the arrogant schweinehunde should have been told to behave responsibly, or be represented by an empty chair.


    Instead, and deplorably, the SWR weasels opted to crawl on their bellies.

    But now, serious high-level dissent is being heard, putting the PC censors on the spot..

    Hans-Jürgen Papier, President of the Constitutional Court till not long ago, has told media he reckons the AfD has a good chance if they sue over the SWR’s pusillanimous policy.


    Hans-Jürgen Papier saß dem Bundesverfassungsgericht bis 2010 vor


    “Any party with a fair chance of getting into the state legislature must be allowed to participate in the televised debate,” he said. “Banishing AfD is a violation of equal opportunity.”   http://www.spiegel.de/kultur/tv/hans-juergen-papier-afd-kann-sich-in-elefantenrunde-einklagen-a-1073409.html

    Another senior legal authority has weighed in too. 




    Martin Morlok, former director  of The Institute of German and International Party Law,  got stuck into the SWR: “Broadcasting freedom includes the responsibility not to be blackmailed by government parties…”

    Uproar over their spineless sell-out of basic democratic principle has caught SWR off-balance. Their chief editor, Fritz Frey, began whining defensively.


      “The lawyers have tested our overall approach..”


    Ludicrously, Frey seems to think that the cop-out strategy SWR has devised is adequate defence.

    That consists of putting the diktat-parties, the SPD and the Greens, live in debate with Mama Stasi Merkel’s CDU, while the AfD are relegated to ‘an uncut interview with its leading candidate’ AFTER the elite have monopolised the real debate.

    These media flunkeys are contemptible!

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