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    Now It’s Re-Education For Parents? 


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    • ‘Microaggressions from parent volunteers can keep a family from engaging at school – crucial to a student’s success.’

    • Please note – ‘microaggressions’ simply means the slightest comment, or turn of phrase ( or maybe even a look in the eye?) that makes the chip on the shoulder which is common to uptight BLM whiners, black or whire, feel marginally heavier!

    • One white volunteer said: “My family never talked about race.” After her school’s training, she has a toolbox for interacting with people of color. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/education/2022/04/12/diverse-schools-anti-racism-training-white-parents/9461020002/

    • Wow!

    • What a nice, normal family they must have been!

    • But not any longer, for now the successfully modified pinko creepess can, like a plumber, carry her tool-box everywhere…

    • ….
    • ….

    • …appropriately, because a tool of cultural marxism must be ever-ready to advance the cause.

    • We witness the Enemy Within’s next level, after targetting children with CRT hate brain-wash…

    • .
    • ….

    • ….go after the parents!

    • However…

    • Please don’t imagine Britannia is immune from this kind of mental health affliction!

    • Get this uptight effluent from a British-born actor…

    • David Oyelowo Golden Globes.jpg
      David Oyelowo
    • Oyelowo, by name, though I’d never heard of him, who felt obliged..

    • .”..to describe a racially “coded” encounter with “an older white gentleman” at an Oscar after-party who said to him: “[Smith] should have been dragged right out of there.”

    • https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/david-oyelowo-will-smith-oscar-slap-b2053860.html
    • .

    • WHAT is Oyewolo’s problem!?

    • ….


    • Will Smith’s behaviour, and all that has happened since, is a question of to what degree Smith was justified in retaliating for the offensive remarks made by the Oscars M.C.

    • Nothing to do with race!

    • PS
      I feel sorry for the ‘older white gentleman’ – having to put up with a leftist know-all’s idea of social chit-chat can’t be fun.

    • .
      But I guess the event was crawling with ‘diversity’ examples much worse than a leftist know-all!

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    Justice Kennedy And ‘An Affront’ To ‘The Angries!’ 

    The case we featured yesterday is now under way in the USA’s highest court…

    Big Day in DC, But It’s Aussies Should Pay Attention! 

    …and Justice Anthony Kennedy is said to be the SCOTUS ‘swing’ vote on the issue.


    Gambar terkait


    Kennedy ‘wrote the 2015 decision making same-sex marriage legal,’ so he evidently sees nothing bizarre about equating normal couples with ‘men’ who enjoy having oral and anal ‘sex’ with other ‘men.’

    So I suppose it’s only to be expected that he came out with the peculiar concern that displaying a sign outside a storefront that says a business doesn’t serve same-sex weddings would be an affront to the gay community.   https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/dec/5/anthony-kennedy-likely-swing-case-same-sex-wedding/

    Big deal!

    What is really bizarre, surely, is that decent Americans find themselves before the court on the question of whether they may choose to express their perfectly natural distaste for maladjusted ‘gays.’

    Used to be a nice word, ‘gay,’ meaning cheerful, but it’s been hi-jacked by homos who seem, for the most part, to be rarely cheerful, more steeped in vicious snarling anger against decent folk.


    Gambar terkait


    Much better, surely, if we refer to them accurately as  ‘The Angries!’

    Actually, Jack Phillips, the Christian baker involved, had gone out of his way NOT to affront homos. He is perfectly willing to sell them any of the confectionaries he makes…


    Hasil gambar untuk https://Usa supreme zcourt Kennedy

    …he does not discriminate in his business and would happily sell gay customers any other cakes on offer in his bakery….

    …EXCEPT wedding cakes, because his Christian creed asserts that homo-marriage is not marriage at all, and that he has a constitutional right to stand by his religious beliefs.

    The queers who caused all the trouble could have gone to any baker in Colorado, or anywhere in the USA, and there are plenty of bakers who would sell tem what they need to celebrate their un-natural union.

    But the gaystapo agenda revels in trouble-making, determined to bludgeon down critics, so the ‘affronted’ pair minced off to a pack of state-funded sticky-beaks…



    …and lo, in the home of the brave and the land of the free, Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission ordered him to bake cakes for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation.

    We must now wait a year, so it seems, for a ruling.

    It’s a measure of what’s wrong with America that any discussion on religious liberty needs to take more than five minutes.

    The justices should tell the whining ‘gays’ to shimmy off !

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