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  • ross1948 00:26 on February 15, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Canada’s CBC, UK’s BBC – Both Run By Lousy Lefts! 

    Those tax-funded media scum are among the most arrogant of persons, quite shameless in the way they dig their dirty snouts into other people’s money…


    . for another observer’s view on the Canadian situation, this – https://www.theepochtimes.com/trucker-protests-the-deeper-problem-is-canadas-entrenched-and-divisive-media-politico-class_4273851.html – is worth reading!


    …and lavish it on equally unelected left vermin

    The Canadian version has been a topic of interest before…


    Why? Evil Embraced Yet Again By The CBC

    …but now the subversives who control CBC may have over-reached themselves!


    The Alberta government’s Canadian Energy Centre is calling on Canadians to complain to CBC Ombudsman Jack Nagler over the federal broadcaster’s decision to partner with an anarchist activist to produce a documentary on the Coastal GasLink pipeline.


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    Canada! Petition For Religious Liberty! 

    Always happy to oblige if good people ask my help – this petition about a persecuted pastor qualifies to be spread among my readership.


    Please forward this to your family and friends.

      Pastor James Coates is a faithful pastor and follower of God. As a result, he ended up in jail.

    Pastor Coates leads GraceLife Church in Alberta, Canada. When the government issued edicts that limited the free exercise of worship with overbearing COVID-19 restrictions, he chose to follow Christ.

    In true Gestapo form, government officials attended one of the church’s services in February and then charged the pastor with violating an order to shut down the church by the end of January. According to Breitbart, Pastor Coates turned himself in, but rejected an offer by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to release him from jail if he promised to stop holding church services on Sunday.

    As of today, Pastor Coates remains in prison, but has an appeal hearing pending. He is being represented by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, which defends the constitutional and religious freedoms of Canadians.


    Sign our petition supporting Pastor James Coates and GraceLife Church.
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    A Speaker Of Truth – Hurray For Alberta! 

    This is all news to me.

    In Canada these days, freedom of expression is vastly curtailed, especially on issues like multicult and sexual maladjustment. Politicians in all parties are guilty of allowing this situation, but the role of the media in getting The Rebel banned from reporting the decision-making of a provinicial legislature is shocking.

    Pravda Canada, aka the CBC…

    Sell Off Red China’s Canadian Media Running-Dog 

    Related image

    Canadian Tax-Funded TV Channel Promotes Red Nazi Antifa 

    Think back to that propaganda video, which featured –

    …the doxing of two alleged members of Quebecois nationalist group Atalante. Their names, photos, and places of employment are broadcasted in full by CBC, without redactions of any kind.


    ….is notorious for its dirty tricks and dirty reporting, but non-state media?

    I know a lot of them have their snouts in the tax-trough…


    ….but even so.


    In the meantime, while I try to catch up on what’s going on, I simply present what I have been sent…



    …and urge my readers in the Dominion to donate as requested at the end of The Rebel report.


    For months, our left-wing competitors have banned us from even walking into the Alberta Legislature to report on the news.

    I know that doesn’t make any sense. What power would reporters have to determine who gets security clearance and who doesn’t, in a public building? That’s insane.

    It’s the sort of thing you’d expect to see in an unfree country like Iran or Venezuela, not a country like Canada. Especially not in the freest province, Alberta.

    Well, yesterday the Speaker of the Legislature effectively abolished the left-wing press gallery and the bullies who run it, by taking away their power to ban their “enemies” from the premises.

    The Speaker accredited us directly, giving us the same privileges as every other reporter — including security passes.

    The only thing the press gallery ever had was their power to punish people. That’s gone now.

    It’s a total victory for freedom of the press and a welcome setback for the “cancel culture” that has been on the march through Canadian society.

    Here, watch this quick video:

    Reporting from the Alberta Legislature: Sheila and Keean are officially in the Press Gallery

    This is just the latest free speech victory we’ve achieved here at Rebel News. Last fall, our lawyers raced to the Federal Court for an emergency injunction forcing the election debates commission to accredit our journalists then, over Trudeau’s ban. (We won.)

    In some ways this is an even bigger victory — it disrupts the obsolete tradition of treating journalism like a closed shop, a privileged guild where only friends of friends are allowed to participate. It’s a huge step forward for democratizing the news and letting in other voices.

    No wonder the Media Party hates it, and fought so hard against it.

    We’re in. And for that, we thank the Speaker of the Legislature, and our lawyers.

    And you. 

    Fighting against the press gallery, the National Post, and the province of Alberta has cost us thousands of dollars in legal fees — costs that no journalist should have to spend just to report on the news. Unlike our competitors, we don’t get free money from Trudeau. We never take government money. We’re 100% supported by our viewers.

    If you were one of the people who helped chip in to pay for this fight, thank you.

    If you haven’t had a chance to help yet, please consider it — because we still have $6,000 in legal bills to pay for this. It’s unfair, but it’s the way it is. Fighting for freedom isn’t free. To see all the work we did (including some of our lawyers’ powerful letters) please click here or go to http://www.LetUsReport.com

    Here at Rebel News, our main job is reporting the news. But sometimes to do that job, we have to stop and fight for our fundamental freedoms. Somebody’s got to.

    Yours truly,

    Sheila Gunn Reid and Keean Bexte

    Accredited journalists

    P.S. Since when did reporters become censors? Since we started telling the other side of the story, that’s when. It’s bad enough to have to fight government censorship, but other reporters trying to gag us was even more depressing. Thank God we won.

    If you can help us cover our legal fees, please click here — thanks.

    • Arnold 09:31 on August 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ross. Dont feel bad, I didnt know about this either but I do now.


  • ross1948 07:48 on June 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    BLM In Canada – Good Black People NOT Welcome! 

    In Canada too, the Black Lives Matter ‘movement’ is not really about black lives at all but about cultural marxist intolerance!

    Get this!

    “This is simply what happened. It’s the left’s stock in trade to race issues,” he tweeted.

    Kaycee Madu is a government minister in Canada’s Province of Alberta.


    • ……

    Nigerian-born,of humble origins, he has made a success of his life in his new homeland.


    Mr. Madu is a conservative, a member of the United Conservative Party.

    So it’s no surprise that, having been invited to speak at a Black Lives Matter ‘rally,’ the organisers belatedly realised that he was the wrong kind of black!

    ( i.e. one with A a brain, B a conscience, and C loyalty to his country)

    They decided ‘at the last minute he wasn’t welcome.’

    “I had agreed to speak at the event, but was told by organizers that I could not. I respected their wishes and visited friends at Africa Centre instead,” Madu, the UCP’s Municipal Affairs Minister tweeted.


    • Arnold 09:44 on June 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      In Canada the racism is usually anti-white.
      It’s crazy, when we have a non-white leader of one of the main political parties.
      You should write about our non-white politician Leslyn Lewis, a real conservative trying to win leadership of our main opposition party.


  • ross1948 14:22 on October 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    After Canning Town, Canada! More Citizens Resist Panic Pukes! 

    AAfter Canning Town, Canada!


    come on Canada

    More Citizen Resistance To the Climate Panic Pukes?


    After True Brit London commuters taught no end of a lesson to that filthy violent Stinko at Canning Town tube station…

    now we read that Truly Canadian ‘Pro-energy campaigners plan to challenge a climate change demonstration by teen eco-activist Greta Thunberg in Canada with their own counter-protest.’

    CBC – no doubt to the dismay of their leftist editors –  has had to report that a convoy of around 100 trucks has departed Red Deer in the province of Alberta for the region’s capital, Edmonton, some 150km away, where Thunberg is expected to appear today.

    Their aim is to set her straight, an uphill but laudable mission!


    Image result for greta thunberg


    That addled brat is unused to anything except mindless millennials’ adoration, and sycophantic slugs like those various parliamentarians who are content to sit in reverent awe as she scowls and gapes and shrills her half-baked harangues.

    I hope the admirable Albertans give the little clown Hell!

    • Reese Macklin 03:15 on October 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      That brat should get back to school and learn something.
      I was reading about her parents who are as bad as she is, worse really for turning a handicapped child into an out of control mini-monster like they have.


  • ross1948 21:46 on October 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Who Knuckled Under To Alberta’s Red Nazis? 

    Here’s a link to a video of Ezra Levant OUTSIDE a theatre in Edmonton, Alberta.


    The problem is, he should be inside, launching his book. Lots of tickets sold, a good crowd expected.

    So why is Ezra outside?

    No clear answer.

    But it looks like the local equivalents of Red Nazi Antifa have been at work.


    The theatre owner said he’s been getting so many threats he’s unable to sleep.

    Listen and watch and see how far Canadian democracy has collapsed.




  • ross1948 20:19 on December 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Thanks, Senator Grant Mitchell, But Do You Know It’s Christmas Over There? 

    Among the many Christmas greetings emails I got this week was one from a Canadian Liberal Senator, Alberta’s Grant Mitchell. shown below.

    I am not sure why I am on his Christmas list, but more to the point, I am not sure he HAS a Christmas list, because nowhere on the pretty picture  – or in its message – did the word ‘Christmas’ appear.


    christmas card.jpg

    This is the time of year to strengthen our friendships, show appreciation and be together.
    From my family to yours, I wish you a very happy holiday and a joyous new year.

    • * *

    Cette période de l’année est l’occasion de resserrer les liens d’amitié, d’exprimer notre reconnaissance et de nous réunir en famille et entre amis.

    Ma famille se joint à moi pour vous souhaiter, à vous et à proches, de très joyeuses Fêtes et une bonne et heureuse année.

    Senator Grant Mitchell/ Sénateur Grant Mitchell
    Edmonton, Alberta

    Was it Senator Mitchell’s personal choice to exclude all mention of the REASON for the the holiday, or is it a Liberal Party diktat issued from Turdo’s lair?

    Never mind – ’tis the season of goodwill, so I hope he has a lovely holiday – and that Santa is good to him.


    • Marty N 19:44 on December 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      He’s one of Turdo’s so he will keep quiet about anything in our country that’s got to do with Christianity.
      There is only one religion that MPs voted to look after, and it is not the one most Canadians belong to.


  • ross1948 07:34 on November 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Could Kenney Save Canada? 

    I have always had a lot of time for Jason Kenney, who has been telling important truths for years.




    It had long seemed to me that he was the natural successor to Harper when the Canadian Tories had to find a new leader, but he opted to pursue a provincial career.



    Certainly Alberta is currently in such a cultural marxist quagmire that one can understand why he felt there was a need for somebody to wade into the battles there.

    In a brief hopeful moment a few years ago, it looked like the Wildrose Party might come to power but their leadership began flip-flopping on key issues of principle.

    Alberta’s Shame, as Tories, Wildrose, Flirt with ‘Pride!” 

    The ultimate outcome was a near-lunatic left regime in Edmonton, exemplified by the disgraceful legislation passed this month, a declaration of war on parents’ rights…

    …dedicated to the vile ‘gay-straight alliances,’ a foul framework devised by anti-family ideologues –Bill 24 prevents Alberta schools from notifying parents if their child joins a GSA.



    In the one province which had always seemed a bastion of traditional decencies, this shameful assault on the basic parental prerogative of guiding the moral standards of their children went through the legislature by 42 votes to 23.


    Kenney came out swinging against the idea of the legislation months ago, saying parents should know what their kids are doing in school unless the parents are abusive. 



    After it was introduced, he argued Bill 24 stomped on parents’ rights. He also accused the government of using the bill to thwart the School Act — to allow sensitive subjects to be taught without parental permission. 


    Now decent people in Alberta have to wait until the next provincial election before they may expect deliverance from  this repugnant law, which does nothing to steer youngsters away from aberrant life-styles but rather exalts such maladjustment to parity of esteem with normality.

    So Kenney has his work cut out on his home patch.

    But once redemption is achieved in Alberta?

    Patriots across the Dominion are in uproar over Justin Turdo’s readiness to let thousands of undesirables flow in from across the American border.

    Nor is it just the new wave of  illegals but almost every aspect of Turdistan – – that’s alarming!

    Kenney, in contrast, when he held the immigration portfolio, did sterling work…

    …as we reported at the time.



    • Arnold 15:25 on November 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I like Kenney.


    • Marty Nagel 21:09 on November 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Kenney was one of the Harper team’s best and yes I wish he could have stayed in Ottawa but we have got to make do with the Opposition we got there for now.
      Anybody will get my support who can get Turdo out.


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