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    La Belle France….Whose Bloody Country Is It, Anyway? 

    Once again we need to look at what’s being done to France, as if that great European nation has not been degraded sufficiently already by Le Muppet Macron…

    Macron’s Jerks Won’t Defend Jean d’Arc! 

    .Like Cornered Rats, Muppet’s Men Scorn Democracy! 

    ….and his putrid predecessor, Merde Hollande….

    Hollande Finally To Face The Wrath of Calais?

    Whose Side Is Francois Hollande On?


    ….because this month, “the Macronists quietly tabled a bill for the right to vote for foreigners, that is to say the final seizure from the French of their country. They will find the RN on their way!” wrote Jordan Bardella, the president of National Rally (RN).

    Appalling? Yes!

    Outrageous? Yes!

    But none of my UK readers is in any position to criticise the French, for successive British governments….


    …have perpetuated the insanity of enfranchising citizens of an alien and hostile republic..

    Who Gets To Vote? Eire Aliens, But NOT Expat Brits! 

    …even letting them vote in the Brexit referendum…



    ..and imagine the mayhem had Eire intruders voted in enough numbers to have denied the British people their victory!

    As to the details of France’s latest travails…


    ….and how Marine Le Pen’s patriots are fighting back, read on…


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    On June 8th, Anti-Brexit Candidates Relying On Alien Votes To Win? 

    On June 8th, Brits go to the polls.

    Everyone, from the grotesque Gina Millar, who is so unwilling to have her background explored, to LibDem Tim Farron, to UKIP, to all my UK readers, would readily concede that Brexit…


    …or thwarting Brexit, is, if not THE BIG ISSUE, at least one of them. That’s why we’ve been giving you input on tactical voting —And Another UK Tactical Voting Info Post! Brexit Rules OK! –to maximise the number of trustworthy MPs in the next parliament.


    In the referendum,  you’ll remember, resident aliens, Eire citizens, hundreds of thousands of them, were able to vote, egged on by the hostile Dublin Government to obstruct the drive for British independence.

    That made the patriot victory much narrower than it ought to have been.



    Since De Valera sent condolences on Hitler’s death, and Haughey did his evil worst to obstruct the Falklands War effort…

    – Eire’s bigotedly anti-British Defence Minister branded Britain as the aggressor, a crude and ignorant jibe…Dublin’s entire foreign policy was based on imposing foreign rule on a British community…Falklands Pride, Yes, but Reflect on EU Back-Stabbing 

     … Britannia’s problems have been Dublin’s opportunity to make mischief.


    This time, alas, those hundreds of thousands, not by any means all bad people, will have heard the exhortations of their alien political leaders back home in Eire, most all of whom are currently signed up to Juncker’s struggle to make sure Britain gets done down and ripped off.

    The Eire Government has been eagerly caballing with the Brussels Commissars in high hopes of annexing Ulster…

    …in a diplomatic coup for the Irish government, these hesitations have been overcome. The EU has just done something it has never done before: it has offered an incentive to part of an existing European state to join another state. The language may be quiet but the message is pretty loud… https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/may/04/eu-irish-unity-brexit-europe-northern-ireland

    …no slightest hint of allowing the loyal British population therein to exercise their right to self-determination by re-drawing the border.


    Hasil gambar untuk eire threat to ulster

    These foreign, Irish republican voters are simply what they are -foreign!

    They should never be allowed a vote, any more than I should be allowed a vote here in Indonesia, where I have dwelt contentedly for not that far off two decades.

    If I were to apply for, and be granted, Indonesian citizenship, that would be a different matter, but I was born, and will be till the day I die, a loyal subject of the Crown.



    The fact that nearly all those NON-BRITISH voters in the UK have no intention of taking out UK citizenship vividly states the case for excising their names from the electoral register.

    May won’t do that. She’s a no-good, but, compared to Juncker’s puppet-show parties, more of her party’s candidates are worth voting for.


    Gambar terkait

    So just focus on the essentials.



  • ross1948 13:26 on March 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Millions of Brits Denied Referendum Vote, Myriad Aliens Included! 

    If you’re one of the many Brits who have understandably retired to sunnier shores, you may well be excluded from voting in the referendum promised by David Cameron.


    EU - referendum vote


    According to the British Government electoral website, IF YOU HAVE LIVED OUTSIDE THE UK FOR 15 YEARS, YOU HAVE LOST YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE.

    But if you’re a Greek, a  Dane or a Maltese, or a citizen of any EUSSR member state who’s come to Britain in the past year or two, you are perfectly at liberty to register to take part in a decision which will decide the constitutional status of the realm for the foreseeable future.

    • insanityfair


    There is no conceivable justification for this.

    I append an extract from a site which focuses on this disgraceful disenfranchisement.   http://votes-for-expat-brits-blog.com/2015/03/25/9-of-british-population-lose-vote-after-15-years/


    A surprising statistic this 9%  perhaps, but consider the following, based on the UK’s Annual Population Survey estimates for the year 2013, published on 28 August 2014 by the Office for National Statistics:

    UK resident population – 62.6 million

    minus non-British UK residents – 4.9 million

    = Total number of British citizens in the UK – 57.7 million




    plus the British abroad – 5.6 million (IPPR estimates based on British passports issued to addresses abroad)

    = Total British citizens, resident in UK + abroad – 63.3 million

    The British abroad as a percentage of all British = 8.8%


    And is it really accidental that it disproportionately impacts Britons of middle-age or older, whom all surveys show are more likely to vote for deliverance from Brussels rule?

    referndmlet peole vote


    • Edward Spalton 14:17 on March 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Eligibility to vote in a referendum will be specified in the parliamentary Bill which authorises it. In the earlier Bill which failed to pass, the qualifications were as for a general election – British citizens and citizens of the Irish Republic plus Commonwealth citizens with the right of permanenent residence. Citizens of EU states are allowed to register but can only vote in elections for local councils and the EU parliament. But there is considerable doubt about the checks on eligibility for the register of electors.

      Very unwisely Mr Cameron allowed the Scottish Parliament to legislate for the referendum there and Mr Salmond extended the franchise to 16 year olds and EU citizens resident in Scotland, whilst excluding Scottish people resident elsewhere in the UK.

      The present system of universally available postal voting has been condemned in court as wide open to fraud. Most of the detected or suspected fraud has taken place in areas which could be described as culturally enriched.


      • ross1948 14:25 on March 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        But the fact remains, my friend, that overseas Brits are denied any vote at all if they have been resident elsewhere for 15 years or more. I doubt they’ll relax that when and if the referendum is held.
        I think that is scandalous.


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