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  • ross1948 5:49 pm on October 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    A New Battle Of Hastings? 

    I have grave doubts about the efficacy of Leave.EU’s strategy of mobilising patriots in the constituencies of Tory ratbags to join the local Conservative Association.

    I’ve explained my scepticism already.

    Save Brexit By Infiltrating Tories? What Do YOU Think? 

    But I am not what Red China’s Maoists would define as a ‘splittist.’

    Their hearts (Leave.EU’s, not the Maoists’!) are in the right place, so if you are so inclined, give it a go.

    Here’s one of their ads, aimed at turfing out that ghastly Amber Rudd, who deliberately refused to vet a pack of hefty young alien adults purporting to be ‘children.’

    Little kiddies dumped into UK by Macron, green-lighted by Rudd

    Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 

    She is a shameful specimen and deserves deselection and/or defeat.

    The immediate priority, I’d say, is to ‘Chuck Chequers,’ but if the people of Hastings & Rye can also root out Rudd,  why not?

    As Leave.EU say –

    Having previously claimed she would respect the referendum result, Ms Rudd told ITV’s ‘Peston’ programme on September 26 that she would “absolutely” back a second referendum. We think this is disgraceful.’


  • ross1948 8:30 pm on July 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Unaccompanied Minors!’ = Killers, Hookers, Rapists… 

    I don’t suppose Amber Rudd ever gave a tinker’s cuss about the sort of things she imported from Calais…


    Some of the ‘unaccompanied children’ imported by Awful Amber


    …under the threadbare guise of ‘unaccompanied minors,’ but ordinary Brits, the victims of her policy, which was of course endorsed by Theresa May, may wonder if any of those ‘poor little kiddies’ resembled the similar category shockingly exposed in the USA..



    Judicial Watch investigators uncovered 224 pages of documents containing nearly 1,000 summaries of Significant Incident Reports (SIRs) from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) revealing that ‘Unaccompanied Alien Children’ (UAC) processed during the Obama administration…



    …included admitted murderers, rapists, drug smugglers, prostitutes, and human traffickers. Judicial Watch: New HHS Documents Reveal


    • Vanessa R 9:09 pm on July 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      If any of Amber’s Army are facing, have faced or at any time in the future will face prosecution for criminal activity, there will be a scramble by the political establishment to cover it up.

    • Diana 2:05 pm on July 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Truly evil.

    • C. P. Challoner 3:19 pm on July 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I am getting really sick and tired of the way the Media-Democrats and the RINO Republicans are demanding the real migrant children ( not the teenage delinquents) get handed back to criminal parents.
      Those parents are good examples of really bad parenting.
      I am with you all the way when you say they should never regain custody of little children.
      Best to have the kiddies adopted or fostered by honest families who will bring them up as law-abiding citizens

  • ross1948 9:22 am on July 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Leprosy, Amber The Ass And Bilderberg Brutality 

    I note that those of us who take pride in our countries and demand that the democratic process guide our destinies have been likened by Muppet Macron to lepers.

    France’s Macron warns of populism leprosy, Italy hits back | Reuters

    But who should truly be abhorred?


    Hasil gambar untuk bilderberg ban


    We know that the Bilderberg cabal is composed of some of the worst people on the planet.

    That crimmigrant-crawling Amber Rudd has now taken to attending, which is not surprising, given her disgraceful record…

    Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 

    …but even I was astounded by this report…


    ‘…a face that looked not unlike an arse that had just been fulsomely slapped…



    …of the desperate and brutal measures deployed to prevent the public learning anything at all about this nest of vipers.



    Read it for yourself.

    Then pass it on, and ask those to whom you pass it, to pass it on some more.

    Bilderbergers exemplify the Enemy Within and all who adhere to the cabal should be accorded the status of leper in their own countries.

    • Vinnie F 10:37 am on July 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      That is a shocker.
      I know Salvini is busy defending Italy against the illegals but I hope he reins in those rogue police and has an investigation into who ordered the destuction of the film and brutality against this guy.
      There’s no excuse.
      Why was Rudd so concerned about being caught sneaking around that place? I have read about her and I would say she needs more watching, not less.
      It shows what kind of future the Bilderbergers have planned for us.

  • ross1948 10:31 pm on May 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Let’s Cut The Cr-P About Jolly Nice Javid! 

    Yes, he’s well-spoken, polite, and well-educated.

    And this man who has succeeded Amber The Ass as Home Secretary is bound to seem like an improvement on the arrogant shrill who let in the Calais Curs.



    Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 


    Heck, you might think even Medusa might make a better Home Secretary than that Remainiac liberal!


    But Mr. Javid is all the more dangerous PRECISELY because he is so much more personable and presentable!Gambar terkait

       I quote from today’s CfM bulletin.Coalition for Marriage

    We need to be very vigilant on free speech, particularly so given that Sajid Javid is the new Home Secretary.

    It was Mr Javid who backed the incredibly daft idea of stopping extremism by getting all politicians and public sector workers to swear an equality oath.

    Thankfully the idea, first drawn up by former integration tsar Dame Louise Casey, has now been dropped.


    Gambar terkait


    But the fact that Mr Javid was “drawn” to her proposals (his words) shows a pretty poor understanding of free speech. This proposal would have turned the clock back 300 years to the dark days of the Test and Corporation Acts. A time when only card-carrying Anglicans could serve in public life.

    Much was made these past days of Mr. Javid’s colour, or, as PC hogwash-talk has it, his status as ‘a BME.’ That’s irrelevant. After my May Day fun in a nice pool, it’s fair to say I’m browner than he is.

    His ethnicity is no big deal.

    It’s his opinions that alarm us. Nobody should EVER be told that abnormality merits ‘equality’ of respect with normality.



    A human being with a healthy mind should be capable of discriminating between the two.

    And citizens who exercise their right to discriminate, between those who opt for a maladjusted life-style on the one hand and, on the other, people who are NOT into aberration, should not be bullied by politicians and their tame police flunkeys.

    Oh, AND…Javid’s a Remainer.

    • Harriet Eddiler 2:53 pm on May 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Never trust a Tory.
      Getting rid of Rudd was not the Tory Party’s idea, they defended her, even though she is so bent on hurting our country.
      Even if they get rid of May, the chances of getting a real conservative as leader are slimmer than a match-stick.
      I’m voting Ukip today.

  • ross1948 10:00 am on April 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Joy To The World! Rotten Rudd Rousted Out! 

    One of the worst, that one! Abhorrent Amber Rudd finally quit, forced out as the United Kingdom’s Home Secretary.



    But NOT for the reason that should have brought her down – the unvetted admission of hulking military-age aliens on the absurd pretext that they were ‘unaccompanied children.’



    Off to kindergarten?

    Amber’s Army Disembarks – Brits Should Echo French Resistance! 

    THAT outrage, aided and abetted by Theresa The Appeaser, remains unredressed, still no proper age-checks carried out on burly brats.

    Instead Rudd’s resigned over the ‘Caribbean grannies’ issue!


    Yet while we are entitled to savour the downfall of a fundamentally wicked woman, that Guardian link raises a question mark that deserves attention.

    First of all, it reminds us that Rudd was deeply disloyal to Britain and even to May’s weak wobbly ‘Brexit’ manoeuvring. The report more or less admits  that, telling of how the Tory traitors adored Rudd.



    Backbench remainers, including Nicky Morgan, Anna Soubry and Nicholas Soames, threw their support behind Rudd on Friday…partly because they like Rudd…but also because she has been their doughtiest champion inside cabinet… 

    However, another view has been put forward, viz. that, from the extreme Europhiliac stand-point, Rudd on the back-benches will strengthen the sell-out faction in the Commons.

    That view is posited on the old adage that it’s better to have a ratbag inside your tent p-ssing out than outside the tent p-ssing in.

    By that logic, keeping the Calais-Cur importrix tethered within the Cabinet ensured she maintained a degree of discretion in her pro-Brussels posturing.

    Soggy logic, surely?

    Rudd’s hardly been discreet in her poisonous prattling.

    The latest example came this weekend in reports that Rudd would be open to an arrangement with the EU that would replicate key elements of freedom of movement.


    Gambar terkait

    If we must use the ‘tent’ analogy, it’s fair to say she’s already soaked the sleeping bags!

    Let joy be unmitigated by doubt.


    • Annie Dobson 11:17 am on April 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I wish some more of her ministers would quit.
      They all share the blame for letting those ‘minor’illegals into England, I think.

    • Niels 9:03 pm on April 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      We have the same problem in the Nordic countries, pretend children lying. They are a danger to us all but at least we have one minister in Denmark who tells the truth.
      Of course she is attacked by the far-left. I will send you the story for your use,I hope

  • ross1948 8:40 am on March 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Amber Rudd, Asma Dewi, bampot, , , insulting the government, , koplak ( stupid) and edun (crazy), otak udang, , wally   

    Brits May Still Call Amber Rudd ‘Koplak’ And ‘Edun!’ 

    As Theresa May ponders outlawing free expression in Britain…

    Hands Off RT! Somebody Should Start A Petition!

    …there’s been an astonishing verdict in Jakarta this week, some woman called Asma Dewi sentenced to prison for using the words koplak ( stupid) and edun (crazy) to criticize the government on Facebook.”

    As a rule, I find Indonesian ladies  delightful, but from what I know of this woman, I doubt very much if I’d enjoy her company, nor she mine.


    Gambar terkait


    She was reported to be the treasurer of the Tamasya Al-Maidah Islamic group that had encouraged massive anti-Ahok protests.   http://indonesiaexpat.biz/other/scams-in-the-city/manufacturing-hatred/


    Ahok was a rather good Jakarta governor and was and still is a very good man, and I was horrified when he went to prison for ‘blasphemy.’



    Slouching Towards Shariah, Indonesia Jails Ahok

    However, I’ve been in Indonesia for near enough 20 years and never heard the word ‘edun‘ though koplak (usually pronounced ‘goblok’ ) is a common enough insult.

    I prefer the more colourful term otak udang ( literally ‘prawn brain…’Hasil gambar untuk prawn

    ….a reference to the alleged anatomical location of the sea-creature’s brain, on or about its rear end!) as a put-down.

    But I’m a polite chap and try not to insult the people whose country I live in.

    Asma Dewi was given ‘time-served’ but she had languished in custody for over five months; so she’s out.

    However, one of the judges reportedly scolded her thus – ‘both words were not in the Indonesian official dictionary…

    So had she selected more formal insults, would she have been acquitted?

    Apparently not, under Article 207 of the Criminal Code (KUHP) for insulting those in power or legal institutions.   http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2018/03/15/asma-dewi-sentenced-to-jail-for-using-swear-words-to-criticize-government.html

    However strange we Western folk find some aspects of the Indonesian Legal Code- and I’m thinking of that ‘Blasphemy Law’ as much as Article 207 – there’s not a lot we can do about it.

    Yet imagine if governments in the West were similarly shielded from unflattering comments!

    And in particular to SLANG insults!

    We’d find ourselves lectured by judges for describing Amber Rudd as a bampot or a wally.

    Mind you, such denigration of her intelligence pales in comparison to what most Brits said after she let all those burly so-called ‘child migrants’ in from Calais…




    …despite their appearance suggesting they were old enough to serve in the armed forces!

     Brits should make the most of their freedoms, before they too find themselves behind bars for slang!

    • Andita 1:31 pm on March 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      So sad to think that she is out while Ahok is still in.
      Many Indonesian people think like you that he is in there for no good reason.
      Same like many other people who see nothing wrong to criticise any religion. or get mean treatment for only practising own worship.in own mosque like Ahmadiyah.

    • Santi 2:01 pm on March 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you Ross, I always say thanks when you go back to write about Indonesia.

      It is crime to insult even people who deserve insult here and I do envy the British who can call the woman Amber Rudd stupid when she cannot see that these men are not children.

      Interesting story for me because I never know of it before.

  • ross1948 8:00 pm on March 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    So, Macron, If They’re 15 Or Over, They AIN’T ‘Minors!?’ 

    Another giant leap for Macronkind…


    ….as Le Muppet gets France to set legal age of sexual consent as 15…

    France to set legal age of sexual consent as 15 – BBC News

    So now the French Government asserts that if people are 15 or over, they are no longer children?

    So it seems, and if that’s the case, is it not about time the same rule was applied to crimmigrants?

    Time to end the nonsense that illegal aliens who, ‘unaccompanied,’ violate a country’s borders, are somehow ‘minors?’

    If an alien savage is old enough to rape, it’s no child.’

    Nine Young Women In Denmark


    Poor Wee ‘Unaccompanied Savages,’ Again! 

    Hardly a new point, as far as we’re concerned.

    And we could remind you of how a  lot of the vile creatures regard it as quite acceptable to have sex with chldren…Migrant Pedophilia – ‘Our Traditions Are Hard To Break!’  …but that’s another, albeit related, matter.,

    Incidentally, all that EU/UN rubbish, about  17-year-old or younger illegals being classified as ‘minors?’

    The report we’re reading adds some incidental info, viz. ,

    Legislation varies across Europe, with countries setting different legal ages of consent. 

    It provides a few examples.

    • 14 years old: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal

    • 15: Greece, Poland, Sweden

    • 16: Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Russia

    • 17: Cyprus

    • So in  NONE of those EUSSR member states does the age of consent match the ‘unaccompanied migrant’ age.

    • They’re old enough to have at it, at the age  of 14, in Germany, etc.,but too young to be prosecuted and deported under immigration law?

    • It’s of course up to each nation to determine.

    • But I’d say most people in most of the countries above, and in the UK, would welcome a round-up of  teen crimmigrants for deportation.

    • Alas, in the UK, Amber Rudd decides these matters, and she has no interest in doing so…

    • =


    • …on the contrary, she had a pack of strapping young aliens shipped into Britain and refused point-blank to check their ages.

    • Petra Malley 8:55 pm on March 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Very interesting, that German detail.
      Merkel insists on treating under 18-year-old alien criminals as ‘minors’ to make sure they’re not deported.
      In complete contradiction, young Germans are no longer children at 14, classed as adult enough to assent to sex.
      One standard for her favoured primitives, another for her own people
      Another black mark to the person you so rightly call The Berlin Bitch!

  • ross1948 8:07 pm on February 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Hurry Along, Amber, Bring The Hoodlums To Britain! 

    Four teenage migrants are in a critical condition after being shot during a huge brawl in the French port of Calais involving Afghans and Eritreans armed with sticks and stones…

    Four migrants in critical condition after Calais brawl

    More poor, desperate ‘unaccompanied minors?’

    More than likely, and I wonder if Theresa May and Amber Rudd will roll out their red carpet for these cute little children!



    If so, rest assured there will once more be no serious attempt by Amber the Ass even to confirm their status as ‘minors.’

    Why change the irresponsible habits she’s shown already?


    Irresponsible UK Home Secretary Rudd has shown us the reality of what a Calais Cur ‘child’ looks like!

    Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 

    If Macron had taken my advice last year, the French port city would not have had to suffer  these shocking scenes.

    OK Macron! Open Libyan Hot-Spots – For The Calais Curs! 

    The news of the lawless brutes amok in Calais broke last night, and comes only a day or so after Gatestone published an impressive article –The ‘Goodness’ of Migrants: When Feelings Trump Facts  –  to which I append the link. Please take some time and read it.

    It’s both well-written and helpful to all concerned in the fightback.

  • ross1948 1:41 pm on January 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    May’s Calais Betrayal – More Burly Brats OTW? 

    MORE Calais crimmigrants, more liars, louts, more lawless aliens, clearly grown-up but misrepresented by Theresa the Appeaser and her Home Secretary, Amber the Ass, as poor little vulnerable ‘unaccompanied minors?

    Migrants in Calais will be fast-tracked to the UK after PM bows  …



    Rudd has shown us the reality of what a Calais Cur ‘child’ looks like


    These two women are a damnable disgrace,  May for her pathetic crawling to Muppet Macron, allegedly to win his support in the Brexit talks…



    …a hope he at once dashed with these words –

    Be my guest. But it means that you need to contribute to the budget and acknowledge European jurisdiction


    • –  and Amber Rudd because of the way she overtly revels in her mission to import undesirables without taking the simplest steps to ensure they’re not lying their way in.

    Arrest Amber Rudd? Calais Crimmigrant “Age Checks Not Carried Out! “ 

    Of course normal decent French people want rid of the curs.

    They’ve no right to be anywhere in France, because they’re NOT refugees, and their refusal to apply for ‘asylum’ there proves that beyond a shadow of doubt!

    But no way should the savages be transferred across the Channel by Theresa May as a further blight on the lives of the British.

    Only this week we had more evidence of  her spineless character, when eight suspected illegal immigrants were hauled off the lorry by police in Dover, Kent  Thumbs up if you’ve snuck into Britain! Migrants look delighted 

    The same Daily Mail explains clearly the EU rule that asylum seekers should claim refuge in the first safe country they come to.
    So when’s she sending them back to France? Macron likes EU rule, so he should man up and accept them back, yeah?


    Macron is no friend to Brits, and May is gutless and will take them in, heedless of their brazen illegality.

    She knows very well what she’s bringing into to her country.


    Calais Curs Try To MurderBrits? PUT THEM DOWN!  

    Her eagerness to bring back ISIS vermin from the Middle East should have warned everyone that she cares little or nothing for honest citizens, but this latest sell-out is shocking.

    Yes, Britain and France should work together. But by joining forces to clean up the mess, not playing Mama Stasi Merkel’s ghastly game.



    Muppet Macron should repudiate his malignant mentor in Berlin, order all illegals OUT of France, and, if they resist a round-up, shoot them down.



    The UK’s armed forces could easily be deployed to help.

    Vive L’Entente Cordiale!

  • ross1948 9:20 am on January 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Crimmigrants- Austria’s Kickl Kick-Starts Counter-Attack! 

    The media gave much (too much) attention to a mob of millennials in Vienna at the weekend, shrilling against the results of the democratic election there.

    But much more important is the fact that Herbert Kickl, of the FPÖ patriot party,  has got off to a very promising start as Austria’ Interior Minister, with a pledge to crack down on disgraceful alien ingrates.



    Wherever you are, you must wish your own governemnt would also start work on the speedy deportation of migrants who have been denied asylum.

    Austrian interior minister promises ‘very, very tough asylum policies’

    ‘Denied asylum’ means their claims to be ‘refugees’ have proven bogus, so the speedier the liars are kicked out, the better!

    As an example of what he describes as “very, very tough asylum policies,” he’s proposed that the government  should be able to check migrants and asylum seekers’ mobile data, in order to gather information about refugee routes.

    While it’s a welcome and sensible move, it’s also a measure of how sloppy and soppy attitudes in Europe have become…

    ….that such an obvious step forward should be deemed ‘tough.’

    Same goes for another of his planned reforms,  mandatory X-rays to determine asylum-seekers’ age for legal purposes.

    Rather topical, that one, with recent reports from other countries, like Sweden…

    BBC News5 Des 2017

    A Swedish investigation into migrants claiming asylum as children suggests that three-quarters of those tested were over the age of 18…

    Sweden child migrant tests ‘reveal many adults

    …and Germany…

    Almost Half Of ‘Underage’ Migrants In Hamburg Are Adults

    …indicating that a huge percentage of so-called ‘unaccompanied child migrants,’ are not children at all, but dastardly lying louts.

    What a shame Britain doesn’t have somebody in the Home Office with the same set of patriotic priorities as Kickl.

    What Next, Amber? Import Young Guns Of Calais? 

    Instead, Brits suffers from Awful Amber Rudd, Champion of the Calais Curs!

    • Edith Larner 7:23 pm on January 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Most of what you say here is what you have said before and I understand why you keep playing the same tune, to ensure people get your message.
      That that point you make about how it is disturbing that anyone thinks it’s tough or unreasonable or in any way excessive ‘to check migrants and asylum seekers’ mobile data, in order to gather information about refugee routes,’ that point is worth repeating.
      Do Western nations now get insulted and abused for doing anything at all to protect themselves?

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