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    Target’s ‘Trans-Gender’ Lunacy- The Fight Goes On! 

    American Family Association

     Asked to spread news of the on-going fight to thwart the gaystapo agenda, I am happy to oblige. 




    Last May, AFA delivered over 1 million petition signatures to Target Stores headquarters in Minneapolis, MN. On your behalf, I personally met face-to-face with Target executives, urging them to end AFA’s boycott of the company by protecting women and children in their stores.

    Unfortunately, Target didn’t respond to our concerns. Now, I’m ready to deliver another half-million, but I’ll need your help!

    We are very close to reaching our next goal of 1.5 million signatures. You can see how close we are here. Please help us get the remaining signatures we need!

    Once we reach the 1.5 million signature mark, AFA will personally deliver the additional 500,000 petitions to Target’s headquarters.

    As a result of Target’s continued and dangerous policy of allowing men to use women’s dressing and restrooms, women and children have become targets of sexual assault inside its stores.

    Target would do well to read U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor’s recent ruling, putting a halt to President Obama’s directive which would have allowed boys to use girls’ locker and bathrooms in public schools. In his ruling, Judge O’Connor said, “separation from members of the opposite sex, those whose bodies possessed a different anatomical structure, was needed to ensure personal privacy.”

    Target’s policy does nothing to insure its customer’s personal privacy or protection from those who would take advantage of the rule to conduct sexual criminal activity. And according to an article on cnsnews.com, there are over 840,000 registered sex offenders in the United States who could take advantage of Target’s unbridled policy.

    Please help us reach the 1.5 million signature goal today!


    1. If you haven’t already, sign the pledge to boycott Target.

    2. Forward this email to everyone on your email list. Be sure to use the social media tags below to let your friends know you’ve signed the pledge and are encouraging them to join the boycott too!

    3. Let Target know you have signed the pledge by calling your local store manager here. If you don’t have a Target store nearby, post your comment on Target’s Facebook page here.

    Sign the Boycott Pledge NOW!


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    A Connecticut Queer In Queen Gaystapo’s Court? 




    And suddenly another case of gaystapo inquisition to report, in hopes our many readers in the USA will take note and sign up to AFA’s protest, which we append below.


    Gambar terkait

    Kevin Lembo – BTW, he’s a self-confessed queer!


    Who does this pink prig think he is?

    I’ve never been to Connecticut, but enjoyed reading Mark Twain’s story during my high school years.


    • Hasil gambar untuk a connecticut yankee in king arthur’s court
    • …………..
    • Sadly, the state seems to have lost its way since then (since Mark Twain’s time AND since my teenage years, which were NOT contemporaneous, BTW!)
    • Has Lembo ALWAYS been a gaystapo running-dog or did he, like Obama, ‘evolve’ from purported pretensions to American values into an intolerant lackey of the dark forces at work in  the USA?
    • Please support AFA against the discrimination threat that Lousy Lembu brandishes! 


    Regardless of election results this past November 8, secular progressives in America remain intent on driving Christians out of the public square. Actions by the state of Connecticut last week proved it.

    On Wednesday, November 30, 2016 the American Family Association received a letter from the State of Connecticut Comptroller’s Office. The letter alleged, “AFA may be in violation of the regulations governing the Connecticut State Employee Campaign for Charitable Giving that broadly prohibit discrimination.”

    The charitable giving program allows state employees to donate to the non-profit charity of their choice. Connecticut had already approved AFA as a legitimate charity.

    In the letter, State Comptroller Kevin Lembo wrote, “[T]here are several indications that AFA may be violating these anti-discrimination prohibitions.” Interestingly, the letter never cites any state or federal laws of which AFA might be in violation. (read full letter here)

    To support his assertion that we “may be in violation,” Lembo zeroed in on our biblical beliefs about human sexuality, marriage, and family – and especially our actions to uphold those values. He specifically mentioned our ongoing and successful boycott of Target over the company’s dangerous and misguided policy allowing men in the same bathrooms and dressing rooms as women. The Connecticut official also mentioned AFA’s One Million Moms division and its recent action alert denouncing Zales for promoting homosexuality in its advertising.

    The letter demanded that AFA prove it was in compliance with all non-discrimination policies regarding homosexuality.

    This is a state government official coming directly after your AFA, and the letter is nothing more than an attack on AFA for standing strong for Biblical principles. Moreover, it is an unconstitutional attack on the First Amendment rights of all religious organizations. The government is not allowed to dictate to religious charities what they can believe in order to participate in the public square.

    The intolerant actions of Lembo and the state of Connecticut must immediately cease, and we are asking you to let them know that this abuse of power is not acceptable.

    Take Action

    Contact the Connecticut State Comptroller’s Office and urge Mr. Lembo to retract his letter in full and issue a public apology to the American Family Association.


    • Geraldine Nillon 16:08 on December 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I like your parody of Mark Twain’s story title and that ‘gaystapo’ word fits its purpose perfectly.. This ‘comptroller’ is in a position of public responsibility but is targeting AFA because he personally doesn’t like their beliefs.
      He should be forced to resign.


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    Today in USA, Take Aim At Target – Confront Predator Peril! 

    As reported here last week…

    …the AFA (American Family Association) has done a brilliant job of mobilising Americans against the Target ‘corporate policy’ – aka freak-show folly  – of giving ANY male who claims he’s ‘trans-gender’ to gate-crash restrooms previously designated for women and girls.


    • ========================
    • AFA have got 1.3 MILLION citizens to add their names to the protest and today’s something of a D-Day as leaders of their common-sense campaign are due to show up at the Target share-holders’ meeting.
    • Meanwhile, there’s more to be done if you care enough to act. Even those whom you might expect to be on the other side of this debate on decency can be brought to see reason when faced with the horrid reality of what Target aims to impose on all its customers.

    As noted in the latest AFA memo on the struggle, the ACLU director in Georgia recently stepped down from her position after she and her daughters were frightened when three large transgendered men entered the restroom they were using. 

    The American Civil Liberties Union has been at the forefront of every subversive cause  in the country for decades…


    ….so when even THEIR members start waking up, there’s hope for the USA.




    Anyway, here’s the latest AFA appeal for YOUR involvement

    Take Action

    1. Call your local manager and politely remind them that you are still boycotting Target. Find your local Target store number here.
    2. Share your concerns on Target’s Facebook page. When sharing this on social media use #BoycottTarget.
    3. Forward this to your family and friends.
    4. Print this AFA Pass Along Sheet and distribute to friends and family.

    If you haven’t already, sign the boycott pledge now!

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