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  • ross1948 21:38 on April 21, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Enemy Within Captures Another US Campus 

    Four undesirable louts at Eastern Michigan University perfectly displayed their contempt for American values last week, by preventing students enjoyment of a great American movie.


    The Enemy Within quartet were arrested when they disrupted the on-campus screening of American Sniper, but ludicrously, instead of being expelled from university, they were released without charge!

    Their sectarian celluloid jihad was then further rewarded by the cancellation of the scheduled second showing of the Clint Eastwood hit film! EMU’s excuses are available on the two links at the end of this post.

    They’re SO pusillanimous.


    • ————

    As we have noted before  it’s not only a very watchable war movie but intensely patriotic. That’s why Un-American brats like  Ahmed Abbas, Layali Alsadah, Jenna Hamed, and Sabreen Dari hate it.

    I loved it!

    My Wallow In The Swamp of Moral Depravity!

    The point of course is that –

    A  –  they’re entitled to hate it. Nobody would dream of forcing them to watch their scumbag heroes being taken out by a fine marksman serving his country well.


    B – they’re also entitled to seek peacefully to persuade other people not to watch it. They are at liberty to whine tearfully that it shows enemies of civilsation being put down.

    Given the quality of many USA college administrators, they might find that approach achieves their censorship demands most adequately. EMU caved – there’s an email address to tell them what you think of their appeasement of IslamoNazi hooliganism-  

    Want to give EMU President Susan Martin a piece of your mind? You can do so at 734.487.2211, or via email HERE.

    This is hardly a unique case. Missouri – Bigot Bint Demands Campus Censorship! 

    What these toe-rages are NOT entitled to do is disrupt the free choice of dozens of other students who for whatever reason opted to watch it.

    By doing so, they have demonstrated that they are unfit to be in higher education. Special needs schools might be more appropriate.

    And they are clearly better off living in the sort of cess-pool country where jihadist terror is glorified.


    out with them


    Expulsion from both EMU and the USA would be a most commendable course of action.

    Protesters arrested after disrupting ‘American Sniper’ showing at Eastern Michigan University


  • ross1948 10:09 on April 5, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Missouri – Bigot Bint Demands Campus Censorship! 

    If fanatical primitives in America don’t like living in a free country, then surely they are free to go somewhere else.

    Nasty female fanatics like Farah El-Jayyousi, whose brain-dead bleating makes it clear she’s failing to make good use of the no doubt wonderful learning facilities at the University of Missouri, could sod off to Saudi.

    But there she would find obstacles to spreading her claptrap in person, since she wouldn’t be allowed to drive a car.


    Hasil gambar untuk Farah El-JayyousiFarah El-Jayyousi


    At least there’d be burkas galore available, to hide her self-righteous countenance.

    But meantime, foolish America allows this backward bint to shrill her intolerance on campus. She thinks her own sectarian bigotry entitles her to censor what films her fellow-students may watch!

    On or off campus!

    We reviewed American Sniper a month or two ago, and praised it.

    My Wallow In The Swamp of Moral Depravity! 

    It’s excellent, though if you don’t enjoy action movies with a wholesome message, it’s probably not for you.

    However, the Bigot Bint is in a terrible tizzy because MU announced its decision to show a campus screening of Clint’s latest masterpiece.

    I have checked my source and other media but can find no reference to any uni policy that makes it compulsory for undesirable aliens to attend and watch the movie.

    But she must have done, because she  reckons it’s all about “dehumanizing Muslims and glorifying the murder of Iraqis.

    Hmm, I must have missed that bit. One assumes she’s also demanding that The Dirty Dozen be banned, for dehumanizing Germans and glorifying the murder of Hitler’s officer corps?

    Actually, as far as dehumanising and murder are concerned, that’s what ISIS does, yeah?



    • ———

    Seems to me the hero in Clint’s film was shooting extremely unpleasant sectarian savages…aaah, of course, that’s why Farah says that it makes her feel ‘unsafe!’

    Like so many jihadists, she sounds like a sickly echo of the 1960s communist campus cretins – American Sniper is  blatant racist, colonialist propaganda that should not be shown under any circumstances and especially not endorsed by a branch of student government that purports to represent me and have my best interests in mind.”

    Well, at least we now have a perfectly clear understanding of how this savage – and her think-alikes in Islamonazi gangs everywhere – would dump civil liberties in the dustbin. Sure hasn’t learned much about American freedoms.

    The puellile petulant whined in a letter to the The Maneater, an editorially independent student news publication, that the sniper hero, Chris Kyle,  was “a killer with no regard for human life.” 

    Killers with no regard for human life? 

    Uuuh, that might better be taken as a reference to Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Imam Samoedra, and of course the individuals responsible for the satanists who burned that Jordanian pilot to death, yeah?


    How soon before the moral retard in Missouri wants to prevent the nightly news being shown under any circumstances?


  • ross1948 07:50 on February 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    'Sniper' Shot Down! Oscars Illustrate Gap Between People and Gilded Elite 

    Barely a mention of the best box-office draw! Typical of the Hollywood snobbocracy, which chose to diss the movie-goers who provide them with their glitterati life-style, the Oscars all but ignored American Sniper.


    elite arrogance-s


    Even EuroNews this morning felt obliged to mention this bizarre failure to recognise talent, a blatant PC bias against a film that celebrates patriotism.

    The in-crowd mind-set is sick, as I noted previously.

    My Wallow In The Swamp of Moral Depravity! 

    • Joe Whillard 16:28 on February 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Hollywood stinks, of treason. You are right on target with this.
      But there’s a new movie coming out about Vietnam. Maybe you can plug it because it finally tries to set the record straight. I’ll give you the link to where you can find out more about it.


  • ross1948 19:32 on January 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    My Wallow In The Swamp of Moral Depravity! 

    I finally got to see ‘American Sniper!’

    The swamp of moral depravity in which America is sinking is illustrated by a movie glorifying the exploits of a racist killer…   


    Picture of John Wight‘ John Wight


    That’s the start of a vile rant in the Huffington Post by some screwed-up pinko puke named John Wight. I had never heard of this ghastly individual before, so took a few minutes to look him up.

    Turns out he scribbles for the UK Guardian, and has the Sniper piece on a class-war website called Socialist Unity, along with much else of his vituperative vapourings.  He’s also got a record as an ‘anti-war activist.’

    Just so you know where his bilious Hate-America tripe comes from.


    Having had a thoroughly enjoyable wallow in this swamp of moral depravity, I do strongly recommend you do the same. No need for a review. It’s a great movie, and I gather I’m not alone in this view!

    It seems it’s the most watched in cinemas ever having premiered in the traditionally difficult month of January.


    • ———
    • It depicts a patriotic American who joins up and proves a skilled marksman, taking out an enormous number of savages in Iraq.
    • Obviously most Americans, and all people of goodwill, anywhere, should appreciate his endeavours, and the Clint Eastwood film which honours them.

    But of course, scum like Michael Moore, as we reported previously…

    Loathesome Lard-Ass Michael Moore Slurs Snipers – Ho-Hum! 

    …and all kinds of dubious lobbies, are setting up a hue and cry against its patriotic message. 

    The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee has sent letters to both Eastwood and lead actor Bradley Cooper and asked them to go public to take a stand against the sharp anti-Arab rhetoric especially on Twitter, USA Today writes.  


    Au contraire, the film shows decent Arabs being butchered by Islamist fanatics, whom Kyle quite rightly targets!

    Certainly it stirs loathing for savages.

    But that should be a natural human emotion in any civilised heart, pre-dating any visit to your local cinema.

  • ross1948 23:55 on January 21, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Loathesome Lard-Ass Michael Moore Slurs Snipers – Ho-Hum! 

    I really want to watch that new movie that Clint Eastwood’s released. American Sniper.

    Even Euronews last night had a report on it, marred only by one of their stupid little girls commenting that the ‘film chose to focus’ not on the sniper’s ‘guilt over the lives he’d taken but on the lives he saved.’

    WTF?   Why on earth should the hero feel ‘guilty’ about taking out enemies of his country?

    But Euronews seem to hire any pinko chick that walks past their sumptuous offices.  

    ‘Euronews’ Or Eurabian Pravda? Anti-UKIP, Anti-USA – Brazen Bias! 


    But there’s no show without Punch, as somebody I knew well used to say.

    I have to applaud John Ransom’s article in Townhall for the way he summarises all that is vile about the obnoxious scumbag Michael Moore, with his oversized clothes and food stained sweatshirts in the 10,000 square foot mansion and the Manhattan condo he apparently doesn’t even use.

    Moore was doing his usual sniping on social media, because he believes someone still cares about his opinion.

    Sadly, some people probably still do.




    Even after his well-known duplicitous propaganda about Cuba’s health services, singing its praises, covering up the truth, that all the finest services are reserved for Fidel Castro’s Communist ruling class. 

    The self-appointed mouthpiece for the 99% with the $50 million bank account wanted us to know that all snipers are bad, even American ones, because his dad said so. http://finance.townhall.com/columnists/johnransom/2015/01/21/michael-moore-michigan-sniper-n1945830

    Yeah, I can disagree with pinkos, debate with them over a beer, but it’s when they turn out to be limousine liberals, rich reds, that I begin to get p###ed off.


    dignif pkiposter


    The purported concern for the underprivileged, until they get into power – then the fancy dachas, the orgiastic life-styles..while the workers lose even their right to protest!

    Michael Moore’s ostentatious proletarian pretences make me puke!

    He told the Twitterverse this weekend as the movie American Sniper went big because it is full of conservative themes that Americans like, that he thinks all snipers are cowards because one killed his uncle.

    Ho-hum, heard his hogwash before.

    The bloated bore has a thing about branding heroes as ‘cowards.’ He infamously did the same slur-job on the 2506 Brigade, the Cuban patriots who landed at the Bay of Pigs in 1961, who, denied air support by JFK, nevertheless fought desperately, till they were taken prisoner by their country’s oppressors.

    Humberto Fontova tells it so well.- They went at it with a vengeance. These “brave boys” fought till the last round, without food or water, and inflicted losses of almost 30-to-1 against their Soviet-led and arm-lavished enemy.

    And they stood their ground subsequently at the Communist kangaroo court, where they could have bowed and scraped and won much milder sentences than the draconian punishments in store.
    Instead they didn’t flinch from challenging the puppet judges,

    Neither Erneido Oliva ( the black Cuban commander of 2506) nor any of his men signed the document. The freedom-fighters stood tall, proud, defiant, and solidly with their commander, even sparring with Castro himself during their televised Stalinist show trials.

    “We will die with dignity!” snapped Oliva at the furious Castroites again, and again, and again. To a Castroite, such an attitude not only enrages but also baffles.   http://hnn.us/node/125561

    Humberto Fontova gives lots of detail on that. I posted on Moore after the obese creep spewed his hate against the Free Cuban forces – 

    Mendacious Michael Moore and the Heroic ‘Wimps’ He Slandered 

    And now he spews his bile at better men, again.

    • Phil Rinnerno 05:03 on January 22, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I have seen the movie and it is first-rate, Ross. Go watch it when you can.
      I agree, the Townhall article, on Moore’s character. One word is enough though, HYPOCRITE. All that money, a multi-millionaire, in his bank-account (s) because he grew up in the USA but he spends his whole adult life running down the country.
      And he is SUCH a phoney, disguised as a working man just back from the factory,but the reality, jet-setting between media socialite events one after another.
      You are a steadfast defender of the freedom struggle in Cuba, and that’s why I like your blog so much and it keeps me up to date with a lot of things I would never know about Indonesia too.
      Most people in the Western Hemisphere know next to nothing about that country.
      Have a nice day. .


    • Mort 13:08 on October 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      This is a fantastic piece that I hadn’t read before. I love that headline description of Moore, Loathsome Lard-Ass, perfect!
      But did you see him last week, on CNN of course, sharing his fear that Trump will win? And that was before the new email scandal hit Clinton?
      I am energised. We must turn the polls around, and according to today’s news we are within a few percentage points of doing it.


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