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  • ross1948 12:05 on December 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Good News From Italy – Anchor-Baby Law Scuppered 

    Americans are all too aware of the outrageous ‘anchor-baby’ scam, whereby illegal aliens sleaze their way into the USA – or indeed arrive legally, posing as visitors, but with only one nefarious purpose!

    Then they spawn their brats on the host-country’s territory and shamelessly claim US citizenship for the said offspring!


    Hasil gambar untuk anchor babies

    Birthright Citizenship Is a Magnet for Illegal Immigrants,


    Good news this past week that Italian patriot protests have thwarted a similar situation there.

    We’ve looked at the threat to Italy in a previous post…


    In Italy, Insanity – Citizenship For Crimmigrant Brats? 

    But now the ‘controversial bill that could grant Italian citizenship to about 800,000 children born in the country if they have spent five years in school was defeated in the Senate…


    Under that plan, oddly dubbed ius soli (right of the soil!) any alien brat below the age of 12 would, after 5 years in any Italian school, become eligible for naturalisation.

    What sense does that make?



    Exactly why the nut-job plan failed in the Senate remains unclear. Less than half the members were in the chamber, through illness, sloth or some sort of abstention disguised as absence.

    However, best not look a gift horse in the mouth.  Deferred till next year, the nonsense should lapse in view of general elections…

    …when a triumph for the patriot parties ought to preclude any more deranged attempts at anchorage!


    PS  But hold that champagne. A new story emerges, the undesirables marshalling for a ‘last-ditch’ assault on Italian citizenship.

    ‘Italians without citizenship’ group, made up of immigrant children, and senators for the ruling centre-left Democratic Party and the Green Party have urged President Sergio Mattarella to allow parliament two more weeks to debate and pass the law.


    And what a sycophantic toady the DP’s Luigi Manconi showed himself to be, addressing Mattarella as ‘a gentleman whose intellectual rectitude and social sensitivity is well known!”


    Gambar terkait

    President Mattarella


    One hopes the President (above) is impervious to oozing crawlers!

    Better by far that “Mattarella mustn’t listen to the left!”

    That’s how Senator  Roberto Calderoli, of the Northern League, put it – Roberto is clearly a lot less oleaginous than Manconi!

    I gather from today’s morning news that the parliament is dissolved, so it sounds like sense prevailed!

    • Jolene 14:33 on December 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      About time our American government did something about these damn anchor babes. I am sure President Trump would like to fix the problem.
      Trouble is those judges do all they can do to help America’s enemies so he might have trouble getting anything done.


  • ross1948 21:00 on July 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Viva La Resistenza – Italian Patriot Fight-Back! 

    We must beware of the dangers presented by that Enemy Within government in Rome…

    If Rome Can Send Us Savages, So Can Paris Or Madrid! 

    …but we must equally alert to the folly of blaming the Italian people for the antics of Red Renzi and his sock-puppet Gentiloni.

    ========Gambar terkait

    That there are plenty of patriotic Italians, energetically fighting back against the crimmigrant tsunami, is clear from just a couple of headlines below….


    Italian mayor BARRICADES abandoned hotel to stop migrants …

    But it’s not only local resistance heroes who deserve to be applauded.

    Only this week we focused on the threat by Gentiloni’s cultural marxists to push through anchor-baby legislation…

    Hasil gambar untuk anchor babies.

    In Italy, Insanity – Citizenship For Crimmigrant Brats? 

    ….but the good news now is that he’s been forced to step back.

    …the bill would be dropped until later in the year considering other “urgent deadlines” and “difficulties that have arisen on certain fringes of the majority…..”  https://www.thelocal.it/20170717/italy-delays-ius-soli-parliament-vote-italian-children-migrants-citizenship-rights

    The ‘fringe’ he refers to is apparently his junior coalition partner Angelino Alfano, who may sense potential wipe-out for his small ‘Popular Alternative’ party.He’s a bit of a chameleon, having since 1994 been a member of no less than FIVE parties!

    Alfani – tough guy? Maybe not!

    He’s described as ‘centre-right’ yet he’s in favour of anchor-babies? A lot more  ‘centre’ than ‘right,’ surely?  Moreover, he’s declared he’s sticking with the brat-scheme in principle.

    But he doesn’t feel able to guarantee the necessary votes in favour considering the current climate.

    We shall see what his next move will be.

    Yet this is really no more than a pause in the on-going struggle for the future of Italy. Gentiloni’s retreat is tactical, not in any sense a concession that his polices are predicated on the desirability of national suicide.

    He’d no sooner made his announcement than he at once gave his “personal commitment” to ensure the bill was approved in the autumn.


  • ross1948 16:03 on October 15, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Anchor-Babies Ruled OUT – Crimmigrant Off-Spring Are NOT Australian! 

    Great news, not just that a court can get it right, an unusual event in some countries, but that Oz no longer faces the menace of ‘anchor-babies.’

    A JUDGE has thrown out a legal test case challenging the Federal Government’s decision to refuse a baby born in Brisbane a protection visa because his parents were asylum seekers.

    Brisbane Federal Circuit Court Judge Michael Jarrett today dismissed an application by lawyers on behalf of baby Ferouz, now 11 months, finding the child was an “unauthorised maritime arrival” under the Migration Act 1958….


    • Latifar asylum seeker
    • Ludicrous Latifar, another alien ingrate, with the non-Aussie babe


    The child’s mother, Latifar, was allowed to come to Australia from her detention centre and enjoy medical facilities paid for from the public purse. We covered this a few months ago. 

    Insufferable Ingratitude, ‘Asylum’ Aliens – Let’s Look At Latifar! 

    Instead of saying thanks and going back where they belong, singing the praises of Australian generosity, they chose to try court action to get the kid designated as Australian, which neither he nor his parents have any right to be.

    Judge Jarrett today upheld the Government’s view, ruling while baby Ferouz entered the country by birth, in a legal sense, he was an unauthorised maritime arrival. Judge Jarrett said the law’s aim was to discourage the use of people smugglers. 

    And better still, Judge Jarrett ordered lawyers for Baby Ferouz to pay costs.  http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/asylum-seeker-baby-ferouz-born-in-australia-denied-refugee-status-by-court/

    I often ask who pays these lawyers. Do they really seek to war down their country’s defences against crimmigration at their own expense?

    Whatever, a good day for Australian patriots!-


     Stop The Obama-Nation of America


    And one hopes our beleaguered American friends will now redouble their own efforts to thwart the anchor-baby strategy – one of many strategies Obama and his ‘enemy within’ comrades  have deployed to subvert the USA.

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