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    Portugal’s Patriot Party Beats Red Jackboot 

    Very weird constitution, Portugal’s, with a ‘prohibition on racist organisations‘ but no ban at all on the Communist Party or other marxist gangs that thrive…



    …on the foul old German fraud’s divisive dogmas of class-hatred and envy.

    Anyway, amending their constitution is something for the Portuguese people to get around to when they have the time and inclination to do so.

    Meanwhile, a nasty leftist woman named Ana Gomes…

    She’s a horror – see our PS!

    ….has been trying to get the patriot party, Chega, outlawed, an urgent task in the eyes of the rabid left…

    Chega’s Big Chance – Hope For Portugal?

    Good News From Portugal! Chega OK!

    …given that so many voters have been flocking to support Chega and its energetic leader, André Ventura.


    See the source image


    I was drawn to this matter by a report in the Soros-funded ‘Open Democracy’ site – an odd-ball outfit we have noticed in the past.


    ‘Open Democracy?’ “Pseuds’ Corner,” More Like! 

    One might expect any media purporting to support open democratic systems would be up in arms about the Gomes jackboot threat.

    On the contrary, the author of the piece sounds almost like he’s salivating over the prospect of thwarting that growing segment of the electorate that’s had enough of being affronted by anti-social ‘minorities!’

    Told by a Lisbon University prof that, for Jackboot Gomes to get her evil way, Chega’s alleged ‘racism’ “must be intense”, Open Democracy’s pinko creep astutely notes that-

     …determining what qualifies as “intense racism” is proving to be a challenge for the Portuguese authorities.

    Reading Pinko’s shrilly partisan guff is not pleasant, but useful, in that I learned of the existence of a kangaroo quasi-court, the Portuguese Commission for Equality and Against Discrimination (CICDR), a body that includes members of parliament, government and civil society organisations.

    In what possible democracy-based judicial system are ‘civil society organisations…



    …aka ‘NGOs’ – coopted to the judiciary, with powers to levy fines on any citizens?

    Chega’s leader has already been a victim of these witch-hunters, but happily ‘Lisbon’s criminal court acquitted the leader of Chega and overruled the decision of the CICDR that fined Ventura for statements made on Facebook…


    Seems he was telling off the Roma and CICDR’s pinko creeps got their knickers in a twist!


    Hey, UK! Don’t Abhor Romanians – Roma Rogues Are The Problem

    Brussels, to the French, in France – “It’s No Matter if You’reRoma or French!

    Why do left-liberals get uptight about Roma?


    The courts, to the Open Democracy intolerant’s evident chagrin, seem likely to ward off Gomes’s demand for ideological totalitarianism.

    Chega’s continued rise will be up to the people of Portugal.

    Good luck to Andre Ventura this month.




    For more on Ana Gomes’ pro-crimmigrant, anti-Israel and far-left involvements…

    Peruse her wikipedia entry, esp the part about corruption..

    Two requests made by the Deputy Attorney General of Portugal in 2014 and 2017 to waive Ana Gomes’ parliamentary immunity with respect to criminal proceedings against her… have both been decided against by the European Parliament.[25][26]

    That ‘European Parliament’ sure lives up to the nick-name we like to use!


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    Portugal At Last Awakes! 

    No doubt mournfully, the fanatically pro-crimmigrant and Europhiliac EUObserver reports that the excellent patriot party leader, Andre Ventura rolled up over half- a-million voted in Portugal’s presidential election yesterday.

    Image result for chega portugal


    Chega means ‘Enough!’

    And while not enough voters have wokenup to what’s ruining their country, it’s a damned good start,

    A good result, and even more impressive when we see that in 2019’s legislative elections, Chega got a mere 1.3 percent…

    ….whereas on Sunday that soared to 11.9%, a mere percentage point behind the opposition Socialist candidate.

    Senhor Ventura has a lot to be proud of, and said so.

     “For the first time an openly anti-system party has disrupted the traditional right, with nearly half a million votes!”

    The ‘traditional right’ referred to is no more ‘right’ than Jellyfish Johnson…

    ….and while their candidate won more than 60% percent of votes cast, Chega has every reason to be confident, as more and more people are disgusted by what the in-crowd political clique are doing to their country, both in respect of resisting incursions…



    Prime Minister António Costa…when asked whether recent landings in the Algarve should be seen as “a time bomb” for Portugal –

    “We have not been touched now”, said the Prime Minister…this is not a national problem, contrary to what Mr André Ventura thinks, it is a problem for the whole of the European Union and one to which we must respond in solidarity”. https://www.theportugalnews.com/news/costa-refuses-national-approach-to-migration-time-bomb/55969

    We know what that means!

    In other words, follow the EUSSR diktat, which won’t send undesirables back but spreads them across the continent, to settle where they’re not wanted!


    …and of dealing with those already within.

    The Portuguese Council of Ministers has decided to temporarily grant all migrants and asylum seekers currently in the country full citizenship rights.


    Some Ministry of Internal Affairs bint named Claudia Veloso, declared a typical slack-brained leftist justification for the act of madness.

    In these exceptional times, the rights of migrants must be guaranteed.”


    Unbelievable, yeah?

    When, like every nation in Europe, the people of Portugal are up against it, their ‘leaders’ devalue their citizenship, pandering to the horde of undesirable aliens in ever more crimmigrant-infested Lisbon.


    Viva Chega!

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    Nil Desperandum, Canada! Take Hope From Portugal! 

    Many Canadian patriots are still feeling down, after The Turd hung on as PM and Max Bernier’s PPC failed to do well in the recent election.

    Canada – A Country’s People Votes To Cut Their Own Throats! 

    But here’s a bit of news from, of all places, Portugal, which I wrote about a few months ago, lamenting the absence of any organised patriotic upsurge there…

    Spain Woke Up – Now Portugal’s Turn? 

    …when we quoted from a very wicked man –

    “Instead of demanding progress and social justice, they are supporting extreme-right positions aimed at societal and civilizational regression,” Arménio Carlos, general secretary of the biggest labor union and a Communist Party central committee member…https://www.politico.eu/article/yellow-jackets-head-to-portugal-gilets-jaunes/

    …and noted that although the patriot movement in Portugal was not ‘very numerous…they must be a worry to the worst elements in their country, to get drenched with marxist bile.’

    So now it seems Portugal is catching up with its neighbour, Spain!

    I won’t rehash the encouraging story from Gatestone which talks about the new party there…


    Image result for morning has broken"


    …though i am indebted to the author for revealing exactly what an anti-democratic constitution Portugal has had for forty years –  the Portuguese Constitution calls for opening up “a path towards a socialist society.”

    Image result for chega portugal

    But scanning other sources for news of the new party –  Chega! – which means  ‘Enough!’ – I found how childish the political in-crowd in Lisbon has behaved in response to  the party leader’s success.

    Andre Ventura, like all legislators, has to be alloted a designated seat in the parliamentary chamber. To reach it, he needs to pass the positions occupied by the ‘centre-right’  CDS-PP party.

    But EuroNews reports that the ‘centre-right’ took exception –  the seating plan “would force them to get up for a political rival, which does not happen to others.”

    Well, boo-hoo-hoo!

    How sad for the soggy centre squad, obliged to get off their spoilt backsides, as a patriot walks by to take his rightful place.

    And it gets even more absurd!

    The Speaker of the House has decreed –

    that an opening be made in the balustrade next to Ventura’s seat, meaning he would have his own private entrance…”




    As you might expect, Ventura is less than impressed.

    He said such expenditure was a “ridiculous” waste of resources and that the hidden agenda has nothing to do with a bunch of sloppy centrists too rude to let a man get past them.

    Instead, he sees it as a rather infantile way to put his party down.  https://www.euronews.com/2019/10/25/too-far-to-the-right-portugal-lawmaker-gets-own-parliament-door

    The in-crowd parties elswhere in Europe are known for this kind of childishness, notably in Germany, where the ‘left, right and centre’ factions engage in shadow-boxing…

    German Collabo Parties Trample Fair Play! 

    …whilst uniting to treat the patriots of AfD in grossly unfair fashion.

    As the recent regional elections for Thuringia and other Land parliaments, this kindergarten mentality does not go un-noticed by voters, who are rallying to the AfD in ever greater numbers.

    I hope Portuguese people too respond appropriately and turn in their thousands to Ciega!

    And in Canada, which has lagged behind Europe in the mobilisation of resistance to the Enemy Within?

    Nil Desperandum!

    Don’t despair!

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