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  • ross1948 09:00 on December 4, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Taking Out ‘Animal’ Trash – Bravo! 

    Watch The Video…

    …over Sunday brunch!

    Too much depressing news this past  week…



    …so what a boost to read how those rather nifty waitresses…

    (evidently with no need of help from male colleagues!)

       at a London resto…


    Animal Rebellion protest

    …bravely acted to ‘physically remove Animal Rebellion protestors..’

    I trust the staff made sure to wash their hands after touching the far-left layabouts.

    And better still?

    Animal Rebellion protesters say staff physically removed demonstrators from the venue ‘tougher than police would do it’

    Not quite as tough…

    Those ‘Animal’ Asses? Use Cattle-Prods! 

    ….as I have previously urged…



    …but well done, gals!


  • ross1948 22:00 on November 22, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Animal Rebellion, anti-social undesirables, Gordon Ramsay,   

    Lucia Alexander, Middle-Aged Boor! 

    Lucia Alexander is a middle-aged sow who should be fired from her job as an ‘auxiliary nurse’ in ‘the east of England…’



    …as somebody with no respect for other people is unfit to hold a responsible position.

    Or at the very least, the boorish sow should one day get home from work and find her dwelling occupied by people she neither knows nor likes.

    If she then calls the cops…

     ..they should drop by and deferentially ask those guilty of home invasion to leave, having agreed not to arrest them.

    I have no real interest in or sympathy with Gordon Ramsay…


    Meat pies are tops!


    …as I’m quite capable of cooking for myself!

    But the man is entitled to operate his resto without disruption by lawless lice like…

    …’Animal Rebellion.

    Those ‘Animal’ Asses? Use Cattle-Prods! 

    …louts we have discussed before, and now must again.

    The scumbags invaded Ramsay’s place…


    Animal Rebellion activists enter Gordon Ramsay’s Chelsea restaurant.
    ‘Animal’ nasties up to no good!

    The Metropolitan police said they were called to the restaurant shortly before 6.30pm….


    “The restaurant was closed and the protesters left. There were no arrests.”

  • ross1948 16:30 on September 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Animal Rebellion, , milk,   

    Those ‘Animal’ Asses? Use Cattle-Prods! 

    First it was Stinkos, the so-called ‘Extinction Rebellion,’ rat-bags..

    X-Stinko Revulsion. Green Nazis Make War On Press Freedom! 

    Arrogant Stinko Scoff-Laws, Egged On By Big-Name Berks! 

    Image result for london commuters Extinction station

    A bearded weirdo kicks out at the decent people he set out to torment

    This morning London commuters furiously dragged a protester from the top of a train at CanningTown  https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7582765/Extinction-Rebellion-protesters-cause-misery-morning-commuters-converge-CanningTown.htm


    …who think being uptight dorks gives them the right to make life miserable for normal decent people

    Then we had the ‘Insulos,’ equally uppity…

    Attention, Essex! Help Put Scum Behind Bars! 

    Insulo-Nut ‘Hunger-Striker’ Bottles Out! 

    …equally obnoxious, who, just like the Stinkos, regard themselves as above the law.

    And not to forget the ‘Animals’ – ‘Animal Rebellion’ – who purport to care about dumb beasts…


    We have met them before

    X-Stinkos, Now ‘Animals?’ Break These Blockade Bullies! 


    ……but are deaf to the worries of thousands of Brits stressed out by the cost-of-living crisis.

    These swine care nothing for their fellow-man.

    Vegans block access for customers wanting milk in four UK cities

    Vegans block access for customers wanting milk in four UK cities

    A group of vegan activists have targeted supermarkets in four UK cities and have blocked customers’ access to cow’s milk in the dairy aisles…



    Taking to Facebook to promote their cause, Animal Rebellion wrote: “Supermarkets in 4 different cities have had their dairy aisles blocked by Animal Rebellion supporters… https://www.ladbible.com/news/vegans-block-access-milk-supermarkets-20220903

    Among Liz Truss’s first acts as PM shoud be to have her Home Secretary instruct police forces around the country to..

    A – go in mob-handed against the scum….


    B – take no action against store staff or shoppers who put the boot into these S.O.B.s.

    Shoppers who have rural rels might wish to borrow one of those electric cattle-prods that make recalcitrant cattle step lively – but I suppose tasers are good enough.

  • ross1948 19:32 on August 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Animal Rebellion, , , , , Smithfields Meat Market   

    Hey, Priti! Tell Thick Dick To Smash ‘Animal’ Mob! 

    Let’s skip the blatant disregard of impartial reporting by the Guardian dork who wrote the ‘news’ item about ‘Animal Rebellion’ – which is an anti-meat-eating agitprop outfit, only perceived by its rabid fans as a league of ‘animal justice organisations!’

    Instead let’s get people asking what the pinko plod Cressida ‘Thick’ Dick, the Met Police Commissioner who has in the very recent past let London down so badly…

    Commissar Dick Stabs Londoners In The Back! 

    …and who is a prime example of everything a cop should not be…


    Hasil gambar untuk cressida dick

    London’s ‘Thick Dick’ Cop – A Menace To Free Speech! 


    …is planning to do on 7th October.

    That’s when these arrogant trouble-makers aim to launch their two-week-long ‘blockade’ of Smithfield Market.

    Such a move is not only a deliberate attempt to deny honest citizens food they’re legally entitled to buy and eat.

    …but also puts at risk the livelihoods of many honest British workers in the market -and of others in market-related trades like deliveries etc.

    After the farcical failure of Thick Dick’s cops to truncheon the anti-social scum  – and thus nip in the bud the massive congestion caused by the Extinction Rebellion mob earlier this year…



    ….there can be little confidence in the Metropolitan Police’s readiness instantly to disperse the uppity rat-bags.

    But there’s a new broom sweeping through the Home Office.

    Priti Patel Minister.jpg

    Priti Patel


    Priti Patel purports to be tough on law and order.

    She should issue orders to Crummy Cressida to pounce on and hammer the ‘animal justice’ rabble the moment they obstruct one vehicle or even one pedestrian at that market.

    • Mack the Knife 20:51 on August 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      If Priti were left to get on with it, I’d say she would give the order to disperse these b-stards. It would certainly take a direct order.
      Otherwise I can’t see Thick Dick getting off her backside and earning her salary.
      Funny how the old bag wanted to spend time seeing if she could prosecute Bojo’s letter-box comment but took days to clear the streets of that environment swarm.


    • Harvey Gorden 22:57 on August 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Not kiving in London, or England, I had to use those three previous ‘relateds’ above, to get the picture.
      For England’s sake, I hope that Ms. Patel lives up to her reputation and hands down explicits instructions to ‘Thick Dick’ to ‘get the finger out,’ a Brit expression I like.


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