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  • ross1948 19:22 on September 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Unleashing The Pig Choudary? Introduce Internment NOW! 

    ‘Genuinely dangerous’ hate preacher Anjem Choudary to be released from jail

    Despite unequivocal statements, from those in a position to know, that the jihadist pig Choudary is dangerous, he is due back on British streets in a few weeks.




    This is madness, but not much less deranged than the original sentence handed down for his terrorism conviction ( ‘ found guilty of encouraging Muslims to join Islamic State’ ) and just as demented is a system that allows plague-carrying pigs to trot free…


    pigs stampede


    …after serving less than half of a soppy little sentence – five and a half years?



    Terrorism, either by Islamists on behalf of the ISIS rape-gang, or by anyone else, merits the death penalty.

    While May keeps the UK under the control of the robed clowns on the ECHR, and while she also remains desperate to curry favour with the EUSSR…


    The European Union is the leading institutional actor and largest donor in the fight against death penalty worldwide.    https://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/sectors/human-rights-and-governance/democracy-and-human-.


    …capital punishment is not currently available.

    In its absence, scum like Choudary need life sentences, and that has to be real life, not some wrist-slap that lets them loose for fresh amok-runs after a mere decade or so.



    Pending the needful changes to get laws reformed and pat-a-cake judges replaced by men and women who are on the side of the British people, what’s to be done with satanic swine like the beast about to be released?


    INTERNMENT is the way forward.

    And not just for Anjem The Animal!

    The UK anti-terror authorities have thousands of undesirables under surveillance and each and every one of them should be detained and confined securely.





    This round-up needs to include all those known to have endorsed the imbecilic homicidal idea of ‘death to blasphemers and apostates.’Such depraved creatures are unfit to walk the same streets as decent loyal citizens – never mind parade their hate like those in the photo above.



    Obviously express deportation offers an alternative easier on the tax-payer, but that’s for those of alien origin.

    Home-grown sectarian filth, however, should never be released from prison.

    • Mack The Knife 20:53 on September 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I cannot disagree with even one word you say about this.


    • Brian Tullis 23:06 on September 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Hundred per cent agreed.
      We have to fight and win this war which they have declared on us.
      And I say so from Canada, where it has gotten as bad as in England.


    • Edward Lamont 23:33 on September 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Why is he not deported?
      If he claims to be British, then would a treason trial not be appropriate?


    • Jacko 18:22 on September 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Never compare Choudary to pigs.
      Pigs are delicious.


  • ross1948 19:04 on August 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    A Super-Toofer? Hang Choudary, Get Expelled By Brussels! 

    Hasil gambar untuk two for the price of one

    Just a thought, amid the general rejoicing that the notorious scumbag traitor Anjem Choudary is to be sentenced next month after his conviction this week for inviting/inciting support for the ISIS rape-gang ‘caliphate.’  

    Muslin extremist - Al-Muhajiroun

    Scumbag Choudary

    It is a fact, as we have oftimes noted..… that Brussels imposes a very strict rule (well, many, but this is the one that’s relevant at the moment!) on countries sufficiently ill-advised to have adopted the role of provinces of the Evil Empire aka the EUSSR. 



    The death penalty is VERBOTEN.

    Even countries which are not members, countries far from Europe, including Indonesia where I’m about to go out and enjoy the sunny Independence Day holiday, have had arrogant Brussels intrusion into their internal affairs...

    …with Foreign Office flunkeys from the British Embassy have embarrassing normal Brits by anti-capital punishment agitprop activity.

    So what a golden opportunity to skip all that Article Fifty faffing about – a quick bit of retrospective legislation to have Anjem Choudary put to death!




    The EuroCommissars would have no alternative but to EXPEL the UK for violating their long-standing diktat that neither terrorists, traitors, nor any fiend, no matter how evil, be made to pay the proper price.


    • EUSSR-Flag
    • So – a brilliant toofer!

    String the Swine Up…

    AND Get Britain Out!

    Yeah, I know, Mrs. May is not made of the right stuff.

    But it’s a nice Jakarta evening day-dream!

  • ross1948 00:08 on January 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Daesh Douche-Bag’s Deliverance – Thanks, British Justice! 



    I suppose the sheer boredom of having formerly dwelt in Walthamstow might drive a man to engage in all sorts of eccentric activities to spice up his life, but hooking up with satanists engaged in multiple slaughter is a bit much.


    Muslin extremist - Al-Muhajiroun A-Hole Anjem


    Like all jihadists, notably his vile mentor, Anjem Choudary, he deserves to be obliterated from the face of the planet.

    I don’t know if Dhar, before he vamoosed, was, like Choudary, a welfare pig…




    …but one hopes that, before somebody is finally given lawful orders to kill them both, some effort will be made to reclaim the benefits they’ve squeezed out of the country to which they have no loyalty.  

    However, all that said – because it should be said, by everyone in the UK from Downing Street to darkest Walthamstow – let’s look at how he got out from under his pending terror charges and away to revel in the flesh-pots of the queer-infested ‘caliphate…’

    – The Secret, Hypocritical Gay World of ISIS  – “We have seen this type of hypocrisy in other so-called religious groups such as the Taliban. The horror is added to by the sense the 15-year-old was essentially raped and then murdered for his having been raped.”

    But to the British legal aspects..

    ‘ —–


    Police are now facing questions after failing to seize Dhar’s passport, which allowed him to escape from Britain to Syria hours after being granted bail ...  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/islamic-state/12082498/New-Jihadi-John-suspect-what-we-know-about-Siddhartha-Dhar-in-60-seconds.html

    Now lookit ( as my Uncle Dave in Ontario used to say) this is bloody nonsense (as my high school science teacher used to say about ANY work I did for him)

    Okay, the cops may be at fault, but that was probably just ineptitude.





    I find it hard to credit that even some of the dimwits on the judicial bench in the UK would willingly grant bail to Dhar, so there must be some legal loophole that obliges them to do so.

    Bail for people charged with serious offences is not on!

    And I don’t mean what PC pukes mean by ‘serious’ offences e.g offending an Irishman with that ‘three wise men and a virgin’ joke ( God’s inability to find such on a certain island being the reason why Jesus was not born there – the great thing about ‘racist’ jokes is that said Irishman can immediately adapt that and use it against any other nationality!)…


    …or  –  an especially heinous crime – smoking in the chilly open air of a hospital car park.

    I’m talking about TERROR charges.

    Who in their right mind would grant bail to any jihadist facing prosecution for supporting, in any way, the evil sectarian ideology it’s all our duties to extirpate?


    Well, whoever granted bail to Dhar…and to Choudary. We’ve touched on this before…

    Another UK Court Makes Mockery of War on Terror!’ 

    …and damn sure mine weren’t the only eye-brows raised by this incredible perversion of justice.

    But still Cameron, with his recently acquired parliamentary majority, has not acted on legislation to fix the folly.




    Whose side is Cast-Iron (the man who broke his word on the banning of Hizbut Tahrir, and won’t stop shilly-shallying about the Muslim Brotherhood)… whose side is Cameron on?


  • ross1948 19:00 on December 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Another UK Court Makes Mockery of War on Terror!’ 



    I see that British justice has made a complete fool of itself again, that foul swine Anjem Choudary having flouted his bail conditions, flaunting his contempt for the law, thus detained, but now released again!


    • Muslin extremist - Al-Muhajiroun
    • =====================
    • The sleazy scumbag was not up for littering or disturbing the peace but for giving support to the ISIS rape-gang.

    It’s bad enough that UK courts can be over-ruled by the robed clowns in Strasbourg…


    Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court

    Pig Hamza Convicted, But Snake Cameron Blocked REAL Justice! …


    … but those arrogant aliens hardly need to interfere when judges at home show such a lily-livered approach to serious crime.

    So Now Life Only Means FIVE BLOODY YEARS!?! 

    Choudary should of course be hanged for treason, but in the absence of the death penalty, then either lengthy incarceration or better still deportation is the obvious course of action.

    I doubt if ISIS-Land offers the same welfare benefits the pig has enjoyed for too many years at decent people’s expense in Her Majesty’s realm, so he might prefer three squares a day in comfy lodgings in Her Majesty’s Prisons.


    • prisoners
    • ==============
    • On the plus side there, of course, is the possibility that decent British prisoners, or prison officers, might dish out a little strong medicine for what ails him, as happened to the Woolwich Pig earlier this year.

    Xmas Bonus, Please, For Prison Guards Who De-Fanged Pig! 

  • ross1948 12:25 on November 19, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Had Belgium Acted, Paris Lives Could Have Been Saved! And In the UK? 

    ,“To the brothers who reside in the lands of the infidels… he said, according to CNN, “hit the pigs in their communities so they no longer feel safe even in their dreams.”


    Just watching the news off and on, last night, as today, and what should I see but a Belgian teacher, recounting how one of the filthy pigs, Bilal Hadfi, who hit the headlines last weekend…


    Embedded image permalink  Bilal Hadfi, an evil jihadist pig


    …was vociferous in her class-room, lauding those other swine who murdered the Charlie Hebdo people.

    Here’s a Flemish language interview – http://deredactie.be/cm/vrtnieuws/videozone/programmas/journaal/2.41791?video=1.2498133

    The teacher says she did her duty and reported the brute to the school authorities. 

    And then?

    • evil children
    • The school PRESUMABLY reported him to the police – if not, heads should roll. Figuratively, of course!

    But seemingly, despite loud and unequivocal support for an Islamist murder gang, the juvenile jihadist was not put safely behind bars. That’s reprehensible.

    If the slimy little swine had been in prison, he’d not have been in Paris last week.

    But I’m not going to single out Belgium for blame.

    Brits are fully aware of Cameron’s pathetic grovelling to the European Court, for years, when he should have lost no time in handing over the mangy beast Hamza to our American allies.

    Pig Hamza Convicted, But Snake Cameron Blocked REAL Justice! …

    • ——–
    • … and Anjem Choudary remains unexpelled from the realm. He WAS arrested, but last I heard, the traitor is out and about in London!
    • insanityfair
    • Time every single satanic menace of that sort was locked up, prior to deportation.


    Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court

    But first, we need to tackle the Enemy Within, not just the cringing creeps I have just seen on France24, urging their country not to fight back, but also in institutional terms.

    We have to cut loose that putrescent albatross, the European Court, from around Europe’s neck.

    Oh, and what about some sections of the media, such as the BBC…?

    BBC Editor Compares British Jihadist Anjem Choudary To Gandhi

  • ross1948 12:02 on July 10, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Indonesia Investigates Pro-ISIS Pilots -But Britain Has a Bigger Problem, It Seems! 

    devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm ISIS


    Australian authorities believe two Indonesian pilots may pose a security threat after being radicalised by Islamic State, a leaked intelligence document obtained by an investigative website shows, although officials Thursday refused to confirm its veracity.



    tedjo Tedjo


    You can read the whole story via the link, but what’s disturbing is that Security Minister Tedjo Edhy Purdijatno could only say

    “I haven’t got any information. Later I will speak with the state intelligence agency, police and the national anti-terror agency..” 

    Clearly, if Tedjo doesn’t know, he should be finding out rapidly, and a full-scale screening process ordered for all pilots, and indeed all airline employees.  

    Nor should it stop there.

    Ideally, every employer, and not just here in Indonesia but everywhere, ought to be required to ensure that ANYONE remotely sympathetic to the ideology of ISIS or any other rape-murder gang is identified and dismissed.


    • The same goes for state benefits – nobody known to support a country’s enemies can seriously expect to receive public funds. Yet the pig Choudary does, and he’s not the only one.

    Here’s another pig with his foul snout in the trough to consider.

    Hani al-Sibai

    A JIHADI hate preacher connected to the terror group which masterminded the Tunisia terror attack is living off £50,000 a year in benefits in a taxpayer-funded £1million house. Living on £50k benefits: Hate-preacher ‘mentor’ to Tunisia beach killer 

    That dirty scumbag leeches off the the UK due to the absurd ‘human rights’ law, which should be scrapped in a House of Commons emergency session. It could be pushed through both Houses within a week.

    Such a reform might actually have the spin-off advantage of persuading jihadist parasites to go back where they belong. ISIS presumably pays its murderous minions. Let sectarian slugs be a drain on the enemy’s coffers, rather than on the tax-payers of those civilised countries whose freedoms ISIS and similar swine seek to destroy.

    An enticing alternative, of course, is to put them on trial for treason and hang them.

    But that’ll have to wait till Brexit allows the will of the British people to be implemented without Brussels interference.

    PS. Just about to publish this when I got sight of this shocker.

    Half of British Muslims ‘support ISIS’ as fears grow over influence of terror group

    HALF of Britain’s three million Muslims could support the Islamic State terror group, a shocking new survey has revealed.

    Can this be true? I am going to read this carefully when I get home, but for now, a breath of fresh air, albeit toasting hot weather, is in order.

    I’m outa fags and needs must to the minimart.

  • ross1948 04:40 on May 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    One Vile Swine Supports Another – Best To Hang ‘Em Both High! 

    Anjem Choudary


    That notorious enemy alien Anjem Choudary is back in the news, cheer-leading for a grubby jihadist swine named Zakariya Ashiq, who got a mere six years this month, after being convicted of preparing for acts of terrorism.



    Zakariya Ashiq, from Foleshill
    Zakariya Ashiq – it’s striking how so many of these faces combine vacuity and evil!


    Six years is NOT enough. Obviously the man’s a traitor, eager to join the rape-gang ISIS, and deserves death for such a crime.

    To be fair, so does Choudary.

    Not least for inciting disloyalty – he is quite frank in his evil assertions that sectarian allegiance trumps duty to Queen and Country – but also for encouraging vermin like Ashiq and similar scum – the Coventry Telegraph reminds us that the parasitic pig also praised those behind the bombings in London in 2005.

    Sadly, Britain has not yet restored capital punishment, so indefinite internment, until execution becomes once more an option, is a temporarily acceptable alternative.

    When will the British Government ACT against that Enemy Within?

  • ross1948 23:43 on March 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    St. Patrick Drove Snakes from his Island – Brits Should Do the Same! 

    Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and I hope everyone celebrating has a good time.



    But let’s not forget that holy man’s admirable feat, his expulsion of snakes from the Emerald Isle.

    Judging from the news from London, there’s another land in Europe that could do with an action replay.

    Mansoor Miah is facing jail (Pic credit: Central news)

    The sentencing of a supporter of hate preacher Anjem Choudary who groomed a 15-year-old girl on Facebook was delayed by a power cut today….

     That kind of news story explains why British people of all creeds abhor Islamists – NOT Muslims, but Islamists.

    There’s a BIG difference – I know lots of Muslims who would be as disgusted as I was to read that report in the Kilburn newspaper.

    In contrast, Islamists ipso facto hold women in contempt. They degrade them by enforcing clothing rules different from those expected of men. They deny them equal inheritance rights. They argue that men may have multiple spouses, women only one.

    The ape-like thing in the photo above merely does what comes naturally to the ideology he chose. Mansoor Miah tweeted  several messages from Anjem Choudary including one just three days before his arrest on June 25 last year…‘Which Muslim wouldn’t want to live in the Khilafah, ie Islamic ruling system…’

    Choudary and his herd of swine should be held for treason.

    But SOME women should be held in contempt, NOT, as Islamists think, because they are women but because they are contemptible.

    How about Natasha John?

    Natasha John pointed the finger at the British Government for stirring up hatred for Muslims…


    ‘The Government is the one that is hurting us. That’s the truth.’

    Hurtng us? Who’s US? She seems unclear of her civic identity.

    If she were British, US would mean the British people..

    Hurting us?

    Who’s getting hurt? Is Cameron out every night grooming teens, his Cabinet out beheading soldiers in London streets?

    If this demented vixen is complaining that innocent Muslims are facing hostility, then she knows who to blame. Innocent Muslims are taking the heat because of guilty Muslims. She should open her eyes and look at who’s causing Islamophobia? 



    • What a dumb bitch, to blame her government! .

    One must keep fingers crossed the journo with London’s Metro is correct when she writes of the wretched ranter that most do not share her sentiment. As I mix socially with decent Muslims all the time,here in a 90% Muslim country, I know that’s the case in Indonesia.

    But nasties like Natasha John distort things in the UK, attracting animosity not just, deservedly, against herself and her kind, but against good, patriotic Muslims like these Ahmadis pictured below –


    Yet the same journo acknowledges that this is what many people in her community believe…In listening to this, perhaps we can begin to understand why some take this several steps further and take extreme action in trying to solve these issues themselves.  http://metro.co.uk/2015/02/26/this-womans-reaction-at-learning-jihadi-john-is-her-neighbour-is-important-5081003/




    Begin to understand?

    No, it is beyond decent people’s comprehension.

    By immersing themselves in sex-crimes and brutality, the groomers and the jihadis put themselves beyond the pale, beyond humanity, beyond mercy, and beyond understanding.

    They are evil.


    • devil destroyed ISIS
    • —————-
    • What we DO understand is that ANY malevolent who reacts to their satanic antics by blaming Britain’s  Government (and God knows I criticise that often enough) – or, by extension, blaming Britons for expecting imported aliens to leave their backward thinking. and their alien allegiance, back where they came from, should not besmirch her co-religionists’ reputation with such disgraceful diatribes. 
    • If she finds it disagreeable to live in the British Isles, let her sod off to somewhere more congenial.

    A taste of ISIS-Land’s treatment of women as sex slaves might make her appreciate the immense good fortune she enjoys, of living in a civilised country.    

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