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  • ross1948 08:00 on July 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Red China – A Hundred Years, A Billion Tears? 

    While Canadians make the most of their holiday…

    …. let’s not forget the other anniversary today.

    100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party.png

    The 100th Anniversary of the Founding of The Communist Party of China.

    While the bloated, privileged CCP running-dogs fawn over their master…


    Spot the difference! Clue, moustache!

    Today’s Question – Is Beijing Better At Hiding Virus Data Or Gulag Gang-Rape?

    …guzzling at a fancy party, held, appropriately, at the scene of one of that evil regime’s most infamous atrocities – though only one of many – the Tiananmen Square Massacre..


    ….we can only wonder what the Chinese people feel about the totalitarian state’s self-glorification..

    Millions, scores of millions, of innocent Chinese have been deliberately murdered by the Communists, not counting the millions more deaths due to Mad Mao’s economic idiocies.


    Millions, more likely billions, of tears must have been shed in consequence of Communist Party crimes, not only crimes that cost lives, but crimes against freedom, justice…

    ….and the right of every nation to choose its own government.

    The Reds took power in 1949, after the tragic defeat of Chiang Kai Shek’s nationalist army, but CCP Red Terror…


    …predated the seizure of power by many years, perhaps from that very day, 1st July 1921, but if not right away, soon enough thereafter.


    Every marxist swine who scampers along to that party in Beijing this wretched anniversary day…



    …deserves to be strung up.

    Let’s hope and pray that the overthrow of evil in China….


    …will come sooner, rather than later.

  • ross1948 17:25 on September 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    A 9/11 Call for Help! 

    I hadn’t posted anything on the 9/11 Anniversary so far, because I felt there must be something else to say besides the obvious expressions of horror at the Islamist evil which claimed thousands of lives back then.

    Equally, since we have seen more recently plenty more examples of that same blood-thirsty, satanic sectarianism in action, what can I focus on to make a distinctive contribution.

    Hasil gambar untuk 9/11

    And then I came across this.

    How to Help Victims of 9/11 and Their Families

    In the immediate aftermath of the 2001 attacks, about 300 new charities were approved by the IRS, according to Charity Navigator. By 2006, one-third couldn’t be located and dozens had closed. Even the American Red Cross found itself in trouble when it raised close to $600 million but dispersed just $154 million, earmarking the rest for future organizational efforts. Scammers stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from Americans trying to help.

    There are even fewer dedicated charities for 9/11 assistance today—but need still exists.


    Read the linked story and make up your own minds what to do.

  • ross1948 18:18 on January 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    An Unusual Week -Pinkos Twice Heard Talking A Wee Bit Sense! 

    A nice day, a welcome guest in the morning, then a lazy arvo after brief but successful shopping at Citraland Mall.


    Then a look at the news! 

    Is it the weather, or are some of our foes being drip-fed sanity without their knowledge or authorisation?



    First we had Justin Turdo telling De Caprio to get a grip on his paranoid climate panic drivel.

    Surprisingly, in private meetings in Davos with Leonardo Di Caprio, Trudeau warned the actor and anti-oil activist from making uninformed statements about the oilsands, reports the Financial Post…




    …. which then delightfully adds – as if his continuing disinterest in their collapse is any better.


    Big day today – the first time I’ve ever written ANYTHING that could be construed, however tortuously, as being even faintly in praise of Turdo Junior, or Senior.

    Actually, it IS a big day, the anniversary of the day I left the Old Country to make my home here in Indonesia. Arrival anniversary tomorrow, so some kinda fun will be had.

    But back to sanity-break-throughs. 

    Then, in Germany, when it was reported that two of the federal states are telling ‘asylum’ parasites that they can’t binge on welfare without handing over their hoard of cash and valuables, even a Green MP defended the practice.


    • green party red
    • ———————
    • Green MP Volker Beck- it was right for asylum applicants to pay for services to the extent they could.”Of course asylum seekers aren’t in a better position than those on unemployment benefits. Asylum seekers must repay the costs of accommodation and care to the state.”


    One swallow doth not a summer make, nor even two…

    But who knows, there may be an outbreak of reality-grasp going on.

    Yet some are immune. The German Communist Party’s heirs can still fulminate irrationally. I don’t mean the erstwhile Stasi informers like Mama Stasi Merkel, but rather the Left Party.


    • communism
    • ——————-
    • Left party (Die Linke) MP Ulla Jelpke went into hyper-whine. “Those who apply for asylum are exercising their basic rights [under the German Constititution]. That must not – even if they are rejected – be tied up with costs,” she argued.

    Even if rejected?

    So if some of the huge percentage of liars are caught out, they must not be penalised?

    Gimme a break, ya daft bint!


  • ross1948 23:19 on September 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Congratulations, Your Majesty! 



    We have several pictures of HM on file, but I like this one best. 

    I was born in the reign of the last King Emperor, but the only monarch I can recall from my childhood days was Queen Elizabeth,  for whom we all stood to attention when her anthem was played at the end of every movie show in the Avon or the Vogue.



    Yeah, Stratford, Ontario, had two theatres in those halcyon days!

    And she’s still there at Buck House, or rather today in Scotland, still working hard!

    Amazing lady.

    But I wonder how she feels, deep down, about what’s been done to her realms, over the past half century while she has maintained silence as a constitutional monarch has to, by the politicians.

    I don’t suppose we’ll ever know. 

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