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    MPs Abhor Xi’s ‘Generous’ Influencer – But Sauron? 

    Heck, doesn’t this breaking news story…


    ….of UK MPs and Red China influence, ring a bell and…

    What A Twit Dorsey Is- Big Tech’s ‘China Doll’ Big-Head

    ..make you think of Jackboot Dorsey?

    No matter!


    See the source image

    We must applaud calls for that ChiCom meddler, Madame Lee, to be deported.

    Anti-Communist Chinese people committed to freedom should be welcome, but people subservient to the evil Xi regime….



    ….not so much!

    And unusually I find myself in agreememt with one of Starmer’s gaggle of girly pinkos.

    Labour’s shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said: “We condemn in the strongest terms the attempts by China to interfere in Britain’s democratic processes.”.


    And not only by Red China, but by all foreign powers, and not just state powers either!

    Donations from ANY alien source to any British political organisation constitute unacceptable meddling and should be banned by law.

    And THAT….

    Image result for soros brexit money.

    ….would have prevented Sauron’s outrageous interference in the 2016 Brexit referendum, his arrogant bid to keep Britain chained to the Fourth Reich!



    Sauron’s dark presence must be confined to the country that foolishly granted the demonic old swine citizenship.


    Until America wakes up long enough to remedy that colossal error!

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    Yes, Soros Is A Jew! And Decent Jews Detest Him Just As We Do! 

    The rotten media has been revving up its last-ditch strategy to defend the Axis of Evil….



    ..by a strategy which pretends that the widespread and ever-growing detestation of George Soros is a manifestation of prejudice against Jews.

    If I denounce Merkel, do I therefore hate Germans?

    Do my frequent attacks in Macron make me a Francophobe?

    Hardly. If you happen loathe a loathesome creature who belongs to one particular ethnic group, do you loathe the entire ethnicity?



    Read all or any of what I wrote and you’ll see such suggestions are clearly hogwash!


    Yet if any of us aim broadsides at a legitimate enemy, an arrogant swine who seeks to smash borders down and bend entire peoples, including  the British people…

    Image result for soros brexit money

    George Soros, Hungary…And The American Deep State?

    Buying The Media – New Soros Threat To Poland! 

    Czechs Vote, But May And Sorosoids Meddle! 

    Soros Tentacles Around Albania’s Neck Too! 

    Smash The Sorosoids! Macedonia Stands Up To Evil! 

    …to his subversive will, then suddenly, because Soros is a Jew, we are branded as anti-Semitic, smeared as some sort of Krystalnacht revivalists?

    There are no depths of illogic, no end to the levels of irrationality, to which the Sorosoid Lugenpresse will not descend.

    Consider this bizarre howl from a Washington Post weirdo…

    …scribbling under a headline that claims ‘Fox Can’t Shake Anti-Semitism’!

    ‘…Dobbs himself has launched unhinged attacks on Soros…’



    Did Lou Dobbs, a regular on Fox,  claim Soros was the outcome of sex between an incubus and a succubus?

    Or that the evil old brute is an extraterrestrial with a special mission to demoralise the best of humanity, as a prelude to interplanetary invasion?

    Such fanciful notions do have a certain appeal, admittedly, but such allegations might indeed suggest a measure of unhingery ( new word!?!) on the part of the accusers.

    But the WaPo hack attributes nothing at all outlandish to Lou Dobbs. Instead we read that the Fox News notable simply asked why…

    a man would fund efforts that would work against sovereignty, work against our laws – there are laws against illegal immigration.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/12/03/fox-cant-shake-anti-semitism/

    And that is exactly what Soros does, how he spends his money!

    And why wise Jews, who read what’s going on in multiculted Europe, in Germany, for example…

    More Berlin Jew-Baiting – By Syrian Nazis And…? 

    ‘Our City Now!’ Alien Pigs Attack Jew, Run Off – And The Cops? 

    ‘Bullied For Months On End?’ So Kick The Primitives OUT! 

    …are on our side, eager to wage political war on the billionaire beast.

    Criticizing Soros is not anti-Semitism: even the Government of Israel considers him a threat
    Apr 2, 2019 · Last October, a Jewish American digital newspaper, The Jewish Star, denounced: «While Soros is Jewish, he funds so many anti-Israel and anti-Semitic organizations….


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    Tags: anti-Brexit campaigns funded by Soros, , , , , parents of ISIS scumbag, , Stuart Wheeler   

    Jihad Jack – Even BBC Lefty Sackur Chokes On Parental BS! 

    Did any of you watch TV last month…


    The photograph of Jack Letts in Raqqa that accompanied the first news stories about him.

    …when Jihadi Jack’s parents were Stephen Sackur’s guests?

    I wrote a while ago about how the sectarian scumbag’s father –

    …who admits having brought him up to ‘question imperialism and oppression,’ and no doubt a lot of other leftist hogwash too, has to resolve for himself how far down the demonic road to Raqqa he may have propelled his satanic son. Will Johnson Or Hunt Corral ISIS Scum That May Let Back In? 

    – but to see that father, and Letts’ mother too ( who have done pretty damned nicely out of the UK tax-payers  Jihadi Jack’s parents receive £122k in legal aid – while victims …)  bare-facedly stone-walling Sackur’s questions about their offspring’s commitment to the evil ISIS cause?

    Any sympathy one might normally feel, for parents who find they have begat a beast, simply evaporated.

    It was SO bad that even Lefty Sackur seemed to choke on it, and pressed them again and again on their slimy son.

    I don’t always have time to watch Hard Talk, the BBC show in which  Sackur ‘grills’ guests…




    …with hard talk or soft soap, depending on how much they share the BBC’s own ideological agenda.

    A month ago we saw a Brazilian government minister – one of President Bolsonaro’s cabinet – given a hard, harsh, actually, talking to.

    A week before, there was some young American woman, moaning about black life in the USA, though she herself has had a pretty pleasant life, which, to her credit, she admitted.

    /Image result for sackur


    Sackur damn near rolled over like a puppy, to have his belly scratched by the guest.

    He swallowed all her BLM- type stuff, never challenging her by pointing out the essentially extremist…

    Black KNIVES Matter? Hideous Hate-Freak Helm Exposed! 

     Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”

    …racist character of many of its protagonists, never suggesting she might like to disown hate-pedlars like those in our posts above.

    Then last week he had Stuart Wheeler, one of the few very wealthy people these days who is unequivocally patriotic.

    You can probably watch it via the BBC’s various links.

    The old guy stood up very well to Sackur’s Europhiliac rabbiting.

    I had never heard Mr. Wheeler speak before but he showed civility and geniality throughout.

    Yet what got me, what made me watch, was the pre-show intro, Sackur’s babbling (Beebling?) voice rabbiting about a rich man using his money to influence the country’s future!

    Why the HELL shouldn’t he?

    He’s British!

    And why the HELL don’t the BBC’s chorus of sonorous subversives raise a cacaphony of concern about a NON-Brit..

    Image result for soros brexit money

    Soros – Persona Non Grata Of The Year 2019? 

    …sticking his malevolent nose into British affairs and spending TONS of his dirty money, to influence the country’s future

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    Something Wicked On The Way – More Soros Money! 

    Bullying, blustering, bolstered by billions donated by a man convicted in a court of law…

    …something often white-washed over by his media freak fan-club, though when it happened they had no choice but to report the court verdict.

    Soros Is Found Guilty in France On Charges of Insider Trading –http://www.nytimes.com 

    As I’ve said before about the Enemy Within…


    …global elites never let anything like a guilty verdict get in the way of their camaraderie…


    Gambar terkait

    Guilty! But French Foe of Britain’s Freedom Walks Free! 

    …and sure enough, the Sorosoid Strike Force, aka our ‘Open Society’ enemies, have declared war on Western Europe’s patriot resistance.

    Or so Yahoo.News would have us believe. https://news.yahoo.com/faced-rising-far-soros-foundations-072856916.html

    But this is no new war.

     As Germany’s tax-funded liberal propaganda outlet reported, covering the same story, Soros’ Open Society Foundation ALREADY has its dirty snout in that country’s domestic politics…


    the foundation supports more than 50 civil society organizations in Germany.  https://www.dw.com/en/george-soros-to-target-far-right-in-eastern-germany/a-49304370

    What’s happening is not even a matter of opening up a new front, after encountering stiff resistance by patriotic parties and individuals in East and Central Europe…

    George Soros, Hungary…And The American Deep State?

    Buying The Media – New Soros Threat To Poland! 

    Czechs Vote, But May And Sorosoids Meddle! 

    Soros Tentacles Around Albania’s Neck Too! 

    Smash The Sorosoids! Macedonia Stands Up To Evil! 

    (More …)

    • Joao Porto 11:01 on June 27, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It is great what you say.
      News like the report you write about is the reason why Bolsonaro is now president.


  • ross1948 12:08 on January 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , anti-Brexit campaigns funded by Soros, , , , , , ,   

    Soros – Persona Non Grata Of The Year 2019? 

    A rather good article in RT this week, about the evil influence of plutocrat George Soros…


    …whom one of the most deplorably Un-British media in the UK has named “Person of the Year.”

    Were it only a matter of evil ‘influence,’ bad enough, because the poison Soros peddles does not stand up well when subjected to scrutiny.


    He holds a svengali-like sway over the likes of the Lying Drunkard of Brussels, but his left/ultra-liberalism has little impact on  the hearts and minds of normal, decent, patriotic people in any country.


    Image result for soros brexit money

    And so rather than just exert ‘influence,’ through the plethora of rotten media who dance to his tune, Soros actively MEDDLES!

    Meddling in other people’s countries’ internal affairs, especially voting, is of course arch-villainy  – if perpetrated (allegedly) by Putin (though oddly not by the likes of Mam Stasi Merkel…

    Meddling When Other Nations Vote IS, After All, OK? 

    Or her Comrade President?….


    SteinmeierSticky-Beak Steinmeier Tells Yanks How To Vote! 

    Or Obama –Remember Obama’s Brexit Rant? 

    And don’t let’s forget the UN.

    Meddling! UN Sticky-Beaks Weigh Into Austrian Election! 

    But Soros doesn’t rant as loudly or as often as the grotesque supranational gaggle of globalist politicians.

    Instead he uses his wealth actively, brazenly, to interfere with and subvert democratic elections and referenda…




    …through a network of puppet ‘NGO’s

    So rather than Person of the Year, as The Economist offensively declared him to be for 2018, citizens in all the lands his arrogance plagues should be pressuring their governments to name him..

      Related image

    ‘In diplomacy, a persona non grata is a foreign person whose entering or remaining in a particular country is prohibited by that country’s government.’

    Image result for soros brexit

    Have him banned from Britain as an undesirable alien!

    • Toby 12:50 on January 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Great idea.
      But he is a US citizen so that would have to be rescinded before we Americans can exclude him.
      He was born in Hungary. I’d like to see him apply to Viktor Orban’s government to get his birth nationality back.
      Then Hungary could charge him with treason.
      End of problem?
      Only if they confiscated his assets.
      All glorious day-dreams, but thanks for inspiring them.


    • Edward Lamont 14:07 on January 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The man is not welcome anywhere, except by the ruling elites who share his anti-national agenda.
      His record in the world of finance,convicted in a court of law, is one of many reasons he ought to be persona non grata.
      But like that old witch Lagarde, also with a conviction, much more recent, to her discredit, if you’re in with the globalist in-crowd, law-breaking is not a problem.


    • Vinnie F 15:53 on January 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I like that plan.
      He should be shunned and his undeserved billions confiscated and put to good use, building border walls, with a few mine-fields here and there.


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    British Resistance Fighters Get Fresh Ammo! 

    Resistance forces in the UK are fighting back against the Remainiac Project Fear.
    It astounds me the way even otherwise sensible people are heard using dumbo phrases like ‘crashing out’ or ‘going over a cliff’ when discussing a true Brexit i.e. re-establishing British freedom without the approval of thee Brussels Empire.
    As the Freedom Association’s Andrew Allison so neatly put it today, exit on WTO terms means “there isn’t a cliff-edge to fall over!”

    Anyway, for all you freedom-fighters in The Old Country, fresh supplies of ammo are now available, in the form of “‘a new initiative The Freedom Association is actively supporting.
    ‘Facts4eu.org has just launched its new ‘Brexit Battle Pack’ & Toolbox’ “and here’s the link.


    • Edward Lamont 22:47 on September 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I will contact them next week.
      I haven’t commented here as much as I used to but see you are still in good fettle for the fray.
      We are trying to restart the local branch of Ukip which became moribund after the referendum.
      Too many people here thought we could take it easy.
      Little did we know.


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    Tags: 23rd June treason parade, anti-Brexit campaigns funded by Soros   

    Health Warning- Huge Sewage Overflow In Central London! 

    With thousands of visitors arriving in Britain for the Royal Wedding, it is important that they be advised to leave again, or at least steer clear of London, ASAP, once the fun is over.


    Next month, London’s streets will be flooded with filth, a long stream of sewage expected to flow along main roads and some smaller streets too…




    …as reported late last month in The Independent.

    Campaigners for a referendum on the Brexit deal are promising the “biggest ever pro-European march”, as their hopes grow for a fresh public vote. The demonstration – to be staged on the second anniversary of the Leave vote in June – will kick-start a “summer of action and mobilisation”, they say.

    Campaigners for Brexit deal referendum promise ‘biggest ever pro-EU …

    It’s important to note that Remania is not necessarily contagious or infectious.

    But photographs of those suffering from the unpleasant malady show alarming physical abnormalities that appear to correspond to the mental issues known to be associated with the disease.

    Common Signs of Remania – distorted perception and degeneration


    People who live and work in London and are unable to to arrange temporary evacuation may wish to use the following email address…    anna.soubry.mp@parliament.uk.

    … which can provide information on the predicted path of the malodorous effluent.


    • Pamela 23:02 on May 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      You excel yourself!
      The stench of treason will be bad that day.
      You are to be applauded for suggesting we avoid it.


    • Petra Malley 23:14 on May 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Anna Soubry stinks, Gina Miller stinks, but the biggest stink comes from the dirty money the Remainers are taking from Soros.


    • Jock Tamson 04:26 on May 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      The great unwashed, eh?
      That old phrase about the filthy rich comes to mind.


  • ross1948 21:35 on April 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: anti-Brexit campaigns funded by Soros, , , investigation into election/campaign expenses, ,   

    Fightback! An Urgent Appeal From LeaveEU! 

    There is nothing honourable about the Remain campaign.

    I know a number of people who think the  Independence referendum should have gone the other way. I can sit down with them and engage in civilised and sensible debate with them.


    What’s the truth about Gina Miller? |

    But creatures like rich-bitch Gina Miller, whose furious response to attempt to investigate her murky past speaks for itself…



    ..and retarded millennials, like these freaks in that photo?

    No barge-pole is long enough, nor air-freshener strong enough, to ward off the stench of disloyalty.


    …the Remainers’ repugnant readiness to dig their dirty snouts into the treason-trough, taking foreign money from the arch-enemy of every nation’s freedom…



    …requires all of us who oppose the evil Soros agenda to renew the battle with renewed commitment.

    Not a lot I can do here in the sweltering East Indies, except….THIS!


    Dear Supporter, 
    Hardcore Remainers will stop at nothing to overturn the EU referendum result and block Brexit.Wealthy and influential forces are doing whatever they can to cast doubt on the biggest democratic mandate in Britain’s history – to leave the EU.

    Their latest ploy is to pick over every detail of the Leave campaign, looking for any excuse to claim the vote was unfair and must be re-run.

    We don’t fear that scrutiny, but the anti-democrats have to realise that it cuts both ways, which is why we’ve hatched a plan to play them at their own game. But we need your help to make it happen – will you make a donation to our new ‘Operation Payback’ crowdfunder?

    The lack of respect some MPs have shown for the people’s Brexit verdict has been scandalous. First attempting to block it in Parliament, and then, after that failed, campaigning for a second vote, their only remaining hope.

    Some of the worst offending MPs have had support from a group called ‘Best for Britain’. This anti-democracy outfit was first set up by Gina Miller and, most recently, billionaire George Soros has handed out £800,000 to pursue its campaign to block Brexit.

    They now have a huge war chest to stop delivery of the popular will.

    But, as the referendum showed, working together there are enough of us who back Brexit to overcome even their best efforts and huge resources. A contribution of £15 today, or whatever you are able to afford, can help make the vital difference in this escalating propaganda war. We are on the side of truth and decency, we need your help digging up the Remainer wrongdoing.

    Our plan is to turn the tables on the anti-democrats by scrutinising how Best for Britain has been spending its money, especially during the last general election.

    We’re also going to look in detail at the support given to individual MPs and candidates, who they shamefully called their ‘anti-Brexit champions’.

    This is a massive task – and it needs to be done quickly. There is a huge amount of material to be examined. To make this work, we need to assemble a team of expert researchers. They’ll need to scour the country for key documents, inspect invoices and trawl social media to check election rules have been observed.

    That’s why we’re asking today if you will help fund this vital work to throw the spotlight back on Brexit opponents, with a donation to our new crowdfunder?

    It wouldn’t be the first time that vocal anti-Brexit MPs have been accused of cheating. Those MPs with the least respect for democracy over Brexit seem to have been playing fast and loose with election rules too.

    Investigations have already found evidence suggesting some of the most obsessive Remain supporters, who are now accusing the Leave campaign of breaking rules, themselves overspent to win their seats in parliament.

    Election laws specify limits to local spending by candidates and campaigners, to ensure votes are fair.

    But back in September, it was reported in the Sunday Times that the Lib Dem leader Vince Cable has been referred to the police over allegations he overspent during the campaign for his Twickenham seat at the 2017 general election.

    Earlier still, his party colleague Sarah Olney was alleged to have overspent to narrowly win what she called the ‘Brexit by-election’ in Richmond Park. Fortunately, Olney lost her seat again to Brexit-backing Zac Goldsmith back in June. Similar questions have been asked too about other Lib Dem MPs in Scottish seats.

    There is a clear pattern of questions about abuse of election rules around those also trying hardest to block delivery of the EU referendum result.That’s a pattern that can’t be ignored – and a real threat to democracy.

    Not only do these anti-democrats want to deny the Brexit we voted for, it appears they’ve also been cheating to give themselves the platform to make such demands and the power to vote on it.

    We don’t intend to let the Brexit-blockers get away with it – we’re sure you won’t want them to either.

    Please help us to fight back today.

    Kind regards,
    The Leave.EU Team

  • ross1948 23:22 on April 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: anti-Brexit campaigns funded by Soros, , , , Patrick Gaspard, , , Zsuzsanna Szelényi   

    Hammered In Hungary, Sorosites Step Up War On Brexit! 

    First on the agenda could be the controversial “stop Soros” set of laws. Meant to combat the supposed nefarious plots of the Hungarian-American financier…

    Skip the ‘supposed.’

    Nothing ‘supposed’ about any of it. 

    Would that intro to an article not send a thrill through every true-blue British heart?

    But alas, and inevitably, it’s a reference not to May in the UK but to Hungary, where patriots are in power.

    Foreign-funded ‘NGO’s are a menace there as everywhere, and if you doubt that, just look at what they’re doing in Britain!

    The news in Buzzfeed yesterday of Soros’ rat-pack –,https://www.buzzfeed.com/hannahalothman/george-soros-has-donated-another-400000-to-best-for-britain   –  disgorging even more hundreds of thousands of pounds to the anti-Brexit agitprop gang – shows how wise Hungary’s Viktor Orban is to move against these meddlers.

    But Buzzfeed could have done more when they quoted the rat-pack’s ‘president,’ Soros lackey Patrick Gaspard.

    What they didn’t tell us about Gaspard is that he’s not even British!

    He’s an uppity alien, a Congolese-born American, and, no surprise this, a former flunkey of Obama…


    Gambar terkait

    Tow enemies of British democracy


    …who was handed the highly-paid post of Ambassador to South Africa when the racist held the White House.

    This latest intrusion into UK internal affairs shows that Gaspard is still faithfully dancing to HMV’s tune.

    Remember Obama’s Brexit Rant? 

    But of more immediate significance is that it show conclusively that the Hungarian electorate got it RIGHT, without a doubt, when they voted for a government determined to put a stop to the ‘NGO’ menace.

    “This is the absolute worst-case scenario,” said Zsuzsanna Szelényi, a former independent MP.   https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/apr/09/hungary-liberals-torrid-four-years-viktor-orban-landslide

    And the Guardian also skips over important info, about this Szelenyi woman.


    Gambar terkait


    She saw no shame in serving the heirs to the communist quisling regime, as Ministerial Commissioner in the Ministry of Education from 1994 to 1996, when she moved on to take up employment with the Council of Europe till 2010, up to her neck in something called the ‘European Youth Centre Budapest.’

    And we are told she was also working with the Hungary Europe Society. A new one on me, so I looked it up and its own website admits brazenly that it is a partner of – guess who?

    The Open Society Foundation


    That site lists a plethora of other partner gangs too, but I have no time tonight to check which of the others are also Soros parasites.

    Very ‘independent,’ this Szelenyi.

    Let’s hope that, even if May is sitting back letting subversive outsiders interfere in British democracy, that at least the Hungarians will grasp the serpent and extirpate its offspring.

    • Phil Denby 00:27 on April 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Where did Obama dig up that smug-looking Gaspard?
      They are two of a kind, no hint of shame about interfering in other countries’ affairs, splashing dollars around like drunken sailors.
      Personally, I would prefer to have drunken sailors as guests in my home than those two twerps.


    • Jesse Coombs 02:21 on April 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Most of us now know that Soros is an international problem, and his many off-shoots are engaged in many countries, from big ones like the USA to tiny ones like Montenegro and Albania, and don’t forget non-Western countries too.
      The logical response must be for all of us who resent his meddling to work together.
      You do a fair job of covering this and Breitbart does to, but what about the smaller non-English-speaking nations?
      Do they have effective resistance media?
      I honestly don’t know.
      Hungary is great and maybe the Poles too, but the rest?


  • ross1948 23:01 on April 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'Senator' George Mitchell, anti-Brexit campaigns funded by Soros, , , , ,   

    Black Friday? MYOB! Clinton Witch Lectures Brit Deplorables! 

    Black Friday, 1998 – a day that will live in infamy. And today’s the 20th anniversary of Tony BLiar’s dirtiest deal…



    …which imposed not only a travesty of democracy on Ulster -(forcing loyal Brits to share power with the disloyal minority) but also giving a hostile foreign power…


    Adolf and Dev

    • …which has never given up its expansionist aim of annexing Ulster, unprecedented rights to meddle in the internal affairs of an integral part of the UK.

    American pro-terrorists, from Chappaquiddick Kennedy…



    …whose cowardly indifference to the death of Mary-Jo Kopechne was matched by his similar indifference to the innocents murdered by the Sinn Fein/IRA murder gang…



    …to the scum who raised funds in sleazy Boston bars, indubitably played a major part in that betrayal.

    As Crooked Hillary carefully avoids mentioning in her Guardian article, it was her loathsome husband who spurned his wiser advisers and granted Blood-Beast Adams an American visa.


    Hillary Clinton: Brexit must not undermine peace in Northern Ireland

    She also fails, as Cigar Billy did then, to endorse British Ulster’s right to exist as a self-determinant people, thus encouraging the enemy aliens amongst them to keep agitating for Dublin rule, instead of…

    ….as they should have been forced to do when the frontier was delineated in 1926, simply moving across that frontier, where they could have lived happily ever after beneath the tricolour flag they love so much.

    But it’s never too late.

    Clinton’s neglected missus rails on and on about how the deplorable Brits dare not upset the appeasement applecart by manning the internationally-recognised border of their own realm.


    Hasil gambar untuk patriots deplorable


    It is NONE of her bloody business.

    Brits made clear when Obama stuck his nose into the Brexit debate.

    She should now be told what he was told.

    • Hasil gambar untuk hillary clinton zombie face


    Meanwhile, instead of footering about with ideas on new ways of handling the border, Britain should make a clear declaration that it will excise from its territory a number of cesspool segments like Crossmaglen…

    SF Seeks EUSSR Funds for IRA Monument – Have They No Shame? 

    …and other areas infested with IRA vermin and their running dogs.

    If Eire really wants them, let ’em have ’em.

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