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  • ross1948 16:15 on February 3, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Uses YOUR Money To Meddle In Politics! 

    If the Labour or LibDem parties launched a ‘campaign video’ to show their hostility to any government policy, we’d be unsurprised.

    That’s their job, to engage in politics.

    But when such action is taken by a public corporation…


    …motivated by a desperate desire to keep their coercive snouts dug deep in tax-payers’ pockets?



    The BBC has responded to Nadine Dorries’ threat to abolish the licence fee with a “BBC belongs to all of us” campaign video.

    The corporation published the two-minute clip across its social media channels this morning, showcasing 100 years of BBC programming.


    “BBC belongs to all of us? ”


    What a nerve!

    These parasites treat theIr viewers with contempt, telling us they know what’s good for us…


    BBC Proud Of Its Woke Censoring!

    …censoring popular shows the left doesn’t like, then brushing us off when we protest against their woko censorship.

    They hire leftist duds to make sure even sports programmes are left-biased, lavishing gargantuan salaries….

    Louse Lineker Rants Again!

    …on the swine, and simultaneously victimise, quite groundlessly…

    Why Sky and the BBC saw fit to cancel David Lloyd and Michael Vaughan has still not been made clear. We’re a long way from any categorical proof that either displayed prejudice of any kind. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-10399791/IAN-HERBERT-Tom-Harrison-HAMMERED-Azeem-Rafiq-failings.html

    ….innocent sports personalities smeared by uppity scum.

    Their ‘news’ cabal delights in putting the country down…

    Sneering’: Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty slammed for making fun of Union Jack flag

    …and habitually aids and abets criminality.

    Again, BBC Fails To Warn Police of Criminality On Turkish Shore! 

    .BBC Now BOASTs of Aiding and Abetting Illegals! 

    And they insult our intelligence by disguising the truth about the extremists…

    Linda Tirado –BBC Says ‘Journalist’ – She Is A Far-Left Activist

    …they present as ‘guests.’

    Now they use YOUR money to wage political war on the UK’s elected government?

    Too much!

  • ross1948 14:51 on November 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Who Poisoned A Generation’s Mind? 

    I started writing this last month, but with so many things to write about, then Remembrance Day and Poland to think about, I decided to save it till now.

    BBC have some nerve!

    While most of us are delighted their race-obsessed ‘Black British History Month’ is over…

    Black Power’ Play At BBC?

    …they then drag in that arrogant preachy leftist, whom they describe as a ‘TV historian’ – Prof David Olusoga ( is he a ‘TV historian’ only because the BBC  hires him again and again…

    Prof David Olusoga

    David Olusoga


    (out of hundreds, thousands maybe, perfectly good non-left historians and paying him out of coerced license fees)


    …secure in the knowledge that he is as steeped in BLM bias as the state broadcaster’s in-crowd?

    UK Pravda’s plain purpose is to spin British history…



    …against the way most of us enjoyed it.

    Not all schoolkids did enjoy history but those of us who did liked learning about Clive of India, and Wolfe’s heroic victory in Canada…


    …and about terrific commanders like Nelson and Wellington.

    And if our side lost a war or two, against insurgent Americans, for example, we could handle that.

    Building the greatest empire the world has ever known. ..



    …was no small feat and we were rightly proud.

    But this pinko prof has a different, and distasteful, tale to tell.

    The way history is viewed is changing. It’s possibly a deeper change than some people realise because I don’t think what we’re living through is a series of political events; I think we’re living through a generational shift,” he says.


    And that has come about how?

    Has a generation been toxified by the changing climate, perhaps?



    It’s what they’re taught and how they’re taught, by rancid left propagandists masquerading as ‘teachers!’



    With a little help from ‘tv historians,’ needless to say.

    It’s all down to people in their 20s, those at school and in their teens, who have a relationship with history which, says Prof Olusoga, is profoundly different from that of their parents and grandparents.

    A different relationship?

    They have had years of divisive, subversive, anti-patriotic indoctrination to divide them from their parents and grandparents…


    …and as Olusoga makes VERY clear, left prejudice is bound to have infected many of them, to his immense satisfaction.

    “They do not want British history to be a catalogue of heroes and victories and glorious chapters,” he says.. 

    Why the Hell not?


    If Olusoga is correct in his gloat, they are a pack of sick puppies!

    But I refuse to give up hope.

    National pride, in one’s history and  heritage of global greatness simply cannot have been eradicated.

    The same process had been underway long before 1981…

    …yet I remember vividly the crowds of true Brits cheering the Task Force as it left to win the Falklands War…

    . ..


    …and the cheering throng too that lined the London streets, patriots young and old, for the Falklands Victory March.

    The sickness afflicting too many of a generation can be cured.

    A good start would be keeping Olusoga’s bitter negativity off tv screens from now on….

    …and making sure the evil of CRT is kept out of class-rooms.

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    Target These BBC ‘White Poppy’ Pukes! 

    White poppies represent remembrance for all victims of war, both military and civilian and of all nationalities. They also symbolise a commitment to peace and challenge any attempt to glamourise armed conflict.


    That’s what UK Pravda’s managerial lice have now approved, viz.

    the BBC said presenters can now wear remembrance poppies “of any colour” between October 30 and November 14….

    Note that ‘now!’

    In other words, they didn’t use to let their slimy leftists affront patriots, who understand that….

    • =======================================

    ….red poppies stand for remembrance for British and allied military personnel.


    SO….somebody needs to ask…


    As I said about the same rotten rats-nest only a day or so ago –


    these BBC leftist fanatics are quite clearly out of control… 

     No Whites, Thanks – We’re BBC!


    They know that Jellyfish Johnson has stated publicly that it’s ‘okay to be woke…



    …thus giving a green light to every gutter leftist in the land to flaunt their disrespect for any and every symbol of national pride.


    Winston Churchill Statue Vandalised in London During George Floyd Death Protests and Black Lives Matter Movement (Watch Video)

    Churchill Statue defaced by woke vermin


    The swine think they are untouchable!

    Make sure you identify any ‘British’ Broadcasting Corporation b-stard who wears a white poppy – send the scum a message, any way you can!

    PS – small print addendum – only target the scum in legal ways, of course!

  • ross1948 13:50 on October 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    True Colours? Jellyfish Crawls To The Coven! 

    Now is the time for all true Brits to leave the Conservative Party.

    One cabinet minister told the Guardian Johnson had warned colleagues he was not keen on pursuing a culture war, after No 10 was stung by the row over the England football team taking the knee, in which some ministers appeared to condemn the gesture.


    We should have known the Jellfish would take the wrong side of any issue of principle.

    Not for the first time, I must state that I’m not exactly a fan of Nadine Dorries, who is entirely likely to take a principled stand…

    Another Patelian U-Turner? Don’t Trust Dorries! 

    …then u-turn and gush over what she had previously abhorred.


    Nadine Dorries MP


    But when she says something sensible, let’s not be so churlish as to withhold applause.

    Above all, don’t refrain from condemnation of the creep who puts her down publicly.


     Johnson slaps down new Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries for saying the BBC might not EXIST in a decade with PM claiming the ‘great institution’ will exist ‘for a long time to come


    This charlatan, whom we saw at the Tory Conference basking in the fevered adulation of groupies galore, of all ages and both ( or should I say all) sexes…



    …has a record of u-turning second to none.

    We know he’s a bare-faced liar, since –

    A – he is not currently dead in a ditch and

    B – there are Brussels impositions between Ulster and the UK mainland.

    … to name but two matters on which he reflected then reneged.

    Such dishonesty is nothing new.



    But this latest act of obeisance to the Enemy Within…



    …the most toxic, unrepentantly anti-conservative institution in the land?

    The Briefing – Biased BBC’s ‘Me Too, Pinko’ Show!

    A Leftist Lesbian Love Affair – ‘Auntie’ And ‘Mother Jones?’

    BBC’s “Boys?’ Actually, Hijack Accuseds! 

    BLM Savages – BBC, Typically, Buries Aftermath Of LA Ambush! 

    Zeinab Welcomes Red Cop-Killer’s Fan

    BBC’s Big Lie Exposed By BLM Blabbermouth Collage

    New Woke-Witch Joins BBC Coven!


    Crawling to the Coven has got to be the last straw.


    Time to make a clean break!

    Leave The Jellyfish to wallow in his wokery!

    • Pamela 14:10 on October 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      You say what millions think.
      Keep saying it.


    • Petra Malley 22:01 on October 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      It never ceases to astonish me, how he lies and everyone knows he lies and yet there are no voices heard from within his own party that he begone!

      The nasty party, its critics used to say, but now I think it’s worse than nasty.
      It’s woke, despite what its ministers try to tell us.
      You showed us how the NHS has been wasting time and money on ‘rainbow’ rubbish and the police are no better.
      The Tories are doing nothing to stop all that waste, nor cut funding from museums, libraries, hospitals and all the other leechlike institutions that get public money.

      What will it take for British people to fight for their country?


  • ross1948 15:17 on August 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    De-Nobilise Tony Hall – Make Him Pay! 

    There we have it!
    BBC to pay £1.5m to charity of ‘Royal’s choice’ after fallout over Martin Bashir’s Diana interview.. ‘
    We wrote about this less than a month ago!
    But for those with short memories, the Mail report helpfully reminds us that the creepy Bashir’s ‘deceitful’ tactics were subsequently –
    .... covered up by a ‘woefully ineffective’ internal investigation by Tony Hall, who later became BBC director-general… 

    Disgraceful, and why has Hall not be stripped of the life peerage he got?

    It’s not as if his tenure as D-G in any way made up for his previous demerits.

    We all remember how he exculpated that leftist munchkin Munchetty…

    The unforgettable “Lord” Hall.

    ( and how we wish we could forget his bigoted leftist antics!)

     …shot to notoriety when he rescued that incredibly off-putting…

    ..Nasty Naga Malignachetty….

    BBC Defines ‘Racism’ – With Dazzling Clarity…NOT

    …from the consequences of her vicious race-obsessed outburst.


    Tony Hall, Baron Hall of Birkenhead - Global Conference for Media Freedom (48256794687) (cropped).jpg

    Hall – BBC Director General,  ex Channel Four, AND since 2018, President of the European Broadcasting Union
    . ..

    …after her infantile, uptight outburst.

    He never deserved a seat in rhe House of Lords!

    Oh, and why has his pension not been garnisheed…

    … instead of that give-away million coming out of BBC funds.

    The PERSONS at fault in this grisly tale should be bled dry rather than take money out of BBC coffers.

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    God Damn UK Pravda And Its Addled Swede Brat! 

    Greta Thunberg’s ‘expertise’ dismantled before backlash over BBC documentary


    The Addled Brat, snarling!



    Nice to see those inverted commas around “expertise,” but the Express headline could have been better still had there been another set of inverted commas around that first ‘B’ in BBC.


    UK Pravda, newly exposed as eager to waste hundreds of thousands of pounds on a worldwide ego-trip with Thicko Thunberg, is no more truly British in its allegiance than is Sweden’s Addled Brat.

    If Only The BBC Cared About The Country! 

    Will the BBC EVER Be Pro-British?

    The tax-funded propaganda channel has its own agenda, and should be dismantled, a duty which, if Jellyfish Johnson had even a vestigial spine…



    …could be handled as easily as the dismantling mentioned in that Express headline, which has been successfully undertaken by that intelligent and delightful young lady Naomi Seibt…


    Naomi Seibt.
    Naomi Seibt


    ….whom we’ve written about previously.

    Keeping Bad Company! Malala Poses With T.A.B! 

    Meanwhile, until Brits get a government with guts, it seems we will have to endure the BBC’s vicious, vile partisan propaganda, which ranges from the sophisticated…..

    Katty Kay – One Bare-Faced BBC Liar! 

    …to the absurd.

    BBC Portrays Climate Sceptic As Zombie! Hidden Agenda? 




    • Fiona F 17:28 on February 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      They have no shame, demanding more money be extorted from people forced to use licenses while pouring gigantic sums into the pathetic teenager’s tripping.


    • Noreen Paterson 20:44 on February 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      It’s almost as if the BBC has decided to rub our noses in their bias.


    • Pamela 23:45 on February 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Johnson disgraces himself, his party and his country by refusing to intervene against the BBC’s extravagant plan to escort that mentally afflicted Swedish woman as she globe-trots. She is no longer even technically a child so there is now no excuse for her babbling tantrums.
      Neither is there any excuse for the BBC’s profligacy.


  • ross1948 19:59 on January 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    A True Brit Voice Condemns BBC Bias! 

    This month the BBC described a rancid disloyal IRA scumbag as a ‘veteran….’



    ….when we know that, to right-thinking people, the word ‘veterans’ refers to former members of the armed services.

    We respect real ‘veterans…’




    Well, most people do, except government lawyers!


    Watch this video – a good Ulster MP talks sense on BBC bias.



    The BBC declared neutrality during the Falklands War.

    They need to make up their minds whose side they’re on in British Ulster.


    • Scott Douglas 20:43 on January 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Sammy Wilson is one of the best MPs.
      If only we had 100 more like him.
      Nobody likes the BBC, much better if they shut it down.


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