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  • ross1948 19:53 on August 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Salvini Buckles? Media’s Twisted Perspective! 

    • Salvini Buckles?


      Amazing how the rotten media brazenly seek to spin the news by the headlines they choose.

      The Times last month reported that Europe’s hero, Matteo Salvini, had ‘buckled.’


      That was how their hack described the five week ultimatum given to the Brussels Empire by Salvini and his colleagues in the Italian coalition government.



      Juncker the Drunkard and his fellow Eurocrats must, by the end of August, come up with a policy acceptable to Italy or that brave nation will again close its ports to cargos of crimmigrants.

      Sure, we can criticise, why let any undesirable illegals in any time?

      But Salvini’s Lega is not in complete control in Rome.He shares power with the Five Star Party, which is by no means 100% sound on the migrant menace or anything else.

      There are good people in 5* but also a lot of mere malcontents, with no clear patriotic ideology to guide them.

      In the circumstances, giving his country’s EUSSR enemies a deadline is no bad tactic.

      I might hazard a guess that the Brussels B-stards will fail to come up with any convincing plan.

      Then the good guys in Rome will be free to say they had shown admirable flexibility and got no adequate response.


      End of story, end of the maritime menace!

  • ross1948 18:14 on September 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Why Abandon Europe? To Hell With May’s Appeasement! 

    Like many of you, I’m sure, I sat, not quite enthralled but curious, at least, as the Queen’s First Minister held forth in Florence last week.

    Such a beautiful city, to witness such a scene of ugly self-abasement!



    Did nobody else feel a tad uneasy about Theresa May’s repeated – and seemingly heart-felt, assertions of benevolence to a supranational cabal…

    PM’s Florence speech: a new era of cooperation and partnership between the UK and the EU –



    ….that has proven itself no friend to Britain nor to British values, instead kicking Britannia in the teeth, from at least as far back as the Falklands War…


    Falklands Pride, Yes, but Reflect on EU Back-Stabbing 

    …and obstructing what was once universally-admired British justice by albatrossing the United Kingdom’s courts with an endless stream of outlandish diktats on crime and punishment?

    Britannia Dolorosa – Sceptred Isle Now Garbage Dump – Thanks to ‘Human Rights Act’ 

    Yes, before nit-pickers point out the the ECHR is separate from the EUSSR, I know that but I also know that they are entwined inextricably.


    Completion of EU accession to the ECHR – European Parliament

    Even disregarding all that, what conceivable political morality ( yes, maybe that phrase is oxymoronic, but even so!) is there in extolling the virtues of national independence for one’s own country…



    ….whilst simultaneously expressing a wish to collaborate to the greatest extent possible with the oppressive regime from which one’s country has just voted to break free…



    ..and which continues to exercise autocratic rule over two dozen nations with resistance movements which deserve whatever solidarity and support can be afforded.

    This very day, the German patriot party is fighting the Europhiliac establishment which has resorted to all manner of threats and smears to thwart its progress.

    Brit should wish the AfD well.

    Yet it won’t happen at government level.

    May ‘s laggard commitment to British freedom is echoed in her current double-standard stance, her honeyed words about the EUSSR.

    Similar reluctance to embrace potential allies across the channel was on display during the French presidential election.

     Lost In France – Theresa May’s Damn-Fool Partisan Prejudice

    Though note well that Merkel showed no such reluctance. meddling in one election after another…Foreign Interference In French Vote? Merkel Is GUILTY! …even to the extent of personal appearances!

    There is fertile ground ground all over Europe’s still-subjugated lands for the growth of freedom-fighter movements, so all British patriots should be ready and willing to do what they can to succour that resistance.

    And a final thought! If May tells Brits that payments to the Euro-Commissars’ dubious treasure-trove must continue until the dealing’s done in several years time…


    Britain will continue to pay tens of billions of pounds to the EU … mean Britain continuing to pay into EU budgets until at least 2021.http://www.businessinsider.sg/theresa-may-brexit-speech-florence-2017-9

    ..then the logical corollary must surely be that while payments go on, so too do British rights to vote and veto on what happens there.

    Let Theresa May grow a set and lay about her with that power, first and foremost to block punitive action by the Commissars against Poland, and Hungary, and the Czechs and Slovaks too.


    Gambar terkait


    Those brave nations should not be left to fight alone against the evil, aberrant diktats emanating from the Heart of Darkness in Brussels.

    • Edward L 23:02 on September 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hear hear.
      After AfD’s good result we should be cheering them on, and so should our politicians, if they were worth a damn.
      I read my history and Churchill gave a lot of support to resistance movements on the Continent.
      What is so different today? Only that May and Corbyn and the rest are like pygmies compared to a giant like Churchill.
      I have no quarrel with the French or German people or any of the others. They are just as much victims as we have been since 1972


  • ross1948 14:00 on May 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Hollande’s Operation Cover-Up – Vive La Resistance! 

    Quite shocking, really, that France’s most famous newspaper won’t let its readers know what’s in the documents ‘hacked’ and published in free media outside of France…




    …but then again, we know what sort of ‘journalism’ is served up by left-liberals in the English-language media, so it’s not shocking at all that their French counterparts are no different.

    Largest French Newspaper Explains Why It Won’t Cover The Macron Leaks

    Le Monde’s excuses include the sheer amount of information involved, which says a lot for a big-budget publication with pretensions to serious investigative skills.

    But listen to this – the other excuse is that these files were published 48 hours before the vote, with the clear goal of harming the validity of the ballot



    The validity of the ballot is clear.

    How can it not be, when the electoral process is intact, the ballot is secret, the voters are free to go to the polls and are alert to the issues – except to whatever issues may be raised by the latest revelations!


    • =========
    • French people are perfectly capable of reading the documents and deciding if they are credible.

    • But that capability is gravely impeded by Le Monde’s brazen cover-up….



    …a cover-up overseen by Le Retch Hollande, who has his minions sedulously issuing threats to anyone who breaks cover and gives the people a chance to make up their own minds.

    Media and public warned not to publish documents

    Fight back, France!

    Vive La Resistance!


    Gambar terkait


    , .

    • Mort 18:54 on May 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      It will soon be over, for today, and the French media have shown they are able to match the US media as far as collusion in supporting the elite’s anointed heir.
      However, France has a legislative election coming up in a month and we will see then how the voters react to the suppression of information by ‘their’ media.


  • ross1948 15:14 on February 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Los Sticky-Beaks – Madrid Meddles In French Elections! 

    Back home after a brief trip to the warteg, where I had perkadel, telor puyuh, tempe, tahu, pare and nasi putih.



    A Jakarta warteg


    And I took a few gorengan home for a late night snack. All pleasantly digested now, which is just as well because I have only now read this Hispanic hogwash.  


    Gambar terkait

    La Belle Marine


    …an election win by French far-right presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen or Germany’s anti-immigration party AfD would be “a disaster” that would “destroy Europe…”  http://www.thelocal.fr/20170126/marin-le-pen-will-destroy-europe-if-she-wins-in-france-says-spains-pm



    Rajoy’s banner?


    So now we have an outrageous intrusion into a friendly ally’s internal politics, from what The Local labels Spain’s ‘conservative’ prime minister, Mariano Rajoy.



    Ranting Rajoy


    Real ‘conservatives’ don’t put up with arrogant foreign interference, such as that experienced by Spain when the condescending vixen Malmstrom, a Swedish Euro-Commissar, scolded Madrid for resisting crimmigrant incursions.



    malmstrom_874093d  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2014/02/16/invasion-so-brussels-stabs-spain-in-the-back/


    But I don’t recall Rajoy slapping down Malmstrom. So maybe he thinks it’s just jim-dandy for Swedes to interfere in Spanish affairs, hence no appropriate rebuke to the bitch.

    And hence his own uppity intrusion into French affairs.


    • 0742f-stickybeak
    • ==========
    • He clearly sees naught wrong with sticking his nose into France’s presidential election. 
    • But surely those words of his, if properly directed, might better be aimed at a much more deserving target in Germany’s forthcoming parliamentary elections!


    merkel danger

    “…a disaster” that would “destroy Europe…”

    Mama Stasi has done more in the past year to create a disaster and destroy Europe than anyone else since World War II.

  • ross1948 00:26 on January 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    NO, Mr. Hannan! We Must NOT Betray European Friends 

     With the UK Supreme Court ruling due Tuesday, my thoughts turn to Brexit, and in particular something I have just read.

    I have the highest respect for Daniel Hannan MEP, who has been a valiant warrior in Britain’s freedom struggle for years, ever-ready to excoriate the EUSSR and all its iniquities.


    Gambar terkait

    Referendum Campaign – Tips for Pro-Liberation Brits! 

    But this time we need to take issue with what he has been writing in Conservative Home.

    Far likelier is that we will end up as what Winston Churchill envisaged: an ally of the United States of Europe…  Within a few years’ time, the only thing we’ll ask why we didn’t do it earlier. Daniel Hannan – May’s Brexit vision is Churchill’s vision of Britain and Europe

    It’s quite true that Churchill was never in favour of Britain being part of any ‘United Europe…’ – presumably concerned about the possible emergence of another destructive German leader…

    • merkel danger
    • ….which was unlikely then but has of course now come to pass.

    That Churchill view is often twisted into lies and put about by UK Europhiliacs, who claim Old Winston wanted Britain to be part of a USE – he didn’t!




    But while Churchill may seven decades ago have sounded sympathetic to a Continental USE, no way should British patriots today contemplate with equanimity the abandonment of any of the subject nations shackled to the EUSSR.

    I wasn’t surprised to hear Theresa May say that she supports the success of the European Union.




    She was a docile running dog in Cast-Iron Cameron’s Project Fear.

    However, I am appalled that a British patriot like Dan Hannan could come out with cr-p about supporting the project.

    Quite apart from national self-interest (the more free countries nearby, the better) it is surely incumbent on decent people to cheer on resistance movements against tyranny.

    Gambar terkait

    • ————-
    • No need to start gun-running across the Channel, but, at the very least, British leaders, and every Brit, should show solidarity with those brave European patriots who declared for freedom in Koblenz last weekend. 

    Europe’s Nationalist Leaders Present Vision for ‘a Free Europe’



    Hasil gambar untuk frexit


    Of course France should be free to break free from Brussels misrule…

    • referndmlet peole vote
    • …and so should Holland, Denmark, Italy, and Germany too.

    Let Brits savour their regained sovereignty, by all means.

    But it’s a right to which every country is entitled.




    Our goal should be the destruction of the Evil Empire, not collaboration therewith. 

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