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  • ross1948 8:20 am on September 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'moderate' Taliban, amputation, anti-democratic EUSSR = Fourth Reich,   

    Do Tell, Brussels – Chopping ‘Moderate,’ Hanging ‘Extreme?’ 

    Nothing wrong with the death penalty, if applied to grooming gangs in England, or terrorists anywhere.

    But with pig-ignorant savages in power…



    …it’s likely to be imposed on harmless Afghans who think for themselves and then get accused of ‘blasphemy!’

    As for amputation, targetting certain bodily parts among Taliban veterans might make the local goats feel safer.


    So now, in Brussels?


    Now we need clarification from the Fourth Reich.

    EU should ‘make sure’ moderate Taliban prevail, envoy says

    Which leap into the Dark Ages falls into which EU category?

    How To Spot The ‘Moderate’ Taliban?

    • Keith Milner 8:46 am on September 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Meanwhile, Australia hasn’t banned Hizbut!


    • Carly McLean 9:18 am on September 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply



  • ross1948 2:19 pm on September 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: anti-democratic EUSSR = Fourth Reich, , Ryszard Terlecki PiS   

    Say ‘Well Said!’ To Mr. Terecki! 

    As the Fourth Reich aims its arrogant jackboot at the brave Poles…



    ….it’s frustrating to be so far away and unable to offer concrete support to a nation facing economIc aggression –  as dire in its way as that Poland suffered at the hands of the Third Reich…



    …and Hitler’s ally, the USSR.

    The EUSSR is morally no different from those brutal bullies of yesteryear.



    So the least we should do is email Ryszard Terlecki.. .


    …and say Bravo!’

    He’s the Polish MP urging “drastic solutions”, such as following the UK out of the EU, if the EU court and European Commission went against its judicial reforms



    Alas, I can locate no email address for Łukasz Andrzejewski, one of Poland’s honest judges, who says that Poland should halt its donations to the EU budget, which feeds “a vast amount of freeloaders”, referring to EU officials.

    Poland ponders ‘drastic’ moves in EU rule-of-flaw dispute

    Never said a truer word, sir.

    The Fourth Reich’s flunkeys come from every one of the 20+ nations in the Evil Empire…



    … but, by serving the EUSSR, they have forsworn their proper allegiance, which makes them…


    • JazPen 5:39 pm on September 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Doing something nice that costs nothing makes sense.
      Emial sent, just a ‘Bravo!’ with a link to your blog.


  • ross1948 2:30 pm on September 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'asylum' camps in Greece, anti-democratic EUSSR = Fourth Reich,   

    Has The Fourth Reich Got Something Right? 

    Can it be true?

    Has the Fourth Reich finally, presumably despite itself…



    …actually done something that’s genuinely going to be of benefit to the peoples of Europe?

    Asylum seekers dread new EU camps on Greek islands


    That’s if we take the claim by a pinko creep named Vagelis Stratis at face value.

    He’s a big noise with the pro-crimmigrant ‘International Rescue Committee!’

    So if he thinks the fake-‘refugees’ are averse to getting put into the expensive new accommodation….

    Hasil gambar untuk lesbos

    BBC Excuses Lesbos Parasites’ Arson

     built to replace the previous lodging which were lost ot crimmigrant arson, remember

    …well, he ought to know!  

    Fears surrounding future EU-funded camps on the Greek Aegean islands are contributing to a mental health emergency among asylum seekers, with some fleeing to the mainland. Read on »

    Okay, skip the ‘mental health’ junk.

    Kate Made Me Cry’ – Sums Up Mental-Health-Meg! 


    Mental Health?’ Pity BLM Osaka EVER Spoke To Media! 

    We’ve heard enough about that hogwash, whining celebs so stressed by good fortune that they can’t handle their lives of fame and luxury.

    But if the ‘asylumers’ are fleeing rather than move into the camps?

    Hell, let ’em flee, but NOT to the Greek mainland.


    Load the ingrate undesirables onto whatever craft will carry them, rafts, fishing boats or bloody canoes, and point them back at the Turkish coast.

  • ross1948 4:01 pm on September 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: anti-democratic EUSSR = Fourth Reich, , , , , , ,   

    Even Iraq’s Better For Brits Than Macron! 

    One hopes Priti Patel will stick to her guns, given she says France won’t see a penny of the huge sum Britain promised to beef up French anti-crimmigrant patrols…


    UK voices anger at France over migrant boat-crossings

    Macron is a slimy sort, unwilling even to stand up for his own people against Strasbourg’s ECHR Soros slugs, just like his predecessor…


    Crimmigrant Arson In Calais! Savages Still Amok! Thanks Again, Euro-Court!

    …content to allow hordes of ‘asylum’ brutes and illegal aliens to prowl French streets…

    Brutal Paris Beheader A ‘Hero,’ Says Jakarta Fanatic! 

    BBC Won’t Tell Viewers How Suspects Got Into France! 

    ….committing all manner of crimes from the pettiest to the most heinous.

    Le Muppet’s flunkeys’ response to Patel is pathetic.

    Britain would look bad if it placed new conditions on a previous deal to pay £54m (€63m) toward coast-guard patrols to stop migrants crossing the English Channel

    France urges UK to stick to Channel-migrant deal

    What kind of country extorts millions from a neighbour  (and ally!) as the price of doing what any government worth its salt should do in any case – control who gets to cross its borders?

    That’s not a rhetorical question, BTW…..…

    Thanks, Erdolf? Despite Billions In Bribes, Aliens Flood In! 

    Hasil gambar untuk erdolf

    Erdolf Leeches On, But Won’t Turn Off The Tap!

    because we know what kind of country operates that sort of racket – Erdolf’s Turkey.


    Macron may be hoping by dumping on les Anglais he can distract an angry populace from his own betrayals.

    But I have to think the French are smarter – they know the best place for crimmigrants is…



    …back where they came from!

    What makes his perfidy even more stunning is the contrast between his louche regime and, of all countries, Iraq!

    EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell has thanked Iraq for its help in stopping migrants being flown from Baghdad to Minsk and sent over the EU border by the Belarusian regime. ”

    This is of course welcome news for Brits too.

    Once illegals get into the EUSSR, they can swarm on, using bludger boats to rhe UK via Macron’s channel coast.

    But where’s Evil Ylva?

    Red Euro-Commissar To Obstruct Greek Anti-Crimmigrant Moves 

    The marxist Swede Euro-Commissar hates it when undesirables are subjected to ‘push-back’ by responsible countries like Greece.

    Croatia too gets abuse from parasitic ‘NGO’ leftists for defending its borders.

    There seems to me to be no significan distinction between pushing unwelcome visitors back from one’s door-step…



    …and pin-pointing their origin in order to nip nefarious odysseys in the bud.

    • Mack the Knife 10:49 pm on September 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I have been thinking about what you say.
      It is strange, when the Iraqis are more helpful than the French.
      But in my opinion it isn’t only Macron that’s the problem.
      There is a lot of Anglophobia in France.


  • ross1948 2:30 pm on September 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , anti-democratic EUSSR = Fourth Reich, , ,   

    Fourth Reich Falls For Tall Taliban Tales? 

    What an outlandish article in EU Observer, or at least what an outlandish outburst it describes, summed up by their headline!


    EU should ‘make sure’ moderate Taliban prevail, envoy says

    And who is this outstandingly gullible geezer, who thinks there’s a ‘moderate’ faction within the ranks of the terrorist gang in control of Kabul?


    • Head of the EU delegation to Afghanistan, Andreas Von Brandt, told MEPs that women participation must be safeguarded in all aspects of governance 



    One might think an ‘extremist group’ ipso facto does not include ‘moderate forces’ but I suppose it’s all a matter of degree!

    Von Brandt seems untroubled by the fact that the Taliban have openly abhorred democracy.

    The Taliban plan an ‘Islamic Emirate,’ in which their Dark Age mullahs interpret what God Almighty requires…



    …and everybody else toes the line.

    Von Brandt rests his case as follows.

     “…for the moment, and this needs to be verified and confirmed, there has not been a dramatic change so far, and that is a good thing

    “. Read on »

    Except that the sectarian gang’s leaders have already made it clear that, while women may work for their ‘government, ‘ no doubt diligently separated from male employees and forced to wear shariah-compliant clothing…


    …the women, no matter how much more capable they are than the moronic mullahs, will not be deemed worthy of ministerial level work.

    • Fiona 9:13 pm on September 7, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The EU has no problem about recognising and making pacts with governments that hold women to be inferior and force them into shariah conformity.
      They have been doing so with Iran for years.
      We shall soon see arrangements made between Btussels and Kabul.


  • ross1948 2:45 pm on September 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: anti-democratic EUSSR = Fourth Reich, , Europhiliac anti-Brit hate, Hilary Mantel Booker,   

    Born Disloyal, Booker Bat Puts The Boot In! 

    Frankly, I had never heard of her…



    ….but then I steer clear of scribblers who win the hearts of the in-crowd who award junk like ‘Booker Prizes!’

    How The Hell Did Evaristo Ever Get A Writing Prize? 

    As a genuinely impressive Brit author, Freddy Forsyth, told The Times…

    ‘…he would often find with the novels that win the annual literary prize that he did not know “what the hell I am reading… ‘https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/i-cant-get-through-a-booker-prize-winning-novel-says-frederick-forsyth-

    Well Said Freddy! Forsyth V ‘Intellectual’ Jackals 

    Needless to say, impressive authors whose books sell well, like Forsyth’s do, don’t win many Bookers!

    Now we read in various media that Hilary Mantel, a 69-year-old bat, has been squawking more shrilly than a flock of hungry buzzards…




    …to an Italian newspaper, about how much she abhors the land that made her rich and, among pseudo-intellectuals at least, famous.


    The nasty ingrate Martel rants that ..she had always felt more of a “provincial” and “European” writer, “rather than an English writer“.


    “My parents were both born in England, but the generation that shaped me was the one before that, and I was conscious of belonging to an Irish family,” she observed… 


    Presumably by ‘Irish’ she means  Eire, the squalid little aggressive republic that, with the eager backing of the Fourth Reich……


    ….eager backing that’s gone on for years…

    …continues to interfere in British Ulster, rancid hostility to the UK repeated again and again.

    The baggage’s own rancid distaste for Britain has reached such a level that she is planning to ask Dublin to issue her a passport, so she will be a proud citizen of the EUSSR.



    Having been born to aliens who, as she makes very clear, withheld allegiance to the realm they chose to dwell in…

    ….it’s no surprise that she singles out her sympathy for crimmigrant ‘asylumers’ as a key factor in her plans.

    Just read her rant via the link above!

    One hopes she ships out, as her disloyal forebears should have, and the sooner the better!

    • Fiona 3:40 pm on September 5, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      It’s not bad news that she’s to become a citizen of a foreign country, why would Britain want her?
      What is very bad, though it’s not news, is that she can still vote in British elections.
      It is maddening that Danes or Italians quite rightly cannot vote in rhe UK but any drone who moves in from our oldest enemy can get on the register of electors.


  • ross1948 4:30 pm on September 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , anti-democratic EUSSR = Fourth Reich, ,   

    ‘Anchor-Baby’ Commissar Menaces Poland! 


    EU economic commissioner Paolo Gentiloni specified that Poland’s challenge to the primacy of EU law over domestic law is partly holding up the approval of the recovery plan. Read on

    Gentiloni made use of Twitter to announce that the alleged Biden win had him so exultant he was clasped in his own embrace.


    Gentiloni with Red Renzi

    And then there was Gentiloni’s outrageous scheme a few years ago, a reiteration of Red Renzi’s diabolical ‘anchor baby’ scheme, by which offspring of illegal…parents should have citizenship rights at birth.


    Renzi’s ‘Democratic Party’ had announced it was freezing a long-promised bill that would have granted citizenship to the children of immigrants.

    But Renzi’s successor as PM Gentiloni insisted it remained “a job to do…” https://www.thelocal.it/20170915/italy-still-committed-to-bill-on-citizenship-rights-for-migrant-children

    If that ‘debate’ depended on logical argument, it was rooted in a lie, namely…

    “The children born in Italy are Italians and it is the duty of a civilized country to welcome them,” Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni 

    In Italy, Insanity – Citizenship For Crimmigrant Brats? 

    If that’s so, how come there’s a debate at all?

     But it’s not so.

    Children born in Italy are NOT Italian, unless at least one of their parents are Italian.

    That’s the law!

    So Gentiloni either didn’t know what he was talking about, or he did know and was deliberately misrepresenting the truth..

    Hasil gambar untuk anchor babies

    Good News From Italy – Anchor-Baby Law Scuppered 

    …Gentiloni and his comrade Red Renzi (Naked Truth? Renzi Belly-Crawls To Islamist Intolerance!  ) working hand in glove, pushing ahead to further ruin their country, seeking by legislation to affirm the nonsense notion that a cat born in a kennel is thereby a dog.


    Cute kitten, yes, but she is NOT a puppy!


    Be sure, it will be back if Italy’s Enemy Within gull enough voters to gain a majority in the next elections

    So that’s the measure of the man, a multicult hack who, according to his wikipedia entry, …despite having started his political career within the extra-parliamentary far-left movements, Gentiloni later assumed more Christian democratic and social liberal views… 

    And now he’s hectoring the Poles!


    By their deeds shall ye know them.




  • ross1948 2:35 pm on September 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: anti-democratic EUSSR = Fourth Reich, , Brussels refusing to take back illegals,   

    Don’t Kid Yourself! EUSSR IS Britain’s Enemy! 

    What was it we said, back in June, about what Jellyfish Johnson said…



    NOW, Jellyfish- Stop Calling Them ‘Friends & Partners 

    And now it’s September, after a long hot summer of Fourth Reich arrogance…


    ….an aggressive war waged on more than one front, and not only since this summer, indeed.


    … remain relentless, obdurate, on the issue of illegal aliens whom they have, either by intent or indolence. unleashed on the British people.

    No Channel migrants removed from UK this year as enforced returns hit record low

    France and other EU states refuse to take migrants without new bilateral agreements to replace pre-Brexit arrangements


    What was it Jellyfish Johnson said, about ‘friends and partners?’

    • Billy King 3:39 pm on September 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Well said, Ross.
      Johnson is doing nothing to defend Ulster and nothing to defend the mainland from those illegal immigrants.
      He is scared to stand up to Brussels on anything at all.


  • ross1948 4:30 pm on August 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: anti-democratic EUSSR = Fourth Reich, , , ,   

    Erdolf's Shadow Looms Over Europe! 

    Interesting that Greece’s Foreign Minister Dendias, meeting with his Cypriot and Israeli counterparts, noted that the recently triumphant Taliban considered Turkey a friendly country….

    I was watching Metro tv news at noon last Friday and saw Erdolf is planning to assist another invasion of Greece, like last year’s.


    • erdogan

      “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”

    He wasn’t quoted thus, but his assertion that Western countries had to make ready for an Afghan horde was tantamount to an ultimatum.

    And already Europe’s most bare-faced Enemy Within, Commissar ‘No-Push-Backs’ Johansson, is working out how best to accommodate the next tsunami

    The instability in Afghanistan is likely to lead to increased migratory pressure,” Commissioner Ylva Johansson, who is responsible for migration and asylum in the EU’s executive Commission, said in a statement.


    And where is Jellyfish Johnson going to put his 20,000?

  • ross1948 5:30 pm on August 22, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: anti-democratic EUSSR = Fourth Reich, , , , ,   

    EUSSR’s Gaystapo Targets Defiant Poles! 

    Poland’s ruling party and the Roman Catholic church have put a Polish region at risk of losing €2.5bn by enforcing its anti-LGBTI “declaration”. Read on »

    You don’t really need to read on, to learn who’s REALLY putting the large Polish region ( it includes the historic city of Cracow) at risk of being denies money it could put to good use. 

    Of course it’s Kaiserin Ursula’s foul Fourth Reich…



    … promoting the gaystapo agenda, vowing vengeance against Poles who dare declare their adherence to traditional European values. 


    The Kaiserin and her Commissars often rant about their ‘European Project,’ but it’s a project that is not often defined.

    But the way Brussels uses every means available to bully those who merely express the distaste for perversion….

    ….felt by all healthy, normal people, should remind Brits to be grateful they are nearly free of that cabal’s control.

    . …


    Ulster – Jellyfish Johnson’s Insult And Injury! 

    Nearly, but not quite!



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