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  • ross1948 18:27 on June 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Euro-Commissar Rants Against Child Safety Law! 

    After our report on Hungary’s admirable moves to shield youngsters from pervert propaganda…

    Hungary’s Clause 28 – “Hands Off Kids! “ 

    …no surprise that the EUSSR’s ‘Justice’ Commissar, a fanatic pro-homo liberal named Dider Reynders…

    Euro-Commissar Reynders


    …went into rant-mode forthwith.

    The former senior Belgian government minister spouted tripe that could have been plagiarised from a gaystapo handbook!

    When building their own identities, younger generations need to have access to information that reflects a modern and truly open society, in all its diversity. No one should be censored,” he added. The legislation conflates paedophilia and homosexuality and restricts sexual education. Reynders ‘deeply regrets’ Hungary anti-LGBTIQ law

    ‘A modern and truly open society?’


    “No one should be censored?’

    Pro-Freak English Judge Rules -Truth Is ‘Offensive, Exclusionary!’ 



    EUSSR Ministers Desperate to Shut Out Citizens – A Tradition of Lies and Deceit 

    PS Now the Fourth Reich’s Kaiserin Ursula has shown her true queer-symp colours.

    We are assessing if it breaches relevant EU legislation,” she said.
    “I believe in a Europe which embraces diversity, not one which hides it from our children.” https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/eu-to-investigate-hungary-over-sex-education-law-rjmmb3tvw
    What a stupid observation,
    Did she expose her own children to a panoply of info on the fun to be had from bestiality, or necrophilia?


    Did she insist that their teachers give both pro and con lessons on pedophilia and incest?
    Or does she merely set limits on ‘diversity’ that differ from Hungary’s democratically elected government?
  • ross1948 15:31 on May 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Barnier’s Bluster ‘Outrages’ Whom? 

    Brits who have every reason to dislike Barnier for his intransigence over Brexit…

    Bojo MUST Slap Down Brussels Arrogance

    …might nevertheless welcome his apparent, albeit belated, grasp of a plain truth that most of us have long understood.

    ...immigration, he suggested, was linked to terrorism and was a threat to the stability of French society

    Pity he didn’t tell his German Euro-pal that…


    …before she ruined her country with the 2015 tsunami…



    ..but let’s stick with France.

    The filthy Chechen…

    Who Let The Pig Into France? 

    .. now burning in Hell..

    …and the savages from Pakistan…

    BBC Won’t Tell Viewers How Suspects Got Into France! 

    …and from Sudan….

    ….and the terrorists in Toulon, Nice and Carcassonne…

    ‘State Of Siege’ In Carcassonne’s “Sensitive” Zone! 

    …were not French-born.

    These and many other obvious migrant/terror connections…


    …make Barnier’s case irrefutable.

    His remedy, of course, is laughable.

    Stopping immigration for 2 or 3 years is like treating cancer with a band-aid!

    Mass deportations are what’s required!

    But then if he proposes that or any seriously useful steps, Barnier would need to take on the entire Eurocrat elite he has spent years sedulously serving…



    …not least their arrogant and neo-colonialist war on the death penalty…

    The European Union is the leading institutional actor and largest donor in the fight against  death penalty worldwide. 



    .. and the Sorosoid ECHR’s get-out-of-jail-free card…


    Crimmigrant Arson In Calais! Savages Still Amok! Thanks Again, Euro-Court!

    …that prevents France detaining undesirable aliens for the criminal offence of illegal immigration!

    Even were Barnier sincere in his new, vaguely sensible attitude, the man would never grow backbone enough to confront his Brussels/Strasbourg cabals.

    But with my comments above, I am simply stating the obvious.

    What tickled me about the Guardian article…

    …was the absurd assertion by the leftist loudmouth who penned it, that-

    Barnier’s remarks caused outrage.’ https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/may/16/michel-barnier-marine-le-pen-france-presidential-candidate

    Like Hell!

    Among whom?

    Pinko creeps, sure, and pro-crimmigrant media rats, and – if illegals pay attention to the news…




    …those intruders Barnier was referring to.

    Most French people, however, will dismiss the self-serving intervention with one of those Gallic shrugs that so superbly indicate exasperation…



    … and will be confirmed in their impression that only Marine is serious about taking both the migrant menace and its terror link.

    • Jeanne 20:43 on May 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Nobody believes Barnier. France is already ruled by what you call a Euroid. Why would we exchange him for another of the same species


  • ross1948 13:45 on May 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Raab Abases Himself Before EUSSR Arrogance 

    Having just this morning drawn attention to the forthright words of Jellyfish Johnson’s Foreign Secretary..

    Tortured Woman? Abhor Iran’s Rabid Cur Regime!

    … I am now confirmed in my suspiction that no way in the world will Dominic Raab translate bold assertions into effective action.



    The Europhiliac EU Observer reports that Raab ‘will give the EU’s ambassador in London full diplomatic status ahead of a ‘G7′ foreign ministers’ meeting this week.’

    The Brussels Empire is not, never has been and, pray God, never will be, a sovereign nation.



    Its pretensions to that status, the ugly flag and the ‘anthem’ it filched from Beethoven, are offensive to millions…


    …so much so, that its German quisling Mama Stasi Merkel had to pass legislation…



    …to protect the rag from desecration by dismayed patriots.

    And even Raab admits that ‘the EU was “not quite a normal state.”

    . Not quite!


    Yet after, for some time, maintaining an honourable stance, refusing to accord Kaiserin Ursula’s flunkey in London ambassadorial rank…

    …Raab has u-turned spinelessly. HM Government is no longer to be principled but ‘pragmatic,’

    Time to “turn the page“, he said, adding preposterously that –

    We will treat our EU partners with all of the respect that they rightly deserve.”

    If he did so, the flunkey would be told to use the Servant’s Entrance!

    All the respect they rightly deserve is zero respect.

    They leeched both resources and powers from the UK for decades and even after Brits voted for freedom in 2016, Brussels has earned only contempt…


    Related image

    Eire’s Act Of War? Limp-Wrist Leo Stamps A Mincing Foot! 

    ….by its unscrupulous intrusions into part of HM’s realm, aiding and abetting Eire’s meddling in Ulster.

    Yet more proof, were it needed, that the Tory Government is totally gutless.

    • Edward Lamont 16:26 on May 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      All bark, no bite.
      A typical Johnson minister.


  • ross1948 16:39 on April 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Absolutely NO Need For Comment! 


    Take a deep breath… 

    The European Parliament’s constitutional affairs committee have curtailed efforts to make MEPs more accountable and transparent, by rejecting amendments in a report on lobbying.

    How each voted on the amendments was also kept in the darkRead



    • Vanessa Reilly 21:53 on April 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      As you say, it speaks for itself. No wonder you call them Strasbourg Slugs, dirty crawling things is what they are!


  • ross1948 17:22 on April 14, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    EUSSR Fears Free Speech! 

    Whilst no doubt delighting the leftist EU Observer hackette…

    Press Freedom Day? Attack-Dog Zalan Flaunts Media’s Bias 

    …who wrote about the latest Brussels Empire diktat designed to suppress dissent from their state ideology…

    . The digital platform aiming to allow European citizens to share and debate ideas will start next Monday….

    . Read on »


    …if we read on, it certainly reminds us of the totalitarian essence of the EUSSR, a plain truth…


    Hasil gambar untuk bukovsky Brussels

    Former Soviet Dissident Warns Of EU Dictatorship


    …that was recognised long ago…


    .. back when that uppity dork in the picture was ranting – remember him, anyone?

    But in our Brave New Brussels World…

    Citizens who want to participate in the digital platform of the conference on the future of Europe will need to sign up to a charter of EU values and principles…


    ..in an effort to avoid hate speech and disinformation on the site.. 

    Future EU platform seeks ‘stay clean’ of hate speech

    So if you hate the usurpation of your country’s sovereignty, which is what their ‘European Project’ is all about…



    … and if you hate their bullying of brave nations like Poland..



    … and Hungary, that stand up to them and if you hate and want to SCRAP those sick ‘values’ that exemplify EU decadence…

    The European Union is the leading institutional actor and largest donor in the fight against death penalty worldwide.    https://ec.europa.eu/europeaid/sectors/human-rights-and-governance/democracy-and-human-

    ….what’s your choice?

    You either hold your nose, dishonestly signing up to  their little gag-order, promising to be a good little Euro-Poodle…


    …or else you’re BANNED…

    …from ANY input on the ‘Future of Europe! ‘

  • ross1948 15:09 on March 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Three Cheers For Kostas Moutzouris! 

    And who, you might be asking, is Kostas Moutzouris?

    He’s Governor of Greece’s North Aegean Region, but more importantly…



    …he’s a patriot who took rhe opportunity to tell that damnable marxist Swede Ylva ….

    Kaiserin’s Red Commissar Ylva Yelps At Border Defenders… 


    ….what he thinks of Brussels’ latest disgraceful waste of European tax-payers’ money.


    The pro-crimmigrant Euro-Commissar had strutted into Mr. Moutzouris’ territory braying offensively about the 250,000,000 euros she’s going to splurge on brand-new housing for unwanted savages.


    ..Ms Johansson also said Greece “can do more” to investigate reports it has pushed asylum-seekers back to Turkey…

    …who defend their country from fresh parasitic incursions.

    But if she was expecting polite simpering from her Greek hosts, that good governor set her straight soon enough!

    He called off the scheduled get-together and no doubt spoke for every honest Greek when he said-

    We don’t want the money for new camps – we want it for what we suffered all these years but not to build new camps!”.


    And by God, he has a point.

    Vile Ingrates Again Show Contempt For Greek Hosts! 

    Hasil gambar untuk lesbos

    Dirty Thieving Scum – ‘Refugees’ Torment Greek Farmers! 

    All kinds of torments have been inflicted on honest Greeks by vile migrant brutes.

    These Ingrate Savages MUST Be Deported!  Crimmigrant Savages Stone Fire-Fighters! 

    But we may be sadly sure the EUSSR’s Commissar Ylva will not change her woeful ways.

    She’s a marxist, and the worst kind of mouthy marxist at that…

    In March 2018, Johansson appeared on the BBC, where she claimed that the number of reported rapes and sexual harassment cases in Sweden “is going down and going down and going down.” Johansson later apologized and admitted that the opposite is true.

    Kaiserin’s Red Commissar Ylva Yelps At Border Defenders…

    …not content with ensuring ‘asylum’ is bestown on those who lie and prevaricate their way through the EU’s feeble vetting system…

    …but also dotes on the fakers who fail!

    Yes, she ranted, the rejects too must be coddled.

    “Even if you are not eligible [to stay in Greece] you are a human being – you have rights and dignity and should be treated accordingly,” she said.


    Red Ylva prattles with masked alien


    So she’s up for extending sweetness and light to Pakistani perverts?

    Teenagers arrested over alleged gang-rape of a boy in a Greek migrant camp – TheJournal.ie.  Sep 28, 2016 ·

    …and to pig-ignorant sectarians?

    Kurds attacked in Greek camp, accused of not fasting on Ramadan


    …after police had asked the illegal immigrants to go back to their accommodation, the mostly African migrants not only refused the order, but started ridiculing Greek authorities and coughing on them.

    Illegal immigrants defying coronavirus lockdown on Lesvos cough on Greek police (VIDEO)

    …after police had asked the illegal immigrants to go back to their accommodation, the mostly African migrants not only refused the order, but started ridiculing Greek authorities and coughing on them.

    Illegal immigrants defying coronavirus lockdown on Lesvos cough on Greek police (VIDEO)

    …or to insolent ingrates who don’t know their place?

    But then I’m making optimistic assumptions when I talk like that.

    In reality, we have no information about the status of those specific undesirables.

    I would not be in the least surprised if some or all of those scum we have written about in recent years have been approved for importation into the rest of Europe…

    …and who knows but they are already mingling with  beasts like those in our previous posts, who have already reached places like Sweden…or Germany…or Belgium, whom Comrade Commissioner Ylva has no intention of expelling.

    • Mack the Knife 17:49 on March 31, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      A very good Greek indeed, and we could do with a lot more men, and women, of his calibre in Britain.

      Brussels has a very bad habit of appointing extreme marxists to high level positions, Mogherini, who was fanatically pro-‘migrant’ and now this manic Swedish communist who gets so angry when her illegals are prevented fron getting into Greece.
      More public money on fine new accommodation which will encourage more illegals to board their boats.


  • ross1948 17:36 on March 29, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    True Colours! EUSSR Allied With Red Tyranny 

    While Brussel continues to bully European democracies…




    …it is most instructive to note the Euro-Commissars are making common cause with the most oppressive regime in the Western hemisphere…



    …and this is no alarmist report by one of us naughty rightwing bloggers.

    Rettmann-Watch – EUObs Pinko Hack Caught In MORE Bias Bleats 

    More Bias! EUObs Headline – Poles’ New Leader ‘Worse!’ 

    Press Freedom Day? Attack-Dog Zalan Flaunts Media’s Bias 

    EU Oberver is Europhiliac to the core, and its hacks include some of the most rabid leftists anywhere in the media.

    However, this report speaks for itself.

    Cuba was a global menace when that old monster Castro was alive and hasn’t got notably better since! ..

    The EU and Cuba have complained about US counter-terrorism sanctions on Havana..’

    It may well be that these two twin-soul powers are kicking at an unlocked door, because, as the report says, the sanctions were put in place by President Donald Trump….



    …and Biden is busily undoing as much of the good done by his predecessor as fast as he can.

    The strident Havana/Brussels squeal was orchestrated by ‘two Spanish-origin EU officials – Javier Niño and María del Carmen Herrera Caseiro,’ who need to be investigated.

    A lot of high-level flunkeys, in Europe and the USA, merit careful perusal of their loyalties…


    ….and indeed, that odd description, ‘two Spanish-origin EU officials,’ rather than ‘Spaniards,’ is a reminder of how the top dogs in the EU, the Commissioners, are required to disown allegiance to their own countries before they may hold office.

    But on the other hand, it may just be a matter of playing economic games, because we are told that ‘US sanctions have hit Spanish tourism operators in Cuba... ‘

    And of course it’s quite unacceptable that anti-terrorist activity might inconvenience holiday-planners!

  • ross1948 15:01 on March 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Wotta-Buncha-Wallies! Brussels’ Latest Gunk-Fest! 

    How much will this gunk-fest cost?

    I shudder to think, but I can’t see any actual amount mentioned in the EUObs article about the ‘Conference on the Future of Europe.’

    After all, even the item mentioned at the start of the blurb can’t come cheap.

    A multilingual digital platform will be launched next month) so citizens can start contributing to the conference “without delay”.Read on »

    You can read the whole load of tripe for yourselves, but the first few paragraphs had me a little torn.

    My dilemma?

    Whether to unleash vitriol or fall off my chair laughing, especially the claim that ‘the troubled and delayed event‘ is a ‘chance to have an inclusive dialogue with EU citizens about the way ahead for the bloc.’


    If they want to democratise, let the people vote in referenda, on ‘migrants,’ for example.

    I have said it before EUSSR Ministers Desperate to Shut Out Citizens – A Tradition of Lies and Deceit  but Brussels abhors democratic input, and always has…



    Even more so, when I learned that the co-chair is Ghastly Guy….

    EUSSR Democracy? Ghastly Guy Exposes The Lie!

    Heil Soros! Unspeakable Guy Defends Plutocrat Meddling! 

    ….who is all for action ‘to ensure that citizens can start contributing to the conference “without delay”.

    “Our job  is to make sure the conference gains public momentum, and then, to draw an agenda from it to shape Europe’s future together!”



    In case, like probably 90% of normal citizens, you haven’t heard of this stupendous event, it’s composed of representatives from the three main EU institutions (Council, Parliament and Commission) plus other actors, such as the Committee of the Regions, trade unions or industry groups.


    I am told one of Mental-Health-Meghan’s many delusions is that she’s not an actress but an actor…


    …so will she be skipping the house-work to join in?

    After all, the article does say that non-EU citizens are welcome to do so.

    “The digital platform is where everyone has an opportunity to say what they think…it will not be discriminating between nationalities,” a senior EU official told EUobserver.

    In fact, the whole daft stunt seems to have been carefully timed to help Le Muppet Macron…

    President Marine? Even Arkansas Lefts Are A-Fret! 

    • …who is stressed out over the rise and rise of Marine Le Pen in the polls…

    • .

    Not all European governments want Ghastly Guy to run too far amok.

    A dozen sceptical member states have joined forces to water down the outcome of the event...

    So I picked up my vitriol pen…


    …then put it back down.

    Truth to tell, I was having a nice day when I stumbled on the EUObs report – I’d had a good telcon with somebody important far away, a successful experiment combining fried potatoes with spag-bol…


    Patti, Tigi and Kelly


    …and a fine play-time with two of the three kittens currently in residence here.

    So when I found a related link, to a Europhile lady also on EUObs, describing some of the sheer dire horse-sh-t spouted by some of the conference’s ‘stars….’

    Like that pinko creep who chairs the Strasbourg Slug ‘parliament,’ Sassoli…


    Sassoli, Top Strasbourg Slug, Sobs On Drunkard’s Shoulder! 

    …wittering about the organisers’ urge to “rediscover the soul of the European project…”

    Brussels’ Nazi Antecedents Exposed

    Oh, yeah, THAT SOUL!

    ….or indeed Kaiserin Ursula herself –

    “We want to hear about the Europe our citizens are dreaming of,” said von der Leyen, just before signing the joint declaration.

    Dream on in expensive multi-million pad, Your Imperial Majesty! Outside your narrow circle…


    …of power-hungry commissars, nobody is ‘dreaming’ of the EUSSR!

    ..so I take a break and leave it to that Europhiliac lady to debunk the whole extravagant charade. https://euobserver.com/opinion/151220

    • JazPen 15:58 on March 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      A good long read.
      More, please. Sunday afternoons tend to drift along, but this is interesting.
      If the EU is good at anything, it has got to be the ability to pour other people’s money down the drain.


  • ross1948 17:00 on March 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    EUSSR Ties Crimmigrant Curb To ‘Rights’ Rot! 

    Yes, they’re at it again.

    The Strasbourg Slugs aka ‘MEPs working on the new EU-wide asylum reforms’ are getting vexed because – as was entirely foreseeable, given that a few national governments put the interests of their own people ahead of the subservience required by Kaiserin Ursula….



    ….the Slugs are suffering from‘doubt on whether agreement will be reached with their co-legislating member state counterparts.’

    German socialist Birgit Sippel and Dutch Green Tineke Strik said EU countries are already trying to water down some of the proposals.


    Well, if a Socialist and a Green are the main moaners, the action causing them grief has almost GOT to be good. 

    The way the scheme is devised, it offers no prospect of the massive return of undesirable aliens that is the only sane way forward.



    EUObs also strikes an encouraging note ( not to those who run that most virulently Europhiliac wing of the left media, but to us!) when it adds that a ‘proposal to create independent monitors on human rights is also on shaky ground.’

    Note the photo used, if you follow that EUObs link, a peaceful scene, nothing like what border defenders actually have to face…



    …and why the last thing they need is a pack of pinko sticky-beak ‘monitors…’

    ….whining about ‘human rights’ every time some crimmigramt creep doesn’t get his pocket-money on time, or his free wifi conks out! 



  • ross1948 15:28 on March 26, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Lonely Little Cyprus Stands Up To Erdolf 

    Three cheers for Cyprus, for opposing Brussels appeasement!

    But was the Cypriot government the only state within the EUSSR compound to tell the Evil Empire’s ‘chief diplomat,’ the Spanish leftist Josep Borrell, that his draft deal – which ‘seeks to deepen trade ties with Turkey‘ –  is “totally unacceptable?

    EU Observer quotes a Greek source as defining the Borell plan as ‘closer economic links, mixed with threats. ‘

    As I have noted before…

    ‘EU Values’ – Israeli Settlements Bad, Chinese Gulags Good? 

    Brussels’ Borell – EUSSR Won’t Boycott Beijing Bullies

    …anytime Brussels makes threats, it’s paper-tiger time.

    Unless they are bashing Poles…




    …and/or Hungarians

    Borell is fast shaping up to be as bad as his predecessor, Red Fed Mogherini, the unrepentant communist….



    …who ‘represented Europe’ while never repudiating her close relationship with a notorious Palestinian terrorist.

    Erdolf is a menace and while his sort of authoritarian Islamists are running Turkey, and letting primitives pour into Europe…



    …his country should get sanctioned, not sucked up to!


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