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    LibDems Exposed – A Pretended Shudder At Racist Snobbery! 

    I visited the English West Country many years ago, and travelled through Devon without noticing anything terribly amiss about its inhabitants.

    I rather liked the local accent….


    Image result for north devon


    …and the scenery is a delight!

    So it was surprising to learn that they had been besmirched by a stuck-up, and even more surprising that the besmircher was a weird woman aspiring to be their Member of Parliament!

    Kirsten Johnson, ‘a pianist and composer,’ has abandoned that aspiration after slurring the populace on BBC Radio last week!

    She loftily damned the peasantry for their pro-Brexit voting record, which was due to their race, “98 per cent white” and their ignorance of the joys of multicult…


    ….in that those blasted whiteys had not been adequately “exposed to people from other countries, they don’t travel a lot.”


    Not only that, there was a serious lack of rich people!

    “…North Devon being isolated, being rural and low income perhaps hasn’t appreciated the advantages of being in the European Union,” she said...- Telegraph (£)

    After escalating her insult avalanche, saying that her ‘concern is the rise of hate crimes,’ she evidently realised that her voters might be listening.


    Image result for kristen johnson lib dem


    When asked if she links leave voters to hate crime, she was adamant that she does not link leave voters with hate crime.

    But then she somewhat undermined her retreat by doubling back and asserting that “it’s a complex view to who and why people voted leave”. https://www.itv.com/news/westcountry/2019-09-19/north-devon-lib-dem-parliamentary-candidate-kirsten-johnson-resigns-after-offensive-radio-interview/

    Maybe because they WANTED TO LEAVE?

    Her erstwhile opponents for the seat naturally made adverse comment on this elitist musical mutt, but deep down they must be a tad disappointed by her resignation as candidate.

    Not all LibDems are as upfront and honest about their contempt for ordinary British people.



    Most of Klutz Kristen’s comrade candidates will be much more careful, as they defend their new policy of denying the people any vote ever again on the joys of being a province of the Brussels Empire.

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    Heseltine Lurches From His Westminster Crypt 


    Like one of those zombies in The Walking Dead that lurches on well past their expiry date…


    …Michael Heseltine, once widely known as ‘Tarzan,’ whom Brits of a certain vintage remember, none too fondly, for prevailing on Maggie to reward the 1980s  riotous rabble with millions…


    …government ‘investment’ in the areas they dwelt ( for which precious little thanks were ever heard) instead of sending in battalions of security personnel to pacify them…



    …has emerged from the crypt ( aka the House of Lords) to redefine ‘democracy’ as a system of government in which the clear wishes of the electorate In no way bind legislators to enact what the electorate decided.

    Far from it!



    Tis the role of the ruling class who know what’s best, to unmake the electorate’s decision for them…



    …and impose THEIR will on mere recalcitrant voters.

    But it’s good to read that he’s been sharply slapped down.

    “In the end even people like Lord Heseltine, great figures from the past, who have never quite reconciled themselves to the idea that we’re going to leave the European Union, are going to have to focus on the fact that that’s what the British people commanded us to do….




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      Would it be regarded as a threat if I make a joke about driving a stake through a zombie’s heart, or does that only work for vampires?
      As it happens, I see Heseltine as more of a dinosaur than anything else.


    • Morrie Ellard 21:37 on August 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Him and that old fool Clarke, two of a kind.
      They hate the idea that the people know what’s what, they always think the nobs know best and look where that’s got us.


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    Tax-Funded ‘Discrimination’ Mob About To Discriminate? 

    The bigot leftist in charge of a Belgian tax-funded sticky-beak outfit is weaseling vigorously.

    The ‘inter-federal agency for equal rights’ aka UNIA, is in a tizzy because the Flemish patriot party, having won huge support in recent elections…


    Vlaams Belang poster – ‘our own people first!’


    …has asserted ‘its right to one of the seats’ on the agency’s governing board, but the Flanders regional parliament has ominously postponed a vote on appointments, sparking suspicions the in-crowd plan to discriminate against the VB (Vlaams Belang) by denying its right to sit on the ‘anti-discrimination’ body!

    The Brussels Times writer admits that the VB’s ‘record number of seats’ would  ‘in principle give it the right to one of the four seats reserved for Flemish parties…’

    …..’but the prospect of a far-right party on the board of an anti-racist body has caused some embarrassment.’


    That democracy thing is SO embarrassing!

    After the outrageous post-election efforts to put pressure on Belgium’s King Philippe…


    ..it sounds to me as if the left-liberal establishment is still running scared, UNIS horrified that their drivel ‘discrimination’ agenda may be subjected to criticism.

    And VB’s Chris Janssens, has promised just that!


    Chris Janssens

    We plan to take a very critical stance.”

    And the one thing these ‘anti-hate’ parasite cliques hate is dissent, which the VB can be counted on to provide.

    The report reminds us that ‘VB has in the past criticised Unia as “thought police” and a “council for complaining foreigners.”

    And Mr. Janssens makes it clear that he will fight for his own fellow-citizens’ rights, rather than whining ‘minorities.’

    For us, there are no wrong opinions, only criminal acts. Unia wants to use the courts as a punishment, instead of tackling actual discrimination.

    This institution is heavily subsidised, with the main purpose of dragging Flemish people through the mud.”

    Enter the sticky-beaks’ co-director Els Keytsman, who begins with the mild observation that a VB member could be “interesting.” https://www.brusselstimes.com/all-news/belgium-all-news/politics/59422/vlaams-belang-demands-seat-on-the-board-of-equal-rights-agency/

    But after a wee bit of waffle about how it “could be a chance for us to show that we are not the kind of cliché that a lot of VB supporters think we are….”


    Comrade Keytsman shows her true totalitarian colours, with a hint that there could be ‘a different method of selecting board members, by issuing an open call for candidates.’

    Dropping the mask, she snarled, “I would hope that the Flemish parliament would not take the decision on the basis of outdated political culture.”

    Rather than comment on the bigot bint’s contempt for the established democratic process when it might risk a solitary dissenting voice on her team of yes-men ( and yes-women, and if trannies are involved, yes-things!) I will let the VB’s Janssens sum up the dituation.

    “Strange how self-professed democrats want to tinker with the rules when the results don’t suit them,” he said. “We have a right to a seat and will take it up. “

    Now it’s up to the other parties with Flanders regional representation to decide – crawl to pinko creeps like Keytsman, or play fair.


    • Edward Lamont 20:57 on July 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Is Belgium not the country that banned a large, popular political party because it wanted to put the people of their own country before those of other countries?
      I for one will not be very shocked if that leftwing woman gets her wish and the Vlaams Belang are prevented from taking their rightful place on her busy-body board.


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    Tory Democracy? Kidding, Right? Tory Jackboot, More Like! 

    Meanwhile, the Conservative party chairman Brandon Lewis gave his backing to Grieve and said the association vote against him had no formal standing under party rules…


    So much for the Conservative Party’s pretended interest in democracy.



    May’s flunkey Brandon Lewis MP makes it crystal clear!

    A properly constituted motion, ruled in order for debate, passed by a very clear majority…



    …by fully-paid-up members of Beaconsfield Conservative Association, has ‘NO STANDING’ if it upsets the arrogant Tory elite who think that they, not the rank-and-file, own the party.

    That’s irrefutable evidence of what we said earlier  this weekend.

    May wants Grieve and all the other collaborationist ‘Conservatives’ left unhindered by democratic action in their various constituencies, left in peace to focus their malevolent attentions on their war on British independence.Don’t Grieve For That Remainer Millionaire! 


    You should read that Guardian piece – the quote we use at the top of our page is the key, but the way their sycophant hacks who wrote it doff their humble caps to a Brexit-hating toff is hilarious – the pro-Grieve puke is deferentially described as…


    ‘a distinguished man…’

    …who is then provided with a platform to insult the people who voted Grieve out as ‘loud-mouthed yobs!’

    But this is a serious matter, nonetheless. The Tory ruling clique are plainly not going to let party democracy prevail…


    Image result for dangerous democracy

    …if they can possibly prevail against the deselection revolt, they will.

    Months ago, I expressed my grave doubts about the efficacy of Leave.EU’s strategy of mobilising patriots in the constituencies of Tory ratbags to join the local Conservative Association.

    I’ve explained my scepticism already.

    Save Brexit By Infiltrating Tories? What Do YOU Think? 

    But I wished them well in their endeavour.

    Now we see that simply following constituency rules might be insufficient to purge the Europhiliacs.

    More good reasons to destroy the Conservative Party and bring on Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party?

    • Mack the Knife 12:26 on March 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Exactly what would make a Guardian journo decide some man they met was ‘distinguished?’
      Was he wearing a tiara and an evening dress?


    • Fiona F 13:54 on March 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Perfect, just what I would say if I had a blog but I am not that good with words and no need while you’re blastng away like an anti-aircraft gun.
      It is sheer arrogance.
      If the party does not belong to its members then what’s the point?
      If it does belong to its members, then Brandon Lewis should pipe down,


    • Pamela 15:48 on March 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You did warn us. The Tory Party has always been masters and serfs, a richh top tier with a crowd of mugs who pay subscriptions to be given the menial tasks.
      In my experience, the worst are the snobbish middle tier, late middle-aged, tweedy men and frumpy females.
      I had to work with them for years and while one or two did care about conservatism and had integrity, most were not even interested in politics.


      • ross1948 17:31 on March 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        I don’t often reply to comments, happy to let them speak for themselves, Pamela, but your words struck a chord, and I remembered exactly the jerk-genre you speak of, basking in the reflected glory of having tea at the Commons, strutting about with visiting dignitaries.
        Insufferably self-important and, I always felt, driven by a need to make them feel their self-importance was not misplaced.


    • Vanessa R 19:57 on March 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Pamela and Ross – your experience matches mine.
      I knew a few of the local Tories where I used to live, not the neighbours who voted Tory but the local ‘dignitaries’ who walked the MP round the streets when an election was on. They took it in turns to be mayor or were on the county council, drove fancy cars and looked very uneasy in our modest little neighbourhood.
      That was the only time we ever saw them, then they would go back to their big Tudor mansions till the next time.
      They were useless, in the true meaning of that word, but they could always be seen at public events, self-satisfied looks on their faces.
      A lot of people laughed at them behind their backs.


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    May’s Malevolent Mafia Stomps Party Democracy! 

    All the prattle we have heard from Theresa The Appeaser about how she’s standing up to the Brussels Empire vanishes like snow off a dry stane dyke in springtime…



    …once we read how her Central Office lick-spittle lackeys have been ordered into action to defend Enemy Within Tory M.Ps.

    LeaveEU have just exposed the slimy tactics adopted by Central Office and local collabos…



    … and we may rest assured none of these dirty tricks would be in play without May’s approval and authority.

    When the Commons votes this week, voting that could precipitate her downfall, feel not the slightest sympathy for the Remainer in Number Ten!


    Dear Supporter, 
    Conservative Campaign Headquarters are desperate. The launch last week of our AGM drive within our wider deselection campaign received a sensational response. No confidence motions against sitting pro-Remain MPs have been filling local association letterboxes across the land.

    Knowing that if allowed onto the agenda, the majority of these motions would pass at general meetings taking place this month, CCHQ is using underhand tactics to reject proposals. The party machine is exposing its despotic hierarchy, which is completely misaligned with the grassroots.

    In Dominic Grieve’s Beaconsfield seat, John Strafford, chairman of the grassroots Campaign for Conservative Democracy, had his motion rejected on the grounds his membership had lapsed. Mr Strafford had not been sent a renewal notice in January as he has for each of the past 56 years. In sneakily and not so subtly neglecting to ask him to pay his annual fees, CCHQ timed out Strafford’s membership, rendering his no-confidence motion void.
    Industrious deselection campaigners in Bracknell, Eurofanatic Phillip Lee’s constituency, have discovered that the Party Director General has drafted suspicious new guidance, issued to association chairman trying to find a way of invalidating no-confidence motions.

    The new rules have given collaborating local party chairmen all the excuse they need to reject letters sent in over the past two weeks. Any motion tabled later than 21 days before the annual meeting will not make it onto the agenda we’re now told. Bizarre, since the Party constitution states notice of annual general meetings must also be given at least 21 days prior.

    How on earth are members supposed to get their motions in if they don’t know when the annual meeting is even happening? Under the guidance, as soon as they’re informed, it’s automatically too late to add items to the agenda. This is the type of political engineering comrade Stalin would have been proud of. Red stars all round.

    The isolated upper echelons can only stem the tide for so long. We’ve received thousands of emails from outraged activists agitating for their anti-Brexit MPs to be shoved out. They have the party constitution on their side. It cannot be subverted by new made-up rules, it’s also very clear on how to call a special general meeting via a petition of 50 signatures – usually less – in order to table a motion of no confidence. We encourage you to find out more on our deselection page.

    Nevertheless, AGMs still represent an immense opportunity to humiliate CCHQ’s accomplices. Comically, the Beaconsfield association has allowed a motion “expressing its full confidence in the Rt. Hon. Dominic Grieve QC MP” to make its way onto the agenda. Strafford suggests the motion be moved to replace “its full” with “no”.

    So if you’re a Tory Party Member sick to the teeth with your MP’s obstructionist antics, get down to your upcoming general meeting (find dates and locations here) and pile on the pressure. It will also be a great opportunity to get momentum going behind a deselection campaign via an SGM.

    As always, we’re looking for participants. Remember, you need to have been a member of the Conservative Party for at least three months in a seat represented by a pro-Remain Tory MP. If those two criteria apply to you and you haven’t volunteered already, drop us an email. We’d love to hear from you.


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    Seehofer – Running Scared? Or A New Himmler? 

    It’s only a few weeks till Bavaria’s state election, and Mama Stasi’s coalition chums, the CSU, are worried sick.


    Hence the vicious outburst from Seehofer, her CSU interior Minister, who has recently tried to look like a true defender of Germans against the migrant menace.

    Now he’s invented a new ‘menace,’ which can be defined as the parliamentary Opposition doing its job.


    According to Seehofer, the Alternative for Germany, the patriot party are ‘turning against the state!’



    Seehofer with Mama Stasi

    ”Seehofer said he is “shocked” by the party’s “emotional outbursts” during discussions about the national budget in parliament earlier this week….”

    I’d have thought there were a lot more things to be ‘shocked’ about…

    If They Were Your DaughtersMerkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

    …in the country misruled by Mama Stasi.

    But it seems the AfD’s perfectly legitimate request for a ‘discussion of the budget of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier’ was what had stricken Seehofer’s newly sensitive soul.

    Steinmeier is a poisonous president, not content to be the figure-head the constitutional rules expect of him ( the chancellor is head of government, the president is head of state, akin to the relationship of prime minister and monarch in the UK, Canada or NZ or Oz)

    His intrusions have not only been into domestic politics but also extended to meddling in America’s.




    Sticky-Beak Steinmeier Tells Yanks How To Vote! 

    What had drawn the AfD’s concern was that Steinmeier had ‘promoted’ an ‘anti-racism event’ in Chemnitz where ‘texts glorifying violence were sung…”.


    But red rant-songs are no big deal for Seehofer. It’s the parliamentary opposition raising questions about the far-left fest that’s got him worked up.

    ”They’re turning against the state,” he vented!

    And he went on to denounce the AFD as ‘dangerous!’


    What next?

    Every time the Opposition takes a stand and actually OPPOSES the regime, will such readiness to fulfil their responsibilities lead this authoritarian ass soon to demand a ban?

    Don’t think I am hyperbolising.

    Parties have beeen banned before, like the genuinely dangerous KPD – the Communists – and in neighbouring Holland, one of the largest parties was dissolved by leftist judges for daring to affront the ruling multicult ideology.

    In Germany, this arrogant Interior Minister may well be contemplating the example to be found in another German regime…


    merkel v poles

    …which we have compared before, on other issues, to Merkel’s.

    About eighty years ago, there was another interior minister in Berlin, who also thought that opposition in parliament, or anywhere, was a phenomenon that was ‘against the state’ and had to be dealt with.


    Germany Himmler Letters

    Heinrich Himmler

    That other Interior Minister, Heinrich Himmler, was not notably averse to categorising non-violent, legal, parliamentary opposition to his boss’s agenda as ‘dangerous.’

    That was usually a prelude to a jack-boot operation, which ended with the opposition in camps or prisons.

    That would fit easily with Merkel’s record of collaboration with the red gestapo, the Stasi…


     Mama Stasi – Am I Unfair To Merkel?

    Did Kim Philby Advise Merkel On Treason Skills? 


    …during her younger days in the dear old DDR.

    Or am I being unduly alarmist?

    Is Seehofer’s outlandish shrilling merely a desperate tactic to defame the party which he sees as a threat to his CSU’s long domination of Bavaria – where voters look like swinging behind the AfD and further destabilising the Coalition in Berlin?

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    Appeal For Info – When Were The UK Tories Castrated? 

    Living in the UK during Mrs. Thatcher’s era, of course I took an interest in politics and I very distinctly remember watching tv reports on the party conferences.

    I found the Tory Party’s annual get-together annoying, because although the grass-roots members DID have the right to debate and vote on the motions…


    Gambar terkait


    …their right actually to propose motions was carefully controlled by the party establishment.



    If my memory serves me well – which it usually does – the members were given a one-off special treat each year, a ballot that allowed them to choose ONE motion, out of maybe a dozen or so, that THEY wanted to debate.

    If they were so ungrateful as to indicate a preference for a motion not to the in-crowd’s taste…


    Hasil gambar untuk conservative central office smith square

    Tory Central Office, Smith Square, London


    …the stuck-ups who ran Conservative Central Office ( appointed, not elected )  would swing into strong-arm mode, going around each branch delegation, bullying or cajoling them into voting AGAINST the motion they themselves had voted to debate.


    The supine character of rank-and-file Tories was such that the bigwigs never failed. But at least there was a hazy commitment to let Conservative members have some say in their own party.



    Times have changed.

    Or so it seems, if a pro-democracy Conservative reformer is to be believed – and I certainly believe him.

    “This calamity arose because just a few people drafted the manifesto. Oh, for the days of the party conferences when we had motions for debate, and a vote at the end of them,” he said. Activists at Conservative Conference have opportunities to address the auditorium but there are no votes on policy motions.


    NO VOTES!?!

    Can any of the remaining REAL conservatives in that once-great party tell me when the act of political castration occurred?

    Gambar terkait

    When was democracy excised from its deliberations?

    NOW I understand what Theresa May meant when she declared that, notwithstanding her position as Conservative Party leader…



    ….her own allegiance was to the ‘liberal democratic values’ she shares with the EuroCommissars.

    PS – If you are an honest Tory, which must qualify you for ‘protected species’ status, here’s a link to that brave dissenter’s group.

    Campaign for Conservative Democracy

    • John Cramford 20:38 on October 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Not sure when it happened but what you say is true, Tories have no trace of democracy within their party
      Probably one of Cameron’s ‘reforms’ which made so many of us quit.


    • Vicki 21:33 on October 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I just got round to reading the news here and you will be pleased to hear that Jacob Rees-Mogg said much the same as you, in less startling language, about the lack of democracy in the Conservative Party.
      He compares their conferences to a North Korean rally.

      I have been thinking that he is just what the Tories need and after May’s speech telling all her party colleagues to act as her echo chamber on Brexit, I think that way even more.


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    Panicked At AfD’s Rise, ‘Himmler’ Maas Turns To Threats! 

    Heiko ‘Himmler’ Maas?


    ‘Himmler’ Maas Calls On Secret Police to Undermine Patriots! 

    Remember him?


    ‘Heil Mama!’


    A real nasty piece of work, who wanted to set the country’s internal spy service on the AfD patriot party.


    Maas said BfV monitoring would dampen public support for the AfD. 

    Seriously – he actually admitted to wanting to use the nation;s  security services as part of his electioneering dirty tricks department – a real sleazy scumbag…

    Gambar terkait

    A Kick in the Teeth for Hitler’s Heirs! 

    …who soon got his snout well-slapped by the BfV.

    The President of the BfV (Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution) Hans-Georg Maassen, sees no reason to monitor the politicians of the Alternative for Germany (AfD).

    “The AFD is in our view no right-wing extremist party,” Maassen told “Welt am Sonntag.”   http://www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/article154166752/AfD-ist-keine-rechtsextremistische-Partei.html.

    Gambar terkait 

     Maas is one of the leading lights in the Socialist Party… …Germany’s Red Nazis – SPD Urge Gestapo Tactics On Opposition! ..-who are, of course, Mama Stasi’s coalition partners…


    Hitler’s SPD Heirs – ‘Media Must Gag Critics of Crimmigration!’ 

    …. an intolerant leftist party ever eager to silence voices that challenge its prejudices!

    Now the red ranter is accusing the patriots of being ‘unconstitutional’ – claiming that its program flouts the Basic Law (German constitution).


    Justice Minister Heiko Maas warned that the AfD’s religious, family, criminal and European policies are in clear violation of Articles 1, 3, 4 and 23 of the charter.



    That may or may not be true.

    It’s more likely that, as with his previous dirty tricks manoeuvre, he’s hoping this bluster will dampen public support for the AfD. 

    But what the hell?

    Since when is a country’s constitution – in Germany the Basic Law  – not subject to the people’s will? The French have altered their constitution often enough. The USA has provisions, not used but written in, to change its constitution too. So does Australia.



    Maas seems to think that the German constitution  -which was never ratified by the German people in a referendum but rather imposed on them by politicians – may not be amended, even if the electorate decides it’s time to do so?



    This arrogant leftist upstart is merely reflecting the panic in Mama Stasi’s inner circle at the prospect of AfD entering the Federal Parliament in less than two weeks.


    • Gerhardt W 21:59 on September 11, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      We will never forgive her even if she says sorry.
      Maas is like a tyrant and Germany must fear what he will do if he comes back into power..


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    Boat-Bludger Push-Back? A Wee Bit Belgian Sense, At Last! 

    We tend to be rather hard on Belgium, not without good reason…

    Bloody Belgians! But Did UK Also Back Shariah Sexist Saudis? 

    …but fair’s fair, so a word of praise for Belgian Minister Theo Francken, the lone nationalist in the government, from the New Flemish Alliance party… 


    Gambar terkait


    …who recognises the need to push-back the hordes of crimmigrants being smuggled into Europe, smuggling which may or may not be aided and abetted by leftist so-called’ NGOs.’

    Exactly what motivates the far-left ‘activists’ – hatred of their own civilisational heritage, or misplaced idealism, or, and this is an intriguing additional possibility…. lust! –


    – needs much more investigation!

    Set that aside for tonight.  

    There’s much debate in Italy at present, as to how many ‘NGO’ gangs work in cahoots with the smugglers…

    …but no matter!

    By their practice of transferring said crimmigrants from the outlaw boats onto their own, then at once importing those aliens into countries where they do not belong…


    …. the agitprop ‘activists’ are effectively encouraging smugglers to persevere with their criminal enterprises. .

    Common sense says it’s got to stop, and Theo Francken spells out a wise approach. 

    “Do it for two weeks and it stops immediately. Nobody will pay thousands of euros to end up in Tunisia, Egypt or Morocco… The rumor will spread quickly that it has finished.” 


    Francken says other things too, which are open to question, about who should be let in and who should not.

    But we must remember that Belgium of course is not a democracy.


    • An entire patriot party was outlawed there –Belgium’s Largest Party Banned – Nation Shocked  – on the absurd grounds that it advocated ‘discrimination,’ as if it were illegal to call for putting one’s own people first.

    • So any patriot has to be circumspect – Francken is already under hostile pressure for that mere sliver of sense we are looking at.

    • ooooooooooooooooooo

    • The same report warns wise people that they will face opposition by the trouble-makers, with aid groups sounding alarm that they violate human rights by returning people who are already distressed and in dire circumstances to miserable prospects.

    • =

    • Stuff ‘human rights’ – these ‘aid’ groups are run by far-left shrills, who show not a shred of concern for the safety of the people into whose countries they dump their barbarous hordes.  

    • Poor Italy is their primary target…

    …but of course hordes of ingrates disdain the gratis board and lodgings they get there and continue their lawless incursions, northwards against Austria, Germany and beyond.

    It’s safe to say that a lot of the Calais Curs came through Italy…

     –  “Italia Is Rubbish!” Another Ingrate Bites The Hand!  –

    and still seek to use France as a stepping-stone to leech on British tax-payers.


    What about the right to free speech of this elderly Swedish lady, persecuted by the state for having observed that there are filthy aliens in her country behaving like pigs –Swedish Pensioner Prosecuted for ‘Hate’ for Accusing Migrants – and for daring to share her observation. 



    The right that matters is the right of each sovereign nation to secure its borders against illegal immigration.

    And to determine for itself if it wants to multicult its identity, as the Euro-Commissars so eagerly desire.

    Frans Timmermans, the Dutch vice-president of the European Commission, said that “diversity was the future of the world,” and that Eastern European nations would just have to “get used to that.” 


    The fight is going to be long and hard, but sooner or later both the crimmigrants and the Commissars will be kicked out.


    • Or European civilisation is a dead duck!


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    Could OSCE Keep German Media Honest? Could God Almighty? 

    I note that the German patriot party has sought the intervention of OSCE to make sure the September election is free and fair, because civil society groups had tried to sabotage its campaigns in the past.


    That phrase ‘civil society’ is the current euphemism for ‘NGOs’ – those low-lifes who con people into thinking they are ‘non-governmental organiiizations’ while relying on government hand-outs to push their leftist agendas, often to exert pressure on the very governments who hand over tax-payers’ money so readily.

    EUSSR Splurges YOUR Money for Perverts to Lobby EUSSR! 

    It’s a devious, dirty system, essentially anti-democratic, and it needs to be eradicated.


    Hasil gambar untuk osce


    But while the AFD may hope that the Organisation for Security and Cooperation  may take an interest in the anti-social ‘NGO’ intimidation they face – its posters had been defaced, supporters put off attending events due to protests, hotels threatened for renting rooms to the party, and activists attacked…

    surely they should also seek OSCE involvement in keeping the campaign fair by insisting that Merkel’s state-funded media stop the brazen bias, and for once operate on an even-handed basis.

    We’ve covered enough examples of Deutsche Welle’s propaganda-role – it’s prejudicial witch-hunting is incontrovertible…

    DW Quadriga ‘Debate’ – A Mere Anti-AfD Insult-Fest! 

    ..and we’ve shown you that grotesque leftist below often enough, since her censorship of crimmigrant news was exposed last year.

    • ——–

    • Hasil gambar untuk ina maria reize
      • —————————-
      • The editor-in-chief defended her decision to suppress the rape story on public TV broadcaster ZDF: “We don’t want to inflame the situation and spread the bad mood.”   http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/6501/migration-crisis-germany
      • 00000
      • Can anyone seriously maintain that she’s a fit and proper person to be in charge of public broadcasting during an election year?

      • Steps should also be taken to fire the creeps who, buckling to far-left pressure, excluded the AfD from round-table debate during the provincial election in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

      • AfD Verbot – SWR Goebbels-Clones Face Rising Protest! 

      • That was an outstanding example of the media collaborating openly with the political establishment.

      • =
    • =
      • When the red/green parties refused to sit round the table with AfD, it was the clear duty of the public broadcasters to go ahead anyway, the red/greens told that if they decided, after all, to muster guts enough to face patriots in broadcast debate, they’d be welcome back.

      • Instead, they shied way from confronting the leftists’ intolerance, relegating the AfD to ‘an uncut interview with its leading candidate’ AFTER the SPD and the Greens were on live in debate with Mama Stasi’s CDU.

      • We have reason to worry that we will not be guaranteed unrestricted participation in the election campaign in a fair way,” said AfD co-leaders Frauke Petry and Joerg Meuthen.

      • Unless OSCE or some other deus ex machina  can oblige the media to offer at least a pretence of objectivity, their participation will be VERY restricted.

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