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  • ross1948 16:50 on March 30, 2023 Permalink | Reply
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    Oxford Council Nut-Jobs Ban Meat 

    Town and Gown, not always at ease with each other, although when I lived in Cambridge, our pub soccer team included feisty footballers from diverse backgrounds…


    …uni post-grad researchers, labourers, postmen ( oops, ‘letter-carriers!’) and even a busker!


    (that was in a more enlightened era, when such different sorts of folk  got together because they liked each other and had common interests, no need for ‘diversity’ diktats, back when the realm was free of wokery)


    Anyway, today it’s Oxford…


    Having from time to time slammed Oxford University for outbreaks of imbecility..

    Oxford Numbskollars V Chaucer! 

    Oxford Gal Grovels To Freak Fury 

    ….I see the non-academic side of the city is similarly afflicted with nonsense…


    …Oxford City Council have voted to outlaw enjoyment of meat at any events held on their premises.



    What a load of sanctimonious killjoys they must be.

    Here’s more on the subject.

  • ross1948 22:29 on September 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Anti-meat meddlers, French Green MP, , Sandrine Rousseau,   

    A Meat-Hater’s Maniacal Grin… 

    Would you say that’s a maniacal grin…


    Sandrine Rousseau 20210819 (cropped).jpg

    Sandrine Rousseau

    ….on the face of Sandrine Rousseau, the French Green MP, who has sparked national debate over claims barbecued red meat is macho | France | The Guardian

    Hogwash…if it has any meaning at all…

    In fact, I am not at all partial to red meat.

    I like my steak, burgers, ribs etc VERY well done.

    But I love meat in general..



    Meat, glorious meat, which I’ve been defending since long before I posted on the subject…

    …TEN years ago!

    But I see no value in bandying words with an obscure pinkolette…



    ..because the real enemy is the old enemy…

    The United Nations intergovernmental panel on climate change….


    devoted a chapter this year to its climate solutions report to stress how consumers could drastically reduce global emissions.

    It also singled out shifting to a plant-based diet instead of meat as one of the most effective changes individuals could make.

    The UN can be a wearisome nag, but only if we let it.

    Sensible sovereign governments should ignore the nagging.

    Incidentally, whilst the UN can wax repetitive on wokey themes, how about things that really matter, like the evils perpetrated by Adolf Xi.

    The damning report on his red nazi regime will soon be left to gather dust on a UN shelf, NO sanctions, NO international court summons…

    For the crimes of Xi are surely insignificant, compared to meat-eating, oh..and going on holiday.

    ‘…the biggest potential for avoidance was in reducing long-haul flights.’ https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/aug/30/french-mp-sparks-national-debate-over-claims-barbecued-red-meat-is-macho

  • ross1948 12:00 on August 14, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Anti-meat meddlers, anti-meat treaty, , Haywards Heath councillors,   

    Holiday In UK? Avoid Haywards Heath! 

    A West Sussex commuter town is encouraging its 34,000 residents to drop animal products from their plates to help fight the climate crisis.



    I’ve no recollection of ever having been to Haywards Heath….

    Haywards Heath is located in West Sussex

    Haywards Heath
    Haywards Heath, England

    …and now, having learned that its local council just happens to have made history with a pioneering step in the fight against the climate crisis…



    …methinks I shall avoid it like the plague, because the councillors have endorsed their Green Party colleague Richard Nicholson’s call to adhere to an international treaty!

    The report explains how this Green geezer ‘persuaded the council to support Veganuary, when restaurants and supermarkets were supported in nudging customers away from meat and other animal products, and he hopes the same will happen again..’

    Don’t know about you, but if I go out for dinner…..



    …or breakfast, for that matter, I don’t like being ‘nudged,’ by anybody, but especially by sticky-beak do-gooders.

    Same in supermarkets.

    I delight in meat.

    And the last people I’d put up with, if they start giving me advice on what to eat, are a bunch of tinpot town councillors.

  • ross1948 09:30 on July 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Anti-meat meddlers, Dutch anti-farmer brutality, London resto vegan,   

    No-Meaters Left With Egg On Their Faces? 

    Vegan burger joint loses bun fight as diners beg for beef

    Honest Burgers’ Garrick Street London eaterie is no longer vegan only

    Honest Burgers’ in Garrick Street London

    Every day, “dozens” of people would arrive at V Honest and try to order a chicken or beefburger… https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/vegan-burger-joint-loses-bun-fight-as-diners-beg-for-beef-x7kqj30wb

    Nothimg personal against the proprietors of any such eatery, but it’s good to see people unready to bow to vegan fanaticism.

    Recalling various events over recent years…

    Vicious Vegans Exposed! Good Work

    …as I’ve said before, rarely do I let a day go by without meat, morning…

    . …and/or noon..

    Aussie Meat Pies, a special fave

    Sausage rolls..

    …. and/or suppertime!

    I urge my readers to be true to their various cultures’ carnivore heritage…



    …and to stand up to bullying, whether by regimes or rabbles!

    Kiwi Shoppers Should Be Entitled To Bash Vile Vegans!

  • ross1948 16:34 on March 27, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Anti-meat meddlers, , , Eating Better, , rspca,   

    Arrogant ‘Charities’ War On UK Shoppers! 

    You’d think the latest Guardian headline would be cause for general rejoicing.



    With all the stories about Brits finding it hard to make ends meet, a better verb might surely be ‘praised…’



    But instead, in the pinko rag’s ‘Exclusive,’ we read that a pack of moaning minnie ‘charities’ have ganged up to bitch about good meat deals for hard-up Brits.

    Charity says big four chains offer scores of deals every week, despite pledging to promote meat-free eating.’




    It’s not just one ‘charity’ that’s out to deprive you and yours of a decently balanced and affordable diet.


    Don’t know if Aussies are facing similar sticky-beak threats to their meat pies, but it’s entirely possible!


    Eating Better‘ is an ‘umbrella group representing more than 60 organisations including WWF UK, Greenpeace, public health bodies, dietitians, the RSPCA and food charities… ‘


    The arrogance of these uppity gits is sublime.


    .The impact of this is that we’re eating more meat than we need, or is good for us.’


    Who the HELL do they think they are?

    How dare they use that royal ‘We’ – talking down to us…

    …like louche lords condescending to peasants!

    There’s a lot more elitist condescension in this nauseating report that will infuriate normal people…



    ….including Jellyfish Johnson’s “climate change committee, ” exposed as another anti-meat collaborator.

    Make sure you serve up a brilliant breakfast tomorrow morning ..

    …including bacon and sausages, of course, then make a list of these nosey-parker naggers.


    RSPCA official charity logo

    Brits need to make sure they never again donate a penny to these insolent uppity turds!

    PS – the inspiration for this meddling in normal households is said to be ‘childhoid obesity!”

    If you’re worried about Little Tubby, take him or her down to the park after school and have a kick-about.

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