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  • ross1948 20:00 on April 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Corbyn CRITICS ‘Cruel And Rancid?’ Not His Blood-Beast Buddy? 

    Did any of you see that headline, in the Telegraph, which struck me as a searing reflection of certain leftists’ lack of moral perspective?



    Len McCluskey condemns ‘cruel and rancid’ anti-Corbynite culture in Labour party

    It seems Mr. McCluskey, general secretary of Unite the Union, is blaming Labour critics who he says damaged Jeremy Corbyn’s chances in the 2017 election.


    One might have thought, if the topic is Corbyn and what’s REALLY ‘cruel and rancid,’ then the powerful union leader, and anyone who purports to recognise what is actually ‘cruel and rancid,’ might have spoken up when this photo of Comrade Corbyn appeared…



    …Labour’s glorious leader evidently blissfully content to be standing cheek by jowl with one of the most ‘cruel and rancid’ creatures on the face of the earth.


    Corbyn’s cruel and rancid soul-mate!


    Certainly, Labour’s bickering over ‘anti-semitism’ may have cost the party some votes.

    But how many more decent hard-working Brits washed their hands of the little louse’s party, which they and their forebears had supported for a century near enough, because of how brazenly he showed himself at ease, not only with Mid-East fanatics…

    Hasil gambar untuk corbyn loughgall

    …but with Sinn Fein/IRA scumbags who deserved not comradely smiles but a length of rope and a scaffold to hang them from.



  • ross1948 03:54 on January 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: anti-semitism, CNN cover-up, , Obama activist   

    ‘Die, Jew Rats,’ Says ‘Anti-Hate’ Activist Obama Fan! 

    No need for me to add ANYTHING to this…

    …except to thank my source for this appalling story – https://www.teaparty.org/serial-anti-semitic-arsonist-and-obama-campaign-worker-is-released-from-nyc-jail-without-bail-424101/

    • oh, and please don’t miss how CNN tries to cover-up key facts in its coverage!


    James Polite allegedly set fire to seven Jewish sites and vandalized a synagogue.

    New York authorities arrested James Polite for vandalism of a New York synagogue in November 2018.

    James Polite was a Democrat activist who worked on the Obama Campaign. His foster parents were Jewish.

    And he was profiled in The New York Times.

    James Polite worked as an intern focusing on anti-hate crime issues.

    Polite wrote, “Die Jew Rats” on the Union Temple of Brooklyn after the Pittsburgh massacre at a Jewish synagogue


    CNN failed to report that Polite:

    -Was a Democratic activist
    -Volunteered on Obama’s presidential campaign
    -Was a former City Hall intern who worked on combating hate crimes

    • Ken Kasic 14:28 on January 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Typical of CNN’s dishonest ‘journalism,’ to hide this most significant fact, that the Jew-bater was out working for Obama.


  • ross1948 10:45 on December 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Trump? Putin? The Villains Are The Democrats! 

    Vastly incredulous I am, as I read all the sound and fury emanating from the usual suspects, about the hacking and leaking that may or may not have helped Donald Trump win.

    Just woke up, here in Jakarta, and, bad for my enjoyment of any brunch I might have contemplated, France24 had a talk-show…

    Gambar terkait

    …aka a Trump-bashing show, with two guests in the studio, plus various people from outside, one of them being a pinko clown who referred to Russia as a ‘petro-fascist’ state, whatever that means.

    The studio guests were a woman named Anne Krantz, an ‘historian…’

    • Hasil gambar untuk democrats abroad france
    • …and -wait for it! –  Specialist in US foreign affairs for Democrats Abroad -France – not sure if France24 bothered to mention that!
    • She was perhaps the most ‘moderate,’ but at one point began speculating about how and/or when it might be time to ‘unseat’ the President-Elect!
    • ————-
    • trump
    • =======-
    • My God, he’s not even entered the White House and they’re talking about regime change!
    • ………….
    • The other was a young geezer – André Loesekrug-Pietri, holding both French and German nationalities – so my research reveals…
    • ———-


    …who runs something called ‘A CAPITAL.’ 

    He ended by expressing his anxieties about how the ‘populists’ might win power in France.

    Turns out he is a member of the Eiffel Group (for a political union of the Euro) http://www.globalteacherprize.org/academy-member/andre-loesekrug-pietri/

    – a supranationalist par excellence,

    • Nobody to make the populist case, to express hopes for that patriotic consummation devoutly to be wished for, the victory of Marine Le Pen, leader of the French patriot party, in next year’s elections.
    • Marine-drapeau-bbr
    • So typical France24 slanted style! 
    • If there’s cause for concern about Putin, it’s that he served the cause of communism for years.
    • putin35portrait
    • ——-
    • But no sane person ever believes in communism, so neither, probably, did he.
    • Let’s leave that issue aside. 


    Gambar terkait

    Conspiracy theory’: Trump dismisses CIA claim of Russian hacking

    The one glaringly obvious truth we have to grasp is that the Democrats, the Clinton Democrats, were, and are, the bad people in the story.

    Those in the DNC eager to echo the Nazis in their quest to undermine poor old Bernie Sanders…Wikileaks Shows DNC Was Ready To Play the Jew Card on Sanders…deserved to be exposed. 

    If the revelations hacked then leaked were not true, that Debbie Wassermann-Schulz would not have been shamed into quitting.


    Gambar terkait

    As head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz violated the neutrality demanded by the DNC Charter, and fostered an environment that functioned as an arm of the Clinton Campaign rather than an impartial entity meant to promote and ensure democracy in the primaries.

    Doubling Down on Denial: the Delusions of Debbie Wasserman

    Same with much of the other stuff. The info made public was largely accurate info.

    And it showed the depths of dirty politics the left-liberals were prepared to plumb.

  • ross1948 17:50 on July 31, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'gay' pedophile, anti-semitism, , , , , , , , Sanders, , USA Navy ship   

    ‘Today’s America Is Anything But Sane!’ 

    No, I’m not talking about the focus of the sick US media on the ‘scandal’ of who (‘The Russians Are Coming’) leaked the truth…



    …..that a senior member of the Democrat National Committee urged antisemitism as a strategy (and is not known to have had his exhortation rebuffed) to promote Crooked Hillary’s campaign…  

    HowzAbout Clinton’s Jew-Baiting Cheer-Leaders? 

    …when there’s no comparable, moral, focus on the need for wholesale dismissal of Jew-baiters embedded in the DNC.

    That’s all very bad.

    But how about the nauseating revelation that the Obama Administration is naming a United States Navy ship after a filthy ‘gay’ pedophile?

    Navy to Name Ship after ‘Gay’ Child Molester




    USPS Harvey Milk

    Predators and Child Molestors


    Obama’s Post Office has already issued a stamp in commemoration of the sleazy queer so we shouldn’t be surprised.

    Say what you like about Trump – and he doesn’t always delight me – the Democrats are unfit to govern.



    • Tony Torino 13:56 on August 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      What next?
      USS Benedict Arnold?


  • ross1948 22:33 on November 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: anti-semitism, , , ,   

    Minnesota Morons – Expel These Academic Ignoramuses! 

    We have covered moronism in academia in various countries. Here’s this week’s example.


    …anti-Israel extremists stormed into a lecture at the University of Minnesota in a disgusting display of academic bigotry against Israelis. 
    Israeli scholar Moshe Halbertal, a professor at both New York University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, was scheduled to give a presentation on the ethics of war. He helped write the Israel Defense Forces’ code of ethics and is a well-respected academic.
    Protesters systematically stood up one by one and repeatedly yelled anti-Israel slogans for over half an hour. When someone was removed from the hall by university police, another started chanting, making it impossible for Halbertal’s talk to proceed. The police were eventually forced to lock the doors to prevent more protests.
    Protesters even called for the annihilation of Israel — chanting “from sea to sea, Palestine will be free” — a reference to the creation of a Palestinian state across all of Israel and the murder or expulsion of over six million Jews.
    The University of Minnesota cannot allow such hate-filled demonstrations to take place on its campus.
    Thank you for your support.
  • ross1948 12:05 on August 19, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: anti-semitism, BDS bigots, , , Espana, , , , , Matusyahu, , , , , , Valencia   

    Spain – Government Funds ‘Juden Raus’ Fiesta! 

    Another petition? 

    And why not? Petitions are a simple means of protest which anyone, anywhere can utilise, no matter where they are and how much or how little money – or energy – they may have.

    • If you can’t get out to join a demo, you can add your name to a protest, and this seems an episode that merits protest, a shocking resurgence of nazi-style anti-Jewish persecution, in Spain, of all places.
    • Something called the Rototom Sunsplash, an annual reggae music festival, Rototom Sunsplash in Benicassim, Valencia – not my scene, I admit – has kicked out a Jewish hip-hop singer – not my kind of music, I admit – …
    • ….but not for any musical dissonance!
    • ———————

    hitnur    ‘Juden Raus,’ he roared…

    ‘Si, Senor Fuhrer..’ Sunsplash2006_adesivo

    He’s a Jew!

    And he, alone of all the artists on the menu, was ‘urged’ to sign up to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement, an anti-Israeli outfit.

    The organisers urged Matisyahu to sign a statement or otherwise endorse a Palestinian state.



     A photo taken in Red-run Venezuela, but it’s apt for Valencia too, so it seems…


    A representative for the festival, who would only give his first name, George…



    …told Newsweek. “The festival said Matisyahu should sign [an endorsement] and Matisyahu didn’t want to, and that’s the matter of the cancellation.”  http://www.newsweek.com/matisyahu-concert-canceled-palestine-363350

    Okay, if a bunch of pro-Palestine creepoids want to run a festival, they can invite, or dis-invite, whomsoever they like, or dislike. It’s then up to Spaniards if they wish to attend any reggae-fied version of a Nuremberg Rally!

    But no way, surely, should any grubby little anti-Semites be sticking their snouts into the public purse.

    This show gets funding from the Spanish Government!


    • taxpayersspaineussr And who else, might we ask? Spain gets loads of EUSSR cash…
    • ———————–

    It should be hung out to dry and told to take its begging-bowl round any neo-nazi and/or pro-terrorist cliques with money to burn, if it can’t sell enough tickets to break even.

    Incidentally, have the artists been ‘urged’ to support or condemn any other causes?

    Seemingly not! Although Rotototum’s own news section has this alluring indication of whose drum they march to.

    • I see no matching guest-input from any of Castro’s Cuban dungeons, or any Yazidi rape victims…ho-hum…


    An affronted Jewish group in Spain has observed –

    “It is noteworthy that the festival is not interested in the opinions of other participants on policies of Iran, the Islamic State, Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah…”.

    SO? What’s to be done?

    Pile on the pressure!

    Shame Madrid into de-funding the dirty bigots!


    • Anthony 13:02 on August 19, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      They should not be subsidised if they want to be political.
      But the UK’s taxpayers have been bled over and over again too


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