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  • ross1948 23:00 on December 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    NYT Exposed Again! 

    The New York Times is hardly worthy of being called a newspaper.


    Not that the NYT is unique.

    Now, no less a notable than Twitter CEO Elon Musk has recognised the NYT for what it truly is – an “unregistered lobbying firm for far left politicians.”  READ

    BTW, other media fall into much the same category – CBS News, ABC, and the Washington Post for at least a day did not cover the explosive news that Twitter executives worked with the Biden campaign and the Democratic National Committee to censor Trump supporters ahead of the 2020 election.


    Use the link above for the full story.

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    Which ‘Fixed’ Election Does Guardian Hack Mean? 

    The Guardian’s far-left attack-dog Simon Tisdall makes no effort to hide his hatred of Marine Le Pen and her patriot party…

    Contributor image for: Simon Tisdall

    The presidential election is his to lose. But the divisive forces of the far-right are on the march in a struggle that will resonate across Europe

    ‘Divisive?’ That’s the left’s buzz-word for anyone who won’t roll over, or kneel!

    Further down his diatribe he uses a variety of ugly pejoratives, but we don’t expect fair and balanced coverage from the leftist likes of  him.

    But if he’s going to refer to other countries’ ‘fixed’ elections, shouldn’t he at least give even one example?

    Was he thinkng of the Arizona revelations last month?


    Maricopa County audit flags 57k+ ballot issues in a state Biden won by fewer than 11k votes | 


    One day the whole truth will come out…

    …a day of reckoning indeed.

  • ross1948 20:04 on July 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Heroic Trump Puts Weasel Bojo To Shame! 

    What a stunning contrast!

    After Boris Johnson’s spineless crawling to the BLM rabble, his lick-spittle video, his pledge to waste money on an appeasement ‘commission….’

    Johnson To Waste Millions On Whiner Commission

    …a commission on race and ethnic disparities would look at “all aspects of inequality – in employment, in health outcomes, in academic and all other walks of life…”

    …as if people of all colours in the UK ( or the USA) haven’t reached senior levels of responsibility in all kinds of areas of employment!

    And few in his party are any better, some a lot worse, like the clowns in the Commons who saluted the cause of the common criminal George Floyd…

    George Floyd: UK Parliament holds minute’s silence

    ‘Asylum’ Scandal – Tories Speak Up – But Not For Brits! 

    …and those who shamelessly stabbed Britain in the back last month.

    Compare and Contrast!

    What a refreshing – no, inspiring! –  example of real leadership we saw and heard in the news today, Donald Trump’s superb denunciation of the Enemy Within.


    Our nation is witnessing a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values and indoctrinate our children…”


    Words millions of Brits would cheer to hear from Johnson, but won’t!

    “Angry mobs are trying to tear down statues of our founders, deface our most sacred memorials and unleash a wave of violent crime in our cities.”

    I put Trump’s absolutely accurate assertions before the intro we find in the grotesquely biased Guardian

    Standing beneath Mount Rushmore on the eve of American independence day, Donald Trump staged a defiant celebration …before a packed crowd at an event that revelled in political incorrectness calculated to enflame the country’s current divisions and enrage liberal critics.

    • Edward Lamont 22:13 on July 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Excellent comparison.
      Trump’s speech was a tonic, while Johnson’s performance has been lamentable.


    • Fiona 22:44 on July 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Nothing left to say, except, “Where’s Nigel Farage?’
      He talked a great deal about restructuring the Brexit Party, which had too many non-right, downright nasty characters aboard.
      We need a new patriotic, conservative party and we need it now!


    • Vinnie F 08:57 on July 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      We are proud of Trump for what he said.
      I hope the Brits get better leadership and fight back against the BLM.


    • Pamela 15:29 on July 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I know you read the Guardian but did you see their article about the very rich American extremist Steyer, who is leading the censorship campaign against Facebook?

      He is a horrible person but the story includes the fact he now has a British collaborator, none other than a former ‘Conservative’ minister, one of Cameron’s crowd, Ed Vaizey by name.
      These leftists are only trying to silence rightwing voices, not a peep out of them about very numerous antifa and other marxist content of Facebook.

      I wonder when Johnson will come off the fence on this issue.

      His party has been rapping individual Conservative Party members over the knuckles for ‘offending’ thin-skinned Islamists and others who deserve to be offended.
      Vaizey’s involvement in a far-left campaign to silence free speech is very offensive and he should be expelled from any party which says it believes in democracy.

      That’s supposing Vaizey is still a Tory party member, of course!


  • ross1948 08:20 on June 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Trump Deserves Support – Patriots Must Speak Up! 

    Donald Trump has been unlucky in that his country’s economy, doing well under his tutelage, has been hammered by the Chinese Virus.

    Hardly his fault.

    But what’s currently afoot is no matter of luck.

    It’s a deliberate attempt to subvert the USA by mobs of savages, egged on by armchair revolutionists.

    These sickos screaming from the sidelines have the rancid media on their side, the Unholy Trinity of WaPo, CNN and the sleazy NYT, vying with each other to blame Trump for almost everything except the weather!



    And by the bitterly biased BBC!

    Civil War USA? BBC Already Chosen Sides?

    All the more credit to the President, therefore, for his call for an ‘end to the carnage’ last night.

    Especially for his uncompromising declaration that he will not hesitate to use all the resources, including the armed forces, at his disposal, to restore law and order!

    And a good choice of venue for his warning, the Washington church vandalised, daubed with obscenities by offensive agitators – best ignore the ‘outraged’ pathetic pinko bishopess there who dissed Trump’s message!

    Time for everyone to show where we stand – with real Americans!



    So no matter we may be far from the United States, let’s all raise our voices, put pens to paper, open our Ipads, and send out solidarity messages as loud and clear as that issued by Thierry Baudet, the Dutch patriot leader, who has  ‘praised Trump’s decision to label Antifa domestic terrorists..’


    We have seen for years that a blind eye is turned to violence from the left, that there is much less fuss about it…

    Baudet is quite right when he identifies the enemy!


    …”Left-wing terrorism is often called activism. It has been the case for many years that there is much more violence on that side of the spectrum than on the right side of the spectrum...” https://nltimes.nl/2020/06/01/dutch-far-right-politician-supports-trumps-action-left-wing-extremism

    Friends of the USA all over the world should be echoing the Dutchman.

    • Thomas Deague 11:44 on June 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Like you, I was never a Trump fan when he got into politics but he has done his best to keep to what he promised, like Supreme Court appointments and illegal immigration.
      He has done the right thing by quitting WHO and saving money by stopping some other payments to the UN.
      So I am not a huge fan but now respect him more.
      In the present situation, we have got to support him.
      Putting down the mob rule we see all over America is not just necessary but right.


    • Charles News-Hound 15:25 on June 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The BBC slants everything.
      I had the their news on at 4pm here ( like you in Jakarta but only temporarily)
      Along the bottom of the tv screen the text news was as follows.
      ‘Trump criticised for posing with Bible at church near White House.’
      I am sure he has been criticised but also praised.
      BBC ignores the opinions of millions who differ from their biased reporting.


      • ross1948 19:48 on June 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks, Charles.
        I picked up on that and used it as a story, which is still developing, judging from the latest comments above!


    • larryzb 03:09 on June 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Trump was fool enough to listen to these quack doctors and approved the CDC guidelines calling for these lock downs. Big mistake. He destroyed the economy.


  • ross1948 20:36 on May 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    More BBC Breakfast Bias, Starring Anti-Trump Embley Again! 

    On Tuesday, that BBC hack Mike Embley was at it again…

    Again, BBC Serves Up A Hate-Trump Breakfast! 


    …feeding an anti-Trump ‘guest’ leading ‘questions’ like ‘some people’ say Donald Trump ‘has a problem with women..

    Given that Trump has only recently been criticised for allegedly giving sympathetic support to a female journalist at odds with the White House pinko press corps….

    …Embley’s ‘some people’ are presumably leftist natterjacks like himself.



    Of course the carefully selected ‘guest’ chorused along enthusiastically.


    Does Embley crib his script from the Guardian? Because here’s the G-Rag’s take on the same story…

    Trump has frequently been criticised for adopting a particularly harsh or patronising tone at press conferences to women in general and women of colour in particular. Jiang was born in China but immigrated to America at the age of two. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/11/trump-us-latest-coronavirus-reporters


    That’s Weijia Jiang, an immigrant who’s now got a plum job, a high salary from the ( of course left-liberal )  CBS News.

    In complete contrast to the patriotic background in the famous WH Rose Garden – ‘signs that proclaimed: “America leads the world in testing…” … 


    ‘Blatant boasting,’ as the BBC World News at 11am Jakarta time….

    ….impartially reported!

    Not ‘stating,’ not ‘noting,’ but ‘blatantly boasting!’

    The BBC is worse than Pravda used to be!


    …in snide, nasty contrast to the pro-American messaging on the WH lawn, Jiang asked…

    ‘…why the president constantly emphasises that the US is doing better than any other country when it comes to testing.

    “Why does that matter?” she queried.’


     Journalist Weijia Jiang reacts to Trump's comment

    Weijia Jiang

    What an offensive little bint she is!

    Every country in the world should be taking proper pride in its achievements, and every good citizen should see it as his or her duty to cheer on the national effort.



    Of course, it’s ANY American President’s responsibility to protect his people, Americans, first and foremost, just as here in Indonesia…


    Indonesia’s Jokowi


    …it’s President Jokowi’s duty to look after Indonesians first and foremost!

    No wonder Trump was exasperated.

    As everyone is well aware, he has pinned the blame for the Chinese Virus Crisis fairly and squarely on Red China.

    And again today, he pointed Little Miss Nasty in the right direction.

    Well, they are losing their lives everywhere in the world. Maybe that is a question you should ask China. Don’t ask me. Ask China that question. When you ask China that question you may get a very unusual answer.”

    Fair comment.

    But not to little uptight Jiang.


    Sir, why are you saying that to me, specifically?”

    Ms.Uptight played the race card!

    Was she sitting lop-sidedly, with that big fat chip on her shoulder?

    I couldn’t say.

    But The Donald promptly put her in her place

    The president replied: “I am not saying it specifically to anybody. I am saying it to anybody who would ask a nasty question like that.”

    The CBS hackette, as an immigrant who has it good in the USA, should be even more pro-American than home-grown Americans.

    But not Little Miss Uptight!

    She should be replaced by a patriotic reporter, but she won’t be.

  • ross1948 11:09 on April 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Corona Bias – Media Bash Trump – EUSSR Gets A Pass! 

    Watching various rotten-media news broadcasts from around the world…

    (A disgusting example today was on DW, Germany’s bias-channel, immediately followed by their rabid left-liberal American Brent Goff –Goff-Garbage! DW’s Pinko Yank Prattles On Pardons! -using a new book by rabid left-liberal shrinks, to discuss Trump’s ‘mental health.’ Goff impartially ranted about Trump’s ‘lack of empathy, his insensitivity!’)

    Brent Goff (@brentgofftv) · Twitter


    …it has frequently occurred to me that the large number of cases reported in America compared to other countries is a demonstrably false comparison, for what should be fairly obvious even to Trumpophobic hacks…


    Trumpophobia | SO, ... WHEN DID YOU FIRST START TO EXPERIENCE THE DEBILITATING EFFECTS OF TRUMPOPHOBIA? | image tagged in funny,memes,funny memes,trump | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

    ….namely that the USA population is far larger than that of the other countries mentioned, like Spain or Italy.

    Comparing statistics anywhere with Red China, moreover, is a waste of time, because the Beijing dictatorship…



    …like communists in any land or any era, will lie their evil heads off to gain propaganda advantage.

    Now I’m glad to see more honest media are picking up on this truth –

    U.S. intelligence agencies believe that China is lying about its true numbers, and reports from inside the country tell of crematoriums working around the clock and people being paid off to keep quiet.


    But with the engrained Trumpophobia we have often recorded in various parasitic state-funded media…

    …like the BBC

    ‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC 

    Nasty Nabila Stars In BBC’s Hate-Trump Show! 


    Dateline – Lying BBC’s Anti-Trump Jihad! 

    …..or France24…

    Simpering Twit Fawns On Death-Wish Trump-Hater! 


    Gambar terkait

    Christopher ‘The BeastDickey on Trump supporters… They are ‘STUPID! ‘

    ….such uncomfortable truths will remain at risk of being glossed over.



    Two months before Europe was declared the epicentre of the pandemic, the EU agency meant to sound the alarm of viral infections was painting a rosy picture.

    “Even if there are still many things unknown about 2019-nCoV [coronavirus], European countries have the necessary capacities to prevent and control an outbreak as soon as cases are detected,” it reported…

    European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
    ECDC logo.svg



    “…on 25 January.”

    So where is the comparable outrage directed at the EUSSR?

    Not so much!

    Why isn’t grotty little Goff going nuts about the ECDC on his gutter channel?



    • Jim Ex Jakarta 12:30 on April 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I saw that too. That shrink woman Goff spoke to must be the most unprofessional shrink ever. She admitted that there’s code of conduct that doesnt allow shrinks to diagnose anybody unless they have examined them, then she gives a televised diagnosis of a man she never met.
      She should marry Goff, perfect match, they are as untrue to their professional standards as can be,


    • Frank Judge 17:26 on April 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Trump was great at his press briefing.
      The CBS bitch deserved the bitch-slapping.
      Goff better stay in Berlin.
      He is not much of an American. Not much of a journalist.
      Not much of anything to tell the truth.


  • ross1948 22:43 on March 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    This Is Very Funny! 

    I often find useful things to write about in The Blaze, but this story of theirs is perfect.

    Nothing I need to add!


  • ross1948 22:00 on February 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Awful Oliver, Another Rabid DW Ranter Attacks Trump! 



    DW’s hack Oliver Sallet outdid even his DW comrade Brent Goff in overt Trumpophobia today, deploying those pejoratives against the American President.

    The Sallet klutz – typically of the tax-funded channel’s so-called ‘journalists’…

    Oliver Sallet is a DW correspondent in Washington
    Oliver, Oliver! More and more can’t your bias ignore!


    …appears unable to distinguish between insults and honest reporting.

    He’s skilled in the former and lacking in the latter.

    As for that nasty bigot Goff, as those of us who have seen him before expected…

    Lugenpresse! DW’s Fake-News Ex-CNN Hack LIES! 

    Biased Brent ex-CNN, now DW, whom we have noticed before  

    Rome/Berlin Axis? DW ( Ex-CNN! ) Slug’s Pro-Bastardo Bias!

    …he went into a rambling rant mode too, seeking to make an unfavourable comparison between Trump’s entirely righteous rebuke to his persecutors, on one hand, with, on the other hand, the ‘humbler’ performance of Ole Sleazy…


    …after he was let off the impeachment hook DESPITE every senator being fully aware of his sex predator record…


    …which left every American parent, after watching the national news, having to explain to their children the meaning of oral sex!

    Don’t just take my word for it, as far as Goff’s snide bias is concerned – you can see it all on the link.



    • Theo K 23:29 on February 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Good you show this so the American readers understand what we Germans are made to pay taxation for.
      Tell them DW is not speaking for Germans.
      They hire many foreign Lefts.


  • ross1948 06:57 on December 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Ill-Informed Jakarta Post Leftists Snarl At Trump 

    Skulking behind the ‘Editorial’ mask, the leftists who run the Jakarta Post have launched a vicious attack on President Trump.

    The JP’s record of double-standards…

    Jakarta Post Against Book-Burning – If The Books Are Leftist? 

    ….notably their resolute faulure to condemn their Gramedia overlords’ Nazi-style book-burning and their frequent simperings of sympathy with the poor persecuted communists here in Indonesia…

    Jakarta Post – Never Miss a Chance to Re-Hab Reds



    ‘We Don’t Want Communism?’ But if You Did, It’s Time To Apologise!! 


    …disqualifies anyone among its editorial cadre from criticising others for allegedly amoral conduct.

    In fact it’s hard even to take these lily-livered Lugenpresse creeps as in any sense journalists, when they wrap their vituperation in dissimulation.

    The clowns repeat the hoary old Big Lie – that Trump – “had made numerous statements (e.g. Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists)”


    Hasil gambar untuk goebbels lies

    I suppose the JP is following the Dr. Goebbels strategy.

    If they are not deliberately lying, they must be pig-ignorant, because even most non-journo-jerk citizens in the USA are aware of the truth.



    We pointed out that truth a while ago, but the JP editors plainly only read stuff that reinforces their left prejudices.

    Had they looked in here, they’d have been reminded that-

    One of the most oft-repeated canards that the Media-Democrat Party likes to spew up  when they run out of fresh spittle-flaked spite is the bare-faced lie that President Trump called ‘Mexicans’ (or sometimes ‘Mexican migrants’ ) either ‘rapists’ and/or ‘criminals.’



    Anyone with access to the internet can easily find the actual speech, which clearly shows the GOP candidate was talking about crimmigrants, illegals…

    …saying that ‘some’ matched his description while ‘some were good people..’ The Good Mexicans Trump Talked About! 

    …but the JP penchant for distortion goes on…

    They dredge up the Charlottesville story again, how Trump ‘failed to condemn what was a blatant case of racism and white nationalism.’

    In fact Trump did condemn the violence, but was sensibly even-handed about it…


    …which was more than fair of him, since the violence was provoked by, hence entirely the fault of, the Red Nazi Antifa rabble who went to the scene with the declared intention of obstructing a legal march by those to whom they were determined to deny free expression,

    The rancid bias of these JP hacks comes across ever so strongly when they whine that there’s been ‘no stopping his aversion to political correctness and bad behavior.’

    Their clumsy English needs to be interpreted.

    While his aversion to political correctness is one reason why Trump has huge support in the USA and throughout the wider world too, we are not sure why the JP comrades would dislike his aversion to ‘bad behaviour!’



    I think they meant to insert ‘his’ before ‘bad,’ but obviously they never attended any of my lower-intermediate English lessons!

    Never mind!

    The JP’s pinko scribblers list Trump’s shortcomings –

    ‘ He has regularly attacked women, people of color and even some of the most respected figures in American politics.’


    So are the JP hit-squad telling us that NO ‘women’ are to be ‘attacked’ i.e. criticised…

    Best Flaunt That Cleavage, Alyssa, Not Your Foul Mouth! 

    Gargoyle Leftist Griffin – Too Grotesque Even For CNN – Blames Trump! 


    Image result for rosie o'donnell katie griffin

    Ugly O’Donnell- The Warthog Wallows Ever Deeper! 


    ..even when they  launch obscene, vile attacks on Trump and other patriots and conservatives?

    Are the JP hacks seriously telling us that NO ‘people of colour’ ( by which presumably they mean coloured people) are ever to be attacked, i.e. criticised, even when they openly incite racial hatred and violence?

    Black KNIVES Matter? Hideous Hate-Freak Helm Exposed! 

     Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”

    And who else has Trump shockingly attacked?

    Oh yeah, ‘some of the most respected figures in American politics!’

    Like this pair?

    The Truth About Hillary Clinton and Verizon |.

    And if you need to be reminded of just what sort of  things we’re talking about here, go back and watch…




    A ghastly newspaper, the Jakarta Post.

    Of course Trump is not perfect, but he’s a far better man than Obama the racist, or either of the sleazy Clintons.


    • JazPen 09:34 on December 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Good, Ross.
      After they said nothing about the Gramedia book-burning, I gave up on reading the rag.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 11:37 on December 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I miss a lot about Jakarta but one thing I never miss is the Havana Posr


    • Mel Henderson 15:50 on December 23, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Funny sort of newspaper, that Jakarta Post, tearful about Commies getting what they deserve, and also unwilling to condemn their own parent company’s involvement in Islamist book-burning?
      I would say both of those behaviours are bad stands for newspapers to take.
      They still want to moan about Trump’s behaviour?
      Glass houses, throwing stones.
      Not a happy mix.


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