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  • ross1948 20:45 on January 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Despite The Help From Kennedys And Clintons, Sinn Fein Turns On USA! 

    While Bojo waffles about de-escalation, some other politicians in the British Isles are less equivocal on the rights and wrongs of Donald Trump’s strike against sectarian terrorism – in one case, at least, not surprisingly!

    Irish government must immediately join the global condemnation of illegal and reckless US action – Senator Paul Gavan

    Image result for sinn fein


    There you are – maybe a first, me taking a quote from Sinn Fein’s website, but if it clarifies the thinking of the many Americans who still imagine the Sinn Fein/IRA murder-gang were ever, in any way, worthy of support, it’s a useful step for me to take.


    Image result for sinn fein senator paul gavan


    It’s quite in character for the Shinner sh-ts!. .

    …if you know your modern history, you’ll not be surprised.


    These swine are not only Britain’s enemies but America’s too.

    President Trump, who in the past, like many people in the USA, was quite frankly WRONG about the nature of the vermin party…


    Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams shakes Republican, now President, Donald Trump's hand.


    …inherited the policy of a cordial relationship between the White House and the disloyal  swine, but now?


    POTUS should slam the door next time Blood-Beast Adams shows up!


    • Digger McEwan 21:01 on January 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      If Trump is serious about targetting terrorists, with one of those drones, he has no need of the CIA.
      I have no doubts at all he can easily use that Sinn Fein website to locate lots.


    • Billy King 22:32 on January 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      American interference has caused nothing but bad things here. They were always against us, against the majority and always hand in glove with Dublin.


    • Mort 03:35 on January 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Very few Americans who supported the IRA knew anything about the true Sinn Fein agenda. It was all beers and songs in Irish bars, little real information on the leftist policies we see much more of now they are in a position to push them through.


    • Bob Fox 20:13 on January 7, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      A good article and I hope Trump gets some smarts and starts fighting terrorism of ALL kinds.
      As for the Kingsmill anniversary, there’s a beautiful sad look back at it in the Belfast Telegraph.


  • ross1948 00:03 on January 14, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    UK Bishop Bashes U.S. Christians, Embraces Trans-Freaks 

    Further to our recent post on renegade churchmen in Germany…

    German Patriot Party Slams Dog-Collared Pinkos! 

    …our attention has been drawn to the situation in England, where it’s no wonder Anglican pews are increasingly deserted.

    What are we to make of the bizarre bishop Paul Bayes spouting leftist hogwash, who has lambasted conservative evangelical Christians, arrogantly claiming they risked bringing the word evangelical into disrepute by their support for Donald Trump.


    Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool, in his garden

    The far-left freako at least makes no effort to hide his purely political agenda.‘If people want to support rightwing populism … how are they going to relate that to their Christian faith?’

    Christian faith?



    Sounds more like Jeremy Corbyn than Jesus, similar shrilling to that of his boss, Justin Welby, who abused his Christmas Day pulpit  at Canterbury Cathedral by mixing prayers with fatuous jibes against “populist leaders that deceive!”

    Christian faith?

    Adding injury to insult, Bayes delivered his anti-evangelical, Trumpophobic tirade on the very same day that he exalted sexual perversion at the launch of a new Christian charity, which he is chairing, aimed at eliminating discrimination based on sexuality or gender.

    It’s pretty sordid that he chose that platform from which to snarl at American conservatives, when if he had any sense of Christian solidarity, he’d be shouting support for US evangelicals, good decent folk…


    Crucified by ACLU Gaystapo, Christian Gran Faces Easter Hell! 

    Spittle-Specked Spite of America’s Gaystapo! 

    ….most of them, fighting valiantly against gaystapo intimidation.

    I don’t really want to know about Bayes’ self-confessed ‘encounters’ with sexual maladjusts, encounters which, he brazenly claims, “profoundly changed” him. It’s certainly not clear if he was normal prior to those encounters or if he isn’t normal now

    The link  will take you to the names of other pro-freako priests in the C of E…

    – https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/dec/28/evangelical-christians-uncritical-in-support-for-donald-trump-says-paul-bayes-bishop-liverpool

     …but I suppose if you happen to be a regular attender at any of their churches, you’ll already have sussed out their grotesque eagerness to champion sodomites.

  • ross1948 12:49 on February 10, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Brussels Anti-Trump Arafat-Fan Wants MORE Migrants! 

    It’s been irrefutably clear, since the very week she spoke those wicked words…EU’s Mogherini: No Forcible Repatriation for Migrants …without facing instant dismissal from her exalted office, that the marxist Mogherini is, as one might expect, an enemy to every European nation…

    A member of the Italain Communist Youth Federation from 1988, in 1996 Mogherini joined the Youth Left after the dissolution of the Italian Communist Party   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federica_Mogherini

    Mogherini, so far as I can discover, has NEVER repudiated the evil of communism.



    Mogherini with her late terrorist comrade Arafat                                      Breaking News – Arafat-Fan’s Triumph At EU ‘Anti-Terror’ Summit? 


    …and that the Euro-Commissars who failed to fire the red rat for her outlandish outburst are JUST as guilty as she is.

    But now she’s done it again, declaring that Europe….

    …needs to keep its borders open to migrants if it seeks to sustain its economic progress….

    Oh yeah?

    Germans especially will nod sagely, conscious of the impact of the alien tsunami on THEIR ‘economic progress.’


    Refugee Crisis Cost Germany22 Billion Last Year

    …and, as for her purported concern over ageing Europeans… 

    …that concern for ‘ageing Europe’ must strike a chord with family and friends of the elderly Italian couple we wrote about a year ago...Retired Couple ‘Slaughtered Like Goats!’  or of that other Italian senior citizen…Afghan Pig Rapes Pensioner – Police Cover-Up ‘Sensitive’ Crime! 

    And for all the other old folk who have suffered at the hands of crimmigrants, whose cases our little blog had no room to cover…


    …though other media did.

    If Mogherini had anything resembling a conscience (which, as a communist, she won’t have, of course) she’d be demanding not more immigration but prompt restoration of the death penalty for savage predators.  

    But what else can we expect of somebody who poses so casually with the infamous boss of a Palestinian murder gang.

    Nonetheless, let’s say thanks to this unrepentant marxist  –  the European Union’s High Representative – – for ripping aside the shroud of deceit.

    This month, in Malta, we have had to watch and listen to the Brussels elite and their submissive puppets from governments all around the Continent yapping in unison.

    Their theme?

    Keeping out ‘migrants’ by doing a deal with Libya!

    That deal that is already turning chimerical.

    Local authorities in Libya’s capital city Tripoli and elsewhere are mounting resistance to EU plans to stem migration flows towards Italy.  Libyan authorities oppose EU migrant plans


    Mendacity in Malta – it’s been crystal clear for more than a year that the endless  swarm of wannabe parasites from across the Med could have been slowed to a trickle…



    …IF the assembled flotilla had received orders to do so, rather than oblige thousands of crimmigrants as a floating pick-up ferry service. 

    Moreover, if all those ships which did pick up packs of illegals had then dumped their unwanted cargoes back on the North African coast, under the protection of NATO naval guns – it’s been done before…

    That’s how the Barbary Corsairs were taken out!


    …the problem could by now largely have been solved.

    If the lacklustre ‘leaders’ of Germany, Italy, Holland, etc. wanted to stop maritime incursions, they could have!

    Now they resort to anti-Trump ranting, Mogherini herself in cowardly ‘indirect’ aggressive mode.  

    • trump
    • The EU’ foreign affairs chief also indirectly denounced US President Donald Trump’s decision to erect a wall along the US’s common border with Mexico to deter Mexican migrants.

    “There are forces all around the world who are pushing for a different approach, an approach based… on building walls instead of building partnerships,” said Mogherini.

    She claims such barricades were neither the answer to nor were they the “European way” to deal with the problem.   http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2017/02/09/509751/EU-Mogherini-ageing-population-immigrants-economy

    The European Way?

    Their Road to Hell is not even paved with good intentions!

  • ross1948 00:07 on February 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Boycott A La Carte? Fatuous Facebook Trump-Foes! 

    We often recommend boycotts. They can be an effective method of protest, if enough people join in.

    At the same time, boycotting should not be an exercise in masochism.

    For example, if you are desperately thirsty, out on one of our extremely hot Jakarta arvos, with only one vendor handy, and he’s only offering Budweiser, it would be silly not to slake your thirst, even though Budweiser does not deserve your custom.

    Another Item For Your Boycott List – Dud Bud! 

    Keeling over on a broken Jakarta pavement due to dehydration is not a wise way to advance one’s cause. Boycotting is meant to hurt the target, not yourself.

    Similarly, Starbucks should be avoided for all manner of good reasons, not only their campaign for the ghastly absurdity of ‘gay’ marriage…

    Jangan Ke Starbucks Lagi! Tolak ‘Gay’ Marriage! (Bahasa Inggris/Bahasa Indonesia) 

    …but now also for their anti-Trump antics, declaring they’ll recruit 10,000 ‘refugees’ – no mention of hiring 10,000 deserving vets, please note.

    But if you can derive some benefit from Starbucks – as I did this very week, occupying one of their chairs outside one of their branches, no coffee ordered, just sitting there, with a book and a cigarette…


    …thus by mere inertia preventing potential paying customers from contributing to the company’s coffers!

    No doubt more creative conservatives can think of other tactics and strategies.



    Good thinking, Boy Wonder!


    So what are we to make of the fatuous Facebook dorks, collective knickers in a twist about President Trump’s executive orders.

    They have taken a pledge to either refrain from flying over the next few months, or at least travel by air less often….   http://dailycaller.com/2017/02/04/facebook-employees-are-boycotting-flying-over-trumps-immigration-ban/

    There are a few options for the boycott, including reducing one’s flying by 10 percent, moving or canceling one planned trip, or abstaining all together

    Now this is NOT work-related flights we’re talking about. You fly if your boss tells you to.

    This is their own leisure travel!.

    What they’re saying is like saying I’m pledging not to eat meat –  or at least just eat steak!


    Or maybe just a  sausage roll or two every Sunday morn!


    It’s a bit like Porkahontas, the chubby-cheeked Red Indian in Canada who went on hunger-strike…


    spence headdress

    Fatty’s Yummy Diet Reaches ‘Critical’ Stage – NOT! 


    …but somehow reconciled her self-sacrifice with daily helpings of yummy broth!


    Those Facebook fanatics’ language is hilarious!


    Gambar terkait

    Duncan, C-i-C of the Ragtags!


    Get this, from chief FB pinko, Regina Dugan, Vice President of Engineering at Facebook-


    “Last Sunday, I felt heartbroken.”

    Hasil gambar untuk I dropped my ice-cream

    Aww! Did Little Regina drop her ice-cream cone?

    “…I decided that I had to do something.

    Yeah, Regina, fly around the world a little less frequently!

    My heroine!

     What self-sacrifice in the cause!


    And then…

    “Before I knew it, a small rag tag team of citizen coders had formed.”


    Gambar terkait

    On a V-P’s salary?

    Calvin Klein, or DKNY, more like!  

    What a load of hogwash!


    • Elly Carter 22:23 on June 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Your post today that talked about those bums in California who got kicked out of Starbucks for refusing to order anything?
      It jogged my memory so I went back over a year and there you are confessing to the same misdeed.
      I get that you were enjoying a little counter-action/inertia against an institution that has taken the other side in the culture wars but you were lucky that Indonesians are more easy-going ( I have spent a lot of time there) than Californians, so nobody ordered you out.
      Key question is, If you had been, would you have created a huge uproar?
      No, of course not and neither would I and that makes your point.
      Only ‘the permanently offended’ with great big chips on their shoulders behave like those two in America.

      I am skeptical about boycotts and not inclined to discomfort myself when nobody will even notice the loss of the tiny sum my custom represents.
      Never the less, I do feel offended at Starbucks for that pointless day-long closure.
      Shutting their doors to regulars for such a dopey reason? A business like that doesn’t deserve to have loyal patrons.


  • ross1948 00:27 on February 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Screen Actors Guild – The Talking Brain-Dead? 

    The revolting rabbles whom we have recently been seeing at various US airports…

    Hasil gambar untuk airport portland violence anti-trump

    …reminded me that, with the advent of February, we can look forward to the return of The Walking Dead – on Sunday 12th, apparently.


    • The much-enjoyed zombies, of course, do not speak, but their snarling grunts are not dissimilar to the moronic chanting of the pinko creeps.
    • oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    • ‘Ho-Ho, Hey-Hey, We’re A Disgrace To The USA!’
    • oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    • In fact, I was further reminded of my favourite horror series when I watched that barking brute at the Screen Actors’ Guild event…
    • —————

    Hasil gambar untuk winona ryder guild awards harbour

    Not-Negan, with a wannabe Morticia and other strange things


    ….ululating violence against those who held positions different from his own.

    •  oooooooooooooo

    Gambar terkait

    The real Negan on The Walking Dead


    He not only looked like, but also even sounded like, the evil Negan, WD’s worst villain yet!.

    That repulsive, ranting gas-bag at the SAG ceremony was unknown to me.

    But I have since learned his name is David Harbour, and that he appears on something called ‘Stranger Things.’

    I’ll sure do all in my power to avoid watching it.

    Hell, one doesn’t see much stranger things than that platform party he assembled for his poor imitation of Negan!

  • ross1948 21:46 on February 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Nobel Nutjobs To Honour ACLU…or Dope Francis? 

    Thanks to a commenter alerting me to news in the Norwegian edition of The Leftal  -ooops, The Local – I can alert all of you to the possibility that the fanatic leftists who bestow the Nobel Peace Prize are pondering two equally obnoxious alternatives.

    One is the perennially subversive rat-pack known as the American Council for Civil Liberties…


    Crucified by ACLU Gaystapo, Christian Gran Faces Easter Hell! 



    pope- ‘ACLU anti-Christians don’t worry me, but patriots do!’

    Dope Francis

    Dope Paul Forgets ‘Judge Not’ Teachings, Disses Patriots – 


    Reading the article, I’m surprised the Daft Old Argie hasn’t flown off to Portland to join the foul-mouthed anti-Trump hoodlum gang at the airport.


    He sounds in mental lock-step with those no-goods,

    …as Trump was being sworn in as president on January 20, Francis warned against populism, saying it could lead to the election of “saviours” like Hitler.


    He also condemned the idea of using walls and barbed wire to keep out foreigners…http://www.thelocal.no/20170202/nobel-watcher-says-this-years-peace-prize-could-be-rebuke-to-trump

    As for that ACLU, my American readers probably know all about its Enemy Within record, but others can get a quick but useful intro via this link, published by a genuine civil rights outfit. 

    ACRU vs. ACLU :: The American Civil Rights Union

    But in the end, who cares who Nobel ‘honours?’

    After the inane award of their ‘Peace Prize’ to Obama for doing precisely nothing…. – he’d barely been elected!



    …- and the more recent, similar exaltation of Colombia’s Santos for stabbing democracy in the back…

    Despise Democracy, Win A Prize – Nauseating Nobel Nonsense! 

    …the entire Nobel nonsense stands exposed as a mere game for cultural marxists to play. 


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    Skip Starbucks! Avoid Airbrib! Don’t Accept Lyfts From Strange Men! 

    I can buy a nice hot coffee for Rp.3000 in downtown Jakarta – that’s US 30 cents, more or less.

    Gambar terkait

    There’s lots of guys (and gals) on street corners who offer such a cheap and cheerful drink, although without fancy furnishings – you get to sit on a plastic stool on the pavement!




    Or walk into the nearest warung or warteg, modest premises with basic tables and chairs – same price. 


    There are many  fancier places around.


    Hasil gambar untuk jco

    I like JCO, where my coffee will set me back Rp.15,000 with a free doughnut thrown in! They also have both indoor seating and outdoor, which makes life  pleasant for us smokers.


    And then there’s Starbucks, which sells coffee no better than JCO’s (or KFC’s or Mcdonalds’) but whose management seems determined to peddle left-liberal politics.

    We have noted this before.

    Jangan Ke Starbucks Lagi! Tolak ‘Gay’ Marriage! (Bahasa Inggris/Bahasa Indonesia) 

    And again today.

    Starbucks pledges support for migrants after Trump ban

    Their boss, Howard Schulz, is a notorious Obamanoid.

    He is determined to oppose President Trump’s key and popular policy.


    Gambar terkait


    Schulz has declared himself in favour of…


    “Building bridges, not walls, with Mexico…”

    Hasil gambar untuk boycott starbucks


    It’s not just Starbucks, of course.

    A ride-sharing company named Lyft  – apparently it operates only in the USA  – has just made a huge donation – A MILLION DOLLARS – to the most ferocious Enemy Within, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)


    Hasil gambar untuk boycott lyft


    Very strange behaviour for a business.

    We know what ACLU is for…and against!


    Hasil gambar untuk aclu enemy



    The red/pink/yellow elements are boycotting Uber because that company prefers to serve customers… 

    Boycott Targets Uber for Not Joining Strike in Protest of Trump Travel


     No patriot should EVER use Lyft again

    Another outfit with wich I am not familiar, Airbrib, is jumping in with another rich leftist. CEO Brian Chesky, asking those stranded by Trump’s ban to contact him for a place to stay. “Closing doors further divides US.”
    “Not allowing countries or refugees into America is not right, and we must stand with those who are affected.”

    Starbucks, Airbnb pledge support for migrants after US travel ban

    So here’s a good question to ask yourself, if you want to rent a place to stay when you’re away from home (that’s what their business is about)


    Hasil gambar untuk boycott airbnb


    • Carmen Anneka 02:08 on February 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      ACLU has always been bad news for America and if Lyft is funding them now, never more will i even think about using them.
      And I don’t use Starbucks, not since they signed to the ‘gay agenda.

      I wish you could compile a list of these enemy companies, or point me to where I could find them.

      Sometimes we are stuck with no choice but to use them because there is no alternative.
      Even then, though, there are ways of teaching them a lesson. You just need to be creative.


  • ross1948 00:08 on January 31, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Time To Deflate The SAG Gas-Bags! 

     Going around Jakarta on public transport, as we non-rich folks do…


    … I am often serenaded, along with other passengers, by pengamen, buskers, who board the vehicle alone or with two or three friends, and entertain us with songs or, occasionally, poems.


    They are (sometimes!) rather good at entertaining us, and most people give them a few coins in appreciation of their efforts to enliven what might otherwise be a wearisome journey.

    One time, a guitarist asked me, as about the only foreigner who uses kopajas, to help him figure out the lyrics of a song! 


    But no matter how impressive their talents may be, nobody would seriously contemplate seeking their advice on Indonesian politics. If they attempted to impose their personal political or religious views via their performamces, most commuters would be thoroughly teed off.

    And for the offending minstrels, it would be a case of ‘rare in our pockets the mark of the mint!’

    So it doesn’t happen.

    They grasp the fact that their job is entertainment, not peddling propaganda.

    Hasil gambar untuk screen actors guild communist


    Not so the puffed up twerps of the Screen Actors Guild, an organisation which, in his younger days as an actor, the late great Ronald Reagan rescued from CPUSA control.




    Times have changed and the Left are back in the SAG saddle, as witness the Anti-Trump hate-fest reported by the BBC.

    “We’re in a really tricky time in our country and things are very inexcusable and scary,” said Emma Stone    http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-38793960 

    Silly little flibberty-jibbet as ever there were!


    Her scariest daily challenge is choosing which of many expensive baubles to don for the next party.

    And other show-biz gabbling ignoramuses too were at their shrillest, mouthing off in defence of undesirable aliens.

    If one scares easily, the moronic blow-hard in this video  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuOcG0lIVZM –  might be a tad worrisome.


    Hasil gambar untuk punch in the face sag



    That bearded buffoon  – no idea of his name – gets rapturous applause from face-lifted hags, demented young harpies and some sexually ambivalent ‘men,’ when he howls of his intention to ‘punch in the face’ those he dislikes.

    These ‘celebrities’ need to be slapped down.

    Some of them at least are smart enough to know the folly of the left-liberal hogwash they spout, but they carry on, to keep in with the in-crowd.



    Others are pure evil, like Michael Moore.

    And others, Emma Stone’s sort, are just big kids, immature and prone to showing off, to appal normal people, and to thrill their pinko pals.

    Best to boycott their movies till they grow up.

    Oh, and start with the boring OScar junk that’s apparently coming up soon. 

  • ross1948 21:18 on January 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Dope Francis Forgets 'Judge Not' Teachings, Disses Patriots – 

    I see that Dope Francis is yapping again, telling us that it’s too early to judge the new US leader, saying “we’ll see what Trump does”.


    Yes, since the Cardinals were daft enough to elevate this blathering, arrogant, old fool to serve as Bishop of Rome, he is authorised to judge Catholics, and excommunicate those who don’t bow to his ex cathedra diktats.




    But the senescent Argie hypocrite has NO authority to sit in judgement on Protestants, like me…or Donald Trump.,

    Nor on anyone else outwith his own denomination.

    Indeed, I seem to recall that a man in the Holy Land once laid down a rule to His followers  – 

    Judge not, that ye be not judged. – Matthew/7-1


    Jesus kicks out undesirables


    ‘Ignore what He said! You shouldn’t kick out undesirables!’

    Dope P also condemned the use of walls and barbed-wire to keep foreigners out.    http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-38708485

    I’d have thought those were very efficient ways to keep unwanted people out.  

    What are Dope’s alternatives to achieve that desirable objective. Mine-fields, maybe?

    Or unaffordable admission fees, like those he’s charging at his huge and luxurious summer palace at Castelgandolfo…



    Dope Paul Spurns My Plan – Castelgandolfo, Open To Tourists, NOT ‘Migrants!’ 

    …which could comfortably accommodate a thousand or more of the undesirable aliens currently infesting poor Italy.

    Retired Couple ‘Slaughtered Like Goats!’  

    Italy Infested With ‘Asylum’ Predators!  

    Afghan Pig Rapes Pensioner – Police Cover-Up ‘Sensitive’ Crime! 


    But of course neither Trump, nor UKIP, nor Germany’s AfD  nor Marine Le Pen in France has proposed any policy ‘to keep foreigners out.’

    They are all, as far as I’m aware, prepared to allow entry to useful, honest, foreign people, whose presence might be of benefit to their countries.

    What DO they want to keep out?


    phoney ‘refugees’

    parasitic economic migrants

    …and of course ISIS-type terrorists.

    I understand why Trump aims to remove such undesirables…



    ….and good luck to him!


    Who does the Argie Ass think he is to sit on judgement on the new American President?

    It’ll be about now that a grumpy pinko glowering over his laptop in a fancy-pants uptown resto ponders submitting a snarky comment, along the lines of ‘how dare you, a conservative blogger and a self-confessed party animal, quote Scripture and complain at Dope Francis for being judgmental – you yourself are forever making judgements against us leftists?’

    And to that, I say – it’s Sunday!

    When better to quote Scripture?

    Or to speak up for those who live in fear, millions in cities all over the Western world, whose wives and daughters no longer feel it’s safe to walk alone after dark…

    Predators and Child Molestors



    ….but Dope Francis has already dismissed their fears – remember?



        Pope Francis: Migrants in danger, but not dangerous , .



    • Michael W. 22:12 on January 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      As a not very observant Catholic, I admit to being reluctant to get started in any theology debate but let me first say I’m glad you made it clear that the Pope’s opinions are not binding on Catholics unless he is speaking ‘ex cathedra’.
      If it’s just him expressing a personal opinion, like his political ejaculations, his views are no more or less important to us than yours or mine. You have quoted a Hungarian bishop who expressed very different opinions, that you agreed with, and I think most Catholic Hungarians and Poles and more and more Italians agree with that bishop and with you.
      You have a harsh turn of phrase, Ross, like when you called some other clergy ‘dog-collared appeasement monkeys’ ( though you are ecumenical, in that you insult both Protestant and Catholic clergy!) and even although I agree that churchmen and women should ‘render unto Caesar’ and not rush into political controversies, I wonder if you should use milder vocabulary.
      However, my suspicion is that you write like this to provoke reactions and to attract conservative readers.
      It is after all very unlikely you will ever attract non-conservative readers. I get a little alarmed sometimes when you go into your hyperbolic mode but it is certainly not boring.



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