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  • ross1948 1:47 am on May 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Will Washington State Rename Itself – Totempola? 

    Like most of America’s heroes, Washington is abhorred by Antifa Red Nazis and BLM racists…



    … not only for his fundamental role in creating the USA but also, probably, for his famous distaste for lies, which are integral to BLM/Antifa propaganda.

    So I wonder if the next cultural marxist target will be the state named for the great man.

    I’m moved thus to speculate after reading this report…


    … which made me realise how deep the rot in Washington state has set in.

    Not only passed by the state legislature but now signed by the Democrat Governor too, all sections of a law have been enacted, to impose racialised teaching in every Washington school…



    …indoctrination of every child into the ‘critical race’ conspiracy theory.

    What’s left for the Washington Left to do, except erase the offensive name of America’s first and greatest hero…



    ..perhaps replacing it with an atavistic nod to the Red Indians whose presence on the Pacific coast was marked by their distinctive totem poles?


    • Vinnie F 7:32 am on May 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Nothing is impossible in America these days so you could be right.
      The problem we face in getting sanity back is that even if we win elections, we are told we lost them and the Un-Americans stay in power and have their Big Tech buddies shut down our protests.

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  • ross1948 10:00 pm on April 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    UK Pravda Left-Slants Madrid News 

    I was very busy this morning, normal chores, enlivened by Tigi the Kitten AGAIN walking onto the glue-trap laid out at the foot of the stairs.


    This time,’twas not only his paws but his body-fur that got gummed up  – but he bore his deliverance bravely.

    His ordeal was not pleasant, but imagine mine, listening to that pinko berk Embley on ‘BBC World News’ and a report on a violent episode in Spain’s capital, Madrid.

    We heard how a ‘far-right’ rally was being held.


    Image result for vox españa


    That, in Beeb-Speak, means the patriot party, Vox.

    Then we heard how ‘anti-fascists’ – who wanted to attack the patriots – ended up fighting with police!

    This is nothing new in Spain…

    Viva Vox – Despite Red Thuggery And Slack Policing, Patriot Party Surging? 

    ….where marxist hoodlums have become a common blot on the landscape.



    Why did BBC not use the correct words, ‘far-left,’ to describe the violent rabble who wanted to stop the completely legal Vox rally?



    The red vermin may call themselves ‘Anti-Fascist’ but that’s a sick joke – they are in reality no better than terrorists.

    If UK Pravda ever gets round to honest reporting, they might best describe the red louts as ‘Anti-Democracy.’

    Next time they run amok, best if the police use live ammo and put a stop to their vicious mayhem.

  • ross1948 9:08 pm on January 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Capitol Riot – BBC Cover-Up Antifa Infiltration! 

    John Earle Sullivan in a file mugshot photograph. (Utah County Jail)

    John Earle Sullivan

    Black Lives Matter Activist Took Part in Storming of Capitol



    Any mention of his name in UK Pravda news?


    Another foul BBC cover-up?

    That unpleasant-looking lout, identified as John Earle Sullivan, who last year ‘organized a protest with Black Lives Matter activists and members of the far-left Antifa network,’ was detained in the Capitol on 6th January


    He is facing no charges!

    Somebody has made sure the BLM/Antifa infiltrator is off the hook!


    And needless to say, UK Pravda is burying the truth, again!


    • Mack the Knife 9:22 pm on January 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I knew it.
      Like the BBC and the other media covered up the stolen election and now they are hiding what their far-left fans did in Washington.
      We must fight back.


    • Ken Kasic 9:30 pm on January 9, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you.
      The Media-Democrats are moving very fast with Big Tech billionaires to remove our free speech rights, even faster now than they have before the election.

      We need all the honest bloggers like you to get the facts out, while you still can.


    • Kally Hent 8:45 am on January 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I am not in the slightest surprised that Antifa inserted themselves in, to cause trouble.
      The way this thug has been allowed to walk while others are being hounded is much more shocking.


    • Mel Henderson 10:49 am on January 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Can you see any historical parallels with what’s going on, Ross?
      I have one in mind, the Reichstag Fire, but you are better with history than me.


  • ross1948 8:29 am on December 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘The Counter-Protest Side?’ Journo Defines Antifa Red Nazis! 

    Yes, that’s how one ( tax-payer funded) ‘journalist’ chose to euphemise the cowardly Antifa mob whose thuggery he was  recording in Sacramento this week.

    We have often used this cartoon to illustrate the stark similarities between today’s Antifa Red Nazis and yesterday’s (1939s) Nazis.



    But generally, Hitler’s gang didn’t care if their violence went public, a significant difference between them and the leftist hoodlums who swarm in packs and seek to silence critics.

    The Nowadays Nazis don’t want their thuggery caught on camera!



    As one gang-member declared-

     “…there can be legal consequences for their comrades if you get too close [with a video camera]. It’s a thin line. I have no respect for snitches disguised as journalists. Respect earns respect and trust earns trust.” 


    The ‘legal consequences’ these red lice fear are arrest and prosecution for their serious crimes against persons and property!

    A number of them rushed him in an alley and beat him,” Rodd wrote. It appears to be a five-against-one gang-up — Antifa aren’t known for fighting one on one…


    Read the full report ( with videos) via The Blaze link above!

  • ross1948 5:30 pm on November 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    BLM/Red Nazis Attack Family – What BBC Hid! 

    About an hour ago, UK Pravda’s ‘news’ showed us the scenes in Washington DC, thousands of patriotic citizens showing support for their President.



    The ‘news’ flunkey, who resembled a bored bloodhound, droned out the BBC approved propaganda line, that the patriots were showing support, not for Trump’s “claims….”

    …but his ‘unsubstantiated claims’ – just in case we viewers might get presumptuous and imagine we can examine the claims and make up our minds for ourselves…

    BBC’s ‘Without Evidence’ Big Lie? Don’t Be Taken In! 

    ….without instruction from the Media-Democrat Party and their running-dogs in London.

    There was reference to violence, and mention that the President had blamed the Antifa Red Nazis, plus a farcical statement that he had not ‘called for calm.’



    As if the far-left scumbags of BLM/Antifa….

    ….would pay any heed to any voice of reason.

    Anyway, here’s just some of what the BBC failed to report…


    Epoch Times Photo

    Red vermin burning Stars and Stripes in Washington DC

    …about how the far-left’s filthy savages got up to!

    Video from Saturday shows a group dressed in all black holding bright orange “Refuse Fascism” signs pursue a multiracial family, which included three young children. Several people in the mob get in the face of the black mother who is wearing a Trump jacket and pushing a stroller with an infant at Black Lives Matter Plaza….
  • ross1948 2:13 pm on October 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    SWR Cover-Up! Antifa Infiltrating Freiburg Polizei? 

    We keep seeing shock-horror reports about ‘right-wing extremists’ said to be ‘infiltrating’ various German state institutions…


    Image result for stasi erika"

    Did Kim Philby Advise Merkel On Treason Skills? 

    …and given Mama Stasi Merkel’s own dodgy record, we can understand why she might get worked up about this.

    But what about the REAL enemies of German democracy, the Antifa Red Nazis?



    We have to ask, because by a very curious set of circumstances, it’s become public knowledge that, in one German Police Office, in Freiburg, to be precise, somebody who works there has displayed his or her hatred of the AfD patriot party prominently.

    In the past, political policing certainly did exist in Germany, the Nazi Gestapo and the Communist Stasi being infamous examples.

    But today, German cops have an obligation to be politically neutral.


    You can see the Antifa-style poster – ‘FCK AFD’ – on the wall in the photo below.


    So which officer put it there?

    How many senior officers saw it and failed to tell their Antifa subordinate to take it down?

    Or was it placed in its prominent position by a very senior officer of Antifa inclinations, making the subordinates fear to take it down?


    How many Antifa sympathisers infest that police force?

    Things is, nobody would have known about it, because ordinary citizens don’t usually go beyond the public counter of a cop-shop.

    However, a German tv station, SWR, was doing a worthwhile documentary on criminals who operate scamming rackets, phoning vulnerable victims.

    Totally non-political show!


    When SWR broadcast it, they included a scene in the offices where the relevant police were carrying out their investigations.

    And THAT’s when the far-left flag, or poster, or whatever it is, was included in the tv show!

    You can watch it by using this link.

    Betrug am Telefon – Wie alte Menschen um ihr Geld gebracht werden | betrifft: | SWR Fernsehen | SWR

    BUT NOW?




    SWR has quite brazenly hidden the evidence of far-leftism in the heart of a major German police force by superimposing….

    ….a large rectangular blur over the Antifa propaganda on display there!

    Watch the scamming documentary – it’s just 30 minutes into that video.

    And yet…would a publicly funded broadcaster like SWR collaborate in a cover-up of extreme left activity in that Freiburg cop-shop?


    It rang a bell, from nearly five years ago!

    AfD Verbot – SWR Goebbels-Clones Face Rising Protest! 

    I leave it to readers in Germany to draw their own conclusions!

  • ross1948 9:13 am on August 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    But Old Folks Still Get To Vote, Comrade Antifa! 

    American nightmare…

    Article Image

    Rioters splash paint on elderly woman, get in her face when she stands up to their police precinct attack: ‘This isn’t your world anymore!’

    ..but as the Antifa Red Nazis in Portland, or was it Seattle, or any of the other cities where savages now think they rule the roost, bully and torment senior citizens…


    …let’s remember that come November the old folks will be voting too, their chance to respond to the Enemy Within!

    • Vinnie Fiore 10:13 am on August 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      That picture truly sums up the Left.


    • Earl Edwardes 11:39 am on August 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Grim reading, grim picture, grim future for the West if the Antifa nazis are not taken out of the equation.


    • Ben Baniek 12:06 pm on August 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Old people can remember when America had law and order which guaranteed freedom. The Antifa Nazi is correct about it not being their world anymore. It’s time to get that America back.


    • Petra Malley 7:57 pm on August 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      You have quoted Churchill in recent weeks, how he told the British people that the war was about fighting evil and those words come back to me when I look at this picture, Antifa, the new nazis, and it seems their new normal world does not include the older generation.
      This is not just a prejudice against senior citizens but fear that they were born in a time of values detested by marxists.
      God, Family Country.
      This was foreshadowedw by the Remainers in Britain, their Hate the Old rants after the Brexit referendum.
      Now in America it has reached a crescendo.
      Respect for the elderly is the mark of a civilised society.
      We are dealing with barbarians.


  • ross1948 11:20 pm on August 4, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Home Invasion Thwarted! Good Neighbours Stop Seattle Savages! 

    “They were out here intimidating us

    Black Lives Matter Protesters Swarm Seattle Police Chief's Home


    But the suburban neighbours of Seattle’s police chief stood their ground against a menacing mob of ( mostly white!) BLM savages who were all set for a home invasion!

    Without a doubt this evil rabble was comprised of Antifa Red Nazis…



    ….the sort of scum who abound in Seattle.

    It’s a damn shame it was left to undoubtedly brave but untrained and mostly, probably, unarmed civilians to prevent a home invasion.

    Incredibly, these outrageous antics are not even commonly condemned by those in public life – a ‘debate unfolded online Sunday night over whether protests against police brutality should include visits to public officials’ homes….



    …and it’s apparently happened not once or twice, but often, with this exercise in intimidation only the ‘latest in a series of visits the demonstrations have paid to those who hold public power in Seattle, including City Council members and Mayor Jenny Durkan.’

    Enough is surely enough!

    Multiple posts that appeared to come from Best’s neighbors referred to protesters as “terrorists,” and at least one included a photo of a gun.

    But the vilest of the vermin element is clearly unabashed.


    Nikitta Oliver

    Understand that white vigilantes and police are two sides of the same coin when it comes to state sanctioned violence against Black peoples,” read a tweet Sunday night from attorney, activist and former Seattle mayoral candidate Nikkita Oliver.

    Better by far if armed officers in sufficient numbers had been on the scene..



    …and better still if a sufficient number of the scumbags had challenged them and been put down, like the rabid curs they are.

    The city’s top cop has in the past collaborated with the rancid leftists who run Seattle…


    Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best

    Disregard Left Lies – There’s Rape, Robbery In Antifa Zone! 


    ….but maybe she’s beginning to realise that their dilletante revolutionism has released demons they can no longer use for their own political advantage.

    Or maybe not.

    • Leanne 12:05 am on August 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      It’s all out in the open, now, burning Bibles, home invasions.
      America needs to bury these barbarians.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 8:52 am on August 5, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      A fair summary, Ross, but I think you may be wrong with that assumption that the suburban neighbours were mostly unarmed.
      Even all thosev’college-educated soccer-moms’ who are reportedly going to desert Trump for Biden in November are not so stupid that there wont be a hand-gun in the linen cupboard, for when the barbarians come calling.


  • ross1948 11:54 pm on August 1, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Can You Name This Scrawny Canadian Red Nazi And This Fat Nudie Floozy? 

    Take a look at this!’

    Afro-Indigenous Rising” EVICTED from Toronto park, Rebel News ...


    I think all my cousins moved out of Toronto years ago. 

    Not surprising if one cannot even take a walk in Dufferin Park with being confronted by freaks like these.

    For more. use this link.


    And donate please, because honest journalists in Canada now need to hire bodyguards!

    • Arnold 11:37 am on August 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I wouldnt want to know any more about that man. He is a thug and why didnt the cops arrest him.
      That was threatening conduct and it used to be a crime.


    • Marty N 3:14 pm on August 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I watched enough of that and that scrawny needs a spell in jail.
      Who does he think he is, telling anybody to get out of a public park?
      A mean little rodent.
      The fat nudie was okay though!


  • ross1948 5:14 pm on July 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Evil Incarnate In America! A Rabid Sow Named Julia Clark! 

    Here’s a picture of evil incarnate…


    Profile photo, opens profile page on Twitter in a new tab


    ..a leering, foul-mouthed, vicious sow named Julia Clark.

    Read all about her here!

    Terrified Woman Mobbed by Violent Protesters, Hits Gas to Escape — Police Won’t Arrest Her and Let Her Drive on Home


    • Elly Marsh 11:45 am on July 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      What a vicious devil she is!


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