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    Another Good Cause…A VERY Good Cause! Fighting Antifa! 

    There are no fouler vermin in the world than the Anti Red Nazis.


    This man, Andy Ngo, was brutally, and repeatedly, assailed by leftist hoodlums..

    .View image on Twitter

    ….punched and hit several times, chemically sprayed by protesters while live-streaming antifa protest in Portland..

    Stumptown TV Series – Aimed At Polishing Portland’s Putrid Name? 

    …so I am more than happy to let him speak to you directly about his personal fightback against the left scum who attacked him and who are currently waging war on America on the streets of ‘Stumptown!’

    BTW, please note the cowardice and collaboration of Portland Police!

    Further proof of the need for HONEST law enforcement there…

    i.e. Feds!



    I was one of the first civilians savagely beaten by lawless Antifa thugs.

    And unless we do something to stop them today, I’ll be far from the last.

    That’s why I’m asking you to donate $35 or more today to help me fund my landmark lawsuit that will bring Antifa and its members to justice.

    You see, I was at Antifa’s “ground zero” last summer, in Portland, Ore.

    This was before most Americans had ever heard of the Antifa movement, but they’d caused havoc before.

    I went to an Antifa “protest” as a journalist, to document and report on the event.

    As soon as I arrived, I feared for my safety.

    The mob was angry and looking for a fight.

    Most of them wore masks — and not the kind we wear today because of coronavirus. They wanted to act like criminals without getting caught. Many had on helmets and carried makeshift armor. Some had weapons like baseball bats, brass knuckles and even bricks.

    I was scared, but I had a job to do, so I pressed on.

    People like you needed to know what was happening.

    But I didn’t go unnoticed for long.

    Somebody recognized me and jeers quickly rose through the crowd.

    “F*** you, Andy Ngo!” and “Go home, fascist!”

    Fists started flying at my face and head. Then came the projectiles.

    Before I knew it, I was being punched, kicked, and hit with flying objects.

    I tried to protect my head. I did not strike back as I knew that would only escalate the situation and put me in more danger.

    Not to mention they stole my camera.

    What they did to me is unacceptable. And now they’re trying to do the same to innocent Americans like you — and get away with it.

    That’s why I’m suing Antifa as an organization and its members to bring them to justice and send the loud clear message that they are NOT above the law.

    Will you donate $35 or more to help me cover the costs of my lawsuit against Antifa?

    This is bigger than me alone.

    You see, after I got away from the mob, police finally showed up to question me, but my attackers stole my evidence.

    Later, cell phone footage from a bystander surfaced online. Thank goodness! The video captured the attack, clear as day.

    I hoped I’d get the justice I deserved.


    To this day, over a year later, the Portland Police have done nothing.

    No charges. No arrests. No suspects questioned.

    It’s not much of a surprise, though.

    You see, radical politicians have long-since bowed to the dangerous mob that terrorizes their streets.

    And now, as you and I are watching Antifa’s nationwide takeover, more and more politicians across the country are following suit.

    We have to stop them and make them face real, legal consequences for their destructive actions before they get to you and your family.

    That’s why I hope you’ll join the fight by donating $35 or more to fund my landmark lawsuit against Antifa and its members.

    Antifa wants the literal end of America — and they’ll stop at nothing to get it. Believe me when I say that’s not an overstatement.

    Some members are avowed socialists or communists. But many are much worse – open anarchists who want to tear down our society and remake it in their own twisted vision with no law and order.

    By any means necessary.

    Rioting. Destruction. Mayhem.

    And they know, as long as they choose politically favored protests to co-opt, the media and politicians will never have the guts to denounce their violence or hold them accountable.

    It’s a sick strategy, but very smart – because so far, they’ve been successful.

    For the most part, they’ve gotten off scot-free.

    Our politicians and media are treating this terrorist group like peaceful protestors!

    As we’ve seen, their riots will only spread and intensify if Antifa continue to escape consequences.

    So now I’m taking justice into my own hands – with the help of the talented lawyers at the Center for American Liberty.

    And, as I mentioned, we’ve starting by suing Portland’s Antifa chapter and some of their individual members.

    You can be a part of bringing Antifa to justice with a donation of $35 or more today.

    Though I’m seeking justice for myself, the impact of this case could be so much larger.

    This is about standing up for our country when our own leaders won’t.

    This is about saving America as we know it and keeping you and your family safe.

    And this is just the first blow we intend to deliver.

    By taking them to court for the attack against me we can prove they are NOT untouchable.

    Can I count on you to donate $35 or more to fund this critical lawsuit?

    Please don’t wait – if we don’t fight back and win now, these violent thugs will be in EVERY city across America, destroying everything and everyone in their path.

    Thank you in advance for your support.


    Alternate text

    Andy Ngo


    P.S. I know firsthand that America’s troubles with Antifa aren’t over– they’re just beginning.

    Today, we can make them face the consequences that left-wing politicians refuse to dole out. Please donate as generously as you can right away.

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    Global Appeal? A Canadian Cause, But We Share A Globalist Enemy! 

    I have often praised the good work done by Ezra Levant and his team, and do so again today.

    Ghastly Grotty Greta, known on my blog as The Addled Brat, is our common enemy, a mini-monster created by her far-left parents,and it’s important to get that message across.

    We all do our bit, but….

    Read on! ,

    …at Rebel News, we’re not satisfied — we want everyone to see it — including those who might not subscribe to our YouTube channel.

    That’s why we’ve unleashed a huge billboard in Alberta to spread our exposé on Greta’s crew as far and wide as we can.

    Here — check it out:

    We want the world to know about the investigative, public-interest journalism that Keean has done on Greta. And that’s why we’re paying thousands of dollars to put her face on this billboard, which will attract around 1.3 million impressions every month.

    But we need your help to cover those costs. As an independent media company, we rely on our viewers to fund our hard-hitting journalism. We refuse to rely on government money to keep us afloat. So, if you want to help us out and support Keean’s work, please click here or visit GretaInc.com to pitch in.

    Yours truly,

    Sheila Gunn Reid

    P.S. What do you think of our billboard? I think it’s magnificent — and it’ll surely stir the pot somewhat! If you want to help us keep it up for as long as possible, please visit GretaInc.com to chip in. Thanks! 

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    Help This Canadian Victim Of The Gaystapo! 

    An obviously good cause- help this guy, please!


    Suppression of speech in Canada: Bill Whatcott’s trial for “willful promotion of hatred” to begin in Toronto June 1

    Facing prison time for passing out flyers warning about LGBT medical issues, with Bible verses

    Is this coming to America?

    New crowd-funding page to help Bill pay living expenses during expected 6-week trial (see below)

    January 29, 2019
    ALT TEXT Bill Whatcott interviewed by Toronto TV station outside of the courthouse after his initial hearing in 2018. (See video of TV report below.) This case could make waves across Canada — and beyond.

    Bill Whatcott continues to be a prime target of Canada’s powerful and venomous LGBT movement. His upcoming June trial – and his supposed “crime” that drew charges of “willful promotion of hatred” – has already made Canadian national news and involved top figures in the Canadian government.

    It also has attracted Canada’s foremost criminal defense lawyer to Bill’s case.

    Why is this Canadian story so important? Whatcott’s ordeal brings to the forefront the frightening future that the international LGBT movement has planned for all of us. So far, Canada appears to be the first country to severely criminalize any speech critical of homosexual or transgender behavior or “gender” ideology – or even factual medical information. But forced silence is clearly the goal the LGBT movement is working to put in place around the world.

    And, to be honest, the way Bill incorporates a sense of humor into his activism has obviously exacerbated the hatred directed at him by the arrogant and completely humorless Left.

    Whatcott’s infamous “crime”

    Just what did Bill Whatcott do to ignite all this fury?

    In 2016, Whatcott used an assumed name to successfully register to march in the Toronto Gay Pride Parade. He and a group of friends called themselves “The Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association.” They marched in the July 3 parade wearing skin-tight green body suits that disguised their faces. (This “Pride” parade was particularly obscene. Bill’s group was marching right behind a group of completely naked men – considered “normal” among the LGBT crowd.)


    While they were marching, the “Gay Zombies” handed out approximately 3,000 “zombie safe sex” packets. But they were not at all like the usual “safe sex” packets that contain a condom and instructions on how to use it.

    ALT TEXT The “safe sex” packet with the flyer inside. They passed out 3,000 of these that day!

    Inside each packet was a folded up two-sided flyer with very explicit medical-related information about the dangers of LGBT behavior. It also included graphic images of anal warts, genital warts, and a blotched corpse labeled an “AIDS fatality.” (Bear in mind that Bill has worked as a nurse and cared for many homosexual men, including AIDS patients. He knows what health dangers “gay” behavior entails. He is motivated by compassion.)

    The flyer called on people to give up their sins and come to Christ. It also criticized the Prime Minister and other Canadian political figures for their homosexual activism, and how they have led Canada “on a destructive journey toward sexual anarchy and homosexual inspired oppression.” It included Bill’s personal email and phone number.

    See for yourself! Below is a 39-second video of Bill and his group in the 2016 Toronto Gay Pride Parade.

    When word got back to the “LGBT community” in Toronto what the “Gay Zombies” had done, they were livid. But Bill Whatcott was the only member of the group they could identify, since his name was on packet information and the whole group was disguised.

    Bill publicly admitted he was part of the “Gay Zombies,” but he refused to name any of the others who were with him. However, he was not initially charged with any crime.

    The $104 million lawsuit

    Instead, a month after the parade, several prominent homosexual activists filed a civil lawsuit charging Whatcott and his supporters with defamation and “hate speech.” In the lawsuit, they demanded an absurd $104 million in damages to various LGBT groups.

    The lawsuit claimed that the defamed parties included all the marchers of the Toronto Gay Pride Parade, all the spectators who had received the packets, the Liberal Party of Canada, and the politicians named in the flyer. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne (an “out” lesbian) agreed to be included in the lawsuit.

    To make their point on a national level, the plaintiffs held a grand press conference announcing the lawsuit in the Press Gallery of the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa. Their absurd hysteria over this was stunning. Watch the video of it here.

    ALT TEXT The press conference in the Press Gallery of the Canadian Parliament in Ottowa, led by four homosexual activists.

    In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs demanded not only that Whatcott and the other marchers in the group (who have still never been identified) be held liable, but also anyone who supported the effort financially or through any other means.

    According to the homosexual activists, the main purpose of the $104 million claim was to “smoke out” and extract monetary damages from all the wealthy financial backers of Whatcott and his group. They simply assumed that Bill was being bankrolled by a cabal of big right-wing donors – because that’s how the Left does things. (They also wanted to put fear into anyone who might help Whatcott in the future.) But in fact, there were no wealthy donors. The “Gay Zombies” accomplished their mission on a shoestring budget, funded by the participants themselves.

    The lawsuit would also ban Whatcott and his group from leafletting or even posting their information on a website. It would also ban them from marching in any “gay pride” parade in Canada.

    But in 2019, after three years of effort, the homosexual activists gave up and dropped the $104 million lawsuit. It became very clear that there were no “wealthy right-wing donors” to go after. And Whatcott continued to refuse to disclose the names of the other “zombies” who marched with him.

    So Bill was free from their vindictive legal stunts. Well, not exactly.

    In June 2018, as the $104 million lawsuit was losing steam, the second LGBT shoe finally dropped.

    Two years after the fact – Bill is charged with a “hate crime”

    Suddenly, almost two years after the “crime,” the Toronto Police decided to formally charge Bill Whatcott with the crime of “inciting hatred” under Canada’s Criminal Code. According to published reports, the Attorney General of Ontario personally authorized the charge against Whatcott.

    Why did they wait so long to charge him? According to news reports, the police claimed that they had conducted “a two-year investigation” and also had to “liaise” with the prosecution. The more obvious reason is that the LGBT movement realized they had run out of other options to punish Bill, and the government was happy to cooperate by concocting a criminal charge.

    Nationwide warrant for Bill’s arrest!

    But that wasn’t enough. Immediately after charging him, the Canadian government took the unnecessary but dramatic step of issuing a nation-wide arrest warrant for Bill. In Canada, that kind of warrant is almost always reserved for very serious crimes like murder – not a minor incident that happened three years ago. They could have just called him, or contacted his lawyer instead.

    Bill immediately turns himself in to authorities

    As soon as Bill heard about the nation-wide warrant for his arrest, he publicly announced he would be traveling to nearby Calgary, Alberta to turn himself in at the local police station.

    By then, pro-family people across the region had also heard about the over-zealous actions the government was taking against Bill. As MassResistance reported that day from Calgary, about two dozen Christian protesters, including several local pastors, loudly protested outside the police station as Bill came to turn himself in. 

    ALT TEXT Some of the two dozen Christian protesters outside of the Calgary Police Station as Bill Whatcott comes to turn himself in. [MassResistance photo]

    As we also reported, after turning himself in Bill was treated harshly in the Calgary jail and even denied food for 24 hours before being flown to Toronto for his preliminary court hearing.

    Initial court hearing in Toronto

    The initial court procedure in Toronto was a bail hearing. Bill was there with a local Christian lawyer. The judge granted bail, but imposed several severe restrictions: Bill had to surrender his passport and not leave the country. He could not post or distribute the pamphlet (but MassResistance still posts it). And for the “protection” of the LGBT community, Bill must stay away from all gay pride parades in Canada and not enter the “Gay Village” district of Toronto.

    This was clearly no ordinary bail hearing. Bill’s hearing made the Toronto TV news:

    VIDEO: Toronto TV Report of Bill’s hearing (mainstream media)

    Almost immediately afterwards, Bill was suddenly fired from his truck-driving job (the company refused to give a reason) and was “banned for life” from using GoFundMe to raise money. We suspect the usual forces of “tolerance” were behind that. But Bill is not deterred!

    If Bill loses this case, he could be sent to prison two years, and possibly also fined. (Meanwhile, he is already facing a $55,000 fine in British Columbia he can’t afford – for his “hate speech” of calling a transgender candidate for Parliament a “man” – which that person is.)

    Bill gains a prominent defense attorney!

    As the government began building up its criminal case against Bill, his local Christian lawyer realized he had too many other commitments to continue with his case. Then a miraculous thing happened.

    Around September 2019, Canadian attorney John Rosen agreed to take Bill’s case if he could get a government subsidy (because of Bill’s lack of funds). Rosen is universally considered the best criminal defense attorney in Canada.

    Apparently, although he does not necessarily agree with Bill’s opinions, Rosen believes strongly in free speech and finds this case an interesting test of that. Surprisingly, Rosen was granted the subsidy. He’s officially Bill’s lawyer on this case! Now, Bill has the best chance of winning this that we can imagine!

    Each side lines up an “expert witness”

    Each side has lined up a prominent “expert witness” for the upcoming trial.

    To help try to “prove” that Bill’s actions constitute “hate,” the government has hired Dr. Nick J. Mulé, an Associate Professor of Social Work at York University in Toronto. According to reports, Mulé is also an LGBT activist. He has already submitted a 16-page paper that basically medical and moral criticism of homosexually is simply a method for promoting hate and discrimination against individuals, and Whatcott is particularly guilty of that. All of Mulé’s expenses are being paid for by the government.

    Bill has brought on for his expert witness Dr. Michael Brown, a well-known and highly regarded writer and speaker in the United States on moral and religious issues. Dr. Brown is author of the landmark book, A Queer Thing Happened to America: And What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been. Dr. Brown’s appearance is not being paid for by the government – he is paying for all his own travel and lodging expenses!

    BILL NEEDS HELP for this trial!!

    Can the LGBT anti-free speech juggernaut be stopped – and beaten back? This will surely be an epic trial for all of Canada – and beyond!

    And, as we’ve been reporting, Bill Whatcott has been fearlessly telling the truth across Canada for a while (while most people are afraid to). This is really where the rubber meets the road. Bill and his lawyer are basically up against the top politicians in the country.

    Bill Whatcott is standing up for all the rest of us!

    The trial starts in Toronto on June 1. It is slated to last four weeks. Bill’s lawyer wants him there two weeks early to prepare for it.

    Bill needs financial help. During his six weeks in Toronto for his trial, he will not be able to work. He needs money to pay for food and lodging while in Toronto. Also during that time, he needs to pay for his household expenses back home.

    MassResistance hopes to raise $3,000 for Bill’s expenses. We have started a GoGetFunding page for that purpose. (It’s a conservative alternative to GoFundMe.) We would be grateful for any help you can give him:

    Bill Whatcott’s GoGetFunding page

    MassResistance will keep you fully informed on the developments in this trial!

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    Any Brits Who Hate BBC Bias Should Chip In A Quid Or Ten! 

    David Keighley is a former news and current affairs publicity officer for BBC and ITV. He is a media consultant and has monitored BBC news output since 1999 through his organisation News-watch.co.uk.

    Refreshingly, he is supporting an appeal for cash…

    …to take a case to the UK courts…

    And here’s how he begins!

    Have you ever stopped and questioned whether the output of BBC news and current affairs is as balanced as it could be…?

    Well, you know my response to that!



    My view can be summed up by the illustrations above and below!


    Please read all about it, help if you can, and, if not, spread the appeal, whenever and wherever you can.

    • Mark Boreham 17:07 on July 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I normally spend a tenner on my Friday bar outing after work.
      After reading all about this, I will spend my tenner on their legal fund, go home early and probably feel much brighter than usual tomorrow.


    • Vicki 20:05 on July 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      If we all chip in a little, and they win their case, it would be a very worthwhile investment.


    • Diana 22:28 on July 5, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      This is a good cause!
      It’s a pity it hasn’t been well publicised.
      Thanks to you, more Englishmen and women will be aware of the case and if we all forward this to everybody we can, with a bit of luck some more donations will be made.


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    Don’t Play Nice With Nasty Traitors! Take May DOWN! 

    I never seek donations to keep my blog going because it costs me little and I enjoy the effort it requires of me.

    But in view of the downright treachery encompassed in the May/Davis Document – which has confirmed me in my view…

    ….well expressed in this illustration, that from now on, only tough, rough and ready tactics can save Britain, I am making a special appeal.

    I know that there are numerous websites and campaigns that serve the Brexit cause, but some of them are altogether too gentle.

    We are not dealing with gentlefolk, but with RATS, which need to be, in political terms, not persuaded but extirpated. It seems to me that only one of the array of British resistance movements has hit the right note in response to the sell-out.

    Hence I am appending the entire latest email from Leave EU and urging every patriotic Brit to help them out….



    When 17,410,742 people voted to leave the European Union on June 23 2016, we knew exactly what we were voting for.

    We wanted to take back control of our own destiny – and that meant controlling our borders, our money, our natural resources, and our laws.

    We wanted to do that as soon as possible, and David Cameron’s empty promise to trigger Article 50 on June 24 told us that we would be out of the rotten club by June 23 2018 at the latest.

    But yesterday the British government revealed that it has no intention to deliver Brexit until January 1 2021 at the earliest. During that entire period – which will end nearly half a decade after our vote for departure – we will be bound by all of the shackles that we voted to remove.

    They have surrendered shamelessly to the demands of the Brussels establishment in the draft of a Withdrawal Agreement. The 130 pages of legal text are smeared with green to highlight the areas where Britain’s spineless government has caved in.


    At the end of the transition period, we will likely be forced into yet another general election – which will be used by pro-EU forces as a de facto second referendum on EU membership. We have to be ready to fight. Our campaign relies on public donations, and you can help us by clicking the link below.

    In January of this year, Theresa May said that “there is a difference between those who came prior to us leaving and those who will come when they know the UK is leaving”, but yesterday we discovered that there is no difference at all. Anybody who arrives and resides in the UK before the end of the transition period will have the right to acquire permanent residency.

    That means the status quo – open borders anarchy – will have persisted for nearly five years after we voted to leave the EU, and all of the stress that it puts on our schools, hospitals, and housing stock continuing unabated.May’s track record as Home Secretary speaks volumes and, after she failed even to control non-EU immigration, she should never have been trusted to bring back meaningful control of Britain’s borders.


    Our nation’s fishermen were one of the most vocal groups supporting a Leave vote in the run-up to the referendum. They knew first-hand what a burden the EU had placed on their industry, and what pain it had inflicted on fishing communities up and down the country. 

    Reclaiming our fishing stock, among the most precious natural resources of any island nation, was one of the biggest opportunities of Brexit – and a huge chance to revive a once proud industry.


    Davis and May stabbed our fishermen in the back yesterday with their willingness to submit to the fishing quotas of the Common Fisheries Policy for the foreseeable future. Their approach to these negotiations was always utterly craven. They should never have been trusted to fight for Britain’s fishermen.

    The agreement is a betrayal not only of Brexit, but of Britain herself. By agreeing to be bound by the rules of the European Union during the transition period without even the small say we once had in the rotten European institutions, the government has essentially handed our country over to the arbitrary will of a totally foreign power. 

    Brexit should mean Brexit, not further vassalage.


    So, we now have confirmation that in addition to the huge sums of cash Theresa May promised the EU months ago, she has now also surrendered our borders, our fishing waters, and even more of our sovereignty.Appointing an incompetent Remainer leader of the Conservative Party in 2016, without a vote from the membership, will prove to be one of the biggest errors committed by a modern political party. She is not fit to be prime minister.

    The Conservatives desperately need fresh leadership – leadership that backs Brexit, believes in Britain, and refuses to roll over for the corrupt European Union. Even before her brazen backsliding on Brexit, Theresa May was barely able to defeat Jeremy Corbyn in a general election.




    On current trends, if there are not immediate changes in the Tory Party, Corbyn will be the next prime minister of the United Kingdom. He is not fit to be prime minister either. Once a serious Eurosceptic, he has since turned his back on the tradition of Tony Benn, Michael Foot and Dennis Skinner by promising to keep us chained to the European Customs Union – a move that would deny us our own trade policy.

    Europhiles now control both of the main political parties. We need to fight for the future of this country by ensuring that we have a voice when the moment of truth comes. There will inevitably be an election at the end of this transition period, with the future of British independence hanging in the balance.

    A clash between Labour and the Tories, on current form, would offer the public no meaningful choice. It is now essential that Theresa May is removed from office and replaced with a true, patriotic Brexiteer like Jacob Rees-Mogg. The public deserves an alternative, and we have to fight for it!

    The leadership of both main parties has chosen to ignore the will of the British people. It is essential that we apply the most pressure possible on the Conservative Party to force a change of direction. You can support our campaign by following the link below.

    • Petra Malley 23:46 on March 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This is the way it has to be!
      Never forget Von Stauffenberg.!


    • Hannelor 22:15 on March 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Sorry, Petra, he was OUR hero and WE need him in Germany again more than you.need in England


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