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    Erdolf Echoes Adolf – “My Patience Is Exhausted!” 

    In high school history class, we were told that, had Britain and France nipped it in the bud – German re-armament, the Rhineland, Annexation of Austria…


    …even as late as the Sudetenland in 1938 – had taken a stand, then the Second World War would, at least could, have been avoided.

    That terrible war, on top of the Great War, was ruinous for Europe, the Red Army installed in a belt of brave countries, an Iron Curtain from Stettin on the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, as Churchill put it….



    …a shift of power from economically exhausted countries to the land across the Atlantic – to a United States where the Adminstration was infested with Communist agents…

    Whitaker Chambers – A Hero Insufficiently Honoured 

    …and of course, thousands upon thousands of young men on both sides dead, all the promise their lives held gone forever.

    Appeasement was a disastrous failure.


    Time for an action replay?

    But this time make the right play!

    This week we had the pitiful scene in Brussels, or was it Berlin, the Euro-Elite rewarding Erdogan’s arrogance, that grovelling offer to burden the tormented people of Europe with more tormentors..

    …if only the sectarian Turk would play nice!



    Hasil gambar untuk erdolf


    But not enough for Erdolf. He’s done a walk-out!

    Talks between the European Union and President Erdogan broke down last night after officials told the Turkish leader to stop encouraging migrants… His bad-tempered exchange with Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, and Charles Michel, the president of the European Council, lasted an hour and 45 minutes.


    Now’s the day and now’s the hour!

    Even if the EUSSR in-crowd have no interest in the safety of their own fellow-citizens at the sharp end of migrant violence and rapine, surely they are not totally devoid of self-respect.

    Stuff Frontex.

    What is now required is the despatch of sufficient land, air and naval forces from Greece’s allies to the frontline, there to blockade Turkish ports, bomb their airforce bases out of action, and shoot every savage engaged in assaults on Greece’s frontiers, in Thrace or on the Aegean.

    Oh, and arm the Kurds!

    • Fiona 21:12 on March 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      We can’t just sit back and watch the Greeks being attacked.
      They are defending all of us, apart from any moral issue.
      I have never liked the idea of getting involved in the Middle East but Erdogan has brought his war to Europe.
      Erdogan is using the illegals as his proxies, so we should copy his strategy.
      Arming the Kurds is the best plan.


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    Exposes Evil – So Danish Bureaucrat Creeps Aim To Steal Her Daughter? 

    I only got word of this tonight, but felt compelled to spread the news, of arrogant Danish bureaucrats who are threatening to grab a little girl from her foster parents.

    The foster mum’s crime?

    Exposing Islamist evil!

    Breitbart broke the story about the Danish-Iranian blogger and author Jaleh Tavakoli..



    Foster mum Jaleh

    and I have to say it is appalling.

    Although the slimy curs on the Social Supervisory Authority may be backing off after national uproar at their intrusions, it does make me ask again whose side a lot of tax-paid toe-rags, and not just in Denmark, are on.

    It was just recently that a Christian from Iran –Theresa The Tormentor? Watching Over Christian Rights? Seriously?   – was told by a “British” bureaucrat that his creed wasn’t good enough reason to grant him refuge from the sectarian bigots who run his country.

    Purge required!



    • Joni Smith 10:34 on April 11, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      What the Danes and all countries under attack should be doing is removing children from those horrible things clad all in black from head to toe in the detention centres where ISIS ‘brides’ are held.
      No child should be left for hate-indoctrination under their control


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    In All Fairness, Right On Rory! But Will His Boss Agree? 

    This past weekend, we excoriated the disgraceful policy endorsed by Theresa May’s ‘independent’ anti-terror adviser, Max Hill, of allowing the return ‘home’ of so-called ‘British’ people who went to the Middle East to enlist in the ISIS rape-gang.


    Another T-May Betrayal – Welcome Home, ISIS Terror Pigs! 

    Since Theresa May has not so far slapped down this absurd appeasement of jihadist evil, we condemned her too.

    But now she has a chance to redeem herself, for one of her Ministers, Rory Stewart, has spoken up for common sense.


    Hasil gambar untuk rory stewart MP



    While it’s hard to figure out what Mr. Stewart meant when he said there were “very difficult moral issues” about putting down sectarian vermin – most Brits would like every last one of them out to death, surely – he added that –

    “These are people who have essentially moved away from any kind of allegiance towards the British government.”
    “They are absolutely dedicated, as members of the Islamic State, towards the creation of a caliphate.
    They believe in an extremely hateful doctrine which involves killing themselves, killing others and trying to use violence and brutality to create an eighth-century or seventh-century state.”
    Hasil gambar untuk well said
    “So I’m afraid we have to be serious about the fact these people are a serious danger to us, and unfortunately the only way of dealing with them will be, in almost every case, to kill them.”

    Grand stuff, Rory!

    Though ‘twould have been grander had he called for the death penalty for those caught in terror actions in Britain.



    But before we exculpate Theresa May from the charge of appeasement and/or folly, let’s wait and see if she comes out with a ringing endorsement of her minister’s wise words!

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    The Return of Red Renzi – Can’t Keep A Bad Man Down? 

    Aaah, it’s that Red Renzi again…


    Well, he walked into the party, like he was walkin’ aboard a yacht…?’

     Not quite Warren Beatty!


    …and contrast my headline, above, with EUObs’, below!

    Resurrected Renzi to regain leadership of Italy’s ruling party

    Breathless with excitement, we read that this demented drip hopes to rise and rise in time to lead the charge against the populist, anti-euro Five Star Movement (M5S) in a looming general election.

    Fingers crossed M5S gets its act together and allies with Liga Nord, as we wrote last month.

    Can Italy, Menaced By Crimmigrant Jihad, Break Free From Brussels? 


    The former leader returns to the EU capital in a combative mood, with fresh pledges to revive Italy’s sluggish economy…

    Oh yeah? Wasn’t Renzi’s total failure to do that one of the reasons he lost last year’s referendum and was forced to quit?

    The reporter has to admit that’s true.

    …a governing record marred by banking crises and a failure to address Italy’s chronic low-growth problems, have tarnished his reputation….he has also drawn criticism for breaking his solemn promise to withdraw from public life in case of a defeat in the referendum.



    But ya gotta hand it to him for brass neck!

    He’s now purporting to be concerned about terrorism – he’s aware, it seems, of sectarian cess-pools like Belgium’s Molenbeek, which he called “Europe’s terrorist capital.”



    But his solution is not to clean out the rats’ nest, detain and deport every disloyal Islamist that can be rounded up…



    …but instead to start EU-wide investment plans, including the redevelopment of such deprived urban areas…

    Sure, throw money at those whose allegiance lies overseas. Sorry, clown, but money can’t buy us love. Yet what else should we expect from a leftist freako who hand-cuffed Italian cops by decriminalising illegal immigration?



    Moreover, he’s an overt appeasement-addict!

    Who could forget how he abased himself to the Ayatollah despotism’s intolerance by his infamous cover-up of Rome’s historic heritage…


    • rome_statues

    ….all a-fret lest the primitive prudes get over-excited by a glimpse of a marble nipple!

    And listen to his hypocrisy, in a recent tv debate..

    “A Europe that is not attentive to what is happening among the people and relies on bureaucrats […] is a Europe that is finished..”

    …this from the man who NEVER consulted his own people on his ruinous policy of importing hundreds of thousands of crimmigrants!

    NO referendum on THAT, although the alien tsunami not only caused rapine and mayhem all over Italy but spread north into the rest of Europe too, thanks to his failure to have the crimmigrants detained on arrival.

    He looks likely to regain control over his own party, but don’t be down-hearted!

    Surely by now the long-suffering Italians have had enough!


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    ‘Britons’ They Ain’t! Don’t Let ISIS Rape-Gang ‘Home!’ 

    Outgoing commissioner says terror threat will grow as Britons fighting alongside Islamic State in Syria and Iraq start to return…





    “Some of those people are going to come home and that’s the threat that’s hanging there.


    The ISIS rape-gang claims to be a sovereign state, a ‘caliphate,’ and so anyone born and raised in the UK who has chosen to serve that ‘caliphate’ should automatically lose any right to be called a ‘Briton.’



    Nor should we allow them to think of any civilised country as ‘home.‘ One tends to think they themselves don’t think of the West as ‘home’ anyway, but more like a target for their demonic hate.


    If they claim to be’ Britons,’ showing up at a UK airport or harbour, expecting to be admitted, they should get the Haw-Haw treatment – the death penalty!

    William Joyce, aka Lord Haw-Haw, went to Germany and served Hitler during WW2.



    Joyce was hanged for treason in 1946.

    Before any pinko points out that Britain is forbidden by Brussels from giving traitors the treatment they deserve, I know that.

    After Brexit, there’d still be the imbecilic ‘European Court of Human Rights’ to contend with, as well.

     That’s another exit needed, but meanwhile, without capital punishment…


    Gambar terkait

    …internment is needed!

    By the way, the quotes above and below are the words of the retiring Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

    What he says about ISIS rape-gangsters aiming to reach the UK is surely true…they will be brutalised, militarised, have friends and a level of organisation that we don’t experience today.

    That goes  for every single one of them – not just the satanic male scum…


    devil destroyed



    ….but also those evil bag-head slags.  

    Truth to tell, I’d say they were all of them SPIRITUALLY brutalised BEFORE they swanned off to kill and ravish innocents, or aid and abet the swine who were committing those crimes.



    Sectarian incitement to murder, ignored by the Metropolitan Police?


    Not to overlook the fact that there are plenty of brutalised bigots in Britain and other Western countries who have never (yet) gone on wicked walkabouts – they should be rounded up too.

    But as for the ‘returnees…’




    …they need to be caged!.

    They are the ones that we most have to worry about and it’s hard to predict when.”

    Well, we won’t need to ‘worry’ about them if they’re incarcerated.

    Whatever happens, that top London cop will soon be replaced and we have to hope his successor will consider taking a more robust approach than he does.

    Hogan-Howe said Britain had been wise to steer clear of swingeing counter-terror laws because that had avoided alienating Muslims in Britain, the vast majority of whom oppose violence.

    OF COURSE we need much more swingeing counter-terror laws!

    Hogan-Howe actually insults good Muslims with that assertion, that tough tactics on terror would ‘alienate’ them.


    • royal_wedding_ahmadiyya
    • Good Muslims are loyal to Queen and Country, and do not allow themselves or their families to be infected with the toxic treason of sectarian solidarity.
    • Why would they NOT support swingeing counter-terror laws? They and their kids are just as likely to be murdered or maimed by Islamist bombs in shopping malls, eateries or public transport as any of the rest of us. 

    Gambar terkait


    • Muslims are just as capable as anyone else of seeing through hate-propaganda.
    • We saw that in Indonesia this week, when enormous numbers of Muslims voted for a Christian governor in 90% Muslim Jakarta –With Huge Support From Decent Muslims, Ahok Fights On!  – despite intolerant Islamists telling them, over and over, that such common sense pluralism is HARAM!
    • The heinous notion that loyalty to co-religionists outweighs patriotic duty should be declared beyond the pale, in every mosque in Britain.
    • =======
    • out with them
    • —————-
    • Any preacher who fails to do so should be ejected, from whichever mosque he discredits by his disloyalty.
    • Good Muslims who make this come to pass will do more for their faith than any amount of ‘de-radicalisation’ froth.
    • Harry H 18:42 on February 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Usually too busy to comment on all the things I agree with you on, Ross, but time to spare today so yes, all the way with you on this too.
      They deserve to be killed. if Europe wont let us, then deport them.
      Merkel can have them, she takes anything that turns up on her doorstep, even if its dripping blood.


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    Dog-Collared Appeasement Monkey Back On Leash! 

    Excellent news from Cremona, in Italy, where that pusillanimous priest, Sante Braggie, on whom we reported on last week…

    Another Damn Dog-Collared Appeasement Monkey! 

    … has been slapped down – by his own diocese, after uproar over the cancellation of the church’s Nativity Scene.


    Hasil gambar untuk sante braggie


    …the diocese countermanded him, the municipality offered to help, and the work had already begun.

    According to the vicar general of the Cremona diocese, Sante Braggie’s words were “falsely attributed” and the Nativity scene was to be installed.



    Not sure what ‘falsely attributed’ is supposed to mean. Is an embarrassed hierarchy trying to tell us the act of appeasement was misreported?

    Seems unlikely, because people in the vicinity who ought to know were taking it very seriously indeed. 

    The turbulent cleric was on the receiving end of a brilliant rebuttal from the Lombardy Region’s Culture Minister, the rather nifty Cristina Cappellini… 

    Cristina Cappellini

    Cristina Cappellini


    …who urged Fr. Sante Braggiè to “make a mea culpa … and apologize to the community.”

    She summed up what were clearly the feelings of normal people, not only in Italy but all over the world, with these very stirring words

    “Reconsider,” she urged the priest, “think of all those Christian children still under the yoke of the Islamic State or under regimes practicing state atheism or not guaranteeing freedom of worship…

    “Think about those families and those children who are not allowed to make the crib…those people for whom wearing a cross means signing their own death sentence, often after torture and abuses of all kinds.




    • Think about the Christian cemeteries being desecrated in the Middle East, as happened just a few days ago in the Galilee, due to religious intolerance that destroys us in our humanity if we show ourselves weak and subject to those who reject our civilization.”  


    • Well said, Signorina!
    • And let’s hope we have heard the last of this sort of grovelling.
    • But don’t hold yer breath! .


    • Pamela 22:25 on December 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I was reading through your postings today and of course you hit the nail on the head about how much better it is that Amri’s dead and not taken prisoner. If he was put on trial in Germany, the judges there are so spineless he would probably have got life then paroled after twenty years.
      It’s only a pity his death wasn’t more painful.
      But I am commenting on this Nativity Scene story, because the latest place to wilt in the face of ‘offence’ is in Belgium.
      Such pitiful little sprouts, I wouldn’t have these Holenbeek councillors on my dinner plate the day after tomorrow.


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    France24 Fails The Burkini Balance Test, Again! 

    Again this morning I subjected myself to France24, and again, expecting a total lack of impartiality, I was not disappointed.

    Appalled, yes, that they chose to stock their media show with ‘Paris-based journalists,’ all shrill left-libs, at least two of them non-French, all of them ranting their glee at the Council of State’s ruling against the burka ban.

    Christopher DICKEY – Foreign editor at the Daily Beast

    I checked him out via wikipedia….

    Hasil gambar untuk christopher dickey

    In 1983-1984, Dickey was an Edward R. Murrow Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations…He frequently comments about breaking events on MSNBC, CNN, France 24, BBC TV, BBC World Service and Al Jazeera, as well as other local, national and international broadcasts.


    Anne BAGAMERY – Senior Editor, Intl. New York Times

    Hasil gambar untuk anne bagamery


    Working for the most notoriously left-liberal American newspaper, she recently took French nationality, the easier, I suppose, to carp and whine about the views held by most of her fellow-citizens.

    The other two were –

    Patrick SMITH  – Editor in Chief, The Africa Report


    Leela JACINTO – International News Reporter, France 24

    The latter pair may or may not be French. Maybe readers know.

    But whatever, it was tiresome to listen to them, all harping on the folly of France, not one of them on the side of the majority of the French people (64% as we mentioned a day ago ) and they all chortled in comradely fashion at cartoons mocking the ban.

    Watch it yourself – http://www.france24.com/en/20160826-twtw-italy-syria-burkini-part-one


    It is their right, of course, to harbour such contempt for the people of the country they live in.

    But does France24 not have any duty to bring on at least ONE patriotic French journo who sides with his or her own people?

    Hasil gambar untuk france 24

    If the panel were in any way a reflection of the mood of the nation, there’d be two or three out of four, with pinko shrills in a minority, but for pity’s sake….could that channel, if only for the sake of a semblance of balance, find even ONE dissenter from the left-liberal in-crowd’s pro-burkini consensus!   

    Or as I wondered yesterday…


      … is the French press so permeated with bias that France24 can’t find ANYONE to give balance to these disconnected creeps?

    I had a quick flick to satisfy my curiosity, and duly unearthed this fascinating study about the behavior of the French media during the campaign for the 29 May 2005 referendum on the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe.  http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0176268005000777

    EU - referendum vote

    The media were biased in favour of the Treaty….leading people who felt that the media were disconnected from the people’s concerns to vote against the Treaty.

    Interesting. Times haven’t changed much!

    While no dissenting presence was permitted on this morning’s panel, a few views contrary to the media in-crowd’s were allowed a brief hearing.

    The best was that of an Iranian exile, a real refugee, not one of Mama Stasi Merkel’s shariah imports but a brave Muslim lady, who actually knows something about the realities of Islamist iniquity.

    Her name’s DaryaSafai…

     Darya Safai

    …and she put the issue in perspective.

    .“They grow up in a society where women learn to be subjugated, like we put a dog on a collar and they learn to obey us.”
    You can read more about her here. https://inews.co.uk/essentials/news/world/iranian-womens-rights-campaigner-supports-burkini-ban-france/


    France24’s dogs bark, and the appeasement caravan rolls on.

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    France 24’s ‘Expert’ Blames French, Not Those ‘Certain Communities!’ 

    Naturally, I switched to France24 for the most comprehensive coverage of the Nice nightmare, and have just been listening to somebody they describe as a Canadian’security expert,’ named Christian Leuprecht, whose mealy-mouthed contribution was near enough an insult to the victims.


    • 000000000000000000000
    • Sickening stuff, with Leuprecht unable even to specify those whom he dubbed ‘certain communities’ instead of identifying the source of the problem for what we know it is, alien-infested banlieues, teeming with hoodlums who adhere to the vile jihad ideology.
    • ————-

    He said the French must start asking themselves why!


    We know why. France in the past allowed in people with no allegiance to France. Those intruders could have  – and no doubt some did – abandon iniquitous shariah, backward customs, cultural and sectarian disloyalties, which had no place in their new home.

    But all too many did not, and they have spawned too many whining savages whom we saw in past years amok in those banlieues.

    Banlieue burning

    Banlieue burning, 2013

    Leuprecht knows this. He even asked why those close to the beasts who have committed terrorist crimes, and must have noticed something amiss, failed to ‘alert the authorities.’

    But instead of sensibly calling for a round-up, for detention, for expulsions, of those who by their complicity aided the enemy, Leuprecht prattles about ‘socio-economics,’ that France is somehow at fault, that French society hasn’t done right by those enemies within!

    As if any country has any duty to adapt to, or indulge, those who choose to enter its territory.


    We have heard from President Hollande, as one would expect.


    • Marine-drapeau-bbr
    • ……….


    Faith Goldy investigates Syrian migrants in New Brunswick schools

    • Jeanne 15:22 on July 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Merci, Ross, so true about these fools who are for appeasing France’s enemies, to waste the Republic money as if to buy jihadist fidelity to France.
      My grandparents did not say we should pay off the Nazi Occupiers. They believed in resistance and so must we today.


      • Boogaloo 21:59 on July 16, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Oui, madame.
        That’s all the French I can manage, Jeanne, but I am with you all the way.
        I saw a comment somewhere this month about Australia wasting thousands of dollars on ‘outreach’ to Muslims –
        but not a cent on outreach to Buddhists or Baptists or Jews!

        That’s because those other denominations don’t have a problem being loyal to Australia.
        If a minority can’t just be true to the country they live in without being spoiled like brats then they should go to Arabia or Hell, if there is any difference.


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    Jakarta – American Expats Kow-Tow to Kill-Joys! 

    Sad to see that the voice of American expats in Indonesia has been raised in favour of kow-towing to sectarian kill-joys.

    I refer to AmCham, the American Chamber of Commerce, which has its HQ here in Jakarta and which does much good work in the fields of business and commerce between the USA and this lovely archipelago.

    They have issued a statement saying that their monthly networking social evening ain’t happening!


    In recognition of the Holy Month of Ramadan, there will be no AmCham Networking Event in June.


    I wonder who put them up to that?




    When I heard of this, I promptly inspected What’s New Jakarta http://www.whatsnewjakarta.com/and quickly learned that other expat organisations in the capital are NOT sinking to this level of grovel.

    it appears that the Australians, Brits and Canadians are going ahead with their monthly socials.


    • wine-women-and-song
    • Good for them!

    Having attended a number of these little parties, including during previous Ramadhans, I know that everybody – and they’re a good mix of nationalities and creeds – enjoys them. 

    I also recall they provided a pleasant opportunity for Muslim guests to break their daily fasting as the sun went down.  That’s what makes the American kow-tow all the more inexplicable! 

    These parties don’t begin till 6pm or later, so people can leave work at 5pm and still have a chance of reaching the venues through Jakarta’s traffic.


    • Ramadan_Mubarak_by_MeAli_ADK

    And that’s the time of day when all fasting Muslims stop fasting and tuck in vigorously! As we know, even more is devoured during Ramadhan than in the other months of the year.


    Of course alcohol is served at all these occasions – but ONLY to those who ask for it. Decent Muslims may take their own abstention seriously but they don’t begrudge other people their customary choices.

    So who took the decision to drag AmCham down into dhimmitude? Was it a directive from Obama’s Embassy flunkeys?

    Eleven states sue White House over schools’ ‘bathroom law’

    And if Obama directives are now to form the basis of AmCham practice, will their future socials exhort men to invade women”s toilets?


    • Earl D C 14:50 on June 3, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      So ALL the major English-speaking countries are carrying on with their normal routines EXCEPT America? This makes me sick, same as that stunt the US Embassy pulled last year, changing our Independence Day celebrations so as not to upset the ‘Religion of Peace.’
      Ordinary Americans don’t like this kind of what you rightly call appeasement so I bet it’s one of Obama’s Embassy appointees put in a quiet word to the Amcham organisers.
      I am going to email my friends back home to take this up with the head offices of the companies whose Jakarta branches are Amcham members and ask them to get this crap decision reversed, if there’s time.


    • Rick 17:22 on June 3, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I was at an AmCham event a while ago and met a lot of nice people, and that means Indonesians who were probably mostly Muslims. ‘
      I treated them with respect same as they did to me, so I just cannot imagine them asking for this kind of ‘kowtow’ so who made this call?
      It reflects very badly on all concerned and I appreciate your action in letting us know about it.
      Maybe ‘non-kowtow’ Americans should come together and start a new organization if AmCham doesn’t represent American thinking..


    • JazPen 20:10 on June 3, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I am with you on this, Ross, its terrible! I hope all the expats go to the Australian or British or Canadian events and skip the American ones for the rest of the year..
      Amcham can invite the FPI along if thats how they feel and wont that be a fun night out/


    • leonard 04:14 on June 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      What’s wrong with these people?
      Are they American or Arabs?


  • ross1948 16:22 on April 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Swiss School Panders To Sectarian Brats! 

    Among my various jaunts around Jakarta this week was a visit to the northern part of town, where I hung out for part of the afternoon with a nice bunch of Indonesians, pleasant young adults, men and women of all creeds.

    I didn’t ask them about their religion but some of the ladies were bescarfed and several popped out for prayers.

    • i-love-jkt
    • ———–
    • None of them showed the slightest reluctance to shake my hand when we met, nor when we parted. Indonesians are polite, as a rule.

    So we may assume that the arrogant little bigots mentioned in the RT report below are just that- obnoxious fanatical toe-rags.

    Their offensive incivility is saddening, but what’s much more infuriating is the sicko appeasement mentality of the Swiss school administration that panders to their discourtesy.


    Die Sek Therwil.


    A school in Switzerland says its Muslim pupils will no longer have to shake hands with female teachers following a controversial ruling.

    Two male Muslim students said they did not want to shake hands with women as it was against their religion.

    Discourteous little dorks need a clip round the ear..




    Decent Muslims in Switzerland are speaking up against them. 

    There was no reference in the Koran justifying a refusal to shake a woman teacher’s hand, said the Swiss Federation of Islamic Organisations. Saida Keller-Messahli of the Forum for Progressive Islam urged the Swiss not to give in to extremist demands.     http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-35967349

    Men and women shake hands here every day, in this 90% Muslim archipelago, the largest Muslim country in the world. There have been a few backward bints who wrap something round their hands when they are introduced to me
    But in all my many years here, I’d say less than half-a-dozen – and one of them was a pathetic Canadian ‘convert’ chick who’d clearly married a rabid zealot, a primitive…
    …like this other lot in Switzerland –  the smaller Islamic Central Council of Switzerland said that a handshake between men and women was prohibited. 

    The school’s located in northern Switzerland, a place called Therwil, near the big city of Basel ( many spell it Basle, but that’s the French way, and the city and canton are in the German-speaking part of the country, so I use theirs)

    The brats concerned are mid-teens, who should have been told to smarten up and recognise that they live in a civilised country – shape up or face expulsion.




    Instead, their infantile insistence that Islam does not permit any physical contact between members of the opposite sex, unless it is with family members…   https://www.rt.com/news/338488-muslim-school-women-switzerland/persuaded the school principal, a man named Juerg Lauener,to  opt for appeasement, thus encouraging their anti-social recalcitrance.

    Simonetta Sommaruga

    • Naturally, decent Swiss are outraged.
    • Justice Minister Simonetta Sommaruga sums it up –“shaking hands is part of our culture.”

    Christoph Eymann, of the Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education, also reminded the school that  “We cannot tolerate that women in the public service are treated differently from men.”

    But the spineless local authority in Therwil has bottled out of its duty to see that schools teach children basic responsibilities of citizenship in a civilised country (aka good manners) 

    They “will not intervene as [it] is the responsibility of the school to set the rules,” said their spokesman – actually, disgracefully, spokeswoman –  Monika Wyss, whose council thereby betrays all Swiss women.


    The beleaguered school has tried to find a compromise, by deciding that the two pupils should not greet either men or women with a handshake.

    That’s just a bad joke, a mockery of school discipline. If these two young nasties think fanatic Islamist dogma is okay, one is tempted to suggest that fanatic Islamist penalties should be considered to quell their insolence.


    Indonesia Sharia Law Shariah law in Aceh


    But better they just be sent packing. Juerg Lauener should be sent with them, The school would be much improved if all three were removed permanently from its premises! 


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