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  • ross1948 15:15 on November 26, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Why Isn’t Hag Murtagh Behind Bars? 

    St Paul’s High School, in Bessbrook, revealed Sinead Murtagh is currently off on “personal leave” due to the controversy surrounding her behaviour at an event in Belfast…’


    Sinead Murtagh


    That’s the obnoxious young hag ‘who was filmed singing “Up the Ra” – the terrorist anthem made famous recently by Eire’s soccer sows….

    FIFA Should Ban Those Pro-IRA Soccer Sows

    …to former First Minister of Ulster, Arlene Foster, whose father was damn near murdered by the cowardly IRA scum for whom Murtagh fancies herself a cheer-leader.

    Turns out the bitch is said to come from Crossmaglen, a den of evil…

    Crossmaglen Den Of Vipers – Ulster’s Top Cop Grovels! 

    SF Seeks EUSSR Funds for IRA Monument – Have They No Shame? 

    …of which we have written more than once.

    Incredibly – well, not really – a leading spokesman for the ‘moderate’ SDLP thinks we shouldn’t be mean to the vile creature.


    Justin CrokePark.jpg

    Justin McNulty


    SDLP MLA Justin McNulty last night said while Ms Murtagh had made “a terrible mistake” he did not think it was helpful for anyone to be personally attacking her.


    That’s from the Irish News, whose reporter, a clearly sensitive flower named Allen Preston, whines that Murtagh hasfaced a backlash on social media with many criticising her behaviour.

    A large number have also directed abusive and misogynistic comments towards her.’ https://www.irishnews.com/news/northernirelandnews/2022/11/25/news/woman_at_centre_of_up_the_ra_video_controversy_takes_leave_from_school_role-2916726/


    God forbid!

    But let’s be clear.

    If somebody foul happens to be female, then ‘sow, cow, vixen, bitch‘ are legitimate words to use.

    If a male behaved as disgracefully, then ‘pig,’ ‘swine’ or ‘dog,‘ all serve well enough.


    Or we could have a nice inclusive word like ‘beast!’

    Obviously if the justice system were in better shape, with decently appropriate penalties included in the law, Mangy Murtagh might be horse-whipped and/or tarred and feathered….

    …but at the very least she should be treated like a leper for the rest of her life.

    Instead, we know only that her sole punishment, so far, is.. what?

    Well, we don’t know!

    All that the Belfast Telegraph can tell us is that whoever runs St. Paul’s school, in Bessbrook, County Armagh, ‘has confirmed “proper procedures” have been invoked against one of its volunteers…’

    …and that the foul cow is currently off on “personal leave” due to the controversy surrounding her behaviour at an event in Belfast…




    Support for terrorist movements is surely actionable, even in today’s UK. 

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    Worth Watching – No, NOT BBC! 

    To tell the truth, BBC IS worth watching, but only so whoever watches can see for him or herself how rotted with bias it has become…



    …and wonder why ‘Conservative’ governments have not intervened to purge its ranks of rancid left bigots…

    Nasty NabilaBBC’s Shariah Star, On Charlie’s ‘Consequences!’

    …like the creeps who draw up ‘guest-lists’ totally top-heavy with Enemy Within extremists..

    Will BBC Sponsor Hate-Freak Arab’s London Dance Of Death? 

    …and/or sell it off.



    Sauron would surely buy it…

    Sauron Menaces Media Diversity!

    …as he buys lots of media all over the world to push his foul agenda.

    I haven’t always agreed with Ulster’s Arlene Foster…


      IRA’s Murder McGuinness with Arlene Foster 


    …but felt sorry for her having to mingle with vermin, as above.

    However, what she says in this short video may interest you.


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    C’mon, Arlene! Bring Back The RUC, And The B-Specials! 

    We have noted the shortcomings of the PSNI often enough…

    So PSNI Have Been Busy – Creating Problems For Loyal Citizens! 

    Image result for psni

    Ulster Top Cop – Lying, or Grovelling to Sinn Fein? 

    Cops Cower From Disloyal Thuggery Threats!

    …and so see no reason to disagree with Arlene Foster’s call for its top cop to step down.

    Some might say not before time!

    Ulster Cops ARE Crawling To Sinn Fein Scum! 

    Crossmaglen Den Of Vipers – Ulster’s Top Cop Grovels! 

    The immediate reason for the DUP leader’s demand is of course the Storey garbage disposal debacle…

    Distance Double-Standards – Terror ‘Mourners’ Get A Pass? 

    …when a rabble of Sinn Fein/IRA scum made a mockery of the virus rules.

    Incidentally, did you see what that creature O’Neill  said when it was announced there’d be no prosecution of her scumbag followers?

    Get this!

    “I wish to say again today that I am sorry for the hurt that has been caused to so many, including to Bobby Storey’s own family who have been thrust into the headlines at a time of immense grief! “

    Shove it, Bitch!


    Related image

    You’re as bad as your mentor, Blood-Beast Adams.

    If you want to talk about being ‘sorry for the hurt,‘ expound on your repentance to those hurt during decades of Sinn Fein/IRA’ terror!

    But that won’t happen because there’s no repentance!

    The cowardly vermin, motivated by sectarian hatred and disloyalty…

    …who slaughtered men, women and children, have NEVER repented.



    No amount of appeasement induced any change of heart.

    And one of the worst acts of appeasement was the abolition of the Royal Ulster Constabulary.



    That was a despicable betrayal, indefensible too, for the RUC had done a good job in dire and difficult circumstances.

    They were sacrificed by spineless London politicians purely to placate disloyal swine like O’Neill’s predecessor as SF leader.




    That ‘Royal’ had to go, and the name ‘Ulster’ with it, along with the Union Flags which proudly flew from each and every RUC police station.

    Much the same could be said of the B Specials, who were a useful auxiliary constabulary.

    B Specials Wouldn’t Have Been ‘Chased Away!’ 

    We have written of these matters before!

    But it’s timely to consider again what a fine thing it would be if, instead of just seeking one plod’s resignation, Mrs Foster were to rally loyalists across all Uster and declare her support for the restoration of the RUC…

    Yes, and the B Specials too, who knew their streets and hills and where the rats could be rousted out.


    • Les Laird 22:22 on March 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      If only, if only, if only


    • Billy King 22:56 on March 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Good ideas, Ross!
      We did our bit in times past
      Now we have to hope the younger ones are ready for the torch to pass to them.


  • ross1948 20:19 on August 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Sinn Fein – Much In Common With Beijing’s Ethnic-Cleansers? 

    The first question that occurred to me when I read about the astonishing claim by the Belfast representatives of the rogue regime in Beijing was simply this-

    Why are these agents of despotism still in Ulster…

    Xi’s Red Flunkeys Thumb Their Noses At UK Law! .

    …when their outrageous disdain for the law should have seen them kicked back to the homeland misruled by Adolf-the-Pooh?


    Portrait of Xi Jinping. (Jason Mann painting)

    Adolf the Pooh with puppets Carrie the Quisling and Red Ted guess WHO!

    As far as Ulster’s First Minister is concerned, it was always hard to believe any normal politician in a civilised country would endorse the marxist totalitarian tactics seen in Hong Kong.

    Indeed, since the Reds made their assertion, Ms Foster tweeted to say her position was that of the UK government and she would be writing to Ms Zhang “to underscore my disappointment” with the consulate’s account.

    But what about Blood-Beast Adams’ protege?


    Related image

    O’Neill, simpering with Blood-Beast Adams..


    Ms O’Neill also tweeted, saying she made it “very clear” in the meeting “that I supported the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ international agreement.”

    Which in fact is just what Adolf the Pooh’s Carrie the Quisling and her collabo comrades in Hong Kong are saying they support!

    O’Neill’s tweet accords exactly with Prince Metternich’s description of the Holy Alliance in 1815-

    a loud-sounding nothing!

    It’s open to any interpretation you or I or the Chinese Communist Party care to choose!

    Historically, Sinn Fein’s heroes in the IRA murder-gang in fact resembled (on a much smaller scale, of course) Adolf Xi’s PLA storm-troops…



    Tibetan martyr!

    …revelling in brutality against innocents, very much into ethnic cleansing – think of Kingsmill – and today’s Sinn Fein’s triumphalist cultural war, levelled at British Ulster…


    Image result for evil irishman


    ….carries echoes of Beijing’s subjugation of both Tibet’s and the Uighirs’ cultural identity, enforcing an alien language where it does not belong.

    So no wonder it is unclear whether Ms O’Neill will co-sign the letter being drafted by officials at Stormont. A DUP spokesman said it was a matter for Ms O’Neill, while Sinn Féin did not respond to further queries on the matter.

    Some Eire politician is quoted as saying this episode is “worrying…” https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/politics/calls-for-sinn-fein-to-clarify-position-on-hong-kong-security-crackdown-39441717.html

    …but it’s not in the least surprising.

    Sinn Fein/IRA are notoriously hostile to the right of Ulsterfolk proud of their British identity to exercise the universal right to self-determination.


    Why on earth would anyone imagine they’d feel even an iota of sympathy for those brave young men and women in Hong Kong, who, like Ulster loyalists, understand how precious the British heritage of freedom truly is!

    • Billy King 20:33 on August 13, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      This is very interesting, Ross. I never knew much about Tibet and less about those Uigurs, but I feel very sorry for the people in Hong Kong. They were never given a vote on getting severed from Britain and I am sure that now they wish it had never happened.

      I can see the likeness, a bigger bad country out to grab a smaller one next to it.
      Good for you.
      Ulster needs true friends.


    • JazPen 12:48 on August 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t follow Ulster politics much, not like you do, Ross, but this got me interested enough to search for news about what the IRA’s friends were saying on the way Hong Kong is being treated by Communist China.
      ‘A Sinn Féin MEP abstained on a European Parliament vote condemning Hong Kong’s controversial new security laws – in a move that puts a fresh spotlight on the party’s relationship with China.
      Midlands North West MEP Chris MacManus argued the resolution did not manage to “strike a balance between recognising China’s sovereignty and raising valid concerns”. ‘
      So while almost all other parties in Strasbourg did what they should, Sinn Fein wouldn’t.
      It sounds like they have a bit of a crush on the Communists.


  • ross1948 20:53 on February 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    God Save The Queen – From Lundy ‘Loyals!’ 

    It seems to be that only one loyalist party in Ulster is unequivocally loyal to the Crown!

    That’s the inescapable conclusion to be drawn from the exchange between Jim Allister, of TUV…



    …and the DUP, which is now back in ‘power’ – if one may accurately refer to being shackled to the alien Vermin Party –  Vermin Party Top Eire Election Polls – Who’s Surprised?  as ‘power!

    Jim sums up the response he got to a question about inviting HM The Queen to Ulster’s centenary celebrations in2022 as ‘ducking and diving.’



    And who can blame him, if you read the weasel words issued by Arlene Foster and her Deputy Dawg, Vermin Party leader Michelle O’Neill.


    Related image

    O’Neill, simpering with Blood-Beast Adams


    In the absence of any specific proposal by the Assembly for such an invitation, and taking into account the prohibition in Standing Order 19(2)(e) on hypothetical questions, we do not consider it appropriate to respond in the terms requested.”

    Exactly what’s hypothetical?

    The 100th anniversary is indisputable, 1921 – 2021.

    No matter disloyal dirt-bags don’t like it, it’s historical fact that the Ulster-Brits’ right to self-determination was put into effect a century ago next year!


    And Scotland’s devolved legislature got a royal address after only 20 years!

    HM, as the report notes, has also been to the Welsh Assembly, more than once.

    Key question – but I doubt it will get any kind of honest answer!

    Why is there such a reluctance to dodge an invitation for Her to address the Northern Ireland Assembly?” Mr Allister queried.

    PS – note to non-Ulster readers, the word ‘Lundy’ is trad slang for turncoat, from a 17th century fellow who let the loyal side down.
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